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12018Resonance in modulation instability from non-instantaneous nonlinearitiesHong, R.-C.; Lin, C.-Y.; Chuang, Y.-L.; Wu, C.-M.; Su, Y.; Lee, J.Y.I.; Jeng, C.-C.; Shih, M.-F.; Lee, R.-K.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article21
22015Observation of phase boundaries in spontaneous optical pattern formationMING-FENG SHIH journal article42
32014Propagation of a topologically half-charge vortex light beam in a self-focusing photorefractive mediumChen, Chih-Rong; Yeh, Chih-Hung; Shih, Ming-Feng; MING-FENG SHIH journal article66
42013Thermodynamical properties in spontaneous optical pattern formationsShen, M.; Lin, Y.; Yang, W.-X.; Jeng, C.-C.; Shih, M.-F.; Lee, R.-K.; MING-FENG SHIH conference paper00
52013Room-temperature violet luminescence and ultraviolet photodetection of Sb-doped ZnO/Al-doped ZnO homojunction arrayChen, Wei-Jen; Wu, Jen-Kai; Lin, Jheng-Cyuan; Lo, Shun-Tsung; Lin, Huang-De; Hang, Da-Ren; Shih, Ming Feng; Liang, Chi-Te; Chang, Yuan Huei; CHI-TE LIANG ; YUAN-HUEI CHANG ; MING-FENG SHIH journal article2020
62012Measuring the fractional orbital angular momentum of a vortex light beam by cascaded Mach-Zehnder interferometersMING-FENG SHIH journal article1816
72011Propagation of half-charge vortex light beams in a self-focusing mediumChen, C.-R.; Huang, H.-C.; Shih, M.-F.; MING-FENG SHIH conference paper0
82010Spontaneous modulation instability in a noninstantaneous self-defocusing medium within a cavity longer than the coherence lengthChou, CS; Tsai, MC; Chu, WH; Shih, MF; MING-FENG SHIH journal article00
92009Measuring berry phase related to orbital angular momentum of entangled photonsHuang, H.-C.; Chen, G.-S.; Shih, M.-F.; MING-FENG SHIH conference paper00
102009Berry phase imbedded in a pseudo-thermal light beamHuang, H.-C.; Shih, M.-F.; MING-FENG SHIH conference paper00
112009Slow light achieved by non-instantaneous modulation instabilityCHOU, CS; SHIH, MF; MING-FENG SHIH journal article77
122009Spontaneous modulation instability in noninstantaneous self-defocusing medium with a coherent feedbackCHU, WH; SHIH, MF; MING-FENG SHIH journal article75
132007The optical properties of (Mn,Ga)As and (Be,Ga)AsLee, C.S.; Chang, C.C.; Shih, M.F.; Huang, C.C.; Chang, Y.H.; Lin, H.H.; Ma, T.C.; Furdyna, J.K.; MING-FENG SHIH conference paper00
142007Symmetry breaking of discrete solitons and its suppression by partial incoherenceWANG, SC; SHIH, MF; MING-FENG SHIH journal article00
152007Swinging optical spatial solitons in a biased photorefractive crystalSHEU, FW; SHIH, MF; MING-FENG SHIH journal article78
162007Spatial coherence of an optical turbulent beam in a biased photorefractive crystal due to the spatiotemporal modulation instabilitySHEU, FW; SHIH, MF; MING-FENG SHIH journal article32
172007Stabilization of optical vortices in noninstantaneous self-focusing medium by small rotating intensity modulationCHEN, SY; LO, TC; SHIH, MF; MING-FENG SHIH journal article75
182005Coherence controlled soliton interactionsMING-FENG SHIH journal article5554
192005Induced spatiotemporal modulation instability in a noninstantaneous self-defocusing mediumMING-FENG SHIH journal article2420
202005Spatial coherence singularities and incoherent vortex solitonsMOTZEK, K; KIVSHAR, YS; SHIH, MF; SWARTZL; ER, GA; MING-FENG SHIH journal article1212
212004Partially incoherent optical vortices in self-focusing nonlinear mediaMING-FENG SHIH journal article5848
222004Soliton transverse instabilities in anisotropic nonlocal self-focusing mediaMOTZEK, K; KAISER, F; CHU, WH; SHIH, MF; KIVSHAR, YS; MING-FENG SHIH journal article157
232002Giant nonlinear optical properties of bismuth thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionMING-FENG SHIH journal article2115
242002Spatiotemporal optical modulation instability of coherent light in noninstantaneous nonlinear mediaSHIH, MF; JENG, CC; SHEU, FW; LIN, CY; MING-FENG SHIH journal article6053
252001Dynamic soliton modesShih, M.-F.; Sheu, F.-W.; MING-FENG SHIH conference paper00
262001Swinging photorefractive optical spatial solitonsSheu, F.-W.; Shih, M.-F.; MING-FENG SHIH conference paper10
272001Dynamic soliton-like modesMING-FENG SHIH journal article1412
282001Photorefractive polymeric solitons supported by orientationally enhanced birefringent and electro-optic effectsMING-FENG SHIH journal article2725
292000台大物理系的普物實驗的改進歷史鄭伯昆; 林敏聰 ; 石明豐 ; 黃偉彥 journal article88
302000Tuning of second-harmonic generation in waveguides induced by photorefractive spatial solitonsLAN, S; ANASTASSIOU, C; SEGEV, M; SHIH, M; GIORDMAINE, JA; MIZELL, G; MING-FENG SHIH journal article1815
311999Photorefractive polymeric optical spatial solitonsMING-FENG SHIH journal article5346
321999Directional coupler with soliton-induced waveguidesMING-FENG SHIH journal article9385
331999Induced coherence and stable soliton spiralingMING-FENG SHIH journal article9784
341999Energy-exchange interactions between colliding vector solitonsMING-FENG SHIH journal article102100
351999Second-harmonic generation in waveguides induced by photorefractive spatial solitonsLAN, S; SHIH, MF; MIZELL, G; GIORDMAINE, JA; CHEN, ZG; ANASTASSIOU, C; MARTIN, J; SEGEV, M; MING-FENG SHIH journal article6960
361998Fractionally spaced blind equalization using polyperiodic linear filteringPei, S. C.; Shih, M. F.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article31
371998Optically induced photovoltaic self-defocusing-to-self-focusing transitionMING-FENG SHIH journal article6158
381997Coherent collisions of photorefractive solitonsMING-FENG SHIH journal article7472
391997Do interacting spatial solitons conserve angular momentum?Shih, M.-F.; Segev, M.; Salamo, G.; Kivshar, Y.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article40
401997Steady-state vortex-screening solitons formed in biased photorefractive mediaCHEN, ZG; SHIH, MF; SEGEV, M; WILSON, DW; MULLER, RE; MAKER, PD; MING-FENG SHIH journal article7564
411997Self-trapping of one-dimensional and two-dimensional optical beams and induced waveguides in photorefractive KNbO3LAN, S; SHIH, MF; SEGEV, M; MING-FENG SHIH journal article2727
421997Three-dimensional spiraling of interacting spatial solitonsSHIH, MF; SEGEV, M; SALAMO, G; MING-FENG SHIH journal article175167
431997Waveguides induced by photorefractive screening solitonsSHIH, MF; CHEN, ZG; MITCHELL, M; SEGEV, M; LEE, H; FEIGELSON, RS; WILDE, JP; MING-FENG SHIH journal article0112
441996One-dimensional steady-state photorefractive screening solitonsMING-FENG SHIH journal article108107
451996Incoherent collisions between one-dimensional steady-state photorefractive screening solitonsMING-FENG SHIH journal article4440
461996Incoherent collisions between two-dimensional bright steady-state photorefractive spatial screening solitonsMING-FENG SHIH journal article133139
471996Circular waveguides induced by two-dimensional bright steady-state photorefractive spatial screening solitonsMING-FENG SHIH journal article7971
481996Photorefractive screening solitons of high and low intensityMING-FENG SHIH journal article241231
491996Self-trapping of partially spatially incoherent light beamsMitchell, M.; Chen, Z.; Shih, M.-F.; Segev, M.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article00
501996Self-trapping of partially spatially incoherent lightMITCHELL, M; CHEN, ZG; SHIH, MF; SEGEV, M; MING-FENG SHIH journal article396359
511996Steady-state dark photorefractive screening solitonsCHEN, ZG; MITCHELL, M; SHIH, MF; SEGEV, M; GARRETT, MH; VALLEY, GC; MING-FENG SHIH journal article118107
521996Two-dimensional steady-state photorefractive screening solitonsSHIH, MF; LEACH, P; SEGEV, M; GARRETT, MH; SALAMO, G; VALLEY, GC; MING-FENG SHIH journal article219206
541985Hb Long-Island - a Hemoglobin-Variant with a Methionyl Extension at the Nh2 Terminus and a Prolyl Substitution for the Normal Histidyl Residue-2Barwick, Rc; Jones, Rt; Head, Cg; Shih, Mfc; Prchal, Jt; Shih, Dtb; MING-FENG SHIH journal article3242
551984Expression of Hepatitis-B Virus S-Gene by Herpes-Simplex Virus Type-1 Vectors Carrying Alpha-Regulated and Beta-Regulated Gene ChimerasShih, Mf; Arsenakis, M.; Tiollais, P.; Roizman, B.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article5481
561984Antibodies Specific for the Omega-29 Terminal Protein Inhibit the Initiation of Dna-Replication InvitroShih, Mf; Watabe, K.; Yoshikawa, H.; Ito, J.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article58
571983Protein-Primed Initiation of Phage-Phi-29 Dna-ReplicationWatabe, K.; Shih, M.; Ito, J.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article1627
581982Invitro Complex-Formation Between Bacteriophage Phi-29-Terminal Protein and DeoxynucleotideShih, M.; Watabe, K.; Ito, J.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article2033
591982Invitro Replication of Bacteriophage-Phi-29 DnaWatabe, K.; Shih, Mf; Sugino, A.; Ito, J.; MING-FENG SHIH journal article2741