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12019Relationships between Parent-Reported Parenting, Child-Perceived Parenting, and Children's Mental Health in Taiwanese ChildrenHuang, Ching-Yu; Hsieh, Yi-Ping; Shen, April Chiung-Tao; Wei, Hsi-Sheng; Feng, Jui-Ying; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin; Feng, Joyce Yen; Huang, CY; Hsieh, YP; Shen, ACT; Wei, HS; Feng, JY; Hwa, HL; Feng, JY; SHEN CHIUNG-TAO journal article0
22019Romantic involvement and adolescents' academic and psychosocial functioning in Chinese societiesLi, X., Huang; C.-Y.S.; Shen, A.C.-T. Journal Article32
32019Childhood poly-victimization and children's health: A nationally representative studyFeng, J.-Y.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Hwa, H.-L.; Huang, C.-Y.; Wei, H.-S.; Shen, A.C.-T. journal article11
42018The Effects of Peer Victimization on Children’s Internet Addiction and Psychological Distress: The Moderating Roles of Emotional and Social Intelligence.CHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Hsieh, Y. P.; Wei, H.S.; Hwa, H.L.; Feng, J.Y.; Huang, S. C.journal article
52018Punishing Parents and Saving Children? The Outcome Evaluation of Mandated Parenting Education Programs in Taiwan: With the Reporting Rate of Child Abuse Incidents as the IndicatorCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
62018Who Gets Protection? A National Study of Multiple Victimization and Child Protection among Taiwanese ChildrenCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Feng, J. Y.; Wei, H. S; Hsieh, Y. P.; Huang, S. C.; Hwa, H. L.journal article
72018家事專任調解法官之效能-以臺灣臺北地方法院為例/以親權相關事件為焦點Lee, Liling; Shen, April Chiung-tao journal article
82018家庭接納對成年期同性戀及雙性戀者身心健康之影響Yang, Chiao-yu; Shen, April Chiung-tao journal article
92018The effect of family acceptance on the physical and mental health of lesbian, gay and bisexual adultsYang, C.-Y.; Shen, A.C.-T. Journal Article00
102018Internet addiction: A closer look at multidimensional parenting practices and child mental healthHsieh, Y.-P.; Shen, A.C.-T. ; Wei, H.-S.; Feng, J.-Y.; Huang, S.C.-Y.; Hwa, H.-L.Journal Article00
112018處罰父母、拯救小孩?臺灣強制性親職教育輔導的結果評估:以兒虐再通報率為指標沈瓊桃(April Chiung-Tao Shen) Journal Article
122017Physical Conditions and Special Needs as Risk Factors of Peer Victimization among School Children in TaiwanCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Wei, Hsi - Sheng; Hwa, Hsiao - Lin; Feng, Jui - Ying; Hsieh, Yi - Ping; Huang, Soar Ching - Yujournal article55
132017系統評價: 證據為本社會工作的方法基礎CHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Haluk Soydanjournal article
142017After Divorce, We are still Parents: Establishing Parenting Education Programs for Judicial DivorceShen, April Chiung-tao journal article0
152017Cultural Perspective on Parenting, Trait Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health in Taiwanese ChildrenCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Huang, Ching - Yu; Hsieh, Yi - Ping; Feng, Jui - Ying; Wei, Hsi - Sheng; Hwa, Hsiao - Lin; Feng, Joyce Yenjournal article44
162017Beliefs about wife beating among social work students in TaiwanHaj-Yahia, Muhammad M; CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article22
172016Multidimensional Victimization and Internet Addiction among Taiwanese ChildrenCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Yi-Ping Hsieh; Hsi-Sheng Wei; Jui-Ying Feng; Soar Ching-Yu Huan; Hsiao-Lin Hwajournal article00
182016Associations between child maltreatment, PTSD, and internet addiction among Taiwanese studentsCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Hsieh, Yi-Ping; Shen, April Chiung-Tao; Wei, Hsi-Sheng; Feng, Jui-Ying; Huang, Soar Ching-Yu; Hwa, Hsiao-Linjournal article2120
192016「愛滋、污名與親密關係暴力-社工處遇服務經驗之初探」回應文CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
202016都是權控惹的禍?多元化親密伴侶暴力型態之服務挑戰-以大台北地區聲請保護令案件為例Lin Liangsui; Wen Hsiao-Wen; Yang Yu-An; Huang Shin-Yi; Shen April Chiung-Tao Journal Article; journal article
212014兒童性侵害案件驗傷採證和詢問工作CHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; ���N��journal article
222014Dating Violence and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Taiwanese College Students: The Roles of Cultural BeliefsCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article97
232014親密伴侶暴力被害人保護服務方案結果評估CHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; 連姿婷; Tz-Ting Lianjournal article
242013大專青年的約會暴力經驗與因應策略初探CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
252012Predictors of Dating Violence Among Chinese Adolescents: The Role of Gender-Role Beliefs and Justification of ViolenceCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Chiu, M.Y.-L.; Gao, J.journal article4943
262011Cultural barriers to help-seeking among Taiwanese female victims of dating violenceCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article2322
272010暴力的童年、堅韌的青年:目睹婚暴暨受虐青年復原力之探討沈瓊桃 journal article00
282010SETTING FAIR PRICES - FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF SUSTAINABLE MARKETINGCatoiu, Iacob; Vranceanu, Diana Maria; Filip, Alina; Catoiu, I; Vranceanu, DM; Filip, A; SHEN CHIUNG-TAO journal article0
292010Mental health symptoms in mutually violence: An empirical research on Taiwanese & US couplesCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Moises Prospero; Peter Fawsonjournal article
302009Long-term effects of interparental violence and child physical maltreatment experiences on PTSD and behavior problems: A national survey of Taiwanese college studentsShen, April Chiung-Tao; CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article5448
312009Self-esteem of young adults experiencing interparental violence and child physical maltreatment: Parental and peer relationships as mediatorsCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article3027
322008婚暴併兒虐服務整合的挑戰與模式初探沈瓊桃 journal-article
332007婚姻暴力對家庭動力與目睹兒童的影響沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
342007人類行為與社會環境沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
352006婚暴併兒虐發生率之初探—以南投縣為例沈瓊桃 journal-article00
362006從婚姻暴力談兒童虐待的預防沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
372006打造家暴服務的安全網:婚暴併兒虐服務整合模式的探索沈瓊桃 conference-proceeding
382005兒少時期曾目睹婚暴暨受虐對青年的長期影響及其危險與保護因子沈瓊桃 text
392005婚姻暴力目睹兒童之因應探討童伊迪; 沈瓊桃 journal-article
402005兒童知覺的雙重家庭暴力經驗與其適應行為之相關研究沈瓊桃 journal article
412005從婚姻暴力併兒童虐待談兒童受創處境與兒童人權沈瓊桃 conference-proceeding
422005目賭婚暴暨受虐對青年的長期影響及其保護因子沈瓊桃 conference-proceeding
432005多面向婚姻滿意量表之發展與運用沈瓊桃 conference-proceeding
442005Factors in the marital relationship in a changing society a Taiwan case studyCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article810
452004家庭生命週期與婚姻滿意度關係之探討沈瓊桃 ; 陳姿勳journal-article
462004虐待對兒童的身心發展影響沈瓊桃 ; CHIUNG-TAO SHENbook chapter
472004關懷雙重暴力家庭從單一暴力家庭到婚暴併兒虐家庭之情境因素探討沈瓊桃 ; 童伊迪conference-proceeding
482004親職角色與責任沈瓊桃 ; CHIUNG-TAO SHENbook chapter
492004婚暴併兒虐家庭的多元面貌與發生情境沈瓊桃 conference-proceeding
502004What really matters: The demographic versus relationship in marital satisfactionCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article0
512003雙重受害者—目睹婚暴暨受虐兒童之研究沈瓊桃 conference-proceeding
522003家庭生命週期與婚姻滿意度關係之探討沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
532002社會工作概論古允文 ; 沈瓊桃 ; 詹宜璋book
542002檢視婚暴合併兒虐之現象與模式CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
552002多面向婚姻滿意量表之編製CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
562002Same Marriage; Two Realities: Gender Differences in MarriageCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
572001事業與愛情的抉擇CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
582001The Applicability of Western Marital Satisfaction Measures for Couples in Taiwan Based on ENRICHCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
591999Beyond burden: Two ways of looking at caregiving burden. Research on AgingCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Reinardy, James R; Kane, Rosalie A; Huck, Shirley; Call, Kathleen Thiedejournal article119