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12018Quantification of SO2 Oxidation on Interfacial Surfaces of Acidic Micro-Droplets: Implication for Ambient Sulfate FormationHung, H.-M. ; Hsu, M.-N.; Hoffmann, M.R.journal article55
22018The Reactivity of Toluene-Derived Secondary Organic Material with Ammonia and the Influence of Water VaporWang, Y.; Liu, P.; Li, Y.J.; Bateman, A.P.; Martin, S.T.; Hung, H.-M. Journal Article00
32018Investigating the effect of hygroscopicity of aerosols on optical profiles of PBL observed by dual-wavelength lidarChen, W.-N.; Chen, Y.-C.; Hung, H.-M. ; Raman, M.R.Conference Paper00
42016A case study of single hygroscopicity parameter and its link to the functional groups and phase transition for urban aerosols in Taipei CityHung, H.-M. ; Hsu, C.-H.; Lin, W.-T.; Chen, Y.-Q.Journal Article11
52016Surface fractal dimension, water adsorption efficiency, and cloud nucleation activity of insoluble aerosolLaaksonen, A.; Malila, J.; Nenes, A.; Hung, H.-M. ; Chen, J.-P.Journal Article99
62016Investigation of the CCN activity, BC and UVBC mass concentrations of biomass burning aerosols during the 2013 BASELInE campaignHsiao, T.-C.; Ye, W.-C.; Wang, S.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; Chen, W.-N.; Lin, N.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Hung, H.-M. ; Chuang, M.-T.; Chantara, S.Journal Article1010
72015Adsorption of nitrogen and water vapor by insoluble particles and the implication on cloud condensation nuclei activityHUI-MING HUNG ; JEN-PING CHEN journal article55
82015Oxidation of Gas-Phase SO2 on the Surfaces of Acidic Microdroplets: Implications for Sulfate and Sulfate Radical Anion Formation in the Atmospheric Liquid PhaseHUI-MING HUNG journal article4235
92015Ultraviolet and visible complex refractive indices of secondary organic material produced by photooxidation of the aromatic compounds toluene and m-xyleneHUI-MING HUNG journal article5352
102014Enhancement of the hygroscopicity parameter kappa of rural aerosols in northern Taiwan by anthropogenic emissionsHUI-MING HUNG ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article87
112013Reactive Aging of Films of Secondary Organic Material Studied by Infrared SpectroscopyHUI-MING HUNG journal article1111
122012Characterization of near-highway submicron aerosols in New York City with a high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometerHUI-MING HUNG journal article3632
132012Summertime formaldehyde observations in New York City: Ambient levels, sources and its contribution to HOx radicalsHUI-MING HUNG journal article2018
142011Characterization of the sources and processes of organic and inorganic aerosols in New York city with a high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass apectrometerHUI-MING HUNG journal article184177
152011A case study of aerosol processing and evolution in summer in New York CityHUI-MING HUNG journal article2924
162010Effects of Temperature and Physical State on Heterogeneous Oxidation of Oleic Acid Droplets with OzoneHUI-MING HUNG journal article2516
172007Oxidation of oleic acid and oleic acid/sodium chloride(aq) mixture droplets with ozone: Changes of hygroscopicity and role of secondary reactionsHUI-MING HUNG journal article4141
182005Products and mechanisms of the reaction of oleic acid with ozone and nitrate radicalHUI-MING HUNG journal article10599
192004Products and mechanisms of ozone reactions with oleic acid for aerosol particles having core-shell morphologiesHUI-MING HUNG journal article133126
202004Effects of the physical state of tropospheric ammonium-sulfate-nitrate particles on global aerosol direct radiative forcingHUI-MING HUNG journal article122113
212004Crystals formed at 293 K by aqueous sulfate-nitrate-ammonium-proton aerosol particlesHUI-MING HUNG journal article3836
222003Kinetics of heterogeneous ice nucleation on the surfaces of mineral dust cores inserted into aqueous ammonium sulfate particlesHUI-MING HUNG journal article8075
232003Crystallization of atmospheric sulfate-nitrate-ammonium particlesHUI-MING HUNG journal article4450
242002Infrared spectroscopic evidence for the ice formation mechanisms active in aerosol flow tubesHUI-MING HUNG journal article1616
252002The sonolytic destruction of methyl tert-butyl ether present in contaminated groundwaterHUI-MING HUNG journal article1412
262002Ice nucleation kinetics of aerosols containing aqueous and solid ammonium sulfate particlesHUI-MING HUNG journal article3131
272002Size effect of hematite and corundum inclusions on the efflorescence relative humidities of aqueous ammonium nitrate particlesHUI-MING HUNG journal article3329
282001The size effect of hematite and corundum inclusions on the efflorescence relative humidities of aqueous ammonium sulfate particlesHUI-MING HUNG journal article4441
292001Apparent freezing temperatures modeled for several experimental apparatusHUI-MING HUNG journal article1111
302000The sonochemical degradation of azobenzene and related azo dyes: Rate enhancements via Fenton's reactionsHUI-MING HUNG journal article269256
312000Degradation of alkylphenol ethoxylate surfactants in water with ultrasonic irradiationHUI-MING HUNG journal article9286
322000Kinetics and mechanism of the enhanced reductive degradation of nitrobenzene by elemental iron in the presence of ultrasoundHUI-MING HUNG journal article158145
331999Kinetics and mechanism of the sonolytic degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons: Frequency effectsHUI-MING HUNG journal article147123
341999Sonochemical degradation rates of volatile solutesHUI-MING HUNG journal article6659
351999Sonolytic destruction of methyl tert-butyl ether by ultrasonic irradiation: The role of O-3, H2O2, frequency, and power densityHUI-MING HUNG ; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN journal article157139
361998Kinetics and mechanism of the enhanced reductive degradation of CCl4 by elemental iron in the presence of ultrasoundHUI-MING HUNG journal article111103