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12022Effects of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum PS128 on alleviating canine aggression and separation anxietyYeh Y.-M; Lye X.-Y; Lin H.-Y ; Wong J.-Y; Wu C.-C; Huang C.-L; Tsai Y.-C; LIH-CHIANN WANG Applied Animal Behaviour Science10
22022Lactic acid bacteria metabolites in fish feed additives inhibit potential aquatic and food safety pathogens growth, and improve feed conversionHo H.-H; Lu C.-L; Hsieh P.-S; Chen C.-W; Hsieh S.-H; Kuo Y.-W; Liu C.-R; Syu Z.-J; Chen J.-F; Lin J.H.-Y.; HAN YOU LIN Journal of Applied Aquaculture01
32021Multifunctional carbonized nanogels to treat lethal acute hepatopancreatic necrosis diseaseYen S.-C; Mao J.-Y; Lin H.-Y; Huang H.-T; Harroun S.G; Nain A; Chang H.-T; Lin H.-Y; Chen L.-L; Huang C.-C; HAN YOU LIN ; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Journal of Nanobiotechnology55
42021Carbonized lysine-nanogels protect against infectious bronchitis virusChou D.-L; Mao J.-Y; Anand A; Lin H.-J; Lin J.H.-Y; Tseng C.-P; Huang C.-C; Wang H.-Y.; HAN YOU LIN International Journal of Molecular Sciences98
52020Biological Protective Effects Against Vibrio Infections in Grouper Larvae Using the Strombidium sp. NTOU1, a Marine Ciliate Amenable for Scaled-Up Culture and With an Excellent Bacteriovorous AbilityLin H.-Y; Yeh W.-Y; Tsai S.-F; Chiang K.-P; Lin J.H.-Y; Tsao C.-C; Lin H.-J.; HAN YOU LIN Frontiers in Marine Science34
62020Synthesis and evaluation of polyamine carbon quantum dots (CQDs) in Litopenaeus vannamei as a therapeutic agent against WSSVHuang H.-T; Lin H.-J; Huang H.-J; Huang C.-C; Lin J.H.-Y; Chen L.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Scientific Reports2219
72020Replication of a Dog-Origin H6N1 influenza virus in cell culture and miceTsai, S.-K. et al.; Shih, C.-H.; HUI-WEN CHANG ; Teng, K.-H.; Hsu, W.-E.; Lin, H.-J.; HAN YOU LIN ; Huang, C.-H.; HUI-WEN CHEN ; LIH-CHIANN WANG Viruses22
82020Combination of multiplex reverse transcription recombinase polymerase amplification assay and capillary electrophoresis provides high sensitive and high-throughput simultaneous detection of avian influenza virus subtypesTsai S.-K; Chen C.-C; Lin H.-J; Lin H.-Y; Chen T.-T; HAN YOU LIN ; LIH-CHIANN WANG Journal of Veterinary Science55
92019Development of an oligonucleotide microarray for simultaneous detection of two canine MDR1 genotypes and association between genotypes and chemotherapy side effectsLee J.-J.; Lin H.-Y.; Chen C.-A.; Lin C.-S.; CHEN-SI LIN ; HAN YOU LIN ; JIH-JONG LEE ; LIH-CHIANN WANG Journal of Veterinary Science32
102016A member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, orange-spotted grouper novel immune gene EcVig, is induced by immune stimulants and type I interferonYeh Y.-C.; Wang T.-Y.; Chou H.-Y.; Lin H.-Y.; Chen T.-Y.; Aoki T.; Wang H.-C.; HAN YOU LIN Fish and Shellfish Immunology21
112016Down-regulation of CD53 expression in Epinephelus coioides under LPS, poly (I:C), and cytokine stimulationHou C.-Y.; Lin J.H.Y.; Lin S.-J.; Kuo W.-C.; Lin H.-T.; HAN YOU LIN Fish and Shellfish Immunology66
122014EcVig, a novel grouper immune-gene associated with antiviral activity against NNV infectionYeh Y.-C.; Hsu Y.-J.; Chen Y.-M.; Lin H.-Y.; Yang H.-L.; Chen T.-Y.; Wang H.-C.; HAN YOU LIN Developmental and Comparative Immunology1010
132014Evaluating the protective efficacy of antigen combinations against Photobacterium damselae ssp. piscicida infections in cobia, Rachycentron canadum L.Ho L.-P.; Chang C.-J.; Liu H.-C.; Yang H.-L.; Lin J.H.-Y.; HAN YOU LIN Journal of Fish Diseases910
142013The biofunction of orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) CC chemokine ligand 4 (CCL4) in innate and adaptive immunityHsu Y.-J.; Hou C.-Y.; Lin S.-J.; Kuo W.-C.; Lin H.-T.; Lin J.H.Y.; HAN YOU LIN Fish and Shellfish Immunology2823
152012The bioactivity of teleost IL-6: IL-6 protein in orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) induces Th2 cell differentiation pathway and antibody productionChen H.-H.; Lin H.-T.; Foung Y.-F.; Han-You Lin J.; HAN YOU LIN Developmental and Comparative Immunology6055
162012Identification and characterization of DSCAM isoforms isolated from orange-spotted grouper Epinephelus coioidesYeh Y.-C.; Lee C.-W.; Pan Y.-W.; Hsu Y.-J.; Hung H.-Y.; Chen Y.-M.; Lin H.-Y.; Chen T.-Y.; Yang H.-L.; Wang H.-C.; HAN YOU LIN Developmental and Comparative Immunology88
172012Picochlorum as an alternative to Nannochloropsis for grouper larval rearingChen T.-Y.; Lin H.-Y.; Lin C.-C.; Lu C.-K.; Chen Y.-M.; HAN YOU LIN Aquaculture1617
182011Identification of antigens for the development of a subunit vaccine against Photobacterium damselae ssp. piscicidaHo L.-P.; Han-You Lin J.; Liu H.-C.; Chen H.-E.; Chen T.-Y.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Fish and Shellfish Immunology1819
192011The expression of two novel orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) TNF genes in peripheral blood leukocytes, various organs, and fish larvaeLam F.W.-S.; Wu S.-Y.; Lin S.-J.; Lin C.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; Wang H.-C.; Chen T.-Y.; Lin H.-T.; Lin J.H.-Y.; HAN YOU LIN Fish and Shellfish Immunology8675
202011An oral nervous necrosis virus vaccine using Vibrio anguillarum as an expression host provides early protectionChen Y.-M.; Shih C.-H.; Liu H.-C.; Wu C.-L.; Lin C.-C.; Wang H.-C.; Chen T.-Y.; Yang H.-L.; Lin J.H.Y.; HAN YOU LIN Aquaculture2422
212011Efficient 1H-NMR quantitation and investigation of N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) and N,N'-diacetylchitobiose (GlcNAc)2 from chitinLiu F.-C.; Su C.-R.; Wu T.-Y.; Su S.-G.; Yang H.-L.; Lin J.H.-U.; Wu T.-S.; HAN YOU LIN International Journal of Molecular Sciences1715
222010Identification of risk factors of Coxiella burnetii (Q fever) infection in veterinary-associated populations in Southern TaiwanChang C.-C.; Lin P.-S.; Hou M.-Y.; Lin C.-C.; Hung M.-N.; Wu T.-M.; Shu P.-Y.; Shih W.-Y.; Lin J. H.-Y.; Chen W.-C.; Wu H.-S.; Lin L.-J.; HAN YOU LIN Zoonoses and Public Health2319
232010RNAi knock-down of the Litopenaeus vannamei Toll gene (LvToll) significantly increases mortality and reduces bacterial clearance after challenge with Vibrio harveyiHan-Ching Wang K.C.; Tseng C.-W.; Lin H.-Y.; Chen I.-T.; Chen Y.-H.; Chen Y.-M.; Chen T.-Y.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Developmental and Comparative Immunology141131
242009The putative invertebrate adaptive immune protein Litopenaeus vannamei Dscam (LvDscam) is the first reported Dscam to lack a transmembrane domain and cytoplasmic tailChou P.-H.; Chang H.-S.; Chen I.-T.; Lin H.-Y.; Chen Y.-M.; Yang H.-L.; Wang K.C.H.-C.; HAN YOU LIN Developmental and Comparative Immunology8378
252008A comparison of the expression of immunity-related rag 1 and ikaros genes with histogenesis of the thymus in Epinephelus malabaricus (Bloch & Schneider)Lin J.H.-Y.; Lin H.-T.; Lopez C.; Chen T.-Y.; Chen M.-S.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Aquaculture Research55
262007An oral nervous necrosis virus vaccine that induces protective immunity in larvae of grouper (Epinephelus coioides)Lin C.-C.; Lin J.H.-Y.; Chen M.-S.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Aquaculture7165
272006Cloning of an orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) Mx cDNA and characterisation of its expression in response to nodavirusChen Y.-M.; Su Y.-L.; Lin J.H.-Y.; Yang H.-L.; Chen T.-Y.; HAN YOU LIN Fish and Shellfish Immunology7475
282006Vaccination with three inactivated pathogens of cobia (Rachycentron canadum) stimulates protective immunityLin J.H.-Y.; Chen T.-Y.; Chen M.-S.; Chen H.-E.; Chou R.-L.; Chen T.-I.; Su M.-S.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Aquaculture3836
292006Enhanced viability of a nervous necrosis virus-infected stable cell line over-expressing a fusion product of the zfBcl-x L and green fluorescent protein genesChen S.-P.; Yang H.-L.; Lin H.-Y.; Chen M.-C.; Wu J.-L.; Hong J.-R.; HAN YOU LIN Journal of Fish Diseases1414
302006Betanodavirus induces phosphatidylserine exposure and loss of mitochondrial membrane potential in secondary necrotic cells, both of which are blocked by bongkrekic acidChen S.-P.; Yang H.-L.; Her G.M.; Lin H.-Y.; Jeng M.-F.; Wu J.-L.; Hong J.-R.; HAN YOU LIN Virology4644
312005Histology and histochemical enzyme-staining patterns of major immune organs in Epinephelus malabaricusLin H.-T.; Lin H.-Y.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Journal of Fish Biology1412
322005An oral delivery system for recombinant subunit vaccine to fishLin J.H.-Y.; Yu C.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Developments in Biologicals27
332003Simple and rapid detection of Photobacterium damselae ssp. piscicida by a PCR technique and plating methodRajan P.R.; Lin J.H.-Y.; Ho M.-S.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Journal of Applied Microbiology3837
342002Disease outbreak in seafarmed Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) associated with Vibrio Spp., Photobacterium damselae ssp. piscicida, monogenean and myxosporean parasitesLopez C.; Rajan P.R.; Lin J.H.-Y.; Kuo T.-Y.; Yang H.-L.; HAN YOU LIN Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists33
351992臺灣地區牛鹿絲狀蟲之調查及腹腔蟲體結節之病理研究費昌勇 ; 洪國銓; 林翰佑 ; 林翰佑 國立臺灣大學農學院研究報告 
361992臺灣地區馬寄生蟲之調查研究費昌勇 ; 林翰佑 ; 林翰佑 國立臺灣大學農學院研究報告