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12018Fra-2 expression in osteoblasts regulates systemic inflammation and lung injury through osteopontinLuo Y.; Gr?tsch B.; Hannemann N.; Jimenez M.; Ipseiz N.; Uluckan O.; NENG-YU LIN ; Schett G.; Wagner E.F.; Bozec A.Molecular and Cellular Biology49
22017Resolution of inflammation by interleukin-9-producing type 2 innate lymphoid cellsRauber S.; Luber M.; Weber S.; Maul L.; Soare A.; Wohlfahrt T.; NENG-YU LIN ; DIetel K.; Bozec A.; Herrmann M.; Kaplan M.H.; Weigmann B.; Zaiss M.M.; Fearon U.; Veale D.J.; Ca?ete J.D.; DIstler O.; Rivellese F.; Pitzalis C.; Neurath M.F.; McKenzie A.N.J.; Wirtz S.; Schett G.; DIstler J.H.W.; Ramming A.Nature Medicine98144
32016Inhibition of Notch1 promotes hedgehog signalling in a HES1-dependent manner in chondrocytes and exacerbates experimental osteoarthritisNENG-YU LIN ; Distler A.; Beyer C.; Philipi-Sch?binger A.; Breda S.; Dees C.; Stock M.; Tomcik M.; Niemeier A.; Dell'Accio F.; Gelse K.; Mattson M.P.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases1314
42016Inactivation of autophagy ameliorates glucocorticoid-induced and ovariectomy-induced bone lossNENG-YU LIN ; Chen C.-W.; Kagwiria R.; Liang R.; Beyer C.; Distler A.; Luther J.; Engelke K.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.W.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases3960
52015Signature of circulating microRNAs in osteoarthritisBeyer C.; Zampetaki A.; NENG-YU LIN ; Kleyer A.; Perricone C.; Iagnocco A.; Distler A.; Langley S.R.; Gelse K.; Sesselmann S.; Lorenzini R.; Niemeier A.; Swoboda B.; Distler J.H.W.; Santer P.; Egger G.; Willeit J.; Mayr M.; Schett G.; Kiechl S.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases89108
62015Inhibition of casein kinase II reduces TGFβ induced fibroblast activation and ameliorates experimental fibrosisZhang Y.; Dees C.; Beyer C.; NENG-YU LIN ; Distler A.; Zerr P.; Palumbo K.; Susok L.; Kreuter A.; Distler O.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.W.; Kvien T.K.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases1928
72014Combined inhibition of morphogen pathways demonstrates additive antifibrotic effects and improved tolerabilityDistler A.; Lang V.; Del Vecchio T.; Huang J.; Zhang Y.; Beyer C.; NENG-YU LIN ; Palumbo-Zerr K.; Distler O.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.W.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases2427
82014The Wnt antagonists DKK1 and SFRP1 are downregulated by promoter hypermethylation in systemic sclerosisDees C.; Schlottmann I.; Funke R.; Distler A.; Palumbo-Zerr K.; Zerr P.; NENG-YU LIN ; Beyer C.; Distler O.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.W.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases109106
92014The molecular chaperone cosmc enhances malignant behaviors of colon cancer cells via activation of Akt and ERKHuang J.; Che M.-I.; NENG-YU LIN ; Hung J.-S.; Huang Y.-T.; Lin W.-C.; Huang H.-C.; Lee P.-H.; Liang J.-T.; Huang M.-C.Molecular Carcinogenesis1915
102014Inactivation of evenness interrupted (EVI) reduces experimental fibrosis by combined inhibition of canonical and non-canonical Wnt signallingDistler A.; Ziemer C.; Beyer C.; NENG-YU LIN ; Chen C.-W.; Palumbo-Zerr K.; Dees C.; Weidemann A.; Distler O.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.W.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases1824
112013Blockade of canonical Wnt signalling ameliorates experimental dermal fibrosisBeyer C.; Reichert H.; Akan H.; Mallano T.; Schramm A.; Dees C.; Palumbo-Zerr K.; NENG-YU LIN ; Distler A.; Gelse K.; Varga J.; Distler O.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.W.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases7886
122013Inactivation of tankyrases reduces experimental fibrosis by inhibiting canonical Wnt signallingDistler A.; Deloch L.; Huang J.; Dees C.; NENG-YU LIN ; Palumbo-Zerr K.; Beyer C.; Weidemann A.; Distler O.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.W.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases5459
132013Autophagy regulates TNFα-mediated joint destruction in experimental arthritisNENG-YU LIN ; Beyer C.; Gie?l A.; Kireva T.; Scholtysek C.; Uderhardt S.; Enrique Munoz L.; Dees C.; Distler A.; Wirtz S.; Kr?nke G.; Spencer B.; Distler O.; Schett G.; Distler J.H.W.Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases157183
142013Autophagy: A key pathway of TNF-induced inflammatory bone lossNENG-YU LIN ; Stefanica A.; Distler J.H.W.Autophagy3141
152011MUC1 expression is elevated in severe preeclamptic placentas and suppresses trophoblast cell invasion via β1-integrin signalingShyu M.-K.; Chen C.-W.; NENG-YU LIN ; Liao W.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Lin C.-J.; Huang H.-C.; Lee Jr. J.; Huang M.-J.; Tseng G.-F.; Shih J.-C.; Lee C.-N.; Hsieh F.-J.; Huang M.-C.Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism1820
162008Ammonium hydroxide extracts from black tea inhibit growth, migration and invasion of colon cancer cellsHuang H.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; Chen C.-Y.; Shen T.-L.; Huang J.; NENG-YU LIN ; Sum S.-Y.; Che M.-I.; Huang M.-C.Journal of Food Biochemistry00
172007β1,4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase III enhances malignant phenotypes of colon cancer cellsHuang J.; Liang J.-T.; Huang H.-C.; Shen T.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; NENG-YU LIN ; Che M.-I.; Lin W.-C.; Huang M.-C.Molecular Cancer Research3031
182006C2GnT-M is downregulated in colorectal cancer and its re-expression causes growth inhibition of colon cancer cellsHuang M.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; Huang H.-C.; Huang J.; Liang J.-T.; Shen T.-L.; NENG-YU LIN ; Ho C.-C.; Cho I.-M.; Hsu S.-M.Oncogene6158