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12023The HER performance of 2D materials is underestimated without morphology correctionMuthu, Jeyavelan; Khurshid, Farheen; Chin, Hao Ting; Yao, Yu Chi; Hsieh, Ya Ping; Mario Hofmann Chemical Engineering Journal22
22023Bifunctional Semimetal as a Plasmonic Resonator and Ohmic Contact for an Ultrasensitive MoS<inf>2</inf> PhotodetectorMao, Ching Han; Chung, Chin Chien; Syong, Wei Ren; Yao, Yu Chi; Hsiao, Kai Yuan; Lu, Ming Yen; Mario Hofmann ; Hsieh, Ya Ping; Lu, Yu Jung; Yen, Ta JenACS Photonics11
32023Exciton Manipulation for Enhancing Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Wrinkled 2D HeterostructuresGhosh, Rapti; Papnai, Bhartendu; Chen, Yu-Siang; Yadav, Kanchan; Sankar, Raman; Hsieh, Ya-Ping; Mario Hofmann ; Chen, Yang-FangAdvanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.)165
42023Vacancy-plane-mediated exfoliation of sub-monolayer 2D pyrrhotiteLee, Jian Jhang; Chu, Yi Hung; Yen, Zhi Long; Muthu, Jeyavelan; Ting, Chu Chi; SSU-YEN HUANG ; Mario Hofmann ; Hsieh, Ya PingNanoscale Advances00
52022Highly sensitive organic electrochemical transistor for detection of stress-induced cation leakage from plant cellsM, Jeyavelan; Khurshid, Farheen; Akhil, M.; Rathes Kannan, R.; Ramesh, A.; Nagarajan, S.; Mario Hofmann ; Sterlin Leo Hudson, M.Biosensors and Bioelectronics: X00
62022Mediator-assisted synthesis of WS<inf>2</inf> with ultrahigh-optoelectronic performance at multi-wafer scaleChen, Yu Siang; Chiu, Sheng Kuei; Tsai, De Liang; Liu, Chong Yo; Ting, Hsiang An; Yao, Yu Chi; Son, Hyungbin; Haider, Golam; Kalbáč, Martin; Ting, Chu Chi; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann ; Hsieh, Ya Pingnpj 2D Materials and Applications56
72022Omnidirectional and Highly Sensitive Microtubular Photodetectors Based on QD/2D HeterojunctionsGhosh, Rapti; Kang, Yi Sun; Yadav, Kanchan; Lin, Hung I.; Yen, Zhi Long; Lin, Hsia Yu; Lu, Guan Zhang; Sankar, Raman; Hsieh, Ya Ping; Mario Hofmann ; YANG-FANG CHEN ACS Applied Electronic Materials10
82022Graphene synthesis and characterization for graphene nanocompositesNguyen, Dinh Tuan; Mario Hofmann ; Hsieh, Ya PingGraphene-Rubber Nanocomposites: Fundamentals to Applications00
920222D Material-Enabled Optical Rectennas with Ultrastrong Light-Electron CouplingNguyen, Hai-Thai; Yen, Zhi-Long; Su, Yen-Hsun; Hsieh, Ya-Ping; Mario Hofmann Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)21
102022Enhancing the Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction through Nanoscrolling of Two-Dimensional Material HeterojunctionsGhosh, Rapti; Singh, Mukesh; Chang, Li Wei; Lin, Hung-I; Chen, Yu Siang; Muthu, Jeyavelan; Papnai, Bhartendu; Kang, Yi Sun; Liao, Yu-Ming; Bera, Krishna Prasad; Guo, Guang-Yu; Hsieh, Ya-Ping; Mario Hofmann ; Chen, Yang-FangACS nano1814
112022Chemical vapor deposition merges MoS2 grains into high-quality and centimeter-scale films on Si/SiO2Singh, Mukesh; Ghosh, Rapti; Chen, Yu-Siang; Yen, Zhi-Long; Mario Hofmann ; Chen, Yang-Fang; Hsieh, Ya-PingRSC advances42
122022Efficient light-confinement in heterostructured transition metal dichalcogenide-based nanoscrolls for high-performance photonic devicesGhosh R; Lin H.-I; Chen Y.-S; Mario Hofmann ; Hsieh Y.-P; Chen Y.-F.Journal of Materials Research11
132021Two-Dimensional Mechano-thermoelectric Heterojunctions for Self-Powered Strain SensorsWang, Ying-Yu; Chen, Ding-Rui; Wu, Jen-Kai; Wang, Tian-Hsin; Chuang, Chiashain; SSU-YEN HUANG ; Hsieh, Wen-Pin; Mario Hofmann ; YUAN-HUEI CHANG ; Hsieh, Ya-PingNano letters116
142021Reaction-limited graphene CVD surpasses silicon production rateChin H.-T.; Mario Hofmann et al. 2D Materials11
152021Additive-enhanced exfoliation for high-yield 2d materials productionNguyen D.-T., Ting H.-A., Su Y.-H., Hofmann M., Hsieh Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann Nanomaterials31
162021Ferroelectric 2D ice under graphene confinementChin H.-T; Klimes J; Hu I.-F; Chen D.-R; Nguyen H.-T; Chen T.-W; Ma S.-W; Hofmann M; Liang C.-T; CHI-TE LIANG ; Mario Hofmann Nature Communications1211
172021Edge-rich interconnected graphene mesh electrode with high electrochemical reactivity applicable for glucose detectionTran V.V., Nguyen D.D., Hofmann M., Hsieh Y.-P., Kan H.-C., Hsu C.-C.; Mario Hofmann Nanomaterials33
182021Development of a tri-functional nanoprobe for background-free sers detection of sialic acid on the cell surfaceRenata S., Verma N., Tu Z., Pan R.-L., Hofmann M., Lin C.-H.; Mario Hofmann Chemosensors22
192021Edge-trimmed nanogaps in 2D materials for robust, scalable, and tunable lateral tunnel junctionsNguyen H.-T., Nguyen Y., Su Y.-H., Hsieh Y.-P., Hofmann M.; Mario Hofmann Nanomaterials22
202021Ultra-thin 2D transition metal monochalcogenide crystals by planarized reactionsChin H.-T., Hofmann M., Huang S.-Y., Yao S.-F., Lee J.-J., Chen C.-C., Ting C.-C., Hsieh Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann npj 2D Materials and Applications45
212021A Bi-Anti-Ambipolar Field Effect TransistorPaul Inbaraj C.R., Mathew R.J., Ulaganathan R.K., Sankar R., Kataria M., Lin H.Y., Chen Y.-T., Hofmann M., Lee C.-H., Chen Y.-F.; Mathew R.J; Ulaganathan R.K; Sankar R; Kataria M; Lin H.Y; Lee C.-H; Mario Hofmann ; YIT-TSONG CHEN ; Paul Inbaraj C.RACS Nano2521
222021Correlation of grain orientations and the thickness of gradient MoS2filmsChang H.-P; Hofmann M; Hsieh Y.-P; Chen Y.-S; Lin J.G.; Mario Hofmann RSC Advances10
232020Neutral scatterers dominate carrier transport in CVD graphene with ionic impuritiesChen S.-H., Nguyen Y., Chen T.-W., Yen Z.-L., Hofmann M., Hsieh Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann Carbon44
242020Electromagnetic Interference Shielding by Transparent Graphene/Nickel Mesh FilmsTran V.V., Nguyen D.D., Nguyen A.T., Hofmann M., Hsieh Y.-P., Kan H.-C., Hsu C.-C.; Mario Hofmann ACS Applied Nano Materials2824
252020Probing the adhesion behavior of graphene via a viscoelastic stamping techniqueSuwandana R.F., Hsieh Y.-P., Hofmann M.; Mario Hofmann Materials Science Forum0
2620202D Material Enabled Offset-Patterning with Atomic ResolutionChen S.-H., Hofmann M., Yen Z.-L., Hsieh Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann Advanced Functional Materials53
272020Erratum: Patterned liquid metal contacts for high density, stick-and-peel 2D material device arrays (Nanoscale (2018) 10 (14510-14515) DOI: 10.1039/C8NR02979B)Chen Y.-L., Nguyen Y., Wu S.-E., Chin Y.-C., Chuang C., Hsieh Y.-P., Hofmann M.; Mario Hofmann Nanoscale10
282020Modelling electrical conduction in nanostructure assemblies through complex networksYao H., Hsieh Y.-P., Kong J., Hofmann M.; Mario Hofmann Nature Materials2220
292020Multilevel Optical Labeling by Spectral Luminescence Control in Nanodiamond Color CentersChuang Y.-T., Chen S.-D., Huang W.-C., Shen T.-L., Chang M.-S., Chen Y.-F., Hsieh Y.-P., Chang Y.-H., Hofmann M.; Chen, S.-D.; Huang, W.-C.; Shen, T.-L.; Chang, M.-S.; Chen, Y.-F.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Chang, Y.-H.; Mario Hofmann ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; YUAN-HUEI CHANG ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces22
302020Robust formation of amorphous Sb2S3 on functionalized graphene for high-performance optoelectronic devices in the cyan-gapChen J.-H., Chiu S.-K., Luo J.-D., Huang S.-Y., Ting H.-A., Hofmann M., Hsieh Y.-P., Ting C.-C.; Mario Hofmann Scientific Reports818
312020Characterizing carrier transport in nanostructured materials by force-resolved microprobingNguyen Y., Chang H.-P., Hsieh M.-S., Santos I.D., Chen S.-D., Hsieh Y.-P., Hofmann M.; Mario Hofmann Scientific Reports43
322019Enhancing Thermoelectric Properties of 2D Bi2Se3 by 1D Texturing with GrapheneWu J.-K.; Hofmann M.; Hsieh W.-P.; Chen S.-H.; Yen Z.-L.; Chiu S.-K.; Luo Y.-R.; Chiang C.-C.; Huang S.-Y.; Chang Y.-H.; SSU-YEN HUANG ; Mario Hofmann ; YUAN-HUEI CHANG ACS Applied Energy Materials1111
332019Hybrid Optical/Electric Memristor for Light-Based Logic and CommunicationCai, S.-Y.; Tzou, C.-Y.; Liou, Y.-R.; Chen, D.-R.; Jiang, C.-Y.; Ma, J.-M.; Chang, C.-Y.; Tseng, C.-Y.; Liao, Y.-M.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2118
342019Solid-diffusion-facilitated cleaning of copper foil improves the quality of CVD grapheneNguyen, D.-T.; Chiang, W.-Y.; Su, Y.-H.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Scientific Reports54
352019Lateral Two-Dimensional Material Heterojunction Photodetectors with Ultrahigh Speed and DetectivityChen, D.-R.; Hofmann, M.; Yao, H.-M.; Chiu, S.-K.; Chen, S.-H.; Luo, Y.-R.; Hsu, C.-C.; Mario Hofmann ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2121
362019Ink-jet patterning of graphene by cap assisted barrier-guided CVDChen D.-R., Chiu S.-K., Wu M.-P., Hsu C.-C., Ting C.-C., Hofmann M., Hsieh Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann RSC Advances22
372019Characterizing percolative materials by strainingYao, H.; Hempel, M.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Nanoscale108
382018Impact of growth rate on graphene lattice-defect formation within a single crystalline domainChin, H.-T.; Lee, J.-J.; Hofmann, M.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann Scientific Reports2316
392018Patterned liquid metal contacts for high density, stick-and-peel 2D material device arraysChen, Y.-L.; Nguyen, Y.; Wu, S.-E.; Chun, Y.-C.; Chuang, C.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Nanoscale44
402018Electrostatic Control over the Electrochemical Reactivity of GrapheneChang, K.-W.; Santos, I.A.; Nguyen, Y.; Su, Y.-H.; Hsu, C.C.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Chemistry of Materials1110
412017Recrystallization of copper at a solid interface for improved CVD graphene growthHsieh, Y.-P.; Chen, D.-R.; Chiang, W.-Y.; Chen, K.-J.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann RSC Advances1513
422017Increasing the doping efficiency by surface energy control for ultra-transparent graphene conductorsChang, K.-W.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Ting, C.-C.; Su, Y.-H.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Scientific Reports88
432017Layer Control of Tubular Graphene for Corrosion Inhibition of Nickel WiresNguyen, A.T.; Lai, W.-C.; To, B.D.; Nguyen, D.D.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Hofmann, M.; Kan, H.-C.; Hsu, C.-C.; Mario Hofmann ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2626
442017How does graphene grow on complex 3D morphologies?Chin, H.T.; Shih, C.H.; Hsieh, Y.P.; Ting, C.C.; Aoh, J.N.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics86
452017Layer Control of Tubular Graphene for Corrosion Inhibition of Nickel Wires (vol 9, pg 22911, 2017)Nguyen, An T.; Lai, Wei-Cheng; To, Bao Dong; Nguyen, Duc Dung; Hsieh, Ya-Ping; Hofmann, Mario; Kan, Hung-Chih; Hsu, Chia-Chen; Mario Hofmann Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces00
462017Optical characterization of graphene and its derivatives: An experimentalist's perspectiveNguyen, D.-T.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Carbon-related Materials in Recognition of Nobel Lectures by Prof. Akira Suzuki in ICCE20
472016Characterization of graphene edge functionalization by grating enhanced Raman spectroscopyHung, Y.-J.; Hofmann, M.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Huang, C.-W.; Chang, K.-W.; Lee, J.-Y.; Mario Hofmann RSC Advances87
482016Scalable production of graphene with tunable and stable doping by electrochemical intercalation and exfoliationHsieh, Y.-P.; Chiang, W.-Y.; Tsai, S.-L.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics1414
492016High-Throughput Graphene Synthesis in Gapless StacksHsieh, Y.-P.; Shih, C.-H.; Chiu, Y.-J.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Chemistry of Materials3833
502016Reducing the graphene grain density in three stepsHsieh, Y.-P.; Chu, Y.-H.; Tsai, H.-G.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Nanotechnology148
512016Enhancing the Sensitivity of Percolative Graphene Films for Flexible and Transparent Pressure Sensor ArraysChen, Z.; Ming, T.; Goulamaly, M.M.; Yao, H.; Nezich, D.; Hempel, M.; Hofmann, M.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Advanced Functional Materials9189
522016Ultrahigh mobility in polyolefin-supported grapheneHsieh, Y.-P.; Kuo, C.-L.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Nanoscale76
532015Dopant morphology as the factor limiting graphene conductivityHofmann, M.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Chang, K.-W.; Tsai, H.-G.; Chen, T.-T.; Mario Hofmann Scientific Reports1614
542015Enhancing CVD graphene's inter-grain connectivity by a graphite promoterHsieh, Y.-P.; Chiu, Y.-J.; Mario Hofmann Nanoscale89
552015Ad-layers enhance graphene's performanceChen, T.-W.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann RSC Advances43
562015Ultrathin graphene-based solar cellsHsieh, Y.-P.; Hong, B.-J.; Ting, C.-C.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann RSC Advances54
572015Assessment of exhaust emissions from carbon nanotube production and particle collection by sampling filtersTsai, C.S.-J.; Hofmann, M.; Hallock, M.; Ellenbecker, M.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association42
582015Controlling the properties of graphene produced by electrochemical exfoliationHofmann, M.; Chiang, W.-Y.; D Nguyn, T.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann Nanotechnology4538
592014Complete corrosion inhibition through graphene defect passivationHsieh, Y.-P.; Hofmann, M.; Chang, K.-W.; Jhu, J.G.; Li, Y.-Y.; Chen, K.Y.; Yang, C.C.; Chang, W.-S.; Mario Hofmann ACS Nano228207
602014Surface-induced hybridization between graphene and titaniumMario Hofmann ; Hsu, A.L. et al.ACS Nano3533
612014Scalable, flexible and high resolution patterning of CVD grapheneHofmann, M.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Hsu, A.L.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Nanoscale3231
622014Tunneling-injection in vertical quasi-2D heterojunctions enabled efficient and adjustable optoelectronic conversionTan, W.-C.; Chiang, C.-W.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann ; YANG-FANG CHEN Scientific Reports33
632014Promoter-assisted chemical vapor deposition of graphemeHsieh, Y.-P.; Hofmann, M.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Carbon3531
642014Ultra-high sensitivity graphene photosensorsCHIH-I WU ; Mario Hofmann ; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Yen, C.-H.; Lin, P.-S.; Ma, S.-W.; Ting, C.-C.; Wu, C.-I.; Hofmann, M.; CHIH-I WU ; Mario Hofmann Applied Physics Letters16
652012A novel class of strain gauges based on layered percolative films of 2D materialsHempel, M.; Nezich, D.; Kong, J.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Nano Letters380353
662012A graphene-based surface plasmon sensorTan, W.C.; Hofmann, M.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Lu, M.L.; Chen, Y.F.; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann Nano Research3330
672012Synthesis of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride on Cu foil using chemical vapor depositionKim, K.K.; Mario Hofmann et al. Nano Letters1025984
682012A facile tool for the characterization of two-dimensional materials grown by chemical vapor depositionHofmann, M.; Shin, Y.C.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Nano Research2825
692011MOS photodetectors based on Au-nanorod doped graphene electrodesChen, Y.-T.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Shih, F.-Y.; Chang, C.-Y.; Hofmann, M.; Chen, Y.-F.; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann Nanotechnology 33
702011Antibacterial activity of graphite, graphite oxide, graphene oxide, and reduced graphene oxide: Membrane and oxidative stressLiu, S.; Zeng, T.H.; Hofmann, M.; Burcombe, E.; Wei, J.; Jiang, R.; Kong, J.; Chen, Y.; Mario Hofmann ACS Nano23002152
712011Raman spectroscopy of graphene and carbon nanotubesSaito, R.; Hofmann, M.; Dresselhaus, G.; Jorio, A.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; Mario Hofmann Advances in Physics770717
722010Chiral angle dependence of resonance window widths in (2n+m) families of single-walled carbon nanotubesHsieh, Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann ; Farhat, H.; Barros, E.B.; Kalbac, M.; Kong, J.; CHI-TE LIANG ; Chen, Y.-F.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; YANG-FANG CHEN Applied Physics Letters88
732010Surface plasmon enhanced energy transfer between type I CdSe/ZnS and type II CdSe/ZnTe quantum dotsWang, C.H.; Chen, C.W.; Chen, Y.T.; Wei, C.M.; Chen, Y.F.; Lai, C.W.; Ho, M.L.; Chou, P.T.; YANG-FANG CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU ; Mario Hofmann Applied Physics Letters3631
742010Defects in individual semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes: Raman spectroscopic and in situ Raman spectroelectrochemical studyKalbac, M.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Farhat, H.; Kavan, L.; Hofmann, M.; Kong, J.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; Mario Hofmann Nano Letters8180
752010Work function engineering of graphene electrode via chemical dopingShi, Y.; Kim, K.K.; Reina, A.; Hofmann, M.; Li, L.-J.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann ACS Nano500472
762010Scanning electrochemical microscopy of individual single-walled carbon nanotubesKim, J.; Xiong, H.; Hofmann, M.; Kong, J.; Amemiya, S.; Mario Hofmann Analytical Chemistry5447
772010Synthesis of few-layer hexagonal boron nitride thin film by chemical vapor depositionShi, Y.; Mario Hofmann et al. Nano Letters1025987
782010Perspectives on carbon nanotubes and graphene Raman spectroscopyDresselhaus, M.S.; Jorio, A.; Hofmann, M.; Dresselhaus, G.; Mario Hofmann Nano Letters26892537
792009Electroluminescence from ZnO/ si-nanotips light-emitting diodesHsieh, Y.-P.; Chen, H.-Y.; Lin, M.Z.; Shiu, S.C.; Hofmann, M.; Chern, M.-Y.; Jia, X.; Yang, Y.J.; Chang, H.J.; Huang, H.M.; Tseng, S.C.; Chen, L.C. ; Chen, K.H.; Lin, C.F.; Liang, C.T.; CHI-TE LIANG ; CHING-FUH LIN ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann ; MING-YAU CHERN Nano Letters8885
802009Thermal stability studies of CVD-grown graphene nanoribbons: Defect annealing and loop formationCampos-Delgado, J.; Mario Hofmann et al. Chemical Physics Letters177162
812009Loop formation in graphitic nanoribbon edges using furnace heating or Joule heatingJia, X.; Campos-Delgado, J.; Gracia-Espino, E.E.; Hofmann, M.; Muramatsu, H.; Kim, Y.A.; Hayashi, T.; Endo, M.; Kong, J.; Terrones, M.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; Mario Hofmann Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures2624
822009Softening of the radial breathing mode in metallic carbon nanotubesFarhat, H.; Sasaki, K.; Kalbac, M.; Hofmann, M.; Saito, R.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Physical Review Letters4945
832009Characterization and evaluation of nanoparticle release during the synthesis of single-walled and multiwalled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor depositionTsai, S.-J.; Hofmann, M.; Hallock, M.; Ada, E.; Kong, J.; Ellenbecker, M.; Mario Hofmann Environmental Science and Technology9472
842009Controlled formation of sharp zigzag and armchair edges in graphitic nanoribbonsJia, X.; Mario Hofmann et al. Science617597
852008Other one-dimensional systems and thermal propertiesDresselhaus, M.S.; Dresselhaus, G.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures89
862008Raman spectroscopy as a probe of graphene and carbon nanotubesDresselhaus, M.S.; Dresselhaus, G.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences138133
872008In-situ sample rotation as a tool to understand chemical vapor deposition growth of long aligned carbon nanotubesHofmann, M.; Nezich, D.; Reina, A.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Nano Letters5153
882007The big picture of Raman scattering in carbon nanotubesDresselhaus, M.S.; Dresselhaus, G.; Mario Hofmann Vibrational Spectroscopy9996
892007Growth mechanism of long and horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor depositionReina, A.; Hofmann, M.; Zhu, D.; Kong, J.; Mario Hofmann Journal of Physical Chemistry C6866
901960Uber Die Anwendung Der Gas-Chromatographie in Verbindung Mit Der Ir-Spektroskopie Und Der Massenspektrometrie Zur Bestimmung Von Verunreinigungen in Technischen, Polymerisierbaren Verbindungen Am Beispiel Des Methacrylsaure-MethylestersHofmann, M.; Kaiser, R.; Mario Hofmann Angewandte Chemie-International Edition0