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12015Elucidating the geometry of the active Shanchiao Fault in the Taipei metropolis, northern Taiwan, and the reactivation relationship with preexisting orogen structuresCHIA-YU LU ; LOUIS TENG journal article77
22014Two dimensional fluid flow models at two gas hydrate sites offshore southwestern TaiwanCHAR-SHINE LIU ; CHIA-YU LU journal article88
32013Fracture patterns and their relations to mountain building in a fold-thrust belt: A case study in NW TaiwanCHIA-YU LU journal article
42013Effective storage capacity study in a deep saline aquifer within a young sedimentary basinCHIA-YU LU conference paper10
52011The arc-continent collision in taiwanCHIA-YU LU book460
62011Nappe structure revealed by thermal constraints in the Taiwan metamorphic beltCHIA-YU LU ; Chen, Chih-Tung; Chan, Yu-Chang; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Simoes, Martine; Beyssac, Olivierjournal article1111
72010Growth normal faulting at the Western edge of the metropolitan Taipei basin since the last glacial maximum, Northern TaiwanChen, Chih-Tung; CHIA-YU LU ; Lee, Jian-Cheng; Chan, Yu-Chang; Lu, Chia-Yu journal article1110
82010Dykes and pipes of remobilized cornieules within the cornieule evaporitic-complex of the mont jovet area (Northwestern French Alps)Fudral, Serge; CHIA-YU LU ; Lu, Chia Yu ; Paillet, Andrejournal article11
92009Polyphase deformation in a newly emerged accretionary prism: Folding, faulting and rotation in the southern Taiwan mountain rangeChang, Chung-Pai; CHIA-YU LU ; Angelier, Jacques; Lu, Chia-Yu journal article99
102009The Tsaoling landslide triggered by the Chi-Chi earthquake, Taiwan: Insights from a discrete element simulationCHIA-YU LU ; Tang, Chao-Lung; Tang, Chao-Lung; JYR-CHING HU ; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Lin, Ming-Lang ; Lin, Ming-Lang; Angelier, Jacques; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Chan, Yu-Chang; Chan, Yu-Chang; Chu, Hao-Tsujournal article138110
112009Does extrusion occur at both tips of the Taiwan collision belt? Insights from active deformation studies in the Ilan Plain and Pingtung Plain regionsAngelier, Jacques; CHIA-YU LU ; Chang, Tsui-Y?; Chang, Tsui-Yü; JYR-CHING HU ; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Chang, Chung-Pai; Chang, Chung-Pai; Siame, Lionel; Lee, Jian-Cheng; Lee, Jian-Cheng; Deffontaines, Benoît; Deffontaines, Beno?t; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Lu, Chia-Yü ; Lu, Chia-Y?journal article2927
122009Non-catastrophic landslides induced by the Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi earthquake in central Taiwan as revealed by PIV analysisTseng, C.-H.; CHIA-YU LU ; Tseng, Chia-Han; JYR-CHING HU ; Hu, J.-C.; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Chan, Yu-Chang; Chan, Y.-C.; Chu, H.-T.; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Lee, Jin-Fa; Lee, J.-F.; Wei, Jheng-Yue; Wei, J.-Y.; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Lu,C.-Y.; Lin, M.L.; Lin, Ming-Lang journal article88
132008砂岩受壓破裂之能量釋放研究盧佳遇 report
142008台灣造山楔狀體的動力學研究:由二維及三維砂箱實驗輔助研究構造運動,地表地質作用與氣候間之相互關係盧佳遇 report
152007Thirty-year land elevation change from subsidence to uplift following the termination of groundwater pumping and its geological implications in the Metropolitan Taipei Basin, Northern TaiwanChen, Chih-Tung; CHIA-YU LU ; JYR-CHING HU ; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Lee, Jian-Cheng; Chan, Yu-Changjournal article6256
162006A thermomechanical wedge model of Taiwan constrained by fission-track thermochronometryCHIA-YU LU journal article8182
172005Sandbox Experiments of Plate Convergence-Scale Effect and Associated Mechanisms林銘郎 ; 盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 鄭富書 ; 李崇正journal article33
182005Sandbox experiments of plate convergence - Scale effect and associated mechanismsCHIA-YU LU journal article
192005台灣車籠埔斷層鑽井整合型計畫─車籠埔斷層深鑽計畫岩心之物理與力學性質度量盧佳遇 report
202004台灣西部北港高區周圍的河流遷移與新構造運動盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 蔡立盛; 鄭富書 ; 朱傚祖; 李建成; 胡植慶 conference paper
212004台灣變質岩區之變形構造型態分佈(3/3)盧佳遇 report
222004『台灣地震地質研究-台灣西南部活斷層研究』─台灣西南部北港高區周圍的河流遷移與新構造運動盧佳遇 report
232004Deformation Patterns of an Accretionary Wedge in the Transition Zone from Subduction to Collision Offshore Southwestern TaiwanLiu, Char-Shine ; Deffontaines, Benoit; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Lallemand, Sergejournal article4842
242003Deformation patterns of an accretionary wedge in the transition zone from subduction to collision offshore southwestern TaiwanLiu, Char-Shine ; Deffontaines, Benoit; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Lallemand, Sergejournal article4842
252003Deformation patterns of an accretionary wedge in the transition zone from subduction of collision offshore Southwestern TaiwanCHIA-YU LU conference paper
262003Erosion rates and orogenic-wedge kinematics in Taiwan inferred from fission-track thermochronometryCHIA-YU LU ; Willett, Sean D.; Fisher, Donald; Fuller, Christopher; Yeh, En-Chao; Lu, Chia-Yu journal article152154
272002Taiwan Slate Belt: Insights into the ductile interior of an arc-continent collisionCHIA-YU LU book330
282002Geometry and structure of northern surface ruptures of the 1999 Mw = 7.6 Chi-Chi Taiwan earthquake: Influence from inherited fold belt structuresCHIA-YU LU ; JYR-CHING HU journal article10394
292002Geometry and structure of northern surface ruptures of the 1999 Mw=7.6 Chi-Chi Taiwan earthquake: influence from inherited fold belt structuresLee, Jian-Cheng; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Angelier, Jacques; Chan, Yu-Chang; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Lu, Chia-Yu ; Rau, Ruey-Juinjournal article10394
302002Arc-continent collision in Taiwan: New marine observations and tectonic evolutionCHAR-SHINE LIU ; CHIA-YU LU book1280
332002台灣變質岩區之變形構造型態分佈(2/3)盧佳遇 report
342002地震及活斷層研究(車籠埔斷層之活動性與運動學研究)─台灣西部新構造運動與地震機制研究 (II)盧佳遇 report
352001Preliminary neotectonic map of onshore-offshore TaiwanCHIA-YU LU journal article
362001台灣西南部複雜地質構造演化模式建立及其在石油工業與工程地質之應用盧佳遇 report
372001台灣變質岩區之變形構造型態分佈(1/3)盧佳遇 report
382000台灣西部之新地體構造,造山機制與地震災害盧佳遇 ; 鄭富書 ; 張國楨journal article
392000台灣西部新構造運動與地震機制研究盧佳遇 report
402000台灣西部之新地體構造,造山機制,與地震災害CHIA-YU LU journal article
412000台灣及其鄰近地區隱沒及碰撞作用─(子計畫六)台灣及鄰近地區之變形模式(Ⅲ)盧佳遇 report
421999Trench-parallel stretching and folding of forearc basins and lateral migration of the accretionary wedge in the southern Ryukyus: A case of strain partition caused by oblique convergenceCHAR-SHINE LIU ; CHIA-YU LU journal article7771
431999台灣及鄰近地區隱沒與碰撞作用─(子計畫六)台灣及鄰近地區之變形模式(Ⅱ)盧佳遇 report
441998Okinawa trough backarc basin: Early tectonic and magmatic evolutionCHIA-YU LU journal article
451998Paleomagnetic Study in a Folded Zone of Hsuehshan Range,Northeastern Coast of TaiwanCHIA-YU LU ; 胡植慶 journal article
461998Paleomagnetic study in a folded zone of Hsuehshan range, northeastern coast of TaiwanCHIA-YU LU journal article
471998Impact of Basement High on the Structure and Kinematics of the Western Taiwan Thrust Wedge: Insights from Sandbox Models盧佳遇 ; 鄭富書 ; 張國楨; 簡文鏜journal article
481998台灣及鄰近地區隱沒與碰撞作用─(子計畫九)臺灣及鄰近地區之變形模式盧佳遇 report
491997利用砂盒模型分析台灣西部的新構造運動盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 簡文鏜; 鄭富書 conference paper
501997台灣西部的新構造運動-砂盒模型分析的啟示盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 簡文鏜; 鄭富書 conference paper
511997台灣西部的新構造運動與地震間之關係-砂盒模型分析的啟示盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 簡文鏜; 鄭富書 conference paper
521997Energy control by linking individual patterns to self-repeating diffractive optical elementsCHIA-YU LU journal article
531997Structural evolution in the Hsüehshan range, TaiwanCHIA-YU LU journal article
541997大陸東南岩石圈之演化─(子計畫十二)華南造山帶之變形機制(II)盧佳遇 report
551996Numerical simulation of neotectonics near Peikang highCHIA-YU LU journal article
561996Active Deformation and Paleostress Analysis in the Pakua Anticline Area of Western TaiwanCHIA-YU LU ; 李建成; 盧佳遇 ; Delcaillau, Bernard; Angelier, Jacques; Deffontaines, Benoitjournal article
571996大陸東南岩石圈之演化─大陸東南岩石圈之演化-(子計畫七)華南造山帶之變形機制(I)盧佳遇 report
581996大陸東南岩石圈之演化─(子計畫七)華南造山帶之變形機制(I)盧佳遇 report
591995臺灣造山帶內之巨型剪切帶構造(II)盧佳遇 ; 朱傚祖report
601995Contractional, transcurrent, rotational and extensional tectonics: examples from Northern TaiwanLu, Chia-Yu ; CHIA-YU LU ; Angelier, Jacques; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Lee, Jian-Chengjournal article5646
611995台灣造山帶內之巨型剪切帶構造(Ⅱ)盧佳遇 report
621994Oblique convergence, indentation and rotation tectonics in the Taiwan Mountain Belt: Insights from experimental modellingLu, Chia-Yu ; CHIA-YU LU ; Malavieille, Jacquesjournal article1070
631994台灣造山帶內之巨型剪切帶構造(I)盧佳遇 report
641994組構分析儀獨立系統盧佳遇 report
651994Evidence for submarine weathering from metamorphosed weathering profiles on basaltic rocks, Tananao Metamorphic Complex, TaiwanYui, Tzen-Fu; CHIA-YU LU ; Wu, Tsai-Way; CHING-HUA LO ; Wang, Yunshuen; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Lu, Chia-Yu journal article1110
661993Kinematic analyses of the Hsuehshan Range, Taiwan: a large-scale pop- up structureCHIA-YU LU journal article
671993臺灣地區弧陸碰撞造山帶腹地與過渡帶間之變形作用(III)盧佳遇 ; 王執明; 朱傚祖; 朱傚祖report
681993台灣地區弧陸碰撞造山帶腹地與過渡帶間之變形作用(III)盧佳遇 report
691992The development of the vein system in central Taiwan: a case study of the section from Kukuan to Tekee along the central cross island highwayCHIA-YU LU journal article
701992大南澳片岩的中生代溝鞭藻化石陳政恆; 劉平妹; 盧佳遇 conference paper
711991台灣地區弧陸碰撞造山帶腹地與過渡帶之變形作用盧佳遇 report
721991X-射□岩石組織與構造自動分析儀, (80-0202-M002-10,台灣地區弧陸碰撞造山帶腹地與過渡帶之變形作用 )盧佳遇 report
731990臺北盆地及附近地區斷層分析盧佳遇 ; 李錫堤report
741990Paleostress analysis as a key to margin extension: The Penghu Islands, South China SeaAngelier, Jacques; CHIA-YU LU ; Bergerat, Fran?oise; Chu, Hao Tsu; Juang, Wen Shing; Lu, Chia Yu journal article2321
751989Computer Programs for Analysis of Structural Orientation Data by Stereographic Projection盧佳遇 ; Lu, Chia-Yuijournal article
761989The shear structures in the Miocene Lushan Formation of the Suao area, eastern TaiwanCHIA-YU LU journal article
771989臺灣地區歐亞大陸板塊邊緣部分地區之變形作用(三)盧佳遇 report
781988A speculative Tectonic history of the Tananao Schist of TaiwanCHIA-YU LU journal article
791988臺灣地區歐亞大陸板塊邊緣部分地區之變形作用(二)盧佳遇 report
801987臺灣地區歐亞大陸板塊邊緣部分地區之變形作用(一):東西橫貫公路部分研究報告盧佳遇 ; 王執明; 李錦發; 李錦發report
811986The origin of the lithic blocks in the Tiensiang formation between Lo-Shao and Tzemuchiao, eastern Taiwan.CHIA-YU LU journal article
821985Relics of ancient oceanic crust in the Changchun Formation of eastern Taiwan.CHIA-YU LU journal article
831984The sheath folds in the Tananao Schist between Tienhsiang and Tailuko, Cross-Island Highway, Taiwan.CHIA-YU LU journal article
841980台北盆地及附近地區斷層分析李錫堤; 盧佳遇 ; 李錫堤report