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12023Where Are Landscape Designers' Spatial Abilities in the Brain? An fMRI StudyHung, Shih Han; Huang, Chia Yi; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; Tang, Shih An; Tsai, Yu Ping; CHUN-YEN CHANG Journal of People, Plants, and Environment0
22023The cross-race effect in automatic facial expression recognition violates measurement invarianceLi, Yen Ting; SU-LING YEH ; TSUNG-REN HUANG Frontiers in Psychology00
32023Spatially Small-scale Approach-avoidance Behaviors Allow Learning-free Machine Inference of Object Preferences in Human MindsTSUNG-REN HUANG ; Chen, Tzu Chun; Lin, Ting Yu; JOSHUA GOH ; YU-LING CHANG ; SU-LING YEH ; LI-CHEN FU International Journal of Social Robotics00
42023Unavoidable Social Contagion of False Memory From Robots to HumansTSUNG-REN HUANG ; Cheng, Yu Lan; Rajaram, SuparnaAmerican Psychologist
52023Equal opportunities for learning and remembering attitudinally opposing information on the internetTSUNG-REN HUANG ; Hsieh, Yao MingCurrent Psychology00
62023Sequential Processing Facilitates Hebb Repetition Learning in Visuospatial DomainsUeda, Yoshiyuki; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; Shen, Zixin; Sakata, Chifumi; SU-LING YEH ; Saito, SatoruJournal of Experimental Psychology: General00
72023The Effect of Face-to-Face Interaction on Older Adults’ Attitudes Toward Robots in Human-Computer InteractionYang, Chien Chun; SU-LING YEH ; Chien, Sung En; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; YU-LING CHANG ; JOSHUA GOH ; Chen, Yi Chuan; LI-CHEN FU Communications in Computer and Information Science00
82022Person-identifying brainprints are stably embedded in EEG mindprintsYang, Yao-Yuan; Hwang, Angel Hsing-Chi; Wu, Chien-Te; TSUNG-REN HUANG Scientific reports32
92022Identifying Mild Cognitive Impairment by Using Human-Robot InteractionsYU-LING CHANG ; Luo D.-H.; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; JOSHUA GOH ; SU-LING YEH ; LI-CHEN FU Journal of Alzheimer's Disease32
102021Social robots for evaluating attention state in older adultsChen, Yi Chen; SU-LING YEH ; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; YU-LING CHANG ; JOSHUA GOH ; LI-CHEN FU Sensors33
112021What part of the brain is involved in graphic design thinking in landscape architecture?Tsai Y.-P; Hung S.-H; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; Sullivan W.C; Tang S.-A; Chang C.-Y.; CHUN-YEN CHANG PLoS ONE65
122021Data Augmentation via Face Morphing for Recognizing Intensities of Facial EmotionsHuang T; Hsu S; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; LI-CHEN FU IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing00
132021Personal resilience can be well estimated from heart rate variability and paralinguistic features during human–robot conversationsHsu S.-M; Chen S.-H; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; TSUNG-REN HUANG Sensors53
142021Improving the quality of case-based research in the philosophy of contemporary sciencesYan K; Tsai M.-L; TSUNG-REN HUANG Synthese01
152021Asynchronously Embedding Psychological Test Questions into Human-Robot Conversations for User ProfilingHuang, T.-R.; Liu, Y.-W.; Hsu, S.-M.; JOSHUA GOH ; Chang, Y.-L.; Yeh, S.-L.; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; LI-CHEN FU ; SU-LING YEH ; YU-LING CHANG International Journal of Social Robotics34
162020大數據與人工智慧方法在行為與社會科學的應用趨勢黃從仁(Tsung-Ren Huang); TSUNG-REN HUANG 調查研究-方法與應用
172020Lithium for schizophrenia: supporting evidence from a 12-year, nationwide health insurance database and from Akt1-deficient mouse and cellular modelsLuo, D.-Z.; Chang, C.-Y.; Huang, T.-R.; Studer, V.; Wang, T.-W.; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; WEN-SUNG LAI Scientific Reports108
182020Using Machine Theory of Mind to Learn Agent Social Network Structures from Observed Interactive Behaviors with TargetsChuang, Y.-S.; Hung, H.-Y.; Gamborino, E.; JOSHUA GOH ; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; YU-LING CHANG ; SU-LING YEH ; LI-CHEN FU 29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, RO-MAN 202010
192019Perceiving self, others, and events through a religious lens: Mahayana Buddhists vs. ChristiansHuang, T.-R.; Wang, Y.-H.; TSUNG-REN HUANG Frontiers in Psychology32
202019Christians and buddhists are comparably happy on twitter: A large-scale linguistic analysis of religious differences in social, cognitive, and emotional tendenciesChen, C.-Y.; Huang, T.-R.; TSUNG-REN HUANG Frontiers in Psychology96
212019Understanding Potentially Biased Artificial Agents Powered by Supervised Learning: Perspectives from Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience黃從仁(Tsung-Ren Huang); TSUNG-REN HUANG 中華心理學刊0
222017Multistability of the Brain Network for Self-other ProcessingChen, Y.-A.; Huang, T.-R.; TSUNG-REN HUANG Scientific Reports87
232016Developing the own-race advantage in 4-, 6-, and 9-month-old Taiwanese infants: A perceptual learning perspectiveTSUNG-REN HUANG Frontiers in Psychology2115
242016Design of image barcodes for future mobile advertisingChi, K.-Y.; Hua, K.-L.; Huang, T.-R.; Chen, Y.-Y.; TSUNG-REN HUANG 2016 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo Workshop, ICMEW 201610
252014Specialization and generalization in perceptual development: The case of the other-race effect in the first year of lifeChien, Sarina Hui-Lin; Huang, Tsung-Ren; Wang, Jing-Fong; TSUNG-REN HUANG I-Perception0
262013Enhanced spontaneous oscillations in the supplementary motor area are associated with sleep-dependent offline learning of finger-tapping motor-sequence task.TSUNG-REN HUANG 6758
272013Assembling old tricks for new tasks: a neural model of instructional learning and control.TSUNG-REN HUANG; TSUNG-REN HUANG 2016
282013Strategic cognitive sequencing: a computational cognitive neuroscience approach.TSUNG-REN HUANG 1611
292012Task Attention Facilitates Learning of Task-Irrelevant StimuliTSUNG-REN HUANG PLoS ONE2221
302012Boston-NeuroTalks calendar 3.0: a talk database powered by collective intelligence.TSUNG-REN HUANG; TSUNG-REN HUANG 00
312010Cortical dynamics of contextually cued attentive visual learning and search: spatial and object evidence accumulation.TSUNG-REN HUANG 3332
322010MEG cortical activation during sleep correlated with improvement of a motor sequence learningTSUNG-REN HUANG Neuroscience Research 00
332009ARTSCENE: A neural system for natural scene classification.TSUNG-REN HUANG; TSUNG-REN HUANG 4743
342003A computational system for lattice QCD with overlap Dirac quarksTing-Wai Chiu; Tung-Han Hsieh; Chao-Hsi Huang; Tsung-Ren Huang; TSUNG-REN HUANG ; TING-WAI CHIU Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements00
352003A Linux PC cluster for lattice QCD with exact chiral symmetryChiu, T.-W.; Hsieh, T.-H.; Huang, C.-H.; TING-WAI CHIU ; TSUNG-REN HUANG International Journal of Modern Physics C11
362002Note on the Zolotarev optimal rational approximation for the overlap Dirac operatorChiu, T.-W.; Hsieh, T.-H.; Huang, C.-H.; TING-WAI CHIU ; TSUNG-REN HUANG Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology6038