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12023Hydrogen-induced magnetic and structural changes in Pd/Co/Mg multilayerLiaw, Li Jie; PO-CHUN CHANG ; Chen, Po Wei; Liu, Zi Qi; Liu, Shi Yu; Hsieh, Chun Tse; Dhanarajgopal, Alltrin; MING-YAU CHERN ; Lo, Fang Yuh; Lin, Wen ChinSurfaces and Interfaces11
22021Interfacial exchange coupling-modulated magnetism in the insulating heterostructure of CoOx/yttrium iron garnetChang P.-C.; MING-YAU CHERN et al. Journal of Alloys and Compounds22
32018AC MOKE measurements of Yttrium iron garnet thin filmsChern, M.Y.; Xu, W.L.; Yang, K.; MING-YAU CHERN Journal of Magnetics00
42017Influence of Oxygen Vacancies on the Frictional Properties of Nanocrystalline Zinc Oxide Thin Films in Ambient ConditionsChang, H.-P.; Chu, E.-D.; Yeh, Y.-T.; Wu, Y.-C.; Lo, F.-Y.; Wang, W.-H.; Chern, M.-Y.; Chiu, H.-C.; MING-YAU CHERN Langmuir1211
52016Epitaxial growth of Bi<inf>2</inf>Te<inf>3</inf>topological insulator thin films by temperature-gradient induced physical vapor deposition (PVD)Lee, H.-Y.; Chen, Y.-S.; Lin, Y.-C.; Wu, J.-K.; Lee, Y.-C.; Wu, B.-K.; Chern, M.-Y.; Liang, C.-T.; YUAN-HUEI CHANG ; CHI-TE LIANG ; MING-YAU CHERN Journal of Alloys and Compounds2120
62015(110)-oriented indium tin oxide films grown on m- and r-plane sapphire substratesChern, M.-Y.; Lu, T.-W.; Xu, W.-L.; MING-YAU CHERN Japanese Journal of Applied Physics76
72015Optical properties of ITO/ZnO Schottky diode with enhanced UV PhotoresponseMING-YAU CHERN Journal of the Korean Physical Society 45
82015Paramagnetic dysprosium-doped zinc oxide thin films grown by pulsed-laser depositionMING-YAU CHERN Journal of Applied Physics 1416
92015Modulation of magnetic coercivity in Ni thin films by reversible control of strainMING-YAU CHERN Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 34
102014Structural, optical, and magnetic properties of highly-resistive Sm-implanted GaN thin filmsLo, F.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN et al. Journal of Applied Physics 109
112014Study on the formation of zinc peroxide on zinc oxide with hydrogen peroxide treatment using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)Lee, H.-Y.; Wu, B.-K.; Chern, M.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Electronic Materials Letters 4542
122014Evidences of defect contribution in magnetically ordered Sm-implanted GaNLo, F.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERNet al. Current Applied Physics 32
132014Size-controllable synthesis and bandgap modulation of single-layered RF-sputtered bismuth nanoparticlesWu, B.-K.; Chern, M.-Y.; Lee, H.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Nanoscale Research Letters 87
142013The structures of yttrium iron garnet/gadolinium gallium garnet superlattice thin films studied by synchrotron X-ray surface scatteringLee, C.-H.; Liang, K.S.; Chern, M.Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 55
152013Bismuth nanowire grown naturally using a sputtering systemMING-YAU CHERN Applied Physics Express 1314
162013Temperature dependence and the effect of hydrogen peroxide on ITO/poly-ZnO Schottky diodes fabricated by laser evaporationLee, H.-Y.; Wu, B.-K.; Chern, M.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Current Applied Physics 98
172013Schottky photodiode fabricated from hydrogen-peroxide-treated ZnO nanowiresLee, H.-Y.; Wu, B.-K.; Chern, M.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Applied Physics Express 1513
182012Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in Pd/Fe bilayers on Al 2O 3 (0001) induced by oblique depositionChi, C.-S.; Wang, B.-Y.; Pong, W.-F.; Ho, T.-Y.; Tsai, C.-J.; Lo, F.-Y.; Chern, M.-Y.; Lin, W.-C.; MING-YAU CHERN Journal of Applied Physics 2726
192012Hydrogenation-induced change of magneto optical Kerr effect in Pd/Fe bilayersMING-YAU CHERN Journal of Applied Physics 1816
202011Canted magnetization in Fe thin films on highly oriented pyrolytic graphiteMING-YAU CHERN Journal of Applied Physics 77
212011Development of phase-pure CuAlO2 thin films grown on c-plane sapphire substrates prepared by RF sputteringSu, C.-T.; Lee, H.-Y.; Wu, B.-K.; Chern, M.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Journal of Crystal Growth 1516
222011Fabrication and properties of indium tin oxide/ZnO Schottky photodiode with hydrogen peroxide treatmentLee, H.-Y.; Su, C.-T.; Wu, B.-K.; Xu, W.-L.; Lin, Y.-J.; Chern, M.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1819
232011Structural, optical, and magnetic properties of Ho-implanted GaN thin filmsLo, F.-Y.; Guo, J.-Y.; Ney, V.; Ney, A.; Chern, M.-Y.; Melnikov, A.; Pezzagna, S.; Reuter, D.; Wieck, A.D.; MING-YAU CHERN ; MING-YAU CHERN Journal of Physics: Conference Series10
242011Thickness measurement of colloidal opal crystal growth by Bragg reflectionLin, M.-Z.; Li, G.-H.; Chern, M.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN ; CHUNG-WEN LAN Journal of Colloid and Interface Science22
252010Enhanced polarization and mechanisms in optically pumped hyperpolarized He3 in the presence of He4MING-YAU CHERN ; Chen, Hsin-Hsien; Wang, Chuan?San; Yang, Hong-Chang; Tung, Samuel; Horng, Herng-Er; Chen?Chang, Lin; Lan?Fen, Wang; Lee, Y.Y.; Ching?Hui, Lai; Liao, Shu-Hsien; Yang, S.Y.; Chou, Chung-Hsien; Chang, Lieh-Jeng; Chen, M.J.; Chern, M.Y.Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 33
262010Control of growth orientation and shape for epitaxially grown In2O3 nanowires on a-plane sapphireChen, C.-J.; Chern, M.-Y.; Wu, C.-T.; Chen, C.-H.; MING-YAU CHERN Materials Research Bulletin 1616
272010Distinct photoluminescence enhancement of supercritical water reacted tin dioxideXu, W. L.; Chen, P. T.; Hayashi, M. ; MING-YAU CHERN High Temperature Materials and Processes00
282009Electroluminescence from ZnO/ si-nanotips light-emitting diodesHsieh, Y.-P.; Chen, H.-Y.; Lin, M.Z.; Shiu, S.C.; Hofmann, M.; Chern, M.-Y.; Jia, X.; Yang, Y.J.; Chang, H.J.; Huang, H.M.; Tseng, S.C.; Chen, L.C. ; Chen, K.H.; Lin, C.F.; Liang, C.T.; CHI-TE LIANG ; CHING-FUH LIN ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann ; MING-YAU CHERN Nano Letters8885
292008Electrical transport properties of n -type (110)-oriented bismuth thin films grown at 110 K on glass substratesMING-YAU CHERN Journal of Applied Physics 1314
302008Temperature-dependent growth of pulsed-laser-deposited bismuth thin films on glass substratesWu, K.-S.; MING-YAU CHERN Thin Solid Films 2320
312007Characterization of the Ultrathin HfO2 and Hf-Silicate Films Grown by Atomic Layer DepositionChen, Tze Chiang; Peng, Cheng-Yi; Tseng, Chih-Hung; Liao, Ming-Han ; Chen, Mei-Hsin; Wu, Chih-I ; Chern, Ming-Yau ; Tzeng, Pei-Jer; Liu, Chee Wee IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 3229
322007Low-temperature epitaxial growth of vertical in2O3 nanowires on a-plane sapphire with hexagonal cross-sectionChen, C.-J.; Xu, W.-L.; Chern, M.-Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Advanced Materials 4848
332007A-plane sapphire: A well-matched substrate for epitaxial growth of indium tin oxideMING-YAU CHERN Thin Solid Films 2827
342005High-quality ZnO thin films grown by fast pulsed laser deposition without a buffer layerMING-YAU CHERN Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 21413
352003高折射率高介電常數有機/無機摻合材料-壓克力/ZrO2/Bi2O3之研究李建豐; 林唯芳 ; 陳銘堯 ; 簡章胤高分子研討會 
362002Nitrogen-induced enhancement of the electron effective mass in InN xAs1-xHung, W.K.; Cho, K.S.; Chern, M.Y.; Chen, Y.F.; Shih, D.K.; Lin, H.H.; Lu, C.C.; Yang, T.R.; HAO-HSIUNG LIN ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; MING-YAU CHERN Applied Physics Letters 2721
372002FMR studies of Y3Fe5O12 /Gd3Ga5O12 (YIG/GGG) superlattices and YIG thin filmsChiang, W. C.; Chern, M. Y.; Lin, J. G. ; MING-YAU CHERN Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials1213
382001Optical properties of Zn1-xMnxSe (x≤0.78) epilayersYANG-FANG CHEN ; MING-YAU CHERN Solid State Communications 1717
392001Hydrogenated amorphous silicon-germanium PIN x-ray detectorLiu, S.-D.; Lee, S.-C.; SI-CHEN LEE ; MING-YAU CHERN IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices109
402001Asymmetrical X-ray reflection of SiGeC/Si heterostructuresCHEE-WEE LIU ; Tseng, Y. D.; MING-YAU CHERN Materials Chemistry and Physics 00
412000Epitaxial GaNxAs1-x layer formed by pulsed-laser irradiation of GaAs in an ambient nitrogen gasYANG-FANG CHEN ; MING-YAU CHERN Semiconductor Science and Technology 33
422000Optical properties of GaAs1-xNx on GaAsYANG-FANG CHEN ; MING-YAU CHERN Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2533
432000Roughness-enhanced electroluminescence from metal oxide silicon tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU ; Lee, Minhung; MIIN-JANG CHEN ; CHING-FUH LIN ; MING-YAU CHERN IEEE Electron Device Letters 3934
441999Thermal stability of Si/Si1-x-yGexCy/Si quantum wells grown by rapid thermal chemical vapor depositionLiu, C.W.; Tseng, Y.D.; Chern, M.Y.; Chang, C.L.; MING-YAU CHERN ; CHEE-WEE LIU Journal of Applied Physics 1315
451999Red shift of Faraday rotation in thin films of completely bismuth-substituted iron garnet Bi3Fe5O12Chern, M.-Y.; Lo, F.-Y.; Liu, D.-R.; Yang, K.; Liaw, J.-S.; MING-YAU CHERN Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers and Short Notes and Review Papers 3534
461998Facial feature detection using geometrical face model: An efficient approachJeng, S. H.; Liao, H. Y. M.; Han, C. C.; Chern, M. Y.; Liu, Y. T.; MING-YAU CHERN Pattern Recognition11986
471997Study of BixY3-xFe5O12 thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionChern, M.-Y.; Liaw, J.-S.; MING-YAU CHERN Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers and Short Notes and Review Papers 4437
481997Curie temperatures of Y<inf>3</inf>Fe<inf>5</inf>O<inf>12</inf>/Gd<inf>3</inf>Fe<inf>5</inf>O <inf>12</inf> superlatticesMING-YAU CHERN ; Lee, W.S.; Liou, D.R.Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 129
501997New automatic multi-level thresholding technique for segmentation of thermal imagesChang, J. S.; Liao, H. Y. M.; Hor, M. K.; Hsieh, J. W.; Chern, M. Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Image and Vision Computing3728
511996Study of ultrathin Y <inf>3</inf> Fe <inf>5</inf> O <inf>12</inf> /Gd <inf>3</inf> Ga <inf>5</inf> O <inf>12</inf> superlatticesChern, M.Y.; Fang, C.C.; Liaw, J.S.; Lin, J.G.; MING-YAU CHERN ; Lin, J. G. Applied Physics Letters1616
531996Fractal image coding system based on an adaptive side-coupling quadtree structureSze, C. J.; Liao, H. Y. M.; Fan, K. C.; Chern, M. Y.; Tsao, C. K.; MING-YAU CHERN Image and Vision Computing108
541996Study of ultrathin Y3Fe5O12/Gd3Ga5O 12 superlatticesChern, M.Y.; Fang, C.C.; Liaw, J.S.; Lin, J.G.; Huang, C.Y.; MING-YAU CHERN Applied Physics Letters 16
551995Microwave effects on YBa2Cu3Oy Josephson junctions with step-edge, bi-epitaxial, and sandwich geometriesMING-YAU CHERN Journal of Applied Physics 23
561995High crystalline quality ZnSe films grown by pulsed laser depositionChern, M.Y.; Lin, H.M.; Fang, C.C.; Fan, J.C.; Chen, Y.F.; JEN-CHEN FAN ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; MING-YAU CHERN Applied Physics Letters 2211
571995Pulsed laser deposition of epitaxial GaN <inf>x</inf> As <inf>1-x</inf> on GaAsHung, W.K.; Chern, M.Y.; Fan, J.C.; Lin, T.Y.; MING-YAU CHERN ; YANG-FANG CHEN Applied Physics Letters66