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12018Let's play cards: Multi-component cognitive training with social engagement enhances executive control in older adultsKuo, Chun Yu; Huang, Yang Ming; YEI-YU YEH journal article23
22018Functional interplay of top-down attention with affective codes during visual short-term memory maintenanceBO-CHENG KUO ; Lin, Szu Hung; YEI-YU YEH journal article11
32018In your shoes or mine? Shifting from other to self perspective is vital for emotional empathyChiu, Chui De; YEI-YU YEH journal article55
42017Top-down modulation of alpha power and pattern similarity for threatening representations in visual short-term memoryBO-CHENG KUO ; Li, Chun Hui; Lin, Szu Hung; Hu, Sheng Hung; YEI-YU YEH journal article44
52017Dissociative disorders in acute psychiatric inpatients in TaiwanChiu, Chui De; Meg Tseng, Mei Chih; YI-LING CHIEN ; SHIH-CHENG LIAO ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; YEI-YU YEH ; HAI-GWO HWU ; Ross, Colin A.journal article67
62017Improvement in the physical and psychological well-being of persons with spinal cord injuries by means of powered wheelchairs driven by dual power wheels and mobile technologiesYEE-PIEN YANG ; LI-JEN WENG ; YEI-YU YEH ; HUI-FEN MAO ; RAY-I CHANG conference paper00
72016Switch function and pathological dissociation in acute psychiatric inpatientsChiu, Chui De; MEI-CHIH MEG TSENG ; YI-LING CHIEN ; SHIH-CHENG LIAO ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; YEI-YU YEH ; HAI-GWO HWU journal article87
82016Misattributing the source of self-generated representations related to dissociative and psychotic symptomsChiu, Chui De; MEI-CHIH MEG TSENG ; YI-LING CHIEN ; SHIH-CHENG LIAO ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; YEI-YU YEH ; HAI-GWO HWU journal article1111
92016Sensorimotor-conceptual integration in free walking enhances divergent thinking for young and older adultsYEI-YU YEH journal article96
102015Cumulative traumatization associated with pathological dissociation in acute psychiatric inpatientsChiu, Chui De; MEI-CHIH MEG TSENG ; YI-LING CHIEN ; SHIH-CHENG LIAO ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; YEI-YU YEH ; HAI-GWO HWU journal article1212
112015Reset a task set after five minutes of mindfulness practiceYEI-YU YEH journal article33
122014Attentional load and the consciousness of one's own nameYEI-YU YEH journal article33
132014Selection history modulates the effects of dual mechanisms on flanker interferenceYEI-YU YEH journal article77
142014Domain-specific control of selective attentionYEI-YU YEH journal article66
152013Two mechanisms of distractor dilution: Visual selection in a continuous flowYEI-YU YEH journal article88
162013Perceived Object Continuity and Spontaneous Retrieval of Features from an Inhibited ObjectYEI-YU YEH journal article11
172013Strategic control modulates working memory-driven attentional captureYEI-YU YEH journal article55
182012Prepared or not prepared: Top-down modulation on memory of features and feature bindingsYEI-YU YEH journal article33
192012Forgetting the unforgotten affective autobiographical memories in nonclinical dissociatorsHAI-GWO HWU ; Chiu, Chui-De; Lin, Chi-Chin; YEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Hwu, Hai-Gwo journal article1111
202012Feature saliency affects delayed matching of an attended featureYEI-YU YEH journal article11
212012Recovered memory experience in a nonclinical sample is associated with dissociation rather than with aversive experiencesChiu, Chui-De; HAI-GWO HWU ; YEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Ross, Colin A.; Lin, Sheng-Feng; Huang, Wan-Ting; Hwu, Hai-Gwo journal article55
222011Relative salience affects the process of detecting changes in orientation and luminanceYang, Cheng-Ta; YUNG-FONG HSU ; YEI-YU YEH ; Hsu, Yung-Fong ; Huang, Hsin-Yi; Yeh, Yei-Yu journal article1112
232011Functional connectivity during top-down modulation of visual short-term memory representationsKuo, Bo-Cheng ; BO-CHENG KUO ; YEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Chen, Anthony J.-W.; D'Esposito, Markjournal article3733
242011Attentional modulation of perceptual comparison for feature bindingKuo, Bo-Cheng ; BO-CHENG KUO ; YEI-YU YEH ; Rotshtein, Pia; Yeh, Yei-Yu journal article44
252011Why does a red snake in the grass capture your attention?Huang, Yang-Ming; YEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Chang, M-Cjournal article44
262010Unintentional memory inhibition is weakened in non-clinical dissociatorsYEI-YU YEH ; Chiu, Chui-De; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Huang, Chin-Lan; Wu, Yin-Chang; Chiu, Yi-Chieh; Lin, Chi-Chin; Chan, Kok-Khengjournal article1716
272009Similarity modulates the face-capturing effect in change detectionYEI-YU YEH ; Yang, Cheng-Ta; Shih, Chia-Hao; Cheng, Mindos; Yeh, Yei-Yu journal article34
282009Memory error in recognizing a pre-change objectYang, Cheng-Ta; YEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu journal article34
292009Is a pre-change object representation weakened under correct detection of a change?YEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Yang, Cheng-Tajournal article57
302008The capacity constraint in the prefrontal and parietal regions for coordinating dual arithmetic tasksKuo, B.-C.; JYH-HORNG CHEN ; Yeh, Y.-Y.; BO-CHENG KUO ; KENG-CHEN LIANG ; Chen, D.-Y.; Liang, K.-C.; YEI-YU YEH ; Chen, J.-Y.journal article87
312008Cortical control of gait in healthy humans: An fMRI studyBO-CHENG KUO ; Wang, ChiHong; Wai, YauYau; YEI-YU YEH ; Kuo, BoCheng ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Wang, JiunJiejournal article5047
322008Object memory and change detection: Dissociation as a function of visual and conceptual similarityYEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Yang, Cheng-Tajournal article89
332008Attentional demand and memory retrieval in negative primingChao, Hsuan-Fu; YEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu journal article99
342008Inhibition of Return and Attentional Disengagement: The Importance of a Fixation Cue趙軒甫; 葉怡玉 00
352007改變偵測與物體記憶 (新制多年期第1年)葉怡玉 report
362007從知覺到反應:抑制的行為與神經機制研究(2/2)葉怡玉 report
372007The neural correlates of attention orienting in visuospatial working memory for detecting feature and conjunction changesBO-CHENG KUO ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; YEI-YU YEH ; Kuo, Bo-Cheng ; Liu, Ho-Lingjournal article2827
382006以提取引發遺忘效果檢驗華人七大基本性格之心理實質性黃金蘭; 林以正; 葉怡玉 
392006華人七大基本性格是否具有心理實質性?“提取引發遺忘效果”之檢驗YEI-YU YEH journal article
402006Memory errors on emotional lures: Is it possible to mistake a positive stimulus for a negative one?Huang, Yang-Ming; Yeh, Yei-Yu journal article22
412006Inhibition of return lasts longer at repeatedly stimulated locations than at novel locationsChao, Hsuan-Fu; Yeh, Yei-Yu journal article55
422005執行功能的運作與其神經機制葉怡玉 report
432005Location negative priming in identity discrimination relies on location repetitionCHAO, HSUAN-FU; YEH, YEI-YU journal article1314
442005Binding or prioritization: The role of selective attention in visual short-term memoryYEI-YU YEH ; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Yang, Cheng-Ta; Chiu, Yu-Chinjournal article2826
452004情境相似性對負向促發的影響楊婷媖; 葉怡玉 ; 趙軒甫
462004知覺脈絡對負向促發效果的影響(2/2)葉怡玉 report
472004The Effect of Contextual Similarity on Negative Priming楊婷?; 葉怡玉 ; 趙軒甫; 楊婷?; 葉怡玉 ; 趙軒甫
482004Probe distractors can influence negative priming by perceptual groupingYEH, YEI-YU ; CHAO, HSUAN-FUjournal article44
492004Distractors of low activation can produce negative primingCHAO, HSUAN-FU; YEH, YEI-YU journal article77
502003知覺脈絡對負向促發效果的影響(1/2)葉怡玉 report
512003干擾訊息的干擾與被抑制趙軒甫; 葉怡玉 ; 楊婷?; 趙軒甫; 葉怡玉 ; 楊婷?
522002從「記得」與「知道」看再認記憶葉怡玉 report
532001新連結的記憶(I)葉怡玉 report
542000組織信任葉怡玉 report
552000飛航安全:知覺與注意力研究的應用葉怡玉 journal article
562000飛航安全:座艙自動化的人因議題葉怡玉 journal article
571999組織信任的初探:認知取向(I)葉怡玉 report
581998低階因素對視覺搜尋的影響(I)葉怡玉 report
591996視覺消息處理中多重管道之互動與整合─動態與形狀消息處理的互動葉怡玉 report
601994Adaptation Aftereffects Following Viewing Rotating Random-Dot Stereoscopic Spheres.Cobo-Lewis, A. B.; 葉怡玉 ; Cobo-Lewis, A. B.; Yeh, Yei-Yu 
611994Distractor Effects in Feature SearchYeh, Yei-Yu 
621994Spatial Judgments with Monoscopic and Stereoscopic Presentation of Perspective Formats葉怡玉 ; Silverstein, L.; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Silverstein, L.
631993Selectivity of Cyclopean Masking for the Spatial Frequency of Binocular Disparity ModulationCbob-Lewis, A.; 葉怡玉 ; Cbob-Lewis, A.; Yeh, Yei-Yu 
641993Visual and Perceptual Issues in the Use of Stereoscopic Color DisplaysYeh, Yei-Yu 
651992Visibility of Active-Matrix LCDs under Simulated Cockpit Lighting ConditionsKrantz, J. K.; Silverstein, L. D.; 葉怡玉 ; Silverstein, L. D.; Yeh, Yei-Yu 
661992Visibility of Transmissive Liquid Crystal Displays under Dynamic Lighting ConditionsKrantz, J. H.; Silverstein, L. D.; 葉怡玉 ; Krantz, J. H.; Silverstein, L. D.; Yeh, Yei-Yu 
671992Segregation by Stereopsis and Color in 3-D Visual SpaceChau, A. W.; 葉怡玉 ; Yeh, Yei-Yu 
681991Selective Attention by Movement葉怡玉 ; Hart, R.; Kramer, A. F.; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Kramer, A. F.
691991Movement and Focused Attention:A Failure to ReplicateKramer, A.; Tham, M. P.; Yeh, Yei-Yu journal article22
701991Human Factors for Stereoscopic Color Displays葉怡玉 ; Silverstein, L.; Yeh, Yei-Yu ; Silverstein, L.