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12021Inference and analysis of cell-cell communication using CellChatJin, Suoqin; Guerrero-Juarez, Christian F; Zhang, Lihua; Chang, Ivan; Ramos, Raul; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Myung, Peggy; Plikus, Maksim V; Nie, QingNature communications65
22021Activating an adaptive immune response from a hydrogel scaffold imparts regenerative wound healingGriffin, Donald R; Archang, Maani M; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Weaver, Westbrook M; Weinstein, Jason S; Feng, An Chieh; Ruccia, Amber; Sideris, Elias; Ragkousis, Vasileios; Koh, Jaekyung; Plikus, Maksim V; Di Carlo, Dino; Segura, Tatiana; Scumpia, Philip ONature materials37
32021Resuming Oral Feeding in Patients With Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap ReconstructionChiang, Ting-Yen; Huang, Chieh-Huei; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Horng, Shyue-Yih; Hsieh, Jung-Hsien; Wu, Yu-Feng; Chuang, Shu-Yang; Yu, Ya-Han; Ho, Chien-Chang; Cheng, Nai-Chen; Tai, Hao-ChihAnnals of plastic surgery0
42020IL-29 promoted obesity-induced inflammation and insulin resistanceLin T.-Y.; Chiu C.-J.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Chen F.-H.; Shen Y.-C.; Wu C.-H.; Hsu Y.-H.Cellular and Molecular Immunology98
52020The impacts of intra-arterial chemotherapy on head and neck microvascular reconstructionCHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Chung M.-J.; Hong R.-L.; Tseng T.-Y.; Tai H.-C.; Cheng N.-C.; Hsieh J.-H.; Horng S.-Y.; Lai H.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association00
62020Prognostic significance of positive surgical margins for scalp angiosarcomaCHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Yang H.-W.; Huang H.-F.; Jyuhn-Hsiarn Lee L.; Tseng T.-Y.; Hsieh J.-H.; Cheng N.-C.; Tai H.-C.; Lai H.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association01
72019Pre-treatment quality of life as a predictor of distant metastasis-free survival and overall survival in patients with head and neck cancer who underwent free flap reconstructionChen M.N.; Ho K.Y.; Hung Y.N.; Su C.C.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Tai H.C.; Cheng N.C.; Lin C.C.European Journal of Oncology Nursing01
82018Glycosaminoglycan-based hybrid hydrogel encapsulated with polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles for endogenous stem cell regulation in central nervous system regenerationJian W.-H.; Wang H.-C.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Chen M.-H.; Wu H.-C.; Sun J.-S.; Wang T.-W.Biomaterials3028
92018Simple methods to optimize the success in microsurgical submandibular gland transplantation for the treatment of patients with keratoconjunctivitisCiudad P.; Manrique O.J.; Agko M.; Chang W.-L.; Hsu S.-Y.; Trignano E.; Liakos D.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Chen H.-C.Microsurgery00
102017Enzyme-crosslinked gene-activated matrix for the induction of mesenchymal stem cells in osteochondral tissue regenerationLee Y.-H.; Wu H.-C.; Yeh C.-W.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Liao H.-T.; Hsu H.-C.; Tsai J.-C.; Sun J.-S.; Wang T.-W.Acta Biomaterialia2021
112017Tailored design of multifunctional and programmable pH-responsive self-assembling polypeptides as drug delivery nanocarrier for cancer therapyWang T.-W.; Yeh C.-W.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Wang L.-W.; Chen L.-H.; Wu H.-C.; Sun J.-S.Acta Biomaterialia2325
122017Multichanneled Nerve Guidance Conduit with Spatial Gradients of Neurotrophic Factors and Oriented Nanotopography for Repairing the Peripheral Nervous SystemChang Y.-C.; Chen M.-H.; Liao S.-Y.; Wu H.-C.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Sun J.-S.; Wang T.-W.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces4254
132016Integrated self-assembling drug delivery system possessing dual responsive and active targeting for orthotopic ovarian cancer theranosticsLin C.-J.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Wang L.-W.; Wu H.-C.; Chen Y.; Chang C.-W.; Huang R.-Y.; Wang T.-W.Biomaterials4346
142016Multi-functionalized carbon dots as theranostic nanoagent for gene delivery in lung cancer therapyWu Y.-F.; Wu H.-C.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Lin C.-J.; Wang L.-W.; Chang C.-W.; Wang T.-W.Scientific Reports95124
152015Prognostic factors of survival from intractable oronasal bleeding after successful transarterial embolizationCHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Lin C.-Y.; Hsaio J.-K.; Chen J.-S.; Han Y.-Y.Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery23
162014Tailored design of electrospun composite nanofibers with staged release of multiple angiogenic growth factors for chronic wound healingLai H.-J.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Wu H.-C.; Tsai J.-C.; Chen T.-M.; Hsieh D.-J.; Wang T.-W.Acta Biomaterialia169185
172014Sequential multi-layered hemostatic sutures for stepwise removal of arteriovenous malformations: The pineapple techniqueLim S.Y.; Sze Wei M.Y.; Constantinides J.; Kiranatawat K.; Sapountzis S.; Ciudad P.; Ho A.; Nicoli F.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Chen H.-C.Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery34
182012Giant Keratoacanthoma Development after Surgical Debridements on Chronic Leg Wounds-Case Report and Review of the LiteratureChen-Hsiang Kuan 臺灣整形外科醫學會雜誌
192010Soft Tissue Restoration with Reverse Forearm Flap in a Patient of Extensive High Pressure Injection Injury to the HandChen-Hsiang Kuan 臺灣整形外科醫學會雜誌
202010Acute surgical treatment of perforated peptic ulcer in the elderly patientsSu Y.-H.; Yeh C.-C.; Lee C.-Y.; Lin M.-W.; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Lai I.-R.; Chen C.-N.; Lin H.-M.; Lee P.-H.; Lin M.-T.Hepato-Gastroenterology88