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12023Gestalt neurons and emergent properties in visual perception: A novel concept for the transformation from local to global processingSpillmann, Lothar; Hsu, Li Chuan; Wang, Wei; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; CHUN-I YEH ; Tseng, Chia HueiJournal of vision00
22023Coarse-to-fine interaction on perceived depth in compound gratingChen, Pei Yin; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Nishida, Shin'yaJournal of vision00
32023Suprathreshold length summationCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Chien, Chia Hua; Tyler, Christopher W.Journal of Vision00
42021Collinear search impairment is luminance contrast invariantTseng C.-H; Chow H.M; Liang J; Shioiri S; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Scientific Reports11
52021A gain-control disparity energy model for perceived depth from disparityChen P.-Y; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Tyler C.W.Vision Research65
62020Symmetry modulates the amplitude spectrum slope effect on visual preferenceWu, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Symmetry11
72020Seeing Global Motion in a Random Dot Image SequenceCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Ashida, H.; Yang, X.i-Perception23
82020運用影像頻率域特徵建構景觀偏好預測模型之研究何立智(Li-Chih Ho); 陳建中(Chien-Chung Chen) ; 張俊彥(Chun-Yen Chang)戶外遊憩研究0
92020人臉美感知覺:影像統計數和對稱感的影響黃碧群(Pi-Chun Huang); 陳建中(Chien-Chung Chen) 中華心理學刊0
102020Lateral modulation of orientation perception in center-surround sinusoidal stimuli: Divisive inhibition in perceptual filling-inLin Y.S; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Greenlee M.W.Journal of Vision21
112019White matter microstructural alterations in amblyopic adults revealed by diffusion spectrum imaging with systematic tract-based automatic analysisTsai, T.-H. ; Su, H.-T.; Hsu, Y.-C.; Shih, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; FUNG-RONG HU ; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN British Journal of Ophthalmology98
122019Length summation in noiseCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Yeh, Y.-H.C.Journal of vision20
132019Legibility Assessment of Visual Word Form Symbols for Visual TestsLI-TING TSAI ; Jang, Y.; Liao, K.-M.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Scientific Reports10
142018Spatial configuration processing in visual word form perception and reading abilities in ChineseKao, C.-H.; Wang, H.-L.S.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Dyslexia01
152018Basic color categories and Mandarin Chinese color termsSun, V.C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN PLoS ONE86
162018The Effect of Size Statistics of the Background Texture on Perceived Target SizeWu, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Scientific Reports10
172017Proactive control: Neural oscillatory correlates of conflict anticipation and response slowingChang, A.; Ide, J.S.; Li, H.-H.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Li, C.-S.R.eNeuro1919
182017The integration of color-selective mechanisms in symmetry detectionWu, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Scientific Reports75
192017The collection of historical instruments at National Taiwan UniversitySpillmann, Lothar; Yeh, Su-Ling; Chen, Chien-Chung; KENG-CHEN LIANG ; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; SU-LING YEH History of Psychology00
202017Contrast gain control determines global form percept in tripole Glass patternsLin, Y.-S.; Cho, P.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision33
212017The Historical Psychological Instruments at National Taiwan UniversityLothar Spillmann; 林東漢(Tung-Han Lin); 櫻井正二郎(Shojiro Sakurai); 陳建中(Chien-Chung Chen) 中華心理學刊0
222016Contrast gain control in plaid pattern detectionHuang, P.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN PLoS ONE00
232016Early life stress dampens stress responsiveness in adolescence: Evaluation of neuroendocrine reactivity and coping behaviorHsiao, Young-Ming; Tsai, Tsung-Chih; Lin, Yu-Ting; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Huang, Chiung-Chun; Hsu, Kuei-SenPsychoneuroendocrinology3330
242016Chronic Social Stress Affects Synaptic Maturation of Newly Generated Neurons in the Adult Mouse Dentate GyrusCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Huang, Chiung-Chun; Hsu, Kuei-SenInternational Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology2516
252016Integration or separation in the processing of facial properties - A computational viewDahl, C.D.; Rasch, M.J.; B?lthoff, I.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Scientific Reports1310
262016The perceived depth from disparity as function of luminance contrastChen, P.-Y.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision711
272015Perigenual anterior cingulate event-related potential precedes stop signal errorsChang, A.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Li, H.-H.NeuroImage99
282015Shading beats binocular disparity in depth from luminance gradients: Evidence against a maximum likelihood principle for cue combinationCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN PLoS ONE137
2920153D surface configuration modulates 2D symmetry detectionCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Vision Research1010
302015Relaxation and executive control processes in listeners: An exploratory study of music-induced transient suppression of skin conductance responsesCHEN-GIA TSAI ; Yang, C.-M.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Chen, I.-P.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Empirical Studies of the Arts10
312015Neuromagnetic brain activities associated with perceptual categorization and sound-content incongruency: A comparison between monosyllabic words and pitch namesCHEN-GIA TSAI ; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Wen, Y.-C.; TAI-LI CHOU Frontiers in Human Neuroscience21
322014Event-related potentials for post-error and post-conflict slowingChang, A.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Li, H.-H.PLoS ONE3832
332014Partitioning two components of BOLD activation suppression in flanker effectsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Frontiers in Neuroscience923
342014The other-race and other-species effects in face perception - A subordinate-level analysisDahl, C.D.; Rasch, M.J.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Frontiers in Psychology910
352014Own-race and own-species advantages in face perception: A computational viewDahl, C.D.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Scientific Reports1313
362014A comparison of pedestal effects in first- and second-order patternsHuang, P.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision22
372014The symmetry detection mechanisms are color selectiveWu, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Scientific Reports1213
382014Distinct mechanisms subserve location- and object-based visual attentionChou, W.-L.; Yeh, S.-L.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; SU-LING YEH Frontiers in Psychology87
392014Autistic children do not exhibit an own-race advantage as compared to typically developing childrenChien, S.H.-L.; Wang, L.-H.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Chen, T.-Y.Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders1313
402013Depth Structure from Asymmetric Shading Supports Face DiscriminationCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Chen, C.-M.PLoS ONE44
412012Seeing visual word forms: Spatial summation, eccentricity and spatial configurationKao, C.-H.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Vision Research65
422012Collinear facilitation over space and depthHuang, P.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision104
432011Impact of visual repetition rate on intrinsic properties of low frequency fluctuations in the visual networkLi, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; Chen, J.-H.; JYH-HORNG CHEN ; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN PLoS ONE931
442011Reduction of image complexity explains aesthetic preference for symmetryCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Wu, J.-H.Symmetry1714
452011Text detection: Effect of size and eccentricityKao, C.-H.; Chen, C.-C.; Rogowitz, Bernice E.; Pappas, Thrasyvoulos N.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering00
462011Surround modulation of global form perception.Li, H.H.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of vision38
472011BrainKnowledge: A human brain function mapping knowledge-base systemHsiao, M.-Y.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; JYH-HORNG CHEN Neuroinformatics22
482010The inversion effect in visual word form processingKao, C.-H.; Chen, D.-Y.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Cortex3837
492010The munker-white effect and chromatic induction share similar nonlinear response propertiesLin, Y.-J.; Chen, C.-C.; Chien, S.H.-L.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Lin, Yong-Jun ; Chen, Chien-Chung Seeing and Perceiving22
502010The contribution of the upper and lower face in happy and sad facial expression classificationChen, M.-Y.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Vision Research1922
512010Symmetry: Modeling the effects of masking noise, axial cueing and salienceCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN PLoS ONE1411
522010Distinguishing lateral interaction from uncertainty reduction in collinear flanker effect on contrast discriminationWu, C.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision1513
532010Acute Stress Impairs Hippocampal Mossy Fiber-CA3 Long-Term Potentiation by Enhancing cAMP-Specific Phosphodiesterase 4 ActivityCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Yang, Chih-Hao; Huang, Chiung-Chun; Hsu, Kuei-SenNeuropsychopharmacology4339
542010Neural mechanisms involved in the oral representation of percussion music: An fMRI studyCHEN-GIA TSAI ; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; TAI-LI CHOU ; JYH-HORNG CHEN Brain and Cognition98
552009A masking analysis of Glass pattern perceptionChen, C. C.; ChenCC Journal of Vision1011
562009A masking analysis of glass pattern perceptionCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision1222
572009Using UMLS to construct a generalized hierarchical concept-based dictionary of brain functions for information extraction from the fMRI literatureHsiao, M.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; JYH-HORNG CHEN Journal of Biomedical Informatics86
582009Constructing a metrics for blur perception with blur discrimination experimentsChen, C.-C.; Chen, K.-P.; Tseng, C.-H.; Kuo, S.-T.; Wu, K.-N.; Farn; , Susan P.; Gaykema, Frans; Chen, Kuei-Po; Tseng, Chia-Huei; Kuo, Sheng-Tzung; Chen, Chien-Chung ; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering70
592009A facial expression image database and norm for Asian population: A preliminary reportCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Cho, S.-L.; Horszowska, K.; Chen, M.-Y.; Wu, C.-C.; Chen, H.-C.; Yeh, Y.-Y.Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering30
602008Excitatory and inhibitory interaction fields of flankers revealed by contrast-masking functionsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Tyler, C.W.Journal of Vision5238
612008Genome-Wide Scan for Quantitative Ace Activity in Taiwan Young-Onset Hypertension StudyWANG, RUEY-YUN; CHEN, CHIEN-CHUNG et al. Human Heredity88
622008Pattern-masking investigations of the 2nd-order visual mechanismsHuang, Pi-Chun; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering10
632008Spectral analysis of fMRI signal and noiseCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Novel Trends in Brain Science110
642007知覺群聚的神經生理基礎 : 整合神經造影與行為資料(3/3)陳建中 
652007空間型構在知覺群聚效應中的角色 (新制多年期第1年)陳建中 
662007Face configuration processing in the human brain: The role of symmetryCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Kao, K.-L.C.; Tyler, C.W.Cerebral Cortex8489
672007Intraocular Pressure and Foveal Thickness After PhacoemulsificationLee, Yuan-Chieh; Chung, Fang-Ling; Chen, Chien-Chung American Journal of Ophthalmology88
682006Analysis of the Gate–Source/Drain Capacitance Behavior of a Narrow-Channel FD SOI NMOS Device Considering the 3-D Fringing Capacitances Using 3-D SimulationChen, Chien-Chung ; Kuo, James B. ; Su, Ke-Wei; Liu, SallyIEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 
692006Dissociated roles of the middle frontal gyri in the processing of Chinese charactersLiu, C.-L.; Hue, C.-W.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Chuang, K.-H.; KENG-CHEN LIANG ; Wang, Y.-H.; Wu, C.-W.; JYH-HORNG CHEN NeuroReport3838
702006Spatial summation of face informationTyler, Christopher W.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision2623
712006Evidence for elongated receptive field structure for mechanisms subserving stereopsisCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Tyler, Christopher W.Vision Research86
722006Local luminance effect on spatial summation in the foveal vision and its implication on image artifact classificationCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Lin, San-Yuan; Han, Hui-Ya G.; Kuo, Sheng-Tzung; Huang, Kuo-ChungProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering20
732005Lateral modulation of BOLD activation in unstimulated regions of the human visual cortexChen, Chien-Chung ; Liu, Chia-Li; Tyler, Christopher W.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN NeuroImage2323
742005Extended Concepts of Occipital RetinotopyTyler, Christopher W.; Likova, Lora T.; Chen, Chien-Chung ; Kontsevich, Leonid L.; Schira, Mark M.; Wade, Alex R.Current Medical Imaging Reviews046
752005知覺群聚的神經生理基礎 : 整合神經造影與行為資料(1/3)陳建中 
762005準分子雷射近視手術術後光學區大小的影響因子與變化情形: 兩種準分子雷射機之比較陳建仲; Chen, Chien-Chung 
782004Pattern detection: interactions between oriented and concentric patternsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Foley, John M.Vision Research2321
792003Statistical properties of BOLD magnetic resonance activity in the human brainCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Tyler, C.W.; Baseler, H.A.NeuroImage1513
802003Mapping psychophysical non-classical receptive field with dual masking experimentsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision00
822002Extending the Modelfest image/threshold database into the spatio-temporal domainCarney, T.; Klein, S.A.; Beutter, B.; Norcia, A.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Tyler, C.W.; Makous, W.; Watson, A.; Cropper, S.J.; Popple, A.V.; Robertson, K.; Manahilov, V.; Simpson, B.Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering50
832002The unique criterion constraint: A false alarm? (multiple letters)CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Nature Neuroscience12
842002Lateral modulation of contrast discrimination: Flanker orientation effectsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision6553
852002Lateral modulation of contrast discrimination: Flanker orientation and location effectsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision10
862002Lateral masking with chromoluminance patternsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision10
872002Separating the effects of response nonlinearity and internal noise psychophysicallyKontsevich, L.L.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Vision Research7069
882002The unique criterion constraint: A false alarm? (multiple letters)Kontsevich, L.L.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Verghese, P.; Tyler, C.W.Nature Neuroscience12
892002W4M - A tool to simplify psychophysical researchCarney, T.; Hill, T.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Journal of Vision00
902001Contrast response characteristics of longrange lateral interactions in cat striate cortexCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Kasamatsu, T.; Polat, U.NeuroReport8080
912001Lateral sensitivity modulation explains the flanker effect in contrast discriminationCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences8282
922000Signal detection theory in the 2AFC paradigm: Attention, channel uncertainty and probability summationTyler, C.W.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Vision Research133128
932000Detection of chromoluminance patterns on chromoluminance pedestals. I: Threshold measurementsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Foley, J.M.Vision Research5452
942000Detection of chromoluminance patterns on chromoluminance pedestals. II: ModelCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Foley, J.M.Vision Research4340
952000Spatial long-range modulation of contrast discriminationCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering4
962000Modelfest: Principal component analysis reveals underlying channel structureCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering5
972000Modelfest: Year one results and plans for future yearsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering42
981999Pattern detection in the presence of maskers that differ in spatial phase and temporal offset: Threshold measurements and a modelFoley, J.M.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Vision Research6658
991999Spatial pattern summation is phase-insensitive in the fovea but not in the peripheryCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Spatial Vision3331
1001999Development of an image/threshold database for designing and testing human vision modelsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering37
1011999Divisive inhibition model for chromoluminance pattern equidiscrimination contoursCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering1
1021999Accurate approximation to the extreme order statistics of Gaussian samplesCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Tyler, C.W.Communications in Statistics Part B24
1031998The study of direct virtual path layout in IP switch networksWu, Jean-Lien C.; Chen, Chien-Chung ; Chen, Jen-Kai1998 Global Telecommunications Conference00
1041997A three-mechanism model of chromo-luminance pattern maskingCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Foley, J.M.; Brainard, D.H.Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science0
1051997Analysis of the Effect of Pattern Adaptation on Pattern Pedestal Effects: A Two-process ModelFoley, John M.; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN Vision Research750
1061996A masking analysis of the chromatic properties of pattern detection mechanismsCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Foley, J.M.; Brainard, D.H.Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science2
1071995A Scoring System for Evaluaiton of the Extent of Extracranial Carotid Atherosclerosis with B-Mode ImagingChen, Chien-Chung ; Chung, Ming-Yao; Jeng, Jiann-Shing; Yip, Ping-Keung; Hwang, Bao-Show; Chang, Yang-Chyuan; Chen, Rong-ChiActa Neurologica Sinica 
1081995Intravenous Metronidazole-Induced Neuropathy with Autonomic Dysfunction-Report pf A CaseChen, Chien-Chung ; Kuo, Win-Jie; Yang, Jyh-Chou; Chang, Yang-ChyuanActa Neurologica Sinica