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12018A Content Analysis and Comparison of Typhoon News in Early and Recent Periods Based on the Text-Mining ApproachHsieh, Ji-lung; Yang, Bi-chun; 謝吉隆; 楊苾淳; JI-LUNG HSIEH journal article00
22015Designing and Evaluating User Interface for Assisting News Navigation and RetrievalHsieh, Ji-lung; Shen, Bo-chen; Yang, Li-wei; 謝吉隆; 沈柏辰; 楊立偉; JI-LUNG HSIEH journal article
32013Informetric Analysis on Open-Access High Productivity Authors in Biomedical AreaWen, Yen-lin; Hsieh, Ji-lung; ?燕鈴; 謝吉隆; JI-LUNG HSIEH journal article00
42012Parenting Information Need and Information Anxiety of Taiwanese Preschool Children's ParentsHsieh, Ji-lung; Cheng, Wan-ching; 謝吉隆; 鄭宛靜; JI-LUNG HSIEH journal article
520112010圖書資訊學蛻變與創新國際研討會--「學術界對圖書資訊學教育及學科發展之觀察與期許」論壇特載Chih-Ming Chen; Ji-Lung Hsieh; Ming-Hsin Chiu; Ming-Shu Yuan; Sheue-Chih-Ming Chen; Ji-Lung Hsieh; Ming-Hsin Chiu; Ming-Shu Yuan; Sheue-FangSong; Shiao-Feng; 陳志銘; 謝吉隆; 邱銘心; 阮明淑; 宋雪芳; 蘇小鳳; 藍文欽; 黃元鶴; JI-LUNG HSIEH journal article
62005A Novel Small-World Model: Using Social Mirror Identities for Epidemic SimulationsHuang, Chung-Yuan; Sun, Chuen-Tsai; Hsieh, Ji-Lung ; Chen, Yi-Ming Arthur; Lin, Holin journal article3321
72004Simulating SARS: Small-World Epidemiological Modeling and Public Health Policy AssessmentsHuang, Chung-Yuan; Sun, Chuen-Tsai; Hsieh, Ji-Lung ; Lin, Holin journal article