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12022DNMT3b protects centromere integrity by restricting R-loop-mediated DNA damageShih, Hsueh-Tzu; Chen, Wei-Yi; Wang, Hsin-Yen; Chao, Tung; Huang, Hsien-Da; Chou, Chih-Hung; ZEE-FEN CHANG Cell Death & Disease23
22021Mitochondrial CMPK2 mediates immunomodulatory and antiviral activities through IFN-dependent and IFN-independent pathwaysLai, Jenn-Haung; Wu, De-Wei; Wu, Chien-Hsiang; Hung, Li-Feng; Huang, Chuan-Yueh; Ka, Shuk-Man; Chen, Ann; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Ho, Ling-JuniScience108
32021Autophagy restricts mitochondrial DNA damage-induced release of ENDOG (endonuclease G) to regulate genome stabilityChao T.; Shih H.-T.; Hsu S.-C.; PEI-JER CHEN ; Fan Y.-S.; YUNG-MING JENG ; Shen Z.-Q.; Tsai T.-F.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Autophagy99
42021A Convenient and Sensitive Method for Deoxynucleoside Triphosphate Quantification by the Combination of Rolling Circle Amplification and Quantitative Polymerase Chain ReactionWang, Hsin-Yen; Hsin, Peng; Huang, Chang-Yu; ZEE-FEN CHANG Analytical Chemistry00
52020Quantitation of deoxynucleoside triphosphates by click reactionsHuang, Chang-Yu; Yagüe-Capilla M.; González-Pacanowska D.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Scientific Reports22
62020Mammalian homologue nme3 of dynamo1 regulates peroxisome divisionHonsho M.; Abe Y.; Imoto Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Mandel H.; Falik-Zaccai T.C.; Fujiki Y.International Journal of Molecular Sciences45
72020NME3 regulates mitochondria to reduce ROS-mediated genome instabilityChen C.-W.; Tsao N.; Zhang W.; ZEE-FEN CHANG International Journal of Molecular Sciences32
82019The Ca-loop in thymidylate kinase is critical for growth and contributes to pyrimidine drug sensitivity of Candida albicansHuang, Chang-Yu; YEE-CHUN CHEN ; Wu-Hsieh, Betty A; Fang, J.-M. ; ZEE-FEN CHANG The Journal of biological chemistry33
92019Thymidylate kinase is critical for DNA repair via ATM-dependent Tip60 complex formationHu, Chun-Mei; Tsao, Ning; Wang, Yi-Ting; Chen, Yu-Ju; ZEE-FEN CHANG FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology44
102019Two separate functions of NME3 critical for cell survival underlie a neurodegenerative disorderChen C.-W.; Wang H.-L.; Huang C.-W.; Huang C.-Y.; Lim W.K.; Chen Tu I.; Koorapati A.; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH ; Kan H.-W.; SHIOU-RU TZENG ; Liao J.-C.; Chong W.M.; Naroditzky I.; Kidron D.; Eran A.; Nijim Y.; Sela E.; Feldman H.B.; Kalfon L.; Raveh-Barak H.; Falik-Zaccai T.C.; Elpeleg O.; Mandel H.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America1717
112018Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter 3 Regulates T Cell Homeostasis by Coordinating Lysosomal Function with Nucleoside AvailabilityWei, Chin-Wen; Lee, Chia-Ying; Lee, Ding-Jin; Chu, Chang-Feng; Wang, Ju-Chu; Wang, Tien-Chiao; Jane, Wann-Neng; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Leu, Chuen-Miin; Dzhagalov, Ivan L; CHIA-LIN HSUCell reports1614
122017Suppression of LPS-induced inflammatory responses by the hydroxyl groups of dexamethasoneChuang, Ting-Yun; Cheng, An-Jie; Chen, I-Ting; Lan, Tien-Yun; Huang, I-Hsuan; Shiau, Chung-Wai; CHIA-LIN HSU; YA-WEN LIU ; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Tseng, Ping-Hui; Kuo, Jean-ChengOncotarget1314
132017Correction for Kuo and Chang, GATA-1 and Gfi-1B Interplay To Regulate Bcl-xL TranscriptionKuo, Yuan-Yeh; ZEE-FEN CHANG Molecular and cellular biology01
142016The Shp2-induced epithelial disorganization defect is reversed by HDAC6 inhibition independent of Cdc42Tien, Sui-Chih; Lee, Hsiao-Hui; Yang, Ya-Chi; MIAO-HSIA LIN ; Chen, Yu-Ju; ZEE-FEN CHANG Nature communications54
152016The direct interaction of NME3 with Tip60 in DNA repairTsao, Ning; Yang, Ya-Chi; Deng, Yu-Jyun; ZEE-FEN CHANG The Biochemical journal1313
162016The Impact of dUTPase on Ribonucleotide Reductase-Induced Genome Instability in Cancer CellsChen C.-W.; Tsao N.; Huang L.-Y.; Yen Y.; Liu X.; Lehman C.; Wang Y.-H.; Tseng M.-C.; Chen Y.-J.; Ho Y.-C.; Chen C.-F.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Cell Reports1919
172016Epigenetic repression of ribosomal RNA transcription by ROCK-dependent aberrant cytoskeletal organizationWu T.-H.; Kuo Y.-Y.; Lee H.-H.; Kuo J.-C.; Ou M.-H.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Scientific Reports33
182016Profiling ribonucleotide and deoxyribonucleotide pools perturbed by gemcitabine in human non-small cell lung cancer cellsGuo, Jian-Ru; Chen, Qian-Qian; Lam, Christopher Wai Kei; Wang, Cai-Yun; Wong, Vincent Kam Wai; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Zhang, WeiScientific Reports98
192016Chemical Inhibition of Human Thymidylate Kinase and Structural Insights into the Phosphate Binding Loop and Ligand-Induced DegradationChen, Yi-Hsuan; Hsu, Hua-Yi; Yeh, Ming-Tyng; Chen, Chen-Cheng; Huang, Chang-Yu; Chung, Ying-Hsuan; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; WEI-CHEN KUO; NEI-LI CHAN ; Weng, Jui-Hsia; Chung, Bon-Chu; Chen, Y.-J.; Jian, Cheng-Bang; Shen, Ching-Chieh; Tai, H.-C. ; Sheu, Sheh-Yi; Fang, J.-M. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry1212
202015Dexamethasone-induced cellular tension requires a SGK1-stimulated Sec5-GEF-H1 interactionWang H.-L.; Yang C.-H.; Lee H.-H.; Kuo J.-C.; Hur S.-S.; Chien S.; Lee O.K.-S.; Hung S.-C.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Cell Science109
212015Uremia Induces Dental Pulp Ossification but Reciprocally Inhibits Adjacent Alveolar Bone OsteogenesisYang C.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Chau Y.-P.; Chen A.; Lee O.K.-S.; Yang A.-H.Calcified Tissue International53
222015Circulating Wnt/β-catenin signalling inhibitors and uraemic vascular calcificationsYang C.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Chau Y.-P.; Chen A.; Yang W.-C.; Yang A.-H.; Lee O.K.-S.Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation4339
232015The contribution of CMP kinase to the efficiency of DNA repairTsao N.; Lee M.-H.; Zhang W.; Cheng Y.-C.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Cell Cycle119
242015Examination of segmental average mass spectra from liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric (LC-MS/MS) data enables screening of multiple types of protein modificationsLiu N.-Y.; Lee H.-H.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Tsay Y.-G.Analytica Chimica Acta33
252015Immunohistochemical evaluation of ROCK activation in invasive breast cancerHsu C.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Lee H.-H.BMC Cancer1110
262014The contribution of mitochondrial thymidylate synthesis in preventing the nuclear genome stressLee M.-H.; Wang L.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Nucleic Acids Research1615
272014Oncogenic Shp2 disturbs microtubule regulation to cause HDAC6-dependent ERK hyperactivationTien S.-C.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Oncogene1918
282014GEF-H1 controls focal adhesion signaling that regulates mesenchymal stem cell lineage commitmentHuang I.-H.; Hsiao C.-T.; Wu J.-C.; Shen R.-F.; Liu C.-Y.; Wang Y.-K.; Chen Y.-C.; Huang C.-M.; del ?lamo J.C.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Tang M.-J.; Khoo K.-H.; Kuo J.-C.Journal of Cell Science2824
292013Ser1333 phosphorylation indicates ROCKI activationChuang H.-H.; Liang S.-W.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Lee H.-H.Journal of Biomedical Science139
302013Protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 suppresses podosome rosette formation in Src-transformed fibroblastsPan Y.-R.; Cho K.-H.; Lee H.-H.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Chen H.-C.Journal of Cell Science1515
312012ROCKII Ser 1366 phosphorylation reflects the activation statusChuang H.-H.; Yang C.-H.; Tsay Y.-G.; Hsu C.-Y.; Tseng L.-M.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Lee H.-H.Biochemical Journal3228
322012Tumor Cells Require Thymidylate Kinase to Prevent dUTP Incorporation during DNA RepairHu C.-M.; Yeh M.-T.; Tsao N.; Chen C.-W.; Gao Q.-Z.; Chang C.-Y.; Lee M.-H.; Fang J.-M.; Sheu S.-Y.; Lin C.-J.; Tseng M.-C.; Chen Y.-J.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Cancer Cell5249
332011Novel lipid-coated magnetic nanoparticles for in vivo imagingHuang H.-C.; PO-YUAN CHANG ; Chang K.; Chen C.-Y.; CHUNG-WU LIN ; JYH-HORNG CHEN ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; FU-HSIUNG CHANG Recent Advances in Nanotechnology0
342010Src-dependent phosphorylation of ROCK participates in regulation of focal adhesion dynamicsLee H.-H.; Tien S.-C.; TZUU-SHUH JOU ; Chang Y.-C.; Jhong J.-G.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Cell Science5249
352010Regulation and functional contribution of thymidine kinase 1 in repair of DNA damageChen Y.-L.; Eriksson S.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Biological Chemistry5757
362010A bioluminescent method for measuring thymidylate kinase activity suitable for high-throughput screening of inhibitorHu C.-M.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Analytical Biochemistry76
372009Formulation of novel lipid-coated magnetic nanoparticles as the probe for in vivo imagingHuang, Huey-Chung; PO-YUAN CHANG ; Chang, Karen; Chen, Chao-Yu; CHUNG-WU LIN ; Chen, Jyh-Horng; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; FU-HSIUNG CHANG Journal of biomedical science4545
382009Guanine nucleotide exchange factor-H1 regulates cell migration via localized activation of RhoA at the leading edgeNalbant P.; Chang Y.-C.; Birkenfeld J.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Bokoch G.M.Molecular Biology of the Cell10893
392009P210 BcrAbl desensitizes Cdc42 GTPase signaling for SDF-1α-directed migration in chronic myeloid leukemia cellsChang Y.-C.; Tien S.-C.; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; Zhang H.; Bokoch G.M.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Oncogene1716
402008Regulation of RhoA-dependent ROCKII activation by Shp2Lee H.-H.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Cell Biology4943
412008Synthetic lethality by lentiviral short hairpin RNA silencing of thymidylate kinase and doxorubicin in colon cancer cells regardless of the p53 statusHu C.-M.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Cancer Research2223
4220083GEF-H1 couples nocodazole-induced microtubule disassembly to cell contractility via RhoAChang Y.-C.; Nalbant P.; Birkenfeld J.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Bokoch G.M.Molecular Biology of the Cell246230
432008Identification of a putative human mitochondrial thymidine monophosphate kinase associated with monocytic/macrophage terminal differentiationChen Y.-L.; Lin D.-W.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Genes to Cells2928
442007GATA-1 and Gfi-1B interplay to regulate Bcl-xL transcriptionKuo Y.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Molecular and Cellular Biology3530
452007Identification of a novel prostaglandin reductase reveals the involvement of prostaglandin E2 catabolism in regulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ activationChou W.-L.; LEE-MING CHUANG ; Chou C.-C.; Wang A.H.-J.; Lawson J.A.; FitzGerald G.A.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Biological Chemistry7573
462007Hiding human thymidine kinase 1 from APC/C-mediated destruction by thymidine bindingKe P.-Y.; Hu C.-M.; Chang Y.-C.; ZEE-FEN CHANG FASEB Journal1111
472007Mitotic control of dTTP pool: A necessity or coincidence?Hu C.-M.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Biomedical Science3633
482006RhoA signaling in phorbol ester-induced apoptosisZEE-FEN CHANG ; Lee H.-H.Journal of Biomedical Science1010
492006Contribution of guanine exchange factor H1 in phorbol ester-induced apoptosisChang Y.-C.; Lee H.-H.; Chen Y.-J.; Bokoch G.M.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Cell Death and Differentiation1615
502005Control of dTTP pool size by anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome is essential for the maintenance of genetic stabilityKe P.-Y.; Kuo Y.-Y.; Hu C.-M.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Genes and Development6966
512005GATA-1 mediates auto-regulation of Gfi-1B transcription in K562 cellsHuang D.-Y.; Kuo Y.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Nucleic Acids Research3836
522005Bidirectional signals transduced by DAPK-ERK interaction promote the apoptotic effect of DAPKChen C.-H.; Wang W.-J.; Kuo J.-C.; Tsai H.-C.; Lin J.-R.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Chen R.-H.EMBO Journal186178
532004Perturbation of ATP-induced tetramerization of human cytosolic thymidine kinase by substitution of serine-13 with aspartic acid at the mitotic phosphorylation siteLi C.-L.; Lu C.-Y.; Ke P.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications1918
542004Functional Genomic Study on Atrial Fibrillation Using cDNA Microarray and Two-Dimensional Protein Electrophoresis Techniques and Identification of the Myosin Regulatory Light Chain Isoform Reprogramming in Atrial FibrillationLING-PING LAI ; Lin J.-L.; Lin C.-S.; Yeh H.-M.; Tsay Y.-G.; Lee C.-F.; Lee H.-H.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; HWANG, JUEY-JEN ; MING-JAI SU ; Tseng Y.-Z.U.; Huang S.K.S.Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology5046
552004Nuclear efflux of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C1/C2 in apoptotic cells: A novel nuclear export dependent on Rho-associated kinase activationLee H.-H.; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; Liao H.-K.; Chen Y.-J.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Cell Science2526
562004Mitotic Degradation of Human Thymidine Kinase 1 Is Dependent on the Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome - Cdh1-Mediated PathwayKe P.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Molecular and Cellular Biology102100
572004GATA-1 and NF-Y cooperate to mediate erythroid-specific transcription of Gfi-1B geneHuang D.-Y.; Kuo Y.-Y.; Lai J.-S.; Suzuki Y.; Sugano S.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Nucleic Acids Research4137
582003DNA binding and cleavage by the periplasmic nuclease Vvn: A novel structure with a known active siteLi C.-L.; Hor L.-I.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Tsai L.-C.; Yang W.-Z.; Yuan H.S.EMBO Journal8789
592003Degradation of human thymidine kinase is dependent on serine-13 phosphorylation: Involvement of the SCF-mediated pathwayKe P.-Y.; Yang C.-C.; Tsai I.-C.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Biochemical Journal1010
602003Caspase activation during phorbol ester-induced apoptosis requires ROCK-dependent myosin-mediated contractionLai J.-M.; Hsieh C.-L.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Cell Science6460
612002Ribonucleotide reductase of shrimp white spot syndrome virus (WSSV): Expression and enzymatic activity in a baculovirus/insect cell system and WSSV-infected shrimpLin S.-T.; Chang Y.-S.; Wang H.-C.; Tzeng H.-F.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Lin J.-Y.; Wang C.-H.; Lo C.-F.; Kou G.-H.Virology2524
622002Cytosolic retention of phosphorylated extracellular signal-regulated kinase and a Rho-associated kinase-mediated signal impair expression of p21Cip1/Waf1 in phorbol 12-myristate-13-acetate-induced apoptotic cellsLai J.-M.; Wu S.; Huang D.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Molecular and Cellular Biology4141
632002Chimeric polypeptide of thymidine kinase and thymidylate kinase of shrimp white spot syndrome virus: Thymidine kinase activity of the recombinant protein expressed in a baculovirus/insect cell systemTzeng H.-F.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Peng S.-E.; Wang C.-H.; Lin J.-Y.; Kou G.-H.; Lo C.-F.Virology2222
642001Interaction of human thymidine kinase 1 with p21Waf1Huan D.-Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Biochemical Journal1010
652001Regulation of thymidine kinase expression during cellular senescenceZEE-FEN CHANG ; Huang D.-Y.Journal of Biomedical Science109
662001Cap-independent translation conferred by the 5′-untranslated region of human thymidine kinase mRNAChou W.-L.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Gene Structure and Expression77
672001Lysophosphatidic acid promotes phorbol-ester-induced apoptosis in TF-1 cells by interfering with adhesionLai J.-M.; Lu C.-Y.; Yang-Yen H.-F.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Biochemical Journal2826
681999NF-Y-mediated trans-activation of the human thymidine kinase promoter is closely linked to activation of cyclin-dependent kinaseZEE-FEN CHANG ; Huang D.-Y.; Hu S.-F.Journal of Cellular Biochemistry15
691998Serine 13 is the site of mitotic phosphorylation of human thymidine kinaseZEE-FEN CHANG ; Huang D.-Y.; Chi L.-M.Journal of Biological Chemistry2629
701997Regulatory mechanisms of replication growth limits in cellular senescenceZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association64
711995Different regulation of the human thymidine kinase promoter in normal human diploid IMR-90 fibroblasts and HeLa cellsZEE-FEN CHANG ; Huang D.-Y.; Lai T.-C.Journal of Biological Chemistry2121
721994Human thymidine kinase CCAAT-binding protein is NF-Y, whose a subunit expression is serum-dependent in human IMR-90 diploid fibroblastsZEE-FEN CHANG ; Liu C.-J.Journal of Biological Chemistry6669
731994Differential phosphorylation of human thymidine kinase in proliferating and M phase-arrested human cellsZEE-FEN CHANG ; Huang D.-Y.; Hsue N.-C.Journal of Biological Chemistry4549
741994Decline of protein kinase C activation in response to growth stimulation during Senescence of IMR-90 human diploid fibroblastsZEE-FEN CHANG ; Huang D.Y.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications1515
751993Constitutive Overexpression of DNA Binding Activity to the Distal CCAAT Box of Human Thymidine Kinase Promoter in Human Tumor Cell LinesZEE-FEN CHANG ; Cheng S.-M.Cancer Research610
761993The regulation of thymidine kinase in HL-60 human promyeloleukemia cellsZEE-FEN CHANG ; Huang D.-Y.Journal of Biological Chemistry2429
771992Methylation-sensitive protein-DNA interaction at the cell cycle regulatory domain of human thymidine kinase promoterZEE-FEN CHANG ; Cheng S.-M.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications23
781991A Single 3.7-Kilobase Messenger RNA Hybridizes to Immediate-Early Promoter- Enhancer of Human Cytomegalovirus in HL-60 and Acute Myeloid Leukemia CellsZEE-FEN CHANG ; Huang D.-Y.; Lin C.-J.Cancer Research00
791990Post-transcriptional regulation of thymidine kinase gene expression during monocytic differentiation of HL60 promyelocytesZEE-FEN CHANG Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications1417
801989Methylation of Repetitive DNA Sequences and Differentiation of Friend Erythroleukemia CellsSCHNEIDERMAN N.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; CHRISTMAN J.K.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences00
811989Polyamine metabolism and cell-cycle-dependent gene expression in IMR-90 human diploid fibroblasts during senescence in cultureYu Chen K.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Pang J.-H.; He G.-S.; Liu A.Y.-C.Experimental Gerontology1010
821988Regulation of ornithine decarboxylase and other cell cycle-dependent genes during senescence of IMR-90 human diploid fibroblastsZEE-FEN CHANG ; Chen K.Y.Journal of Biological Chemistry6071
831988Relationship between methylation of middle-repetitive DNA sequences in inducer-sensitive and resistant clones of Friend erythroleukemia cells and synthesis of poly(A)+RNA containing homologous repetitive sequencesSchneiderman N.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Christman J.K.Gene00
841987A marked increase of fucosylation of glycoproteins in IMR-90 human diploid fibroblasts during senescence in vitroChen K.Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications23
851986Age dependency of the metabolic conversion of polyamines into amino acids in IMR-90 human embryonic lung diploid fibroblastsChen K.Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Journal of Cellular Physiology1617
861986Increased level of cAMP?dependent protein kinase in aging human lung fibroblastsLiu A.Y.?C.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Chen K.Y.Journal of Cellular Physiology2024
871986Changes of serum?induced ornithine decarboxylase activity and putrescine content during aging of IMR?90 human diploid fibroblastsChenc K.Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Liu A.Y.?C.Journal of Cellular Physiology810
881985Increased cAMP-dependent protein kinase activity in aging IMR-90 human diploid fibroblastsLiu A.Y.-C.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Chen K.Y.Federation Proceedings0
891985Age-dependency of the metabolic conversion of polyamines to amino acids in IMR-90 human diploid fibroblastsChen K.Y.; ZEE-FEN CHANG Federation Proceedings0
901983Induction of a high affinity nitrosamine demethylase in rat liver microsomes by acetone and isopropanolTu Y.Y.; Peng R.; ZEE-FEN CHANG ; Yang C.S.Chemico-Biological Interactions7889