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12019A nonstructural flood prevention measure for mitigating urban inundation impacts along with river flooding effectsShih, S.-S.; Kuo, P.-H.; Lai, J.-S.; Shang-Shu Shih journal article00
22018TXT-tool 3.886-1.2 simulation for the debris flow and sediment transport in a large-scale watershedWu, Y.-H.; Liu, K.-F.; Chen, Y.-C.; Chiu, Y.-J.; Shih, S.-S.; Shang-Shu Shih book chapter00
32017Optimal combinations of non-sequential regressors for ARX-based typhoon inundation forecast models considering multiple objectivesOuyang, H.-T.; Shih, S.-S.; Wu, C.-S.; Shang-Shu Shih journal article11
42017Tracer experiments and hydraulic performance improvements in a treatment pondShih, S.-S.; Zeng, Y.-Q.; Lee, H.-Y.; Otte, M.L.; Fang, W.-T.; Shang-Shu Shih journal article20
52016Flume Experiments for Optimizing the Hydraulic Performance of a Deep-Water Wetland Utilizing Emergent Vegetation and ObstructionsShang-Shu Shih journal article55
62016Flow uniformity and hydraulic efficiency improvement of deep-water constructed wetlandsShang-Shu Shih journal article87
72015Modeling driving forces of avian diversity in a spatial configuration surrounded by farm pondsShang-Shu Shih journal article66
82015華江溼地小水鴨棲地復育方案選擇評估Shang-Shu Shih journal article
92015Tradeoffs between reducing flood risks and storing carbon stocks in mangrovesShang-Shu Shih journal article86
102015Ecosystem functions connecting contributions from ecosystem services to human wellbeing in a mangrove system in Northern TaiwanShang-Shu Shih journal article65
112015Geomorphologic dynamics and maintenance following mudflat, creek and pond formation in an estuarine mangrove wetlandShang-Shu Shih journal article33
122015Low carbon footprint routes for bird watchingShang-Shu Shih journal article22
132015On evaluating the selection of habitat restoration projects for the wintering common teals in the Huajiang wetlandShang-Shu Shih journal article
142014Predicting the spatial distribution of mangroves in a South African estuary in response to sea level rise, substrate elevation change and a sea storm eventShang-Shu Shih journal article75
152014Anthropogenic effects and climate change threats on the flood diversion of Erchung Floodway in Tanshui River, northern TaiwanShang-Shu Shih journal article108
162014Changes and threats of the taipei flood prevention systemShih, S.-S.; Lai, J.-S.; Hwang, G.-W.; Shang-Shu Shih book chapter
172014Changes and threats of the taipei flood prevention systemShang-Shu Shih book
182013A correction coefficient for pollutant removal in free water surface wetlands using first-order modelingShang-Shu Shih journal article109
192013The salinity gradient influences on the inundation tolerance thresholds of mangrove forestsShang-Shu Shih journal article1614
202013Large-scale simulation of watershed mass transport: A case study of Tsengwen reservoir watershed, southwest TaiwanShang-Shu Shih journal article98
212012Evaluating the restoration benefits of the gueisan dam regulation changes by using modified index of stream conditionsShang-Shu Shih journal article
222012Tidal current investigation and relevant reclamation Identification of the Wu-wei-kang WetlandShang-Shu Shih journal article
232012Restoration of Shorebird-roosting mudflats by partial removal of estuarine mangroves in Northern TaiwanShang-Shu Shih journal article1513
242012塊石堆砌工設置方式對淺水域魚類棲地品質改善評估Shang-Shu Shih journal article
252012宜蘭無尾港濕地全湖調查及陸化原因探討Shang-Shu Shih journal article
262012Improvement performance for fish habitat of fresh water creek with variant configurations of riprap worksShang-Shu Shih journal article
272011Ecotechnologies applied to agricultural irrigation and drainage channels: Case study of the Taichung Irrigation Association in TaiwanShang-Shu Shih ; YIH-CHI TAN journal article10
282011Development of a salinity-secondary flow-approach model to predict mangrove spreadingShang-Shu Shih ; Shih, Shang-Shu ; Yang, Sheng-Chi; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Hwang, Gwo-Wen; Hsu, Yu-Minjournal article1210
292009Quantitative evaluation of habitat requiremnets of fish communities by development of environmental matrixShang-Shu Shih journal article
302009發展魚類環境矩陣研析魚類族群棲地需求偏好之研究Shang-Shu Shih journal article
312009Optimal design for hydraulic efficiency performance of free-water-surface constructed wetlandsSu, T.M.; Shang-Shu Shih ; Yang, S.C.; Lee, S.S. ; Shih, H.Y.journal article4942
322008Model-based evaluations of spur dikes for fish habitat improvement: A case study of endemic species Varicorhinus barbatulus (Cyprinidae) and Hemimyzon formosanum (Homalopteridae) in Lanyang River, TaiwanShang-Shu Shih journal article1514
332008應用數值模式評估丁壩工於蘭陽溪水鳥保護區魚類棲地改善效益Shang-Shu Shih journal article
342008On ecological assessment for the fish habitat improvement with numerical models and consturcted spur dikesShang-Shu Shih journal article
352007Using groyne to improve fish habitat diversity in tidal estuaryShih, Shang-Shu ; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
362005Investigations and Prediction of Vegetation changes and Corresponding Sediment transport Characteristics in Guandu Nature ReserveShih, Shang-Shu ; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
372005On fish habitat diversity research with applications of numerical model analysisHong- Yuan Lee ; Shang- Shu Shih ; Hui-Ling Yujournal article
382005水?與生態?合調查作業應用於感潮河川之研究?鴻源 ; 黃國文; 王筱雯; 施上粟 ; 楊津豪journal article
392005河川情勢調查及生態水利資料整合分析李鴻源 ; 陳章波; 施上粟 ; 黃國文journal article
402005關渡紅樹林植群變遷之衝擊評估施上粟 ; 李鴻源 ; 許志揚; 游蕙綾journal article
412005淡水河河系河川情勢調查計畫(1/2)許志揚; 李鴻源 ; 陳章波; 謝蕙蓮; 李玲玲 ; 呂光洋; 王一匡; 邱健介; 黃國文; 王筱雯; 施上粟 conference paper
422005河川情勢調查及生態水 #63965;資 #63934;整合分析李鴻源 ; 陳章波; 施上粟 ; 黃國文conference paper
432005關渡濕地復育對策之探討黃國文; 李鴻源 ; 施上粟 ; 游進裕; 王筱雯conference paper
442004Impacts of vegetation changes on the hydraulic and sediment transport characteristics in Guandu mangrove wetlandLee, Hong-Yuan ; Shih, Shang-Shu journal article3833
452004Investigations of Vegetation changes and Corresponding Hydraulic Characteristics of Guandu WetlandsShih, Shang-Shu ; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
462004台中柳川應用生態工法於魚類棲地改善之研究施上粟 ; 李鴻源 ; 胡通哲journal article
472004Impacts of spur dikes on the habitat of Cyprinidate and Homalopteridae- a case study of Lanyang EstuaryHong-Yuan Lee ; Shang-Shu Shih ; Jheng-Chang Chenjournal article
482003近自然工法水理數值分析之研究─以多望溪為例胡通哲; 施上粟 ; 李鴻源 journal article