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12017Quantile Regression on Quantile Ranges - A Threshold ApproachCHUNG-MING KUAN ; Michalopoulos, Christos; Xiao, Zhijiejournal article11
22017Testing for central dominance: Method and applicationChuang, O-Chia; CHUNG-MING KUAN ; Tzeng, Larry Y.journal article00
32015Robust hypothesis tests for M estimators with possibly non-differentiable estimating functionsCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article11
42014向量自我迴歸模型:計量方法與 R 程式CHUNG-MING KUAN book
52014Estimating Taiwan's true economic growth rates: An application of Kalman filtering (in Chinese)Liu, R.-W.; C.-M. Kuan ; S. ChenJournal Article
62014Taiwan's financial conditions index and its relation to macroeconomy (in Chinese)Kuan, C.-M. ; C.-C. Hsu, Y.-L. Huang; S.-H. HsuJournal Article
72014Testing over-identifying restrictions without consistent estimation of asymptotic covariance matrixLee, W.-M.; C.-M. Kuan ; Y.-C. HsuJournal Article
82014Constructing smooth tests without estimating the eigenpairs of the limiting processHsu, S.-H.; C.-M. Kuan Journal Article
92014A noise-robust estimator of volatility based on interquantile rangesCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article00
102013Selecting Top Funds of Hedge Funds Based on Alpha and Other Performance MeasuresHsu, Ying Lin; CHUNG-MING KUAN ; Yen, Stéphane M Fbook chapter10
112013Optimizing robust conditional moment tests an estimating function approachChen, Yi Ting; CHUNG-MING KUAN book chapter10
122013Capital mobility in east Asian countries is not so high: Examining the impact of sterilization on capital flowsYing, Y.-H.; C.-M. Kuan ; C. Y. Tung; K. ChangJournal Article
132013Testing the predictive power of the term structure without data snooping biasKao, Y.-C.; C.-M. Kuan ; S. ChenJournal Article
142013Effects of national health insurance on precautionary saving: New evidence from TaiwanKuan, C.-M. ; C.-L. ChenJournal Article
152010Estimation of Conditional Moment Restrictions without Assuming Parameter Identifiability in the Implied Unconditional MomentsCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article33
162010Testing the predictive ability of technical analysis using a new stepwise test without data snooping biasCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article6957
172010An encompassing test for non-nested quantile regression modelsCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article21
182010Evaluating a quality incentive program for TB treatment in Taiwan(in Chinese)Hsieh, Y.-T.; C.-M. Kuan ; H.-A. D. Tsay; Y.-W. HsiehJournal Article
192010以無資料窺探的檢定分析共同基金績效莊惠菁; 管中閔 Journal Article
202009Assessing value at risk with CARE, the conditional autoregressive expectile modelsKuan, Chung-Ming ; CHUNG-MING KUAN ; Yeh, Jin-Huei; Hsu, Yu-Chinjournal article6056
212009Testing the predictive ability of technical analysis using a new stepwise test without data snooping biasCHUNG-MING KUAN conference paper6965
222009Large-Scale Multiple Testing without Data Snooping Bias: Methods and ApplicationsCHUNG-MING KUAN conference paper
232009Causality in quantiles and dynamic stock return-volume relationsKuan, Chung-Ming ; CHUNG-MING KUAN ; Chuang, Chia-Chang; Lin, Hsin-Yi journal article116109
242008Change point estimation of nonstationary I(d) processesCHUNG-MING KUAN ; Tsai, Yu-Chieh ; 管中閔 ; Yeh, Chih-Hsien; Tzen, Kai-Yuan ; Ho, Pei-Yin; Tuan, Tsung-Fan; Pu, Yeong-Shiau ; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; 蒲永孝 ; 曾凱元 ; 鄭安理 ; 成佳憲 ; 蔡育傑 ; 何蓓茵journal article54
252008Re-examining the permanent income hypothesis with uncertainty in permanent and transitory innovation statesCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article10
262008Artificial neural networksCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article
272008Improved HAC covariance matrix estimation based on forecast errorsCHUNG-MING KUAN ; 管中閔 journal article22
282007Some Convergence Results for Learning in Recurrent Neural NetworksCHUNG-MING KUAN conference paper
292007Implementing Recurrent NetworksCHUNG-MING KUAN conference paper
302007Recurrent Back-Propagation and Newton Aigorithms for Training Recurrent Neural NetworksCHUNG-MING KUAN conference paper00
312007Saving and housing of Taiwan households: New evidence from quantile regression analysisCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article88
322006Robust M tests without consistent estimation of asymptotic covariance matrixCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article1820
332006產婦個人特質與妊娠狀況對新生兒體重的影響王心妙; 管中閔 ; 羅??Journal Article00
342006台灣工資函數與工資性別歧視的分量迴歸分析陳建良; 管中閔 Journal Article00
352006台灣工資函數與工資性別歧視的分量迴歸分析管中閔 journal article00
362006產婦個人特質與妊娠狀況對新生兒體重的影響管中閔 journal article00
372005An unobserved-component model with switching permanent and transitory innovationsC.-M. Kuan ; Y.-L. Huang; R. S. TsayJournal Article
382005Re-examining the profitability of technical analysis with White's reality checkP.-H. Hsu; C.-M. Kuan Journal Article
392005以擴散指標為基礎之總體經濟預測徐士勛; 管中閔 ; 羅雅惠Journal Article00
402005台灣與美國股市價量關係的分量迴歸分析莊家彰; 管中閔 Journal Article00
412005以擴散指標為基礎之總體經濟預測管中閔 journal article00
422005台灣與美國股市價量關係的分量迴歸分析管中閔 journal article00
432005Re-examining the profitability of technical analysis with data snooping checksCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article930
442005An unobserved-component model with switching permanent and transitory innovations管中閔 ; CHUNG-MING KUAN journal article1011
452004統計學:觀念與方法CHUNG-MING KUAN book
462004A new test for the martingale difference hypothesisCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article200
472002The pseudo-true score encompassing test for non-nested hypothesisY.-T Chen; C.-M. Kuan Journal Article
482002台灣短期利率的動態行為:狀態轉換模型的應用林常青; 洪茂蔚; 與管中閔 Journal Article
492002Response surfaces of MOSUM critical valuesCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article01
502002Time irreversibility and EGARCH effects in US stock index returnsCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article1915
512001Distinguishing between trend break models: Method and empirical evidenceCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article00
522001Testing parameter constancy in models with infinite variance errorsCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article22
532001九零年代台灣的景氣循環: 馬可夫轉換模型與紀卜斯抽樣法的應用徐士勛; 與管中閔 Journal Article
542000Uniqueness and Indeterminacy: the Marshall-Lerner Condition and Real Exchange Rate DynamicsChen, Chau-nan; Chen, Shikuan; Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article
552000Testing time reversibility without moment restrictionsCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article4746
562000Monitoring structural changes with the generalized fluctuation testCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article6660
572000Uniqueness and indeterminacy: the Marshall-Lerner condition and exchange rate dynamicsC.-N. Chen; S. Chen; C.-M. Kuan Journal Article
581999以一般化波動檢定法監測結構性改變管中閔 report
591999時間數列模型設定的一些問題管中閔 ; Kuan, C.M.journal article
601999A note on tests for partial parameter instability in the trend stationary modelCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article11
611999我國第八波景氣循環谷底之認定及形成原因之探索周濟; 管中閔 Journal Article
621999時間數列模型設定的一些問題管中閔 Journal Article
631998Identifying the Turning Points of Business Cycles and Forecasting Real GNP Growth Rates in TaiwanLin, S.K.; Huang, Y.L.; Kuan, C.M.; 林向愷; 黃裕烈; 管中閔 journal article; journal article
641998時間數列同期性的新檢定方法管中閔 report
651998Change-point estimation of fractionally integrated processesCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article440
661998Tests for changes in models with a polynomial trendCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article1210
671998景氣循環轉折點認定與經濟成長率預測林向愷; 黃裕烈; 與管中閔 Journal Article
681997結構改變次數及改變點的估計管中閔 report
691997Testing for unit-roots with breaks: Evidence on the great crash and the unit-root hypothesis reconsideredCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article146129
701996時間趨勢模型安定性的新檢定方法管中閔 report
711996Spurious number of breaksCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article1311
721995The Moving-Estimates Test for Parameter StabilityCHUNG-MING KUAN ; Chu, C.-S.; Hornik, K.; 管中閔 ; Chu, C.-S.; Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article4128
731995參數固定性的新檢定方法和綜合極限理論管中閔 report
741995MOSUM tests for parameter constancyCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article6759
751995The generalized fluctuation test: A unifying viewC.-M. Kuan ; K. HornikJournal Article
761995Forecasting exchange rates using feedforward and recurrent networksC.-M. Kuan ; T. LiuJournal Article
771995Spurious breakL. Nunes; C.-M. Kuan ; P. NewboldJournal Article
781994A Convergence Result for Learning in Recurrent Neural NetworksCHUNG-MING KUAN ; 管中閔 ; Hornik, K.; White H.; Kuan, Chung-Ming ; Hornik, K.journal article025
791994Gradient-Based Learning in Recurrent NetworksHornik, K.; CHUNG-MING KUAN ; 管中閔 ; Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article
801994Adaptive Learning with Nonlinear Dynamics Driven by Dependent Processes管中閔 ; CHUNG-MING KUAN ; White H.; Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article026
811994Implementing the fluctuation and moving-estimates tests in dynamic econometric modelsC.-M. Kuan ; M.-Y. ChenJournal Article
821994Artificial neural networks: An econometric perspectiveC.-M. Kuan ; H. WhiteJournal Article
831993Learning algorithms for neural-net decision supportCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article00
841993A Modified Algorithm for Learning in Neural-Net Decision SupportPiramuthu; 管中閔 ; Shaw, M.; Piramuthu; Kuan, Chung-Ming ; Shaw, M.journal article
851993Review of 'An Analysis and Forecast of Internaitonal Oil PriceKuan, Chung-Ming journal article
861993Review of 'An Empirical Study of Nonlibear Consumption Function in TaiwanKuan, Chung-Ming journal article
871992Convergence analysis of Local Feature Extraction AlgorithmsCHUNG-MING KUAN ; Hornik, K.; 管中閔 ; Hornik, K.; Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article6765
881992Review of 'Money and Financial System'Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article
891992Review of 'Demand, Consumption, and Welfare Economics'Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article
901991Convergence of Learning Algorithms with Constant Learning Rates管中閔 ; CHUNG-MING KUAN ; Hornik, K.; Kuan, Chung-Ming ; Hornik, K.journal article8974
911991Learning in a partially hard-wired recurrent networkC.-M. Kuan ; K. HornikJournal Article
921989Trends in Unit Energy Consumption: The Performance of End-Use ModelsGranger, C. W. J.; CHUNG-MING KUAN ; 管中閔 ; Mattson, M.; White, H.; Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article30
931989Trends in unit energy consumption: The performance of end-use modelsC. W. J. Granger; C.-M. Kuan ; M. Mattson; H. WhiteJournal Article