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12019Physical and chemical characterization of dissolved arsenic in the South China SeaLee, Chih Ping; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
22018An ultra-clean multilayer apparatus for collecting size fractionated marine plankton and suspended particlesLIANG-SAW WEN ; Lee, Chih Ping; Lee, Wen Huei; Chuang, AlanJournal of Visualized Experiments 
32017Vertical distributions and diurnal variations of high-molecular-weight dissolved arsenic in the oligotrophic oceanChih-Ping Lee; Chia-Yu Cheng; Liang-Saw Wen; LIANG-SAW WEN Limnology and Oceanography 
42016Observation of internal tide-induced nutrient upwelling in Hungtsai Trough, a submarine canyon in the northern South China SeaLIANG-SAW WEN ; CHUN-MAO TSENG ; CHING-LING WEI ; SU-CHENG PAI ; SAULWOOD LIN Continental Shelf Research 
52016Clean sampling and analysis of river and estuarine waters for trace metal studiesJiann, K.-T.; Wen, L.-S.; Santschi, P.H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Journal of Visualized Experiments 
62015Binding of Th, Pa, Pb, Po and Be radionuclides to marine colloidal macromolecular organic matterChuang, C.-Y.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
72015Distributions of <sup>210</sup>Pb and <sup>210</sup>Po in surface water surrounding Taiwan: A synoptic observationLIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 
82015Prokaryotic assemblages and metagenomes in pelagic zones of the South China SeaTseng, C.-H.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHUN-MAO TSENG ; WUNG YANG SHIEH et al. BMC Genomics 
92014The isotopic composition of dissolved cadmium in the water column of the West Philippine SeaYang, S.-C.; Lee, D.-C.; Ho, T.-Y.; Wen, L.-S.; Yang, H.-H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Frontiers in Marine Science 
102014Seasonal distributions and fluxes of 210Pb and 210Po in the northern South China SeaWei, C.-L.; Yi, M.-C.; Lin, S.-Y.; Wen, L.-S.; Lee, W.-H.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Biogeosciences 
112014Spatial and temporal distribution of trace metals (Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn) in coastal waters off the west coast of TaiwanJiann, K.-T.; Wen, L.-S.; Wei, C.-L.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 
122013Distribution and Removal of Silver and Lead in the Nearshore Waters of Western TaiwanLIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Estuaries and Coasts 
132012Distributions and removal fluxes of trace metals in the water column of the Hung-Tsai Trough off southwestern TaiwanLIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Marine Pollution Bulletin 
142012Geochemical behavior of 210Pb and 210Po in the nearshore waters off western TaiwanLIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Marine Pollution Bulletin 
152012Distribution and lability of dissolved iron in surface waters of marginal seas in southeastern AsiaLIANG-SAW WEN Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 
162011Molecular weight and chemical reactivity of dissolved trace metals (Cd, Cu, Ni) in surface waters from the Mississippi River to Gulf of MexicoLIANG-SAW WEN Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 
172011Particle-reactive radionuclides ( 234Th, 210Pb, 210Po) as tracers for the estimation of export production in the South China SeaWei, C.-L.; Lin, S.-Y.; Sheu, D.-D.; Chou, W.-C.; Yi, M.-C.; Santschi, P.H.; Wen, L.-S.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Biogeosciences 
182011Removal fluxes of Mn and Fe from the nearshore waters along the west coast of TaiwanWei, C.-L.; Jiann, K.-T.; Wen, L.-S.; Tsai, J.-R.; Sheu, D.D.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Marine Pollution Bulletin 
192010Size fractionation and molecular composition of water-soluble inorganic and organic nitrogen in aerosols of a coastal environmentChen, H.-Y.; Chen, L.-D.; Chiang, Z.-Y.; Hung, C.-C.; Lin, F.-J.; Chou, W.-C.; Gong, G.-C.; Wen, L.-S.; LIANG-SAW WEN Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres 
202010Scavenging phenomenon elucidated from234Th/238U disequilibrium in surface water of the Taiwan StraitWei, C.-L.; Tsai, J.-R.; Hou, Y.-R.; Wen, L.-S.; Sheu, D.D.; Chou, W.-C.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 
212009Nearshore scavenging phenomenon elucidated by 234th/ 238u disequilibrium in the coastal waters off Western TaiwanWei, Ching-Ling ; CHING-LING WEI ; Tsai, Jing-Ru; SU-CHENG PAI ; Wen, Liang-Saw ; Pai, Su-Cheng ; Tai, Jen-HuaJournal of Oceanography 
222009Comparative geochemistry of 234Th, 210Pb, and 210po: A case study in the Hung-Tsai Trough off southwestern TaiwanWei, C.-L.; Chou, L.-H.; Tsai, J.-R.; Wen, L.-S.; Pai, S.-C.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; Wei, Ching-Ling ; SU-CHENG PAI Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 
232009Cadmium and phosphorus cycling in the water column of the South China Sea: The roles of biotic and abiotic particlesHo, T.-Y.; You, C.-F.; Chou, W.-C.; Pai, S.-C.; Wen, L.-S.; Sheu, D.D.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; SU-CHENG PAI Marine Chemistry 
242009Intra-annual variability of distribution patterns and fluxes of dissolved trace metals in a subtropical estuary (Danshuei River, Taiwan)Jiann, Kuo-Tung; LIANG-SAW WEN ; Wen, Liang-Saw Journal of Marine Systems 
252009Distribution and behaviors of Cd, Cu, and Ni in the East China Sea surface water off the Changjiang estuaryJiann, K. T.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; Wen, L. S.; Gong, G. C.Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 
262008Seasonal variation and flux of dissolved nutrients in the Danshuei Estuary, Taiwan: A hypoxic subtropical mountain riverWen, Liang-Saw; Jiann, Kuo-Tung; Liu, Kon-Kee; LIANG-SAW WEN Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 
272008The role of organic carbon, iron, and aluminium oxyhydroxides as trace metal carriers: Comparison between the Trinity River and the Trinity River Estuary (Galveston Bay, Texas)Wen, Liang-Saw; Warnken, Kent W.; Santschi, Peter H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
282007Transport of the South China Sea subsurface water outflow and its influence on carbon chemistry of Kuroshio waters off southeastern TaiwanChou, Wen-Chen; Sheu, David D.; Chen, C. T. Arthur; Wen, Liang-Saw; Yang, Yih; Wei, Ching-Ling; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHING-LING WEI Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 
292007Nutrient dynamics and N-anomaly at the SEATS stationWong, George T.F.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHUN-MAO TSENG ; Tseng, Chun-Mao ; Wen, Liang-Saw ; Chung, Shi-WeiDeep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 
302007Seasonal variability of picoplankton in the Northern South China Sea at the SEATS stationLiu, Hongbin; Chang, Jeng; Tseng, C.-M.; Wen, L.-S.; Liu, K.K.; LIANG-SAW WEN ; CHUN-MAO TSENG Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 
312007The trace-metal composition of size-fractionated plankton in the South China Sea: Biotic versus abiotic sourcesHo, Tung-Yuan; Wen, Liang-Saw; You, Chen-Feng; Lee, Der-Chuen; LIANG-SAW WEN Limnology and Oceanography 
322007Modelling diagnosis of heavy metal (copper) transport in an estuaryLIANG-SAW WEN ; Liu, Wen-Cheng; Chang, Shu-Wei ; Jiann, Kuo-Tung; Wen, Liang-Saw ; Liu, Kon-KeeScience of the Total Environment 
332007Carbon and nitrogen isotopic compositions of particulate organic matter and biogeochemical processes in the eutrophic Danshuei Estuary in northern TaiwanLiu, K.-K.; Kao, S.-J.; Wen, L.-S.; Chen, K.-L.; LIANG-SAW WEN Science of the Total Environment 
342006Physicochemical speciation of bioactive trace metals (Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni) in the oligotrophic South China SeaWen LS; Wen LS; Jiann KT; Santschi PH; WenLS ; WenLS Marine Chemistry 
352006Physicochemical speciation of bioactive trace metals (Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni) in the oligotrophic South China SeaWen, L.-S.; Jiann, K.-T.; Santschi, P.H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
362005Trace metal (Cd, Cu, Ni and Pb) partitioning, affinities and removal in the Danshuei River estuary, a macro-tidal, temporally anoxic estuary in TaiwanJiann, K.-T.; Wen, L.-S.; Santschi, P.H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
372005A preliminary study of the distributions of Cd in the South China SeaChen, H.-Y.; Fang, T.-H.; Wen, L.-S.; LIANG-SAW WEN Continental Shelf Research 
382004激盪之淡水河溫良碩 ; 簡國童; 楊益全球變遷通訊雜誌 
392003Dissolved inorganic phosphorus, dissolved iron, and Trichodesmium in the oligotrophic South China SeaLIANG-SAW WEN Global Biogeochemical Cycles 
402003Sampling Representativeness of Oceanographic Surveys Using Ship-based InstrumentsChang, Y.-H.; Wen, L.-S.; LIANG-SAW WEN Journal of Coastal Research 
412002Nitrate anomaly in the upper nutricline in the northern South China Sea - Evidence for nitrogen fixationLIANG-SAW WEN Geophysical Research Letters 
422002Evidence and quantification of the correlation between radar backscatter and ocean colour supported by simultaneously acquired in situ sea truthLIANG-SAW WEN Geophysical Research Letters 
432002Silver concentrations in Colorado, USA, watersheds using improved methodologyLIANG-SAW WEN ; Santschi, Peter H.; Gill, Gary A.; Tang, DeguiEnvironmental Toxicology and Chemistry 
442002海水中有機膠體物質與微量元素互動反應研究(I):有機硫醇物之分佈與重要性(2/2)溫良碩; 溫良碩 
452001淡水河口區水下地形宋國士 ; 劉康克; 劉佩琨; 溫良碩 台灣海洋學刊 
462001Box coring artifacts in sediments affected by a waste water outfallSantschi, P.H.; Guo, L.; Wen, L.-S.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Pollution Bulletin 
472001Transport and diagenesis of trace metals and organic matter in Palos Verdes shelf sediments affected by a wastewater outfallSantschi, P.H.; Wen, L.-S.; Guo, L.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
482001Accumulation rates and sources of sediments and organic carbon on the Palos Verdes shelf based on radioisotopic tracers (137Cs, 239,240Pu, 210Pb, 234Th, 238U and 14C)Santschi, P.H.; Guo, L.; Asbill, S.; Allison, M.; Britt Kepple, A.; Wen, L.-S.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
492001Soluble and colloidal iron in the oligotrophic North Atlantic and North PacificWu, J.; Boyle, E.; Sunda, W.; Wen, L.-S.; LIANG-SAW WEN Science 
502000Re-examination of cross-flow ultrafiltration for sampling aquatic colloids: Evidence from molecular probesGuo, L.; Wen, L.-S.; Tang, D.; Santschi, P.H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
512000Analysis of biogenic thiols in natural water samples by high-performance liquid chromatographic separation and fluorescence detection with ammonium 7-fluorobenzo-2-oxa-1,3-diazole-4-sulfonate (SBD-F)Tang, D.; Wen, L.-S.; Santschi, P.H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Analytica Chimica Acta 
521999Trace metal analysis of natural waters by ICP-MS with on-line preconcentration and ultrasonic nebulizationWarnken, K.W.; Gill, G.A.; Wen, L.-S.; Griffin, L.L.; Santschi, P.H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 
531999Estuarine trace metal distributions in Galveston Bay: Importance of colloidal forms in the speciation of the dissolved phaseLIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
541997Interactions between radioactively labeled colloids and natural particles: Evidence for colloidal pumpingLIANG-SAW WEN Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 
551997Colloidal and particulate silver in river and estuarine waters of TexasWen, L.-S.; Santschi, P.H.; Gill, G.A.; Paternostro, C.L.; Lehman, R.D.; LIANG-SAW WEN Environmental Science and Technology 
561996An ultraclean cross-flow ultrafiltration technique for the study of trace metal phase speciation in seawaterWen, L.-S.; Stordal, M.C.; Tang, D.; Gill, G.A.; Santschi, P.H.; LIANG-SAW WEN Marine Chemistry 
571996Mercury phase speciation in the surface waters of three Texas estuaries: Importance of colloidal formsLIANG-SAW WEN Limnology and Oceanography