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12022The effect of a multidisciplinary lifestyle modification program for obese and overweight childrenChen P.-S.; Chang K.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Chen Y.-T.; Huang H.-W.; Tsai S.-M.; Yang H.-R.; Tung Y.-C.; WEI-WEN WU ; Chen H.-L.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
22022Sleep pattern regularity and measures of infant weight and length during the first 6 monthsTsai S.-Y.; Tung Y.-C.; WEI-WEN WU ; Lee C.-C.Journal of Pediatric Nursing
32022Factors associated with walking performance among adolescents undergoing cancer treatment: A correlational studyWEI-WEN WU ; Yu T.-H.; Jou S.-T.; Hung G.-Y.; Tang C.-C.Journal of Child Health Care
42022The effectiveness of a medical clowning program on improving emotional status among hospitalized children undergoing cancer treatment: A quasi-experimental studyWEI-WEN WU ; Lu F.L.; Shiu C.-S.; Tang C.-C.; Jou S.-T.; Chen J.-S.; Liu Y.-L.Journal of Nursing Scholarship
52021Factors influencing the protective behavior of individuals during COVID-19: a transnational surveyTang C.-C.; Chen H.; WEI-WEN WU Scientific Reports
62020Feasibility, process, and effects of short-term calorie reduction in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy: An integrative reviewTang C.-C.; Chen H.; Huang T.-C.; WEI-WEN WU ; Lin J.-M.; Tien F.-M.Nutrients
72019Caring for patients with oral cancer in Taiwan: The challenges faced by family caregiversWEI-WEN WU ; Liang, S.-Y.; Chang, T.-T.; Wang, T.-J.European Journal of Cancer Care
82019Resilience and Coping Strategies Influencing the Quality of Life in Patients With Brain TumorWEI-WEN WU ; Pan, C.-J.; Liu, H.-C.; Liang, S.-Y.; Liu, C.-Y.; Cheng, S.-F.Clinical Nursing Research
92019The long-term care experiences and care needs of parents caring for children with adrenoleukodystrophyWEI-WEN WU ; Feng, J.-C.; Chwo, M.-J.; Liang, S.-Y.; Cheng, S.-F.Journal of Nursing
102019Physical activity self-efficacy mediates the effect of symptom distress on exercise involvement among adolescents undergoing cancer treatmentWEI-WEN WU ; Yu, T. H.; Jou, S. T.; Hung, G. Y.European Journal of Cancer Care
112019The Mediating Role of Exercise on Relationships Between Fatigue, Sleep Quality, and Quality of Life for Adolescents With CancerWEI-WEN WU ; Jou S.-T.; Liang S.-Y.; Tsai S.-Y.Cancer Nursing
122019Using a patient-centered approach to identify symptom clusters among adolescents with cancerWEI-WEN WU ; Lin K.-C.; Liang S.-Y.; Jou S.-T.Cancer Nursing
132018Development and feasibility of Mandarin-language bone health scales for adolescents with cancer in TaiwanWEI-WEN WU ; Liu C.-Y.; Jou S.-T.; Hung G.-Y.; Liang S.-Y.Nursing and Health Sciences
142018Assessing Self-concept as a Mediator between Anger and Resilience in Adolescents with Cancer in TaiwanWEI-WEN WU ; Chang J.T.; Tsai S.-Y.; Liang S.-Y.Cancer Nursing
152017A Loss experience of a grandmother of a grandchild with α-ThalassemiaWEI-WEN WU ; Lin, H. W.; Chen, S. H.; Huang, Y. PInternational Journal of pediatrics & Child Care
162017Polarization resolved second harmonic microscopyMazumder N.; Deka G.; WEI-WEN WU ; Gogoi A.; Zhuo G.-Y.; Kao F.-J.Methods
172017Parental professional help-seeking for infant sleepHsu P.-W.; WEI-WEN WU ; Tung Y.-C.; Thomas K.A.; Tsai S.-Y.Journal of Clinical Nursing
182016Sleep Disturbances and Symptoms of Depression and Daytime Sleepiness in Pregnant WomenTsai, S.-Y.; JOU-WEI LIN ; WEI-WEN WU ; CHIEN-NAN LEE; PEI-LIN LEEBirth
192016The mediating role of parenting self-efficacy on parenting stress and quality of life in parents of young children with developmental delayWEI-WEN WU Journal of Nursing 
202016Acupoint stimulation, massage therapy and expressive writing for breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWEI-WEN WU Complementary Therapies in Medicine 
212016起皰性化療藥物外滲之護理WEI-WEN WU 榮總護理 
222016Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Quality of Third-Trimester Pregnant WomenCHIEN-NAN LEE; WEI-WEN WU Research in Nursing and Health 
232016Opioid-taking self-efficacy as influencing emotional status in patients with cancer painWEI-WEN WU European Journal of Oncology Nursing 
242016The experiences of adolescents with osteosarcoma during the one-year of treatment in TaiwanWEI-WEN WU Journal of Child Health Care 
252016The lived experiences of aboriginal adolescent survivors of childhood cancer during the recovering process in Taiwan: A descriptive qualitative researchWEI-WEN WU European Journal of Oncology Nursing 
262016Opioid-taking self-efficacy as influencing emotional status in patients with cancer painDing S.-A.; Liang S.-Y.; WEI-WEN WU ; Liu C.-Y.; Cheng S.-F.European Journal of Oncology Nursing
272015Opioid-taking self-efficacy affects the quality of life of Taiwanese patients with cancer painWEI-WEN WU Supportive Care in Cancer 
282015主要照顧者面對初次化學治療返家之癌症病童居家照護的經驗WEI-WEN WU 護理暨健康照護研究 
292015The Effectiveness of a Facebook-Assisted Teaching Method on Knowledge and Attitudes About Cervical Cancer Prevention and HPV Vaccination Intention Among Female Adolescent Students in TaiwanWEI-WEN WU Health Education and Behavior 
302015Development and Preliminary Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of Symptom-Management Self-Efficacy Scale for Breast Cancer Related to ChemotherapyWEI-WEN WU Asian Nursing Research 
312015The impact of pain on the quality of life of taiwanese oncology patientsWEI-WEN WU Pain Management Nursing 
322015The cancer-child homecare experiences of primary caregivers after discharge from the first phase of ChemotherapyI-Hsun C.; Su-Fen C.; WEI-WEN WU ; Hui-Ju C.; Shu-Yuan L.Journal of Nursing and Healthcare Research
332015The Mediating Role of Resilience on Quality of Life and Cancer Symptom Distress in Adolescent Patients With CancerWEI-WEN WU ; Tsai S.-Y.; Liang S.-Y.; Liu C.-Y.; Jou S.-T.; Berry D.L.Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing
342014The learning experiences of student nurses in pediatric medication management: A qualitative studyWEI-WEN WU Nurse Education Today 
352014Multiphoton microscopy for skin wound healing study in terms of cellular metabolism and collagen regenerationWEI-WEN WU Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE 
362013In vivo wound healing diagnosis with second harmonic and fluorescence lifetime imagingDeka G.; WEI-WEN WU ; Kao F.-J.Journal of Biomedical Optics
372013Investigating relationships among five temperature measurement sites in newbornsLee Y.-C.; Liu C.-Y.; Lin C.-C.; WEI-WEN WU Journal of Nursing
382013In vivo noninvasive diagnosis of wound healing in rat with multiphoton microscopyWEI-WEN WU ; Deka G.; Kao F.-J.Optical Molecular Probes, Imaging and Drug Delivery, OMP 2013
392013五種新生兒體溫測量方式之探討WEI-WEN WU 護理雜誌 
402011Electronic self-report symptom and quality of life for adolescent patients with cancer: A feasibility studyWEI-WEN WU Cancer Nursing 
412006創新教學法運用於兒科護理學實習護生之感受WEI-WEN WU 醫護科技學刊 
422004一位青少年期骨肉瘤患者接受放射線治療期間之護理經驗WEI-WEN WU 腫瘤護理雜誌