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12019Quantification of climatic feedbacks on the Caspian Sea level variability and impacts from the Caspian Sea on the large-scale atmospheric circulationArpe, Klaus; Tsuang, Ben Jei; Tseng, Yu Heng ; Liu, Xin Yu; Leroy, Suzanne A.G.journal article51
22019Linking the North American Dipole to the Pacific Meridional ModeDing, Ruiqiang; Li, Jianping; YU-HENG TSENG ; Sun, Cheng; Li, Yang ; Xing, Nan; Li, Xiaofengjournal article00
32019The Modeling of the North Equatorial Countercurrent in the Community Earth System Model and its Oceanic ComponentSun, Zhikuo; Liu, Hailong; Lin, Pengfei; YU-HENG TSENG ; Small, Justin; Bryan, Frank O.journal article00
42019Assessing the Skill of the Improved Treatment of Riverine Freshwater in the Community Earth System Model (CESM) Relative to a New Salinity ClimatologySun, Qiang; Whitney, Michael M.; Bryan, Frank O.; YU-HENG TSENG journal article00
52018A long-term tropical mesoscale convective systems dataset based on a novel objective automatic tracking algorithmHuang, Xiaomeng; Hu, Chenqi; Huang, Xing; Chu, Yang; YU-HENG TSENG ; Zhang, Guang Jun; Lin, Yanluanjournal article64
62018Combined role of high- and low-frequency processes of equatorial zonal transport in terminating an ENSO eventChen, Han Ching; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; YU-HENG TSENG ; Huang, Bohuajournal article10
72018Influences of the North Pacific Victoria Mode on the South China Sea Summer MonsoonYU-HENG TSENG journal article32
82017Evaluation of three temperature profiles of a sublayer scheme to simulate SST diurnal cycle in a global ocean general circulation modelYU-HENG TSENG journal article10
92017On the Shortening of the Lead Time of Ocean Warm Water Volume to ENSO SST since 2000YU-HENG TSENG journal article66
102017A box model for representing estuarine physical processes in Earth system modelsYU-HENG TSENG journal article78
112017The warm Blob in the northeast Pacific - The bridge leading to the 2015/16 El NinoYU-HENG TSENG journal article1816
122017Analysis of longer period variation of the Kuroshio Current intrusion into the Luzon Strait using rectified wavelet power spectraYU-HENG TSENG journal article11
132017Joint impact of North and South Pacific extratropical atmospheric variability on the onset of ENSO eventsYU-HENG TSENG journal article1515
142016North and equatorial Pacific Ocean circulation in the CORE-II hindcast simulationsCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; YU-HENG TSENG journal article1212
152016Diagnosing the possible dynamics controlling Sahel precipitation in the short-range ensemble community atmospheric model hindcastsYU-HENG TSENG ; MIN-HUI LO journal article22
162016Does vertical temperature gradient of the atmosphere matter for El Niño development?YU-HENG TSENG journal article31
172016An ENSO prediction approach based on ocean conditions and ocean–atmosphere couplingYU-HENG TSENG journal article99
182016Fate of water pumped from underground and contributions to sea-level riseYU-HENG TSENG ; MIN-HUI LO journal article3431
192016Evaluating statistical consistency in the ocean model component of the Community Earth System Model (pyCECT v2.0)YU-HENG TSENG journal article53
202016Interdecadal change in the lagged relationship between the Pacific–South American pattern and ENSOYU-HENG TSENG journal article118
212016P-CSI v1.0, an accelerated barotropic solver for the high-resolution ocean model component in the Community Earth System Model v2.0YU-HENG TSENG journal article21
222016Linking a sea level pressure anomaly dipole over North America to the central Pacific El NiñoYU-HENG TSENG journal article1110
232016Impacts of the representation of riverine freshwater input in the community earth system modelYU-HENG TSENG journal article65
242015An analysis of the linkage of pacific subtropical cells with the recharge-discharge processes in ENSO evolutionCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; YU-HENG TSENG journal article1010
252015Mean structure and fluctuations of the Kuroshio East of Taiwan from in situ and remote observationsYU-HENG TSENG ; MING-HUEI CHANG ; SEN JAN ; JOE WANG ; YIING-JANG YANG journal article1214
262015Interannual variability of the subtropical countercurrent eddies in the North Pacific associated with the Western-Pacific teleconnection patternYU-HENG TSENG journal article22
272015Improving the scalability of the ocean barotropic solver in the community earth system modelYU-HENG TSENG conference paper40
282015The Victoria mode in the north pacific linking extratropical sea level pressure variations to ENSOYU-HENG TSENG journal article4747
292015Influence of the North Pacific Victoria mode on the Pacific ITCZ summer precipitationYU-HENG TSENG journal article2021
302014Special issue of 16th PAMS Meeting: Recent advances in the oceanography of Pacific-Asian Marginal SeasYU-HENG TSENG ; SEN JAN journal article00
312014Long-term variability of the Kuroshio transport east of Taiwan and the climate it conveysYU-HENG TSENG ; SEN JAN journal article1716
322014A new synoptic scale resolving global climate simulation using the Community Earth System ModelYU-HENG TSENG journal article9591
332014Variation in the Kuroshio intrusion: Modeling and interpretation of observations collected around the Luzon Strait from July 2009 to March 2011YU-HENG TSENG journal article1012
342014The impact of South Pacific extratropical forcing on ENSO and comparisons with the North PacificYU-HENG TSENG journal article4241
352014A temporal multiscale analysis of the waters off the east coast of South Korea over the past four decadesYU-HENG TSENG journal article109
362014Characteristics of the RAW-filtered leapfrog time-stepping scheme in the ocean general circulation modelYU-HENG TSENG journal article44
372014An assessment of global and regional sea level for years 1993-2007 in a suite of interannual core-II simulationsYU-HENG TSENG journal article6461
382012Larval Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica) as sub-surface current bio-tracers on the East Asia continental shelfHan, Yu-San ; Zhang, Heng; Tseng, Yu-Heng ; Shen, Mao-Linjournal article1614
392012A new parallel domain-decomposed chebyshev collocation method for atmospheric and oceanic modelingYU-HENG TSENG ; HUNG-CHI KUO journal article140
402012Evaluation of multi-scale climate effects on annual recruitment levels of the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica, to TaiwanYU-SAN HAN ; CHIH-HAO HSIEH ; YU-HENG TSENG journal article4037
412012Software development of the TaIwan Multi-scale Community Ocean Model (TIMCOM)YU-HENG TSENG journal article109
422012Modeling air-land-sea interactions using the integrated regional model system in Monterey Bay, CaliforniaYU-HENG TSENG journal article88
432012Validation of the Kuroshio Current System in the dual-domain Pacific Ocean Model frameworkTseng, Y.H.; YU-HENG TSENG ; Shen, M.L.; SEN JAN ; Jane, S.; Dietrich, D.E.; Chiang, C.P.journal article1818
442012Using coupled fish behavior-hydrodynamic model to investigate spawning migration of Japanese anchovy, Engraulis japonicus, from the East China Sea to TaiwanCHIH-HAO HSIEH ; YU-HENG TSENG journal article1011
452011The formation and dynamics of the cold-dome off northeastern TaiwanYU-HENG TSENG ; Shen, M.-L.; Tseng, Y.-H.; SEN JAN ; Jan, S.journal article2323
462011Towards patient-specific cardiovascular modeling system using the immersed boundary techniqueYU-HENG TSENG ; WEN-YIH TSENG journal article1110
472011A numerical study on the role of wind forcing, bottom topography, and nonhydrostacy in coastal upwellingYU-HENG TSENG journal article54
482010Modeled oceanic response and sea surface cooling to typhoon Kai-TakTseng, Y.-H.; Tseng, Y. H.; I-I LIN ; Jan, S.; Jan, S.; YU-HENG TSENG ; SEN JAN ; Dietrich, D. E.; Dietrich, D.E.; Lin, I. I. ; Lin, I-I ; Chang, Y.-T.; Chang, Y. T.; Tang, T. Y.; Tang, T.Y.journal article3945
492010Numerical simulation of barotropic tides around TaiwanHui, C. K.; Hu, C.-K.; YU-HENG TSENG ; Chiu, C. T.; SEN JAN ; Chiu, C.-T.; Chen, S.-H.; Chen, S. H.; Kuo, J.-Y.; Cheng, Kai-Yuan; Kuo, J. Y.; Jan, S.; Jan, S.; Tseng, Y.-H.; Tseng, Y. Hjournal article3222
502010Sources of water in the Taiwan StraitYU-HENG TSENG ; Jan, S.; Jan, S.; SEN JAN ; Tseng, Y.-H.; Seng, Y. H.; Dietrich, D E.; Dietrich, D. Ejournal article3738
512010Spring of no Kuroshio intrusion in the southern Taiwan StraitYU-HENG TSENG ; Chen, C.-T.A.; Jan, S.; SEN JAN ; Huang, T.-S.; Wang, B.-J.; Tseng, Y.-H.journal article1919
522010Sea level variations in the regional seas around TaiwanYU-HENG TSENG ; EMMY TSUI-YU CHANG journal article1314
532010Preface to the special issue of numerical ocean modeling and predictionCHUN-CHIEH WU ; YU-HENG TSENG journal article00
542010On the natural oscillations of Monterey Bay: Observations, modeling, and originsYU-HENG TSENG journal article1412
552010Development of the patient-specific cardiovascular modeling system using immersed boundary techniqueTay, W.-B.; Lin, L.-Y.; WEN-YIH ISAAC TSENG ; YU-HENG TSENG journal article00
562008Impacts of tidal currents and Kuroshio intrusion on the generation of nonlinear internal waves in Luzon StraitYU-HENG TSENG journal article4240
572008High-order essentially local extremum diminishing schemes for environmental flowsYU-HENG TSENG journal article44
582008Mediterranean Overflow Water (MOW) simulation using a coupled multiple-grid Mediterranean Sea/North Atlantic Ocean modelYU-HENG TSENG journal article1922
592008Efficient parallel I/O in community atmosphere model (CAM)YU-HENG TSENG journal article33
602007An improved hybrid Cartesian/immersed boundary method for fluid-solid flowsYU-HENG TSENG journal article5146
612007Nonhydrostatic simulations of the regional circulation in the Monterey Bay areaYU-HENG TSENG journal article89
622006Modeling flow around bluff bodies and predicting urban dispersion using large eddy simulationYU-HENG TSENG journal article117113
632006Entrainment and transport in idealized three-dimensional gravity current simulationYU-HENG TSENG journal article1714
642005Regional circulation of the Monterey Bay region: Hydrostatic versus nonhydrostatic modelingYU-HENG TSENG journal article2427
652004A co-ordinate system independent streamwise upwind method for fluid flow computationYU-HENG TSENG journal article55
662004Large-eddy simulation of turbulent wavy boundary flow - Illustration of vortex dynamicsYU-HENG TSENG journal article3229
672004Dissipation effects in North Atlantic Ocean modelingYU-HENG TSENG journal article2720
682003A ghost-cell immersed boundary method for flow in complex geometryYU-HENG TSENG journal article520439
692002Using a fuzzy piecewise regression analysis to predict the nonlinear time-series of turbulent flows with automatic change-point detectionYU-HENG TSENG journal article109
702001Effects of coastal geometry and the formation of cyclonic/anti-cyclonic eddies on turbulent mixing in upwelling simulationYU-HENG TSENG journal article1717
712001Mixing and available potential energy in stratified flowsYU-HENG TSENG journal article4846