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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12011Founding scale and survival: Double-edged effects of corporate sponsorshipChung, H.-J.; Lo, H.; Chen, C.-C.; CHUN-CHUNG CHEN Service Industries Journal22
22009Geographic market entry of Taiwan securities firmsChung, H.-J.; Chen, C.-C.; Lo, H.; CHUN-CHUNG CHEN Service Industries Journal00
42007Strategic Capabilities, Innovation Intensity, and Performance of Service FirmsChen, Lu-Jui; Chen, Chun-Chung ; Lee, Wen-RueyJournal of Service Science and Management 00
52007First geographic expansion of startup firms: Initial size and entry timing effectsChung, H.-J.; Chen, C.-C.; Hsieh, T.-J.; CHUN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Business Research1919
62006策略群組結構的演化鍾憲瑞; 陳俊忠 中山管理評論 
72006大者恆大嗎?規模與擴張傾向間關係的檢視鍾憲瑞; 陳俊忠 管理學報 
82006Relationship Exploring and Competence Building in Emerging Market: Antecedents and Role of Subsidiary InitiativesChen, Lu-Jui; Liu, Heng-Yih; Chen, Chun-Chung 2006 Academy of International Business 
92006Late but Aggressive:Strategic Expansion of Late EntrantsChen,Chun-Chung ; Chung, Hsien-Jui2006 Academy of Management 
102006Internationalization of MNE Value ActivitiesChen,Chun-Chung 2003 International Conference in Management Sciences 
112001企業國際化發展與績效關係之研究陳俊忠 ; 丁錦鳳多國籍企業研究學報 
122000International acquisitions: Do financial analysts take note?Loree, D.; Chen, C.-C.; Guisinger, S.; CHUN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of World Business77