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12023Navigating the scales of diversity in subtropical and coastal fish assemblages ascertained by eDNA and visual surveysHsu, Tsai Hsuan Tony; WEI-JEN CHEN ; VIANNEY DENIS Ecological Indicators00
22023Macroalgae exhibit diverse responses to human disturbances on coral reefsCannon, Sara E.; Donner, Simon D.; Liu, Angela; González Espinosa, Pedro C.; Baird, Andrew H.; Baum, Julia K.; Bauman, Andrew G.; Beger, Maria; Benkwitt, Cassandra E.; Birt, Matthew J.; Chancerelle, Yannick; Cinner, Joshua E.; Crane, Nicole L.; VIANNEY DENIS ; Depczynski, Martial; Fadli, Nur; Fenner, Douglas; Fulton, Christopher J.; Golbuu, Yimnang; Graham, Nicholas A.J.; Guest, James; Harrison, Hugo B.; Hobbs, Jean Paul A.; Hoey, Andrew S.; Holmes, Thomas H.; Houk, Peter; Januchowski-Hartley, Fraser A.; Jompa, Jamaluddin; Kuo, Chao Yang; Limmon, Gino Valentino; Lin, Yuting V.; McClanahan, Timothy R.; Muenzel, Dominic; Paddack, Michelle J.; Planes, Serge; Pratchett, Morgan S.; Radford, Ben; Reimer, James Davis; Richards, Zoe T.; Ross, Claire L.; Rulmal, John; Sommer, Brigitte; Williams, Gareth J.; Wilson, Shaun K.Global Change Biology00
32023Jeju Island: a sentinel for tracking ocean warming impacts on high-latitude benthic communitiesRibas-Deulofeu, Lauriane; Loubeyres, Mathilde; VIANNEY DENIS ; De Palmas, Stéphane; Hwang, Sung Jin; Woo, Seonock; Song, Jun Im; Chen, Chaolun AllenCoral Reefs
42022Timing of final oocyte maturation in Acropora and merulinid coralsLai, TY; VIANNEY DENIS ; Nozawa, YCORAL REEFS22
52022Editorial: Variance matters: Individual differences and their consequences for natural selection within and among coral holobiontsParkinson, JE; Tang, SL; VIANNEY DENIS FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION00
62022Habitat change and its consequences on reef fish specialization in biogeographic transition zonesLin, YV; Hsiao, WV; Chen, WJ; VIANNEY DENIS JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY32
72021Trophic plasticity of mixotrophic corals under contrasting environmentsSturaro N; Hsieh Y.E; Chen Q; PEI-LING WANG ; VIANNEY DENIS Functional Ecology76
82021Learning from differences: Abiotic determinism of benthic communities in Northern TaiwanHsiao W.V; Lin Y.V; HUEI-TING LIN ; VIANNEY DENIS Marine Environmental Research22
92020Stranger Things: Organismal Traits of Two Octocorals Associated With Singular Symbiodiniaceae in a High-Latitude Coral Community From Northern TaiwanHsu, T.H.T.; Carlu, L.; Hsieh, Y.E.; Lai, T.Y.A.; Wang, C.W.; Huang, C.Y.; YANG, S.H. ; Wang, P.L.; Sturaro, N.; PEI-LING WANG ; VIANNEY DENIS Frontiers in Marine Science20
102020Toward a standardised protocol for the stable isotope analysis of scleractinian coralsSturaro, N.; Hsieh, Y.E.; Chen, Q.; PEI-LING WANG ; VIANNEY DENIS Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry89
112019Taiwan Mesophotic Coral EcosystemsVIANNEY DENIS 
122019Metagenomic, phylogenetic, and functional characterization of predominant endolithic green sulfur bacteria in the coral Isopora paliferaSHAN-HUA YANG ; Tandon, K.; Lu, C.-Y.; Wada, N.; Shih, C.-J.; Hsiao, S.S.-Y.; Jane, W.-N.; Lee, T.-C.; Yang, C.-M.; CHI-TE LIU ; VIANNEY DENIS ; Wu, Y.-T.; Wang, L.-T.; Huang, L.; Lee, D.-C.; Wu, Y.-W.; Yamashiro, H.Microbiome3719
132019Biogeography of functional trait diversity in the Taiwanese reef fish faunaVIANNEY DENIS ; Jian-Wen Chen; Qi Chen; Yunli Eric Hsieh; Yuting Vicky Lin; Ching-Wei Wang; HUI-YU WANG ; Nicolas SturaroEcology and Evolution 88
142019TaiwanDenis, Vianney; Soto, D; De Palmas, S; Lin, YTV; Benayahu, Y; Huang, YM; Liu, SL; Chen, JW; Chen, Q; Sturaro, N; Ho, MJ; Su, Y; Dai, CF; Chen, CA Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems0
152018Molecular assessment of Pocillopora verrucosa (Scleractinia; Pocilloporidae) distribution along a depth gradient in Ludao, TaiwanStéphane De Palmas; Derek Soto; VIANNEY DENIS ; Ming-Jay Ho; Chaolun Allen ChenPeerJ 1212
162017A functional approach to the structural complexity of coral assemblages based on colony morphological featuresVIANNEY DENIS ; Ribas-Deulofeu, Lauriane; Sturaro, Nicolas; Kuo, Chao-Yang; Chen, Chaolun AllenScientific reports4542
172017Shifting communities after-- typhoon damage on an upper mesophotic reef in Okinawa, JapanKristine N. White; David K. Weinstein; Taku Ohara; VIANNEY DENIS ; Javier Montenegro; James D. ReimerPeerJ 1623
182017Geographical variations in bacterial communities associated with soft coral Scleronephthya gracillimumS. Woo; S. H. Yang ; H. J. Chen; Y. F. Tseng; S. J. Hwang; S. De Palmas; VIANNEY DENIS ; Y. Imahara; F. Iwase; S. YumPLoS One2220
192016Structure of Benthic Communities along the Taiwan Latitudinal GradientRibas-Deulofeu, Lauriane; VIANNEY DENIS ; De Palmas, Stéphane; Kuo, Chao-Yang; Hsieh, Hernyi Justin; Chen, Chaolun AllenPloS one2424
202015Extension of the known distribution and depth range of the scleractinian coral Psammocora stellata: first record from a Taiwanese mesophotic reefVIANNEY DENIS ; De Palmas, S; Benzoni, F; Chen, CAMARINE BIODIVERSITY1415
212015Spectral Diversity and Regulation of Coral Fluorescence in a Mesophotic Reef Habitat in the Red SeaEyal, Gal; Wiedenmann, Jörg; Grinblat, Mila; D'Angelo, Cecilia; Kramarsky-Winter, Esti; Treibitz, Tali; Ben-Zvi, Or; Shaked, Yonathan; Smith, Tyler B; Harii, Saki; VIANNEY DENIS ; Noyes, Tim; Tamir, Raz; Loya, YossiPloS one5456
222015Recruitment of the subtropical coral Alveopora japonica in the temperate waters of Jeju Island, South KoreaVIANNEY DENIS ; Ribas-Deulofeu, L.; Loubeyres, M.; De Palmas, S.; Hwang, S.-J.; Woo, S.; Song, J.-I.; Chen, C.A.Bulletin of Marine Science 2521
232015Symbiodinium spp. associated with high-latitude scleractinian corals from Jeju Island, South KoreaDe Palmas, S.; VIANNEY DENIS ; Ribas-Deulofeu, L.; Loubeyres, M.; Woo, S.; Hwang, S.J.; Song, J.I.; Chen, C.A.Coral Reefs 2522
242014Identification of scleractinian coral recruits using fluorescent censusing and DNA barcoding techniquesHsu, Chia-Min; de Palmas, Stéphane; Kuo, Chao-Yang; VIANNEY DENIS ; Chen, Chaolun AllenPloS one1920
252014Transcriptional changes caused by bisphenol A in Oryzias javanicus, a fish species highly adaptable to environmental salinityWoo, Seonock; VIANNEY DENIS ; Yum, SeungshicMarine drugs1414
262014Transcript response of soft coral (Scleronephthya gracillimum) on exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsWoo, S.; Lee, A.; VIANNEY DENIS ; Chen, C.A.; Yum, S.Environmental Science and Pollution Research 1612
272014Migration of coral in TaiwanVIANNEY DENIS 
282014Can benthic algae mediate larval behavior and settlement of the coral Acropora muricata?VIANNEY DENIS ; Loubeyres, M.; Doo, S.S.; de Palmas, S.; Keshavmurthy, S.; Hsieh, H.J.; Chen, C.A.Coral Reefs 33
292013First record of the scleractinian coral Psammocora albopicta from Korean watersVIANNEY DENIS ; Deulofeu, LR; De Palmas, S; Chen, CAMARINE BIODIVERSITY76
302013Typhoon damage on a shallow mesophotic reef in Okinawa, JapanWhite, Kristine N; Ohara, Taku; Fujii, Takuma; Kawamura, Iori; Mizuyama, Masaru; Montenegro, Javier; Shikiba, Haruka; Naruse, Tohru; McClelland, Ty; VIANNEY DENIS ; Reimer, James DPeerJ3539
312013Fast growth may impair regeneration capacity in the branching coral Acropora muricataVIANNEY DENIS ; Guillaume, Mireille M M; Goutx, Madeleine; de Palmas, Stéphane; Debreuil, Julien; Baker, Andrew C; Boonstra, Roxane K; Bruggemann, J HenrichPloS one2423
322013Alveopora japonica beds thriving under kelpVIANNEY DENIS ; Chen, C.A.; Song, J.I.; Woo, S.Coral Reefs 1817
332013Coverage, Diversity, and Functionality of a High-Latitude Coral Community (Tatsukushi, Shikoku Island, Japan)VIANNEY DENIS ; Mezaki, T.; Tanaka, K.; Kuo, C.-Y.; de Palmas, S.; Keshavmurthy, S.; Chen, C.A.PLoS ONE 3433
342013DNA barcoding reveals the coral "laboratory-rat", Stylophora pistillata encompasses multiple identitiesKeshavmurthy, Shashank; Yang, Sung-Yin; Alamaru, Ada; Chuang, Yao-Yang; Pichon, Michel; Obura, David; Fontana, Silvia; De Palmas, Stephane; Stefani, Fabrizio; Benzoni, Francesca; MacDonald, Angus; Noreen, Annika M E; Chen, Chienshun; Wallace, Carden C; Pillay, Ruby Moothein; VIANNEY DENIS ; Amri, Affendi Yang; Reimer, James D; Mezaki, Takuma; Sheppard, Charles; Loya, Yossi; Abelson, Avidor; Mohammed, Mohammed Suleiman; Baker, Andrew C; Mostafavi, Pargol Ghavam; Suharsono, Budiyanto A; Chen, Chaolun AllenScientific reports8277
352013Expressions of oxidative stress-related genes and antioxidant enzyme activities in Mytilus galloprovincialis (Bivalvia, Mollusca) exposed to hypoxiaWoo, S; VIANNEY DENIS ; Won, H; Shin, K; Lee, G; Lee, TK; Yum, SZOOLOGICAL STUDIES5953
362012Molecular evidence shows low species diversity of coral-associated hydroids in Acropora coralsFontana, Silvia; Keshavmurthy, Shashank; Hsieh, Hernyi Justin; VIANNEY DENIS ; Kuo, Chao-Yang; Hsu, Chia-Ming; Leung, Julia K L; Tsai, Wan-Sen; Wallace, Carden C; Chen, Chaolun AllenPloS one2324
372012Larval development of fertilized "pseudo-gynodioecious" eggs suggests a sexual pattern of gynodioecy in galaxea fascicularis (Scleractinia: Euphyllidae)Keshavmurthy, Shashank; Hsu, Chia Min; Kuo, Chao Yang; VIANNEY DENIS ; Leung, Julia Ka Lai; Fontana, Silvia; Hsieh, Hernyi Justin; Tsai, Wan Sen; Su, Wei Cheng; Chen, Chaolun AllenZoological Studies14
382012Temporal and spatial variations in symbiont communities of the catch bowl coral Isopora palifera (Scleractinia: Acroporidae) on reefs in Kenting National Park, TaiwanHsu, C.-M.; Keshavmurthy, S.; VIANNEY DENIS ; Kuo, C.-Y.; Wang, J.-T.; Meng, P.-J.; Chen, C.A.Zoological Studies 22
392012Dark survival of Oulastrea crispataVIANNEY DENIS ; LEUNG, Julia Ka Lai; HSU, Chia-Min; HSIEH, Hernyi Justin; TSAI, Wan-Sen; CHEN, Chaolun AllenGalaxea, Journal of Coral Reef Studies 00
402011Is the response of coral calcification to seawater acidification related to nutrient loading?Chauvin, A; VIANNEY DENIS ; Cuet, PCORAL REEFS7778
412011Lesion regeneration capacities in populations of the massive coral Porites lutea at Reunion Island: environmental correlatesVIANNEY DENIS ; Debreuil, J; De Palmas, S; Richard, J; Guillaume, MMM; Bruggemann, JHMARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES3027
422008Comparison of associations between the pectinid bivalve Pedum spondyloideum (Bivalvia, Pteriomorphia, Pectinidae) and scleractinian hermatypic corals in the Red Sea and the West Pacific OceanScaps, Patrick; VIANNEY DENIS ; Berhimpon, SiegfriedBulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France5
432008Can organisms associated with live scleractinian corals be used as indicators of coral reef status?Scaps, Patrick; VIANNEY DENIS Atoll Research Bulletin 150
442007High mushroom coral biodiversity (Scleractinia: Fungiidae) in the region of Pulisan (north-eastern coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia)Scaps, Patrick; VIANNEY DENIS ; Berhimpon, Siegfried; Runtukahu, FrankyBulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France0
452007Association between the scallop, pedum spondyloideum, (bivalvia: Pteriomorphia: Pectinidae) and scleractinian corals from the Wakatobi marine national park (southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia)Scaps, P.; VIANNEY DENIS Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 8
462007Zooxanthellate scleractinian corals of the northern coast of SulawesiPatrick Scaps; VIANNEY DENIS ; S. Berhimpon; F. RuntukahuAtoll Research Bulletin 20
472005Coral associations and space competitors of Pedum spondyloideum (Gmelin, 1791) (Bivalvia, Pteriomorphia, Pectinidae) from the northeast coast of Sulawesi, IndonesiaP. Scaps; VIANNEY DENIS ; S. Berhimpon; F. KaligisBasteria