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12016Auditor’s Legal Liability and Debt ContractsPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
22015The Effects of the Auditor’s Insurance Role on Reporting Conservatism and Audit QualityLiao, Pei-Cheng ; Suresh Radhakrishnan12
32014Strategic Delegation of Multiple TasksPEI-CHENG LIAO journal article33
42014Input Prices as Signals of Costs to a Downstream Rival and CustomerPEI-CHENG LIAO journal article00
52014解開中國之謎-從中國政治集權與地方經濟分權體制談組織結構與激勵誘因PEI-CHENG LIAO book
62013A Commitment-based Explanation for Outsourcing Multiple TasksPEI-CHENG LIAO journal article10
72013Wholesale Prices as Signals of Retail DemandPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
82012Input Prices as Signals of UncompetitivenessPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
92012Should Wage Bargaining be Delegated to Managers along with Output Production? From a Strategic PerspectivePEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
102011Make-or-Buy Decisions and Commitment ProblemsPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
112010Should Design Action be Outsourced with Production Action?PEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
122010Discriminatory Input Pricing and Strategic Delegation.Liao, Pei-Cheng ; PEI-CHENG LIAO journal article30
132010訴訟代理人專業背景對所得稅訴訟案件的影響PEI-CHENG LIAO ; 王全三 ; 廖珮真 ; 林敬偉journal article00
142010Strategic Delegation under Unionized Duopoly: Who Will Bargain with Unions?Liao, Pei-Cheng 
152009Wage Bargaining and Strategic Delegation Under Unionized DuopolyPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
162009R&D Subsidy, Intellectual Property Rights Protection, and North-South Trade: How Good Is the TRIPS Agreement?Liao, Pei-Cheng ; Wong, Kar-yiu54
172008Downstream R&D Rivalry with Spillovers and Discriminatory Input PricingLiao, Pei-Cheng ; PEI-CHENG LIAO journal article01
182008Input Price Contracts and Strategic Delegation with Downstream DuopolyLiao, Pei-Cheng ; PEI-CHENG LIAO journal article00
192008不對稱資訊下寡占廠商的策略性管理授權廖珮真 ; 廖珮真 
202008A Note on Market Coverage in Vertical Differentiation Models with Fixed CostsLiao, Pei-Cheng journal article710
212008International R&D Rivalry with Spillovers and Tariff PoliciesLiao, Pei-Cheng 11
222008以點突變作人類脂蛋白元A5功能之研究Liao, Pei-Jhen; 廖珮真 
232008Input Price Contracts and Strategic Delegation with Downstream Cournot DuopolyLiao, Pei-Cheng 
242007Discriminatory Input Pricing and Downstream R&D Rivalry with SpilloversPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
252007International R&D Rivalry with Spillovers and Policy Cooperation in R&D Subsidies and TaxesLiao, Pei-Cheng journal article
262006Input Price Discrimination and Strategic DelegationPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
272006Uniform versus Discriminatory Tariffs: When Will Export Taxes be Used?Liao, Pei-Cheng ; Wong, Kar-yiujournal article98
282005International R&D Rivalry with Spillovers and Tariff PoliciesPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
292005Minimum Quality Standard and International Rivalry in Quality and PricePEI-CHENG LIAO ; Kar-yiu Wongbook
302005不確定性下產品品質選擇:先行承諾與後進彈性的抉擇廖珮真 text
312004Rivalry between Exporting Countries and an Importing Country under Incomplete InformationLiao, Pei-Cheng 
322004各國貿易救濟案件調查實務與案例分析廖珮真 ; 廖珮真 
332004Consumer Heterogeneity, Market Coverage and Quality Choice in a Duopoly Model of Vertical Product DifferentiationLiao, Pei-Cheng 
342004最適策略性貿易政策的再研究:進口關稅與出口補貼政策的相互影響廖珮真 text
352003Rivalry between Exporting Countries and Importing Country under Incomplete InformationPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
362002Policy Interaction of Minimum Quality Standards and Tariffs in an International Duopoly Model of Vertical Product DifferentiationPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
372002Minimum Quality Standards and Trade PolicyPEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper
382002R&D Subsidy Policy, Intellectual Property Rights Protection, and North-South TradePEI-CHENG LIAO conference paper