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12017有氧運動訓練對高齡小鼠心血管疾病危險因子之影響=The Effects of Aerobic Exercise Training on Cardiac Vascular Diseases Risks in Aged Mice黃以恆; 徐志翔; 方進隆; 莊泰源 ; 運動與遊憩研究journal article0
22016Ophiocordyceps formosana improves hyperglycemia and depression-like behavior in an STZ-induced diabetic mouse modelHuang, C.-W.; Hong, T.-W.; Wang, Y.-J.; Chen, K.-C.; Pei, J.-C.; Chuang, T.-Y. ; Lai, W.-S.; Tsai, S.-H.; Chu, R.; Chen, W.-C.; Sheen, L.-Y.; Takahashi, S.; Ding, S.-T.; Shen, T.-L.; BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicinejournal article4
32015Oral treatment with the herbal formula B307 alleviates cardiac toxicity in doxorubicin-treated mice via suppressing oxidative stress, inflammation, and apoptosisLien, C. Y. ; Chuang, T.Y. ; Hsu, C. H.; Lin, C. L.; Wang, S. E.; Sheu, S. J.; Chien, C. T.; Wu, C.H.journal article7
42014Adiponectin receptor 1 regulates bone formation and osteoblast differentiation by GSK-3β/β-Catenin signaling in miceLin, Y.Y.; Chen, C.Y.; Chuang, T.Y. ; Lin, Y.; Liu, H.Y.; Mersmann, H.J.; Wu, S.C.; Ding, S.T.; Bonejournal article37
52014Clavicular hook plate may induce subacromial shoulder impingement and rotator cuff lesion - dynamic sonographic evaluationLin, Hsin-Yu; Wong, Poo-Kuang; Ho, Wei-Pin; Chuang, Tai-Yuan ; Liao, Yi-Shyan; Wong, Chin-Chean4435
62012有氧運動訓練對早期亨丁頓氏舞蹈症小鼠運動生理功能的影響=Effects of Aerobic Exercise Training in Early Stage R6/2 Huntington's Disease Transgenic Mice莊泰源 ; 丁詩同; 吳忠信; 運動生理暨體能學報journal article0
72011運動選才的現況與展望莊泰源 ; 林聯喜 ; 黃頂翔; 林信甫 ; 丁詩同 journal article
82011脂締素1型受體基因轉殖鼠有氧跑步能力之探討莊泰源 ; 丁詩同 ; 黃頂翔; 吳忠信journal article0
92010Adiponectin 與運動莊泰源 ; 黃頂翔; 吳忠信; 丁詩同 journal article
102009靜態活動對國小高年級學童身體活動量之影響=The Influence of Sedentary Activity on Physical Activity in Primary School Students黃頂翔; 林佑真; 楊忠祥; 莊泰源 ; 運動教練科學journal article0
112006支撐腳穩定度對足球定位踢球準確性之相關研究=The Association Study of Supporting Leg Stability and Kicking Accuracy in Soccer Players莊泰源 ; 運動生理暨體能學報journal article0
122006Critical concept indexes are not steady-state intensities in indoor rowing exerciseLin, H-F. ; Lin, J-C.; Chuang, T-Y. conference paper
132005Critical concepts,combining with physiological indexesLin,H. F.; Lin, J. C.; Chuang, T. Y. ; Jou, J. J.; Lin, P. Y.; Lu, H. L.; Annual Meeting of American College of Sports Medicineconference paper
1420042004高中職學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 book
1520042004國小學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 book
1620042004國中學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 book
1720042004高中職體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 book
1820042004國中體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 book
1920042004大專院校體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 book
2020042004國小體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 book
2120042004大專院校學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 book
222003以VVO2max 間接測量法評估個體有氧適能之研究=The Study of Velocity at VVO2max (vVO[feaf]max) Field Test to Evaluate Individual Aerobic Capacity林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 林正常journal article
232003跑步經濟性及其相關影響因素探討林信甫 ; 莊泰源 journal article0
242001肥胖與走路效率之相關研究=The Relationship between Obesity and Walking Efficiency莊泰源 ; 臺大體育學報journal article
252000長跑選手無氧跑步能力判定法之比較研究=A Comparative Study of Various Mathematical Models on Anaerobic Running Capacity for Distance Runner吳忠芳; 王順正; 林玉瓊; 莊泰源 ; 林正常; 體育學報journal article0
261998實驗室與田徑場跑步速度耐力模式測驗結果的比較=Application of Velocity Endurance Model on Critical Velocity and Anaerobic Running Capacity between Treadmill and Track Running王順正; 林正常; 莊泰源 ; 郭堉圻; 體育學報journal article0