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12019Motor competence moderates relationship between moderate to vigorous physical activity and resting EEG in children with ADHDYu, C.-L.; Chueh, T.-Y.; Hsieh, S.-S.; Tsai, Y.-J.; Hung, C.-L. ; Huang, C.-J.; Wu, C.-T.; Hung, T.-M.journal article00
22019Muscular fitness, motor competence, and processing speed in preschool childrenTsai, Y.-J.; Huang, C.-J.; Hung, C.-L. ; Kao, S.-C.; Lin, C.-F.; Hsieh, S.-S.; Hung, T.-M.journal article00
32019不同急性運動類型對BDNF及干擾控制之影響=The effect of different acute exercise modes on serum BDNF and interference control曾竣瑋; 洪巧菱 ; 趙曉涵 ; 洪聰敏; 王鶴森journal article00
42018Effects of Acute Exercise on Resting EEG in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderHuang, C.-J.; Huang, C.-W.; Hung, C.-L. ; Tsai, Y.-J.; Chang, Y.-K.; Wu, C.-T.; Hung, T.-M.journal article53
52017The Relationship between physical fitness and inhibitory ability in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: An event-related potential studyTsai, Y.J.; Hung, C.L. ; Tsai, C.L.; Chang, Y.K.; Huang, C.J.; Hung, T.M.journal article34
62017Higher power of sensorimotor rhythm is associated with better performance in skilled air-pistol shootersCheng, M.-Y.; Wang, K.-P.; Hung, C.-L. ; Tu, Y.-L.; Huang, C.-J.; Koester, D.; Schack, T.; Hung, T.-M.journal article1311
72016Neuroelectric and behavioral effects of acute exercise on task switching in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderHung, C. L. ; Huang, C. J.; Tsai, Y. J.; Chang, Y. K.; Hung, T. M.journal article00
82016中強度急性運動對注意力缺陷過動症孩童空間工作記憶的影響=Effect of moderate intensity acute exercise on spatial working memory in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder余建霖; 蔡侑蓉; 洪巧菱 ; 黃崇儒; 吳建霆; 洪聰敏journal article00
92016以神經電生理取向探討身體活動在ADHD兒童症狀與認知功能效益:文獻回顧與展望=Exploring the Effects of Physical Activity on Children with ADHD from a Neuroelectric Approach: A Literature Review and Future Prospects洪巧菱 ; 蔡侑蓉; 黃崇儒; 洪聰敏journal article00
102015Acute Exercise Improves Task-switching Performance in Children with Attention-Deficit/hyperactivity DisorderHung, C.L. ; Tsai, Y.T.; Huang, C.J.; Hung, T.M.conference paper
112015Expert-novice differences in SMR activity during dart throwingCheng, M. Y.; Hung, C. L. ; Huang, C. J.; Chang, Y. K.; Lo, L. C.; Shen, C.; Hung, T. M.journal article2119
122015Physical Fitness and Resting EEG in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An Exploratory StudyHuang, C.W.; Huang, C.J.; Hung, C.L. ; Shih, C.H.; Hung, T.M.journal article00
132015體育在通識教育之角色洪巧菱 ; 洪聰敏journal article
142014Type of physical exercise and inhibitory function in older adults: An event-related potential studyHuang, C. J.; Lin, P. C.; Hung, C. L. ; Chang, Y. K.; Hung, T. M.journal article1819
152014Effects of an aquatic exercise program on inhibitory control in children with ADHD: A preliminary studyChang, Y. K.; Hung, C. L. ; Huang, C. J.; Hatfield, B. D.; Hung, T. M.journal article4541
162014射擊準備期的大腦活動:射擊與動作需求之比較=Brain Dynamics during the Shooting Preparatory Period: A Comparison of Shooting and Motor Demands洪巧菱 ; 陳衣帆; 黃崇儒; 張育愷; 洪聰敏journal article00
172013Motor ability and inhibitory process in children with ADHD: A neuroelectric studyHung, C. L. ; Chang, Y. K.; Chan, Y. S.; Shih, C. H.; Huang, C. J.; Hung, T. M.journal article1716
182013Physical activity program improves motor ability, inhibition performance in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderHung, C.L. ; Huang, C.J.; Hung, T.M.conference paper
192013參與國際體育學術和運動組織經驗談洪巧菱 ; 洪聰敏journal article
202013教育部體育署體育學術研究的發展方向洪巧菱 ; 洪聰敏journal article
212012The relationship between fitness and EEG in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder childrenHuang, C.; Hung, C. L. ; Hung T.conference paper00
222011Relationships between Physical Fitness and Inhibitory Process in Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An ERP StudyHung, C.L. ; Tsai, T.; Chan, Y.; Ho, C.; Hung, T.conference paper
232011運動~讓我更專心──運動促進注意力缺陷過動症兒童之專注力洪巧菱 journal article00
242010Investigation of underlying psychological factors in elite table tennis playersChen, I.; Chang, C.; Hung, C. L. ; Chen, L.; Hung, T.journal article
252010Physical Activity and Cognitive Function: A Review of Contemporary Meta-AnalysesChang, Y. K.; Hung, C. L. journal article00
262009運動員自信心與前額腦波不對稱之關係謝佳雯; 洪巧菱 ; 林榮輝; 洪聰敏journal article
272009影響運動表現的心理因素洪巧菱 ; 洪聰敏journal article
282003The Effects of Uncertainty on Attention in Table-Tennis Players and Nonathletes洪聰敏; 洪巧菱 ; 豐東洋; 張育愷; 高竟峰; 羅麗娟journal article
292001桌球運動員與非運動員在前動作時間、動作時間及反應時間之比較=A Comparison Between Table Tennis Players and Nonthletes or Premotor Time, Motor Time, and Reaction Time洪聰敏; 羅麗娟; 豐東洋; 張育愷; 高竟峰; 洪巧菱 ; 張弓弘; 陳堅錐; 張鼎乾journal article