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12019The AREB1 Transcription Factor Influences Histone Acetylation to Regulate Drought Responses and Tolerance in <em>Populus trichocarpa</em&gtS. Li; Y. C. J. Lin ; P. Wang; B. Zhang; M. Li; S. Chen; R. Shi; S. Tunlaya Anukit; X. Liu; Z. Wang; X. Dai; J. Yu; C. Zhou; B. Liu; J. P. Wang; V. L. Chiang; W. LiJournal Article55
22019CAD1 and CCR2 protein complex formation in monolignol biosynthesis in Populus trichocarpaX. J. Yan; J. Liu; H. Kim; B. G. Liu; X. Huang; Z. C. Yang; Y. C. J. Lin ; H. Chen; C. M. Yang; J. P. Wang; D. C. Muddiman; J. Ralph; R. R. Sederoff; Q. Z. Li; V. L. ChiangJournal Article79
32019A novel synthetic-genetic-array-based yeast one-hybrid system for high discovery rate and short processing timeYeh, Chung-Shu; Wang, Zhifeng; Miao, Fang; Ma, Hongyan; Kao, Chung-Ting; Hsu, Tzu-Shu; Yu, Jhong-He; Hung, Er-Tsi; Lin, Chia-Chang; Kuan, Chen-Yu; Tsai, Ni-Chiao; Zhou, Chenguang; Qu, Guan-Zheng; Jiang, Jing; Liu, Guifeng; Wang, Jack P.; Li, Wei; Chiang, Vincent L.; Chang, Tien-Hsien; Lin, Ying-Chung Jimmy; YING-CHUNG LIN journal article0
42019Hierarchical transcription factor and chromatin binding network for wood formation in populus trichocarpaChen H.; Wang J.P.; Liu H.; Li H.; Lin Y.-C.J.; Shi R.; Yang C.; Gao J.; Zhou C.; Li Q.; Sederoff R.R.; Li W.; Chianga V.L.; YING-CHUNG LIN journal article2
52018Improving wood properties for wood utilization through multi omics integration in lignin biosynthesisJ. P. Wang; M. L. Matthews; C. M. Williams; R. Shi; C. M. Yang; S. Tunlaya Anukit; H. C. Chen; Q. Z. Li; J. Liu; C. Y. Lin; P. Naik; Y. H. Sun; P. L. Loziuk; T. F. Yeh; H. Kim; E. Gjersing; T. Shollenberger; C. M. Shuford; J. N. Song; Z. Miller; Y. Y. Huang; C. W. Edmunds; B. G. Liu; Y. Sun; Y. C. J. Lin ; W. Li; H. Chen; I. Peszlen; J. J. Ducoste; J. Ralph; H. M. Chang; D. C. Muddiman; M. F. Davis; C. Smith; F. Isik; R. Sederoff; V. L. ChiangJournal Article00
62017Reciprocal cross regulation of VND and SND multigene TF families for wood formation in <em>Populus trichocarpa</em&gtY. C. J. Lin ; H. Chen; Q. Li; W. Li; J. P. Wang; R. Shi; S. Tunlaya Anukit; P. Shuai; Z. Wang; H. Ma; H. Li; Y. H. Sun; R. R. Sederoff; V. L. ChiangJournal Article1313
72017Tissue and cell type co expression networks of transcription factors and wood component genes in Populus trichocarpaR. Shi; J. P. Wang; Y. C. Lin ; Q. Z. Li; Y. H. Sun; H. Chen; R. R. Sederoff; V. L. ChiangJournal Article00
82015Phosphorylation is an on/off switch for 5-hydroxyconiferaldehyde O-methyltransferase activity in poplar monolignol biosynthesisYING-CHUNG LIN journal article2725
92014A robust chromatin immunoprecipitation protocol for studying transcription factor-DNA interactions and histone modifications in wood-forming tissueYING-CHUNG LIN journal article2323
102014A simple improved-throughput xylem protoplast system for studying wood formationYING-CHUNG LIN journal article2321
112014Systems biology of lignin biosynthesis in Populus trichocarpa: Heteromeric 4-coumaric acid: Coenzyme A ligase protein complex formation, regulation, and numerical modelingYING-CHUNG LIN journal article3838
122013SND1 transcription factor-directed quantitative functional hierarchical genetic regulatory network in wood formation in Populus trichocarpaYING-CHUNG LIN journal article4850
132012Functional redundancy of the two 5-hydroxylases in monolignol biosynthesis of Populus trichocarpa: LC-MS/MS based protein quantification and metabolic flux analysisYING-CHUNG LIN journal article1111
142012Splice variant of the SND1 transcription factor is a dominant negative of SND1 members and their regulation in Populus trichocarpa.YING-CHUNG LIN journal article6755
152008阿拉伯芥澱粉分支酶活性的降低對於澱粉粒性質的影響林盈仲 ; Lin, Ying-Chung