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12019Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Audit PricingJ. F. Chen; R. R. Duh ; C. T. Wu; L. H. Yu journal article
22019企業社會責任績效與CEO薪酬的關係杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) ; 陳煬楊(Yang-Yang Chen); 黃馨儀(Hsin-Yi Huang)journal article
32018The effects of review form and task complexity on auditor performance*Duh R.-R. ; Kuo L.-C.; Yan J.-C.journal article
42018Corruption and audit market concentration: an international investigationRong-Ruey Duh ; Chunlai Ye; Lin-Hui Yu journal article
52017會計學概要(第六版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
62017會計學(第七版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
72017Corruption and Audit Choice: An International InvestigationRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
82017企業社會責任報告書之確信服務提供者、確信程度及產業專家與可信度之關聯:實驗研究杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) ; 許文馨(Audrey Wen-Hsin Hsu) ; 鄧雨賢(Yu-Hsien Teng)journal article
92016Determinants of Auditors’ Knowledge Sharing PropensityRONG-RUEY DUH ; Ching-Chieh Linjournal article
102016核閱方式與核閱者立場對查核績效之影響RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
112016會計學概要(第五版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
122016Corruption and Auditor Choice: An International Investigation.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
132016The Effect of Review Mode and Reviewer Preference on Auditors' Performance杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) ; 林靖傑(Ching-Chieh Lin); 廖容翎(Jung-Ling Liao)journal article
142016Does an asset management firm’s stock holding made in response to buy-side analysts’ prior recommendations induce subsequent forecast optimism?Tan, Hun Tong; RONG-RUEY DUH ; SHEAN-BII CHIU ; SHU-HSING LI journal article
152015Audit Firms’ Knowledge Sharing and Audit Report Timeliness: The Role of Information Technology.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
162015The Effect of Review Mode and Reviewer Preference on Auditors’ PerformanceRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
172015Can Anglo-Saxon audit committee scheme improve earnings quality in non-Anglo-Saxon environmentsRONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU journal article
182015Earnings management and government restrictions on outward foreign direct investment: Evidence from Taiwanese firmsRONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU ; Leung S.journal article
192015會計與翻譯杜榮瑞 journal article
202015對2015年IASB觀念架構草案之觀察杜榮瑞 journal article
212014Audit Committee Director-Auditor Interlocking and Perceptions of Earnings QualityRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
222014Financial Accounting, IFRS EditionRONG-RUEY DUH book
232014會計學(第六版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
242014Connotative meaning and the challenges of International Financial Reporting/Auditing Standards convergence: The case of Taiwan’s Statement of Auditing Standards Number 33RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
252014Compensation Consultant and the Choice of Peer GroupsRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
262014The Effect of Review Form and Reviewer Preference on Auditor Performance.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
272014台灣管理會計文獻之回顧與評估杜榮瑞 ; 黃朝信; 林孝倫journal article
282014World-class manufacturing, management accountants' cross-functional participation, and firm performanceDuh R.-R. ; Hsu A.W.-H. ; Chow C.W.journal article
292014Management Accounting Research in Taiwan: A Review and Assessment杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) ; 黃朝信(Chao-Hsin Huang); 林孝倫(Hsiao-Lun Lin)journal article
302013Earnings Management and Government Restrictions on Outward Foreign Direct Investment: EvidenceRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
312013The Effect of Review form and Reviewer Preference on auditor PerformanceRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
322013On why and how to break down the silos in accounting research (with an illustrative study at the interface between financial and management accounting)Chow C.W.; Duh R.-R. journal article
332013Management science and environmental issuesKao C.; Chang H.; Duh R.-R. other
342012Interpretation of Uncertainty Expressions in Financial Accounting StandardsRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
352012會計學(第五版修訂)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
362012The impact of IAS 39 on the risk-relevance of earnings volatility: Evidence from foreign banks cross-listed in the USARONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
372012The impact of IAS 39 on the risk relevance of earnings volatility: Evidence from foreign banks cross-listed in the USARONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU journal article
382012Does the control-based approach to consolidated statements better reflect market value than the ownership-based approach?RONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU ; Cheng, Kangjournal article
392012The impact of IAS 39 on the risk-relevance of earnings volatility: Evidence from foreign banks cross-listed in the USADuh R.-R. ; Hsu A.W.H.; Alves P.A.P.journal article
402012教學、研究與實務杜榮瑞 journal article
412012財務會計準則中的機率詞彙解釋杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) ; 黃朝信(Chao-Hsin Huang)journal article
422012Determinants and performance effect of TQM practices: An integrated model approachRONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU journal article
432012Response to Discussant of "Does the Control Based Approach to Consolidated Statements Better Reflect Market Value than the Ownership-based Approach?"RONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU journal article
442012會計學概要(第四版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
452011Accounting and Accounting Research in the Greater China: An Update from CAPANARONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
462011The effects of review form and task complexity on auditor performanceRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
472011Earnings management to circumvent foreign direct investment restrictionRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
482011會計學(第五版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
492011Does the control-based approach to consolidated statements better reflect market value than the ownership-based approach?RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
502011Productivity Growth in Public Accounting Industry: The Roles of Information Technology and Human CapitalRONG-RUEY DUH ; SHU-HSING LI ; Hsihui Chang; Jengfang Chenjournal article
512011Determinants and performance effects of management consultancy adoption in listed Chinese companiesChen, Huihu; RONG-RUEY DUH ; Duh, Rong-ruey ; Chan, Hung C (Leon); Xiao, Jason Zezhongjournal article
522011Exploring the Direct and Indirect Performance Effects of Information/Communication Technology and Management Accounting and ControlsXiao, Jason Zezhong; RONG-RUEY DUH ; Duh, Rong-Ruey ; Chow, Chee W.journal article
532011Do internal controls improve operating efficiency of universities?RONG-RUEY DUH ; Chen, Kuo-Tay; Lin, Ruey-Ching; Kuo, Li-Chunjournal article
542011會計學(第五版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
552010Determinants of Auditors’ Knowledge Sharing PropensityRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
562010Do Internal Controls Improve Operating Efficiency of Universities?RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
572010Can Audit Committees Improve Earnings Quality?RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
582010World Class Manufacturing, Management Accountants’ Cross-functional Involvement, and Firm PerformanceRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
592010World Class Manufacturing, Management Accountants’ Cross-functional Involvement, and Firm PerformanceDuh, Rong-Ruey ; Hsu, Audrey Wen-hsin; Chow, Chee W.conference paper
602010上市櫃會計人員職能探究周齊武; 杜榮瑞 ; 洪珮雯journal article
612010Can Control-Based Approach for Consolidated Statements Reflect Market Pricing better than Ownership-Based ApproachCheng, Kang; Duh, Rong-Ruey ; Hsu, Audrey Wen-hsinconference paper
622010法官對審計品質之評估:後果知識與經驗之影響杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) ; 林孝倫(Hsiao-Lun Lin)journal article
632010會計學概要(第三版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
642009Audit Partner’s General Experience, Industry Specialization, and Audit Quality.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
652009A Word of Two Translations: The Case of Assurance.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
662009Reversing an impairment loss and earnings management: The role of corporate governanceRONG-RUEY DUH ; Lee W.-C.; Lin C.-C.journal article
672009The design and implementation of activity-based costing: A case study of a Taiwanese textile companyRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
682009Chinese firms’ use of management accounting and controls: Facilitators, impediments, and performance effectsRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
692009Non-Audit Service and Auditor Independence: An Examination of the Procomp EffectDuh, Rong-Ruey ; Lee, Wen-Chih; Hua, Chi-Yunjournal article
702009注意內部與外部報導之衝突:成因與後果周齊武; 杜榮瑞 ; 陳慧玲journal article
712009The design and implementation of activity-based costing: A case study of a Taiwanese textile companyDuh R.-R. ; Lin T.W.; Wang W.-Y.; Huang C.-H.journal article
722009會計學(第四版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
732008Reversing an impairment loss and earnings management: The role of corporate governance.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
742008Reversing an Impairment Loss and Earnings Management: The Role of Corporate Governance.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
752008An Overview and Assessment of Contemporary Management Accounting Research in China.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
762008一詞雙譯:從「reasonable assurance」說起杜榮瑞 report
772008架構效應與順序效應:承諾續擴之進一步探討 (新制多年期第1年)杜榮瑞 report
782008The Effect of Audit Committees on Earnings-Return Association: Evidence from Foreign Registrants in the United StatesRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
792008An Overview and Assessment of Contemporary Management Accounting Research in ChinaDuh, Rong-Ruey ; Xiao, Json Zezhong; Chow, Chee W.journal article
802008改良式結構性爭論教學法對會計學生溝通憂懼之影響:探索性研究顏信輝(Sin-Hui Yen); 杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) journal article
812008Non-audit service and auditor independence: The role of auditor incentive structureDuh R.-R. ; Lee W.-C.; Hua C.-Y.conference paper
822008The effect of audit committees on earnings-return association: Evidence from foreign registrants in the United StatesChen J.; Duh R.-R. ; Shiue F.N.journal article
832008會計學概要(第二版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
842007資產減損迴轉與盈餘管理RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
852007Complementary and Performance Effects of Information Technology and Management Accounting and Controls in China.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
862007The Design and Implementation of Activity-Based Costing in A Textile Company.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
872007Management Consultancy Adoption in Listed Chinese Firms.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
882007Does Order of Audit Partners Matter? Audit Quality under Dual Attestation SystemDuh, Rong-Ruey ; Huang, D.F.; Hou, C.P.conference paper
892007Accountability, task characteristics and audit judgmentsDuh, Rong-Ruey ; Chang, C.Janie; Chen, Elainejournal article
902007An experimental study on non-audit service and auditor decisions: Pre- and post-Procomp scandalRONG-RUEY DUH ; Duh, Rong-Ruey ; Lee, Wen-Chih; Lin, Ching-Chieh; Chu, Jong-Pingjournal article
912007Management accounting in ChinaRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
922007Management accounting practices in the People’s Republic of ChinaRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
932007審計品質知多少?-釐清影響因素 提昇查核產出杜榮瑞 ; 林孝倫journal article
942007Productivity Growth in Public Accounting Industry: The Role of Information Technology and Human CapitalChang, Hsihui; Chen, Jengfang; Duh, Rong-Rey ; Li, Shu-Hsing conference paper
952007會計學(第三版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
962006審計人員對機率詞彙之解釋RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
972006管理一學門會計領域國際期刊簡介李佳玲; 杜榮瑞 ; 周濟群; 梁嘉紋; 陳耀宗 ; 楊朝旭; 葉疏; 劉啟群 ; 劉嘉雯 journal article
982006An Experimental study on Non-audit Service and Auditor Independence: The Procomp Effect.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
992006Non-audit Service and Auditor Independence: An Examination of the Procomp EffectDuh, Rong-Ruey ; Lee, W.C.; Hua, C. Y.conference paper
1002006The determinants of implementation stages of balanced scorecardChen, Hueiling; Duh, Rong-Ruey ; Lin, Judy Chuan-Chuanjournal article
1012006獨立董監、會計規範與財務報導品質之關係:多重研究方法之運用杜榮瑞 ; 劉雅芳; 吳婉婷journal article
1022006台灣與國際會計準則接軌之經驗─接軌國際乃為主流 從無到有仍須努力杜榮瑞 journal article
1032006Strategy, IT applications for planning and control, and firm performance: The impact of impediments to IT implementationDuh, Rong-Ruey ; Chow, Chee W.; Chen, Hueilingjournal article
1042006Management Accounting Practices in the People's Republic of ChinaChow C.W.; Duh R.-R. ; Xiao
1052006台灣會計教育之探討(四):會計畢業生的知識技能與社會期待差距-加強產學溝通 降低期待差距肖澤忠; 周齊武; 杜榮瑞 journal article
1062006Is environmental uncertainty an antecedent or moderating variable in the design of budgeting systems? An exploratory studyRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1072006Law and university efficiency: The amendment of the university law in Taiwan, in Cheng, H.D., Chen, S.D. and Lin, R.Y. (eds)RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1082006會計學(第二版)杜榮瑞 ; 薛富井; 蔡彥卿 ; 林修葳 book
1092006會計學概要(初版)杜榮瑞等著 book
1102005財務報表信心危機下,財務資訊透明度與股價異常報酬相關性研究RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1112005台灣會計教育之研討(一)會計專業角色已轉型教學實務差距待弭平周齊武; 杜榮瑞 ; 肖澤忠journal article
1122005Stragegy, Applications of Information Technology for Planning and Control, and Firm Performance: The Effect of Impediments to IT Implementations.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1132005Order Effects Revisited: The Importance of ChronologyRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1142005Information Disclosure Rating in TaiwanRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1152005機率詞彙與審計判斷:實驗研究杜榮瑞 report
1162005管理一學門會計領域卓越研究營杜榮瑞 other
1172005環境不確定性、預算制度特徵與公司績效杜榮瑞 ; 陳慧玲; 周齊武journal article
1182005會計教育之研究架構與議題RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1192005企業資訊揭露之決定因素與效應(上)-資訊透明六種假說 一探自願揭露六大動機王瑄; 杜榮瑞 journal article
1202005企業資訊揭露之決定因素與效應(下)-提昇資訊揭露程度 有效降低資金成本王瑄; 杜榮瑞 journal article
1212005台灣會計教育之探討(二)結合教學研究實務 企業教師學生共贏杜榮瑞 ; 肖澤忠; 周齊武journal article
1222005台灣會計教育之探討(三)大學之行政措施與支援-教學評鑑應多面向衡量 資源挹注需符使命目標肖澤忠; 周齊武; 杜榮瑞 journal article
1232005會計學(第一版)杜榮瑞等著 book
1242004Accountability, Task Characteristics and Audit Judgments.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1252004Is Environmental Uncertainty An Antecedent or Moderating Variable in the Design of Budgeting Systems? An Exploratory Study.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1262004Towards the Convergence with International Financial Reporting Standards: The Experience of Taiwan.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1272004會計研究發展基金會新任董事長專訪RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1282004「資本市場資訊透明與秩序維持」座談會楊雅惠; 朱富春; 陳明道; 朱兆銓; 鍾彩焱; 杜榮瑞 ; 邱欽庭journal article
1292004影響我國現階段全面採用國際會計準則之因素探討杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) ; 顏信輝(Sin-Hui Yen); 陳琬瑜(Wan-Yu Chen)journal article
1302004專訪財會會主委杜榮瑞談與國際準則接軌之問題與挑戰RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1312004工作特徵與解釋責任對審計判斷的影響:實驗研究杜榮瑞 report
1322003因應兩廳院行政法人化之會計制度與財務管理策略規劃研究林嬋娟 ; 杜榮瑞 report
1332003以ABC模型估計大學學生單位成本及學費訂定杜榮瑞 ; 劉中鍵journal article
1342003談國際準則之轉變與未來趨勢RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1352003當經濟學研究走入實驗室RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1362003Environmental Uncertainty and the Design of Budgeting Systems: Antecedent or Moderating Variable?Chow, Chee W.; Duh, Rong-Ruey ; Chen, Hueilingconference paper
1372003Managers’ Susceptibility to Biased Learning from Experience: An Experimental Investigation杜榮瑞 ; 周齊武; 袁麗薇journal article
1382003Understanding Change Agent’s Behavioral Intention in Activity-Based Cost Management Implementation: An Empirical Examination of Technology Acceptance Model林娟娟(Judy Chuan-Chuan Lin); 杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) journal article
1392003原則式準則vs.規則式準則-兼論對國內會計專業、教育及準則制訂之啟示杜榮瑞 journal article
1402003如何利用課程綱要與期中評量加強師生溝通及持續改善Martha Doran; 周齊武; 杜榮瑞 journal article
1412003確實估算成本 正確掌握績效 以ABC模型估計大學學生單位成本及學費訂定杜榮瑞 ; 劉中鍵journal article
1422003作業基礎成本管理: 制度設計與組織行為RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1432003經理人員能否有效地自經驗中學習?實驗研究杜榮瑞 report
1442002當會計碰上經濟 看會計界如何從經濟獎得主的發現找到靈感杜榮瑞 journal article
1452002會計師管理與會計師陷阱─從連串的弊案談起杜榮瑞 ; 鍾惠珍journal article
1462002會計教育何去何從:危機中的指南杜榮瑞 book
1472002Managers' Susceptibility to Biased Learning from Experience: An Experimental Investigation.Chow, C. W.; Duh, Rong-Ruey ; Yuen, S.conference paper
1482002書評書目:The Value Reporting: Moving Beyond the Earnings Game, by R. H. Herz, E. M. Keegan and D. M. H. Phillips, John Wiley & Sons Press杜榮瑞 journal article
1492002會計系學生更害怕溝通嗎?實證研究RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1502002Managers’ Susceptibility to Biased Learning from Experience: An Experimental InvestigationRONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1512002企業盈餘操縱:企業經理人、會計準則與審計杜榮瑞 journal article
1522002實踐透明化之企業報導另類模式The ValueReporting Revolution: Moving Beyond the Earnings Game杜榮瑞 journal article
1532002耶魯大學管理學院Shyam Sunder教授來台演講摘要-會計之崩潰:起因與對策Shyam Sunder; 杜榮瑞 ; 吳婉婷journal article
1542002會計之崩潰:起因與對策RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1552002An empirical examination of competing theories to explain the framing effect in accounting related decisionsRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1562002員工分紅制度探討─ 讓公司法規定按公司法規定,會計處理按會計處理杜榮瑞 ; 鍾惠珍journal article
1572002Book Review: The Value Reporting Revolution: Moving Beyond the Earnings Game, by R. G. Eccles, R. H. Hertz, and D. M. H. PhilipsRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1582002經理人在不完整後果回饋資訊下的學習成效及決策偏誤周齊武; 杜榮瑞 journal article
1592002Control and assurance in e-commerce: Privacy, integrity and security at eBayRONG-RUEY DUH journal article
1602001大學法修正通過後大學院校生產力變動之研究:無參數Malmquist指數之應用RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1612001大學效率之評估及相關因素之探討:資料包絡分析RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1622001大學法修正通過後對大學院校生產力的影響RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1632001Are Accounting Students More Communication Apprehensive: An Empirical Study.RONG-RUEY DUH conference paper
1642001會計系學生害怕溝通嗎?杜榮瑞 journal article
1652001我國行為會計研究之回顧杜榮瑞 report
1662001以自有品牌,創造奇蹟─慧友電子的個案研究杜榮瑞 ; 林娟娟book chapter
1672001政府會計整合型研究計畫─大學法修正通過後對大學院校生產力的影響杜榮瑞 report
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1812000民營化自由化下台電作業基礎成本制之規劃與設計杜榮瑞 report
1822000作業基礎成本與管理制度接受行為之研究杜榮瑞 report
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2851988會計的社會面RONG-RUEY DUH journal article
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2931986Incentive, Learning and Processing of Information in a Market Environment: An Examination of the Base-Rate Fallacy杜榮瑞 journal article