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12023Seismic Velocity Structure of Upper Mantle Beneath the Oldest Pacific Seafloor: Insights From Finite-Frequency TomographyKang, Hyunsun; Kim, Young Hee; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Lin, Pei Ying Patty; Isse, Takehi; Kawakatsu, Hitoshi; Lee, Sang Mook; Utada, Hisashi; Takeuchi, Nozomu; Shiobara, Hajime; Sugioka, Hiroko; Kim, Seung SepGeochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems00
22023Anomalous Attenuation of High-Frequency Seismic Waves in Taiwan: Observation, Model and InterpretationCalvet, M.; Margerin, L.; SHU-HUEI HUNG Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth11
32021Lateral Variations of Moho Depth and Average Crustal Properties Across the Taiwan Orogen From H-V Stacking of P and S Receiver FunctionsGoyal A; Hung S.-H.; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems44
42020Reconciling seismic structures and Late Cretaceous kimberlite magmatism in northern Alberta, CanadaChen, Y.; Gu, Y.J.; Heaman, L.M.; Wu, L.; Saygin, E.; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geology67
52019Seismic evidence for a mantle suture and implications for the origin of the Canadian CordilleraChen, Yunfeng; Gu, Yu Jeffrey; Currie, Claire A.; Johnston, Stephen T.; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Schaeffer, Andrew J.; Audet, PascalNature Communications3126
62019Rupture behavior and interaction of the 2018 Hualien earthquake sequence and its tectonic implicationJian, Pei Ru; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Meng, LingsenSeismological Research Letters1817
72019A fast algorithm for automatic phase picker and event location: Application to the 2018 Hualien earthquake sequencesChang, Y.-H.; Hung, S.-H.; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; SHU-HUEI HUNG Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences55
82018A New Appraisal of Lithospheric Structures of the Cordillera-Craton Boundary Region in Western CanadaChen, Yunfeng; Gu, Yu Jeffrey; SHU-HUEI HUNG Tectonics1110
92018The Origin and Mantle Dynamics of Quaternary Intraplate Volcanism in Northeast China From Joint Inversion of Surface Wave and Body WaveGuo, Zhen; Wang, Kai; Yang, Yingjie; Tang, Youcai; John Chen, Y.; SHU-HUEI HUNG Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth5249
102018The 13 November 2016 Kaikoura, New Zealand earthquake: rupture process and seismotectonic implicationsLo, Yi-Ching; Zhao, Li; Xu, XiWei; Chen, Ji; Hung, Shu-Huei; SHU-HUEI HUNG Earth and Planetary Physics50
112017Seismic evidence for the depression of the D<sup>″</sup> discontinuity beneath the Caribbean: Implication for slab heating from the Earth's coreYEN-TING KO ; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Kuo, Ban Yuan; Zhao, LiEarth and Planetary Science Letters108
122017Rupture characteristics of the 2016 Meinong earthquake revealed by the back projection and directivity analysis of teleseismic broadband waveformsJian, Pei Ru; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Meng, Lingsen; Sun, DaoyuanGeophysical Research Letters1514
132017Finite-frequency P-wave tomography of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Implications for the lithospheric evolution in Western LaurentiaChen, Yunfeng; Gu, Yu Jeffrey; SHU-HUEI HUNG Tectonophysics1313
142016Systematic correlations of the earthquake frequency-magnitude distribution with the deformation and mechanical regimes in the Taiwan orogenChen, Yen Ling; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Jiang, Juen Shi; LING-YUN CHIAO Geophysical Research Letters99
152015Multiscale, finite-frequency P and S tomography of the upper mantle in the southwestern Fennoscandian ShieldKolstrup, Marianne L.; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Maupin, ValerieGeophysical Journal International2323
162015Seismological evidence for a non-monotonic velocity gradient in the topmost outer coreTang, Vivian; Zhao, Li; SHU-HUEI HUNG Scientific Reports2222
172014Full-wave effects on shear wave splittingYU-PIN LIN ; Zhao, Li; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geophysical Research Letters1918
182014Constraining the Velocity Structure at the Top of the Earth's Outer Core by SKKS and S3KS Differential TraveltimesZhao, L; Tang, VCH; Hung, SH; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
192014A 3-D spectral-element and frequency-wave number hybrid method for high-resolution seismic array imagingTong Ping; Dimitri Komatitsch; Tai-Lin Tseng; Shu-Huei Hung; Chin-Wu Chen; Piero Basini; TAI-LIN TSENG ; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geophysical Research Letters4341
202014Full-Wave Anisotropic Tomography in Southern CaliforniaSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
212014The Depth-dependent Earthquake Stress Drop and Energy Radiation in Japan Subduction ZoneSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
222014Observation and Modeling of the SVdiff-SHdiff splitting induced by elastic anisotropy and finite-frequency effects in DSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
232014Rupture Processes of the Mw8. 3 Sea of Okhotsk Earthquake and Aftershock Sequences from 3-D Back Projection ImagingSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
242014Topography Effects on Frequency-dependent Traveltimes and Amplitudes from Regional EarthquakesSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
252014Finite Frequency Traveltime Tomography of Lithospheric and Upper Mantle Structures beneath the Cordillera-Craton Transition in Southwestern CanadaSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
262014Numerical Simulation Study of Potential Megathrust Event Along the Southernmost Ryukyu TrenchSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
272014Tibetan Apples and Oranges: Surficial Sutures and Overlapping LithospheresSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
282013Imaging Three-Dimensional Anisotropy with Broadband Seismometer ArraysFischer, Karen M.; Li, Aibing; Forsyth, Donald W.; SHU-HUEI HUNG Seismic Earth: Array Analysis of Broadband Seismograms40
292013Probing the Structure near the Top of the Earth's Outer Core Using SmKS TraveltimesSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
302013Constraints on Shear Wave Velocity Heterogeneity and Anisotropy in D'from Finite-Frequency Differential Traveltime Residual AnalysisLiao, T; Hung, S; rad, ED; Liu, Q; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
312013Quantification of Uncertainty in Full-Waveform Moment Tensor Inversion for Regional SeismicitySHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
322013Full-Wave Inversion of Shear-Wave Splitting for 3D Azimuthal AnisotropySHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
332013The Anti-correlation between Shear Wave Velocity and Depth of the D'Discontinuity beneath the Caribean and Central AmericaSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
342012Waveform modeling of shear wave splitting from anisotropic models in IcelandFu, Yuanyuan V.; Li, Aibing; Ito, Garrett; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems55
352012Temporal changes of seismic velocity associated with the 2006 Mw 6.1 Taitung earthquake in an arc-continent collision suture zoneYu, Tai Chieh; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geophysical Research Letters1412
362012The southwestern edge of the Ryukyu subduction zone: A high Q mantle wedgeYEN-TING KO ; Kuo, Ban Yuan; Wang, Kuo Lung; Lin, Shu Chuan; SHU-HUEI HUNG Earth and Planetary Science Letters2221
372012Robust determination of earthquake source parameters and mantle attenuationYEN-TING KO ; Kuo, Ban Yuan; SHU-HUEI HUNG Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth4140
382012Shear wave tomography of China using joint inversion of body and surface wave constraintsObrebski, Mathias; Allen, Richard M.; Zhang, Fengxue; Pan, Jiatie; Wu, Qingju; SHU-HUEI HUNG Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth6356
392012Constraints on Crustal Shear Wave Velocity Structure beneath Central Tibet from 3-D Multi-scale Finite-frequency Rayleigh Wave Travel-time TomographyJheng, Y; Hung, S; Zhou, Y; Chang, Y; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
402012Constraining the origin of the Yellowstone-Snake River Plain volcanic province using seismic imagingAllen, RM; Porritt, RW; Pollitz, FF; Hung, S; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
412012Full-Wave Sensitivity of Splitting Measurements to Anisotropic StructuresSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
422012Shallow Crustal Structure in Northern Taiwan from the TAIGER Active-Source ExperimentSHU-HUEI HUNG EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 
432012Seismic Wave Velocity Heterogeneity and Discontinuity Topography of the D" Region beneath the Caribbean and Central AmericaSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
442012Imaging the complex Farallon subduction system with USArray derived joint inversion of body waves and surface wavesSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
452012The source scaling and depth-dependent stress drops for subduction zone eventsSHU-HUEI HUNG EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 
462012A Multi-scale Finite-frequency Approach to the Inversion of Reciprocal Travel Times for 3-D Velocity Structure beneath TaiwanChang, Y; Hung, S; Kuo, B; Kuochen, H; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
472012Joint Tomography of Body Wave and Surface Wave Phase Arrival Times for Lithospheric Structure beneath Central Tibet Using a Fully 3-D Multi-scale Finite-frequency ApproachSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
482012Rheology of the continental lithosphere: Progress and new perspectivesChen, W.-P.; Hung, S.-H.; Tseng, T.-L.; Brudzinski, M.; Yang, Z.; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; TAI-LIN TSENG Gondwana Research4947
492011A data-adaptive, multiscale approach of finite-frequency, traveltime tomography with special reference to P and S wave data from central TibetSHU-HUEI HUNG ; Chen, Wang Ping; LING-YUN CHIAO Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth6558
502011Lithosphere-asthenosphere interaction beneath the western United States from the joint inversion of body-wave traveltimes and surface-wave phase velocitiesObrebski, Mathias; Allen, Richard M.; Pollitz, Fred; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geophysical Journal International164154
512011Characteristics of short period secondary microseisms (SPSM) in Taiwan: The influence of shallow ocean strait on SPSMChen, Ying Nien; YUAN-CHENG GUNG ; You, Shuei Huei; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; LING-YUN CHIAO ; Huang, Tzu Ying; Chen, Yen Ling; Liang, Wen Tzong; SEN JAN Geophysical Research Letters2421
522011Crustal Structure of Northern Taiwan from Inversion of First-Arrival Times of the TAIGER Active-Source ExperimentLin, Y; Zhao, L; Hung, S; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
532011Assessment of tomography models of Taiwan using first-arrival times from the TAIGER active-source experimentLin, Yu-Pin ; Zhao, Li; Hung, Shu-Huei Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America710
542011Distinct Variations in Seismic Velocity Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle across the Ailao Shan-Red River Shear Zone in Northern VietnamSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
552011Lithosphere-asthenosphere structure beneath the United States from joint inversion of body waves, surface waves, and receiver functionsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
562011Waveform modeling of shear wave splitting in IcelandSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
572011Earthquake Focal Mechanisms in Southern TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
582011Multiscale, Finite-Frequency Rayleigh Wave Traveltime Tomography of the Lithospheric Structure beneath South-Central Tibet: A Fully 3-D ApproachSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
592011Wavelet-Based Surface Wave Tomography in Southern TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
602011Seismic tomography of the US and China using joint-inversion of body-and surface-wave constraintsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
612011The source scaling between corner frequency and seismic moment for intermediate-depth subduction zone eventsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
622010Slab-plume interaction beneath the Pacific NorthwestObrebski, Mathias; Allen, Richard M.; Xue, Mei; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geophysical Research Letters163152
632010Comparative appraisal of linear inverse models constructed via distinctive parameterizations (comparing distinctly inverted models)Chang, Yu-Hsuan; Fang, Hui-Yuan; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; YUAN-CHENG GUNG ; LING-YUN CHIAO Journal of Geophysical Research08
642010龙门山地区地壳及上地幔结构的应用多重尺度有限频宽走时层析成像SHU-HUEI HUNG 国际地震动态 
652010Wavelet-Based Measurements of Surface Wave Phase Velocity Beneath Southern TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
662010Multi-scale, finite-frequency travel-time Tomography of the Crust and Upper Mantle Structure in the Longmenshan RegionSHU-HUEI HUNG 國際地震動態 
672010Multi-scale Finite-frequency Traveltime Tomography of the Lithospheric Structure Beneath North VietnamSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
682010Modeling shear wave splitting observations from IcelandSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
692010Temporal variations of Seismic Velocities after the 2006 Mw6. 1 Taitung Earthquake in TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
702010Wavelet-based Measurements of and Source Effects on Surface-wave Phase and Group VelocitiesSHU-HUEI HUNG 
712010Evaluation of Tomographic Inverse Models Resolved from Various Travel-time Theories and ParameterizationsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
722010Observation, Analysis and Application of First-arrival Times from Active-source Experiments in TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
732010New Tomographic Images of the Yellowstone Plume and its Interaction with the Farallon Plate From the Integrated Analysis of Body and Surface WavesSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
742010Synthetic seismograms by normal?mode summation: a new derivation and numerical examplesYang, Hsin-Ying; Zhao, Li; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geophysical Journal International1414
752010A New Cluster Event Method for Accurate Determination of Attenuation and the Scaling Law between Corner Frequency and Seismic MomentKo, Y; Kuo, B; Hung, S; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
762009Reactivation of an Archean Craton: constraints from P- and s-wave tomography in North ChinaZhao, Liang; Allen, Richard M.; Zheng, Tianyu; SHU-HUEI HUNG Geophysical Research Letters114106
772009Tomography of the westernmost Ryukyu subduction zone and the serpentinization of the fore-arc mantleChou, Han Chiang; Kuo, Ban Yuan; LING-YUN CHIAO ; Zhao, Dapeng; SHU-HUEI HUNG Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth4848
782009Crustal Structure of Taiwan Revealed by Seismic Traveltimes from TAIGER Active-Source ExperimentsLin, Y; Zhao, L; Hung, S; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
792009Cenozoic plume-slab interaction beneath the Pacific NorthwestObrebski, MJ; Allen, RM; Hung, S; Pollitz, FF; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
802009Converging Lithosphere beneath Tibet in 3-D: Highlights from Matching Hi-CLIMB Data with New TechniquesChen, W; Nowack, RL; Tseng, T; Hung, S; Huang, B; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
812009Multi-scale, Finite-Frequency Travel-time Tomography of the Crust and Upper Mantle Structure in the Longmen Shan Range and Sichuan Basin, SW ChinaSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
822009Plume Vs. Plate: Convection beneath the Pacific NorthwestSHU-HUEI HUNG Berkeley Seismological Laboratory Annual Report 
832009Serpentinization of the forearc mantle beneath NE Taiwan and the westernmost Ryukyu subduction zoneSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
842009Variations of attenuation along backarc axis of the SW Okinawa trough: effect of the Eurasian plateSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
852009Multi-scale, Finite-frequency Travel-Time Tomography Illuminates 3-D Seismic Velocity Structure beneath Western TibetSHU-HUEI HUNG EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 
862009Evaluation of Model Resolution with Various Forward Theory and Parameterization: A Synthetic StudySHU-HUEI HUNG EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 
872009Structure and process beneath the western US: Integrating disparate geophysical datasetsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
882008Complex geological interactions in the mantle beneath western USAAllen, RM; Xue, M; Hung, S; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
892008Colliding Lithosphere beneath Tibet: A Preliminary Synthesis of Results from Project Hi-CLIMBChen, W; Nowack, RL; Hung, S; Tseng, T; Huang, B; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
902008Evaluation of Regional Seismic Models in Taiwan by the TAIGER Active-Source ExperimentsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
912008Investigating the Nature of Short-Period Ambient Seismic Noise in TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
922008Three-dimensional seismic velocity structure of the crust and upper mantle beneath western Tibet from multiscale, finite-frequency travel-time tomographySHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
932008Using finite-frequency methods to improve regional modelsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
962007Dynamic ray tracing and traveltime corrections for global seismic tomographyTian, Yue; Hung, Shu-Huei ; Nolet, Guust; Montelli, Raffaella; Dahlen, F.A.Journal of Computational Physics4642
972007Mantle lithosphere beneath Tibet: A synthesis with special references to results from project Hi-CLIMBSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
982007Multi-scale Finite-Frequency Travel-time Tomography Applied to Imaging 3-D Velocity Structure of the Upper Mantle Beneath the Southwest United StatesSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
992007Short-Period Normal-mode Synthetics and Fr ${$é$}$ chet kernels for Spherically Symmetric Earth ModelsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1002006The Taiwan-Ryukyu subduction-collision complex: Folding of a viscoelastic slab and the double seismic zoneChou, Han Chiang; Kuo, Ban Yuan; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; LING-YUN CHIAO ; Zhao, Dapeng; YIH-MIN WU Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth3630
1012006Elastic and viscoelastic parameters of the Philippine Sea plate under the Ryukyu trench near TaiwanSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1022006Imaging Upper Mantle Structure Beneath the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalaya by Multiscale Finite-Frequency TomographySHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1032006Geodesy and Gravity/Tectonophysics-B04410-The Taiwan-Ryukyu subduction-collision complex: Folding of a viscoelastic slab and the double seismic zone (DOI 10.1029/2005JB003822)SHU-HUEI HUNG Journal of Geophysical Research-Part B-Solid Earth 
1042006Complete Short-Period Synthetic Seismograms for Spherically Symmetric Earth Models by Normal-Mode SummationYang, H; Zhao, L; Hung, S; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1052006Upper mantle structure beneath the Azores hotspot from finite-frequency seismic tomographyYang, Ting; Shen, Yang ; Lee, Suzan van der; Solomon, Sean C.; Hung, Shu-Huei Earth and Planetary Science Letters109100
1062005Validation of ray and wave theoretical travel times in heterogeneous random mediaHung, Shu-Huei ; Yang, Hsin-YingGeophysical research letters1111
1072005The Taiwan-Ryukyu subduction-collision complex, II: Tomographic imaging of seismic velocity structure beneath the southernmost Ryukyu Arc and its implications for slab buckling, dehydration, and meltingSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1082005Shear velocity structure of the lowermost mantle as revealed by multiscale finite-frequency differential traveltime tomographySHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1092005Imaging three-dimensional anisotropy with broadband seismometer arrays, Seismic Earth: Array Analysis of broadband seismogram, eds.SHU-HUEI HUNG 
1102005Finite frequency tomography of D" shear velocity heterogeneity beneath the CaribbeanHung, Shu-Huei ; Garnero, Edward J.; Chiao, Ling-Yun ; Kuo, Ban-Yuan; Lay, ThorneJournal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth3022
1112004Global P and PP traveltime tomography: Rays versus wavesMontelli, R.; Nolet, G.; Masters, G.; Dahlen, F. A.; Hung, Shu-Huei Geophysical Journal International131110
1122004Imaging seismic velocity structure beneath the Iceland hot spot: A finite frequency approachHung, Shu-Huei ; Shen, Yang ; Chiao, Ling-Yun Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth125112
1142004Structure of the Ryukyu Subduction Zone at its Western end: Slab Buckling, Double Seismic Layer, and the Effect of DehydrationSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1152004Finite Frequency Tomography of D" Shear Velocity Heterogeneity beneath the Caribbean.SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Edward J. Garnero; LING-YUN CHIAO ; Ban-Yuan Kuo; Thorne LayAmerican Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2004 
1162004Ridge-like upwelling in the uppermost lower mantle beneath eastern Africa from finite-frequency seismic tomographySHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1172004Finite-Frequency Tomography Reveals a Variety of Plumes in the MantleMontelli, Raffaella; Nolet, Guust; Dahlen, F. A.; Masters, Guy; Robert Engdahl, E.; SHU-HUEI HUNG Science943829
1182003Traveltimes of waves in three-dimensional random mediaBaig, A. M.; Dahlen, F. A.; Hung, Shu-Huei Geophysical Journal International5352
1192003Finite frequency global P wave tomographySHU-HUEI HUNG EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly 
1222003Finite frequency tomography shows a variety of plumesSHU-HUEI HUNG EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly 
1232003Thick Upper Mantle Transition Zone beneath Taiwan and the Surrounding RegionSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1242003Joint inversion of short-and long-period P traveltimes reveals a variety of plumes in the mantle.SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1252003Imaging the Iceland mantle plume by finite-frequency traveltime tomographySHU-HUEI HUNG EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly 
1262002Finite-Frequency Seismic Traveltime Tomography of the Iceland Mantle PlumeSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1272002Global Tomography With Long Period P Waves In Resolution-matched GridsSHU-HUEI HUNG EGS General Assembly Conference Abstracts 
1292002Global P wave tomography: Rays and wavesSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1312001Wavefront healing: A banana-doughnut perspectiveHung, Shu-Huei ; Dahlen, F.A.; Nolet, G.Geophysical Journal International111113
13220013D Born Traveltime Kernels Versus Ray Theory in Random MediaBaig, AM; Dahlen, FA; Hung, S; SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Spring Meeting Abstracts 
1332001Validation of Born Traveltime KernelsSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1342001Diffraction Tomography of Shear Velocity Heterogeneity in the Lowermost MantleSHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1352001Global Time Tomography of Finite Frequency Waves with Optimized Tetrahedral Grids.SHU-HUEI HUNG AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 
1362000Can a narrow, melt-rich, low-velocity zone of mantle upwelling be hidden beneath the East Pacific Rise? Limits from waveform modeling and the MELT ExperimentSHU-HUEI HUNG ; Forsyth, Donald W.; Toomey, Douglas R.Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth2320
1372000Anomalous seafloor spreading of the Southeast Indian Ridge near the Amsterdam-St. Paul PlateauScheirer, Daniel S.; Forsyth, Donald W.; Conder, James A.; Eberle, Michael A.; SHU-HUEI HUNG ; Johnson, Kevin T.M.; Graham, D.W.Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth3736
1382000Fréchet kernels for finite-frequency traveltimes-II. ExamplesHung, Shu-Huei ; Dahlen, F. A.; Nolet, GuustGeophysical Journal International240216
1392000Fréchet kernels for finite-frequency traveltimes-I. TheoryDahlen, F. A.; Hung, Shu-Huei ; Nolet, GuustGeophysical Journal International627529
1402000Incremento de la expresión del receptor de las células VB2 en el" homing" cutáneo de los linfocitos en la psoriasis.SHU-HUEI HUNG Actualidad dermatológica: revista cient́ıfica de dermatoloǵıa médico-quirúrgica 
1412000El tratamiento con nalmefene oral reduce el rascado debido al prurito de las colestasis: estudio controlado.SHU-HUEI HUNG Actualidad dermatológica: revista cient́ıfica de dermatoloǵıa médico-quirúrgica 
1421999Anisotropy in the oceanic lithosphere from the study of local intraplate earthquakes on the west flank of the southern East Pacific Rise: Shear wave splitting and waveform modelingSHU-HUEI HUNG ; Forsyth, Donald W.Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth1211
1431998Modelling anisotropic wave propagation in oceanic inhomogeneous structures using the parallel multidomain pseudo-spectral methodSHU-HUEI HUNG ; Forsyth, Donald W.Geophysical Journal International4237
1441998Seismic wave propagation in the MELT Experiment area: Probing the nature of intraplate earthquakes, lithospheric anisotropy and mantle upwelling in the vicinity of the southern East Pacific RiseSHU-HUEI HUNG 
1451996Non-double-couple focal mechanisms in an oceanic, intraplate earthquake swarm: Application of an improved method for comparative event, moment tensor determinationSHU-HUEI HUNG ; Forsyth, Donald W.Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth87
1461995[Comment on “More evidence indicates link between El Niños and Seismicity”] Link Between El Niños and seismicity is still missingForsyth, Donald W.; Scheirer, Daniel S.; Hung, Shu‐Huei ; SHU-HUEI HUNG Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union00
1471995A 3‐D dynamic model for the anomalous topography and geoid over the south‐east Indian RidgeKuo, Ban‐Yuan; Hung, Shu‐Huei ; LING-YUN CHIAO Geophysical Journal International66
148-Lateral Variations in the Thickness of Upper Mantle Transition Zone beneath Taiwan李享勳; 洪淑蕙