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12022Characterization of exopolysaccharide-producing lactic acid bacteria from Taiwanese ropy fermented milk and their application in low-fat fermented milkNg K.-S; Chang Y.-C; Chen Y.-P; Lo Y.-H; Wang S.-Y; Chen M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG Animal Bioscience0
22021Pepsin-digested chicken-liver hydrolysate attenuates hepatosteatosis by relieving hepatic and peripheral insulin resistance in long-term high-fat dietary habitWu Y.-H.S; Lin Y.-L; Yang W.-Y; Wang S.-Y; Chen Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG Journal of Food and Drug Analysis1
32021Development of a heatable duck egg white translucent jelly: an evaluation of its physicochemical properties and thermal stabilityZheng N.-Y; Chen Y.-C; Chen Y.-P; Shiu J.-S; Wang S.-Y.; SHENG-YAO WANG Poultry Science10
42021Co-culture strategy of lactobacillus kefiranofaciens HL1 for developing functional fermented milkWang S.-Y; Huang R.-F; Ng K.-S; Chen Y.-P; Shiu J.-S; Chen M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG Foods0
52021Coculture strategy for developing lactobacillus paracasei PS23 fermented milk with anti-colitis effectLee K.-Y; Tsai Y.-C; Wang S.-Y; Chen Y.-P; Chen M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG Foods0
62021Effects of wheat fiber addition on emulsion and lipid/protein stabilities of an omega-3 fatty acid–fortified chicken surimi productSamuel Wu Y.-H; Lin D.Q; Wang S.-Y; Lin Y.-L; Chen J.-W; Nakthong S; Chen Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG Poultry Science4
72021Ameliorative effects of functional crude-chalaza hydrolysates on the hepatosteatosis development induced by a high-fat dietChen J.-W; Lin Y.-L; Samuel Wu Y.-H; Wang S.-Y; Chou C.-H; Chen Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG Poultry Science1
82020Antiobesity and hypolipidemic effects of protease A-digested crude-chalaza hydrolysates in a high-fat dietChen, J.-W.; Lin, Y.-L.; Chou, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-H.S.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-C.; CHUNG-HSI CHOU ; SHENG-YAO WANG Journal of Functional Foods55
92020The rumen specific bacteriome in dry dairy cows and its possible relationship with phenotypesChuang, S.-T.; Ho, S.-T.; Tu, P.-W.; Li, K.-Y.; Kuo, Y.-L.; Shiu, J.-S.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chen, M.-J.; MING-JU CHEN ; SHENG-YAO WANG Animals44
102020Ameliorative effects of functional chalaza hydrolysates prepared from protease-A digestion on cognitive dysfunction and brain oxidative damagesChan, C.-J.; Tseng, J.-K.; Wang, S.-Y.; Lin, Y.-L.; Samuel Wu, Y.-H.; Chen, J.-W.; Chen, Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG Poultry Science34
112019A novel immobilized cell system involving Taiwanese kefir microorganisms and sugar cane pieces for fermented milk productionMING-JU CHEN; Ng, Ker Sin; SHENG-YAO WANG; Ng, K. S.; Wang, S. Y.; Chen, M. J.; MING-JU CHEN ; SHENG-YAO WANG Journal of Dairy Science02
122019Analysis of steroid hormones in shell eggs from layer breeds common to Taiwan by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometryLi I.-C.; Yang W.-Y.; Chou C.-H.; Chen Y.-C.; Kuo S.-L.; Wang S.-Y.; SHENG-YAO WANG Food Science and Nutrition21
132019Protective effects of antioxidant egg-chalaza hydrolysates against chronic alcohol consumption-induced liver steatosis in miceYang K.-T.; Lin Y.-L.; Lin Y.-X.; Wang S.-Y.; Wu Y.-H.S.; Chou C.-H.; Fu S.-G.; Chen Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture37
142019Improving effect of a probiotic mixture on memory and learning abilities in D-galactose–treated aging miceHo S.-T.; Hsieh Y.-T.; Wang S.-Y.; Chen M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG Journal of Dairy Science516
152019Effects of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) extracts and dry ice on the physicochemical stability of omega-3 fatty-acid-fortified surimi-like meat productsWang Y.-Z.; Wang S.-Y.; Fu S.-G.; Yang D.-J.; Yu Y.-S.; Chen J.-W.; Chen Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture25
162018Effects of a natural antioxidant, polyphenol-rich rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) extract, on lipid stability of plant-derived omega-3 fatty-acid rich oilWang Y.-Z.; Fu S.-G.; Wang S.-Y.; Yang D.-J.; Wu Y.-H.S.; Chen Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG LWT - Food Science and Technology2743
172016Nutritional composition in the chia seed and its processing properties on restructured ham-like productsDing, Y.; Lin, H.-W.; Lin, Y.-L.; Yang, D.-J.; Yu, Y.-S.; Chen, J.-W.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 2639
182016Chicken surimi fortified by omega-3 fatty acid addition: Manufacturing and quality propertiesWang, H.-L.; Chou, C.-H.; Yu, Y.-S.; Hsu, C.-L.; Wang, S.-Y.; Ko, Y.-F.; Chen, Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; CHUNG-HSI CHOU ; YI-CHEN CHEN Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 108
192015Alleviative effects of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) flower on lipid peroxidation and protein degradation in emulsified pork meatballsDing, Y.; Wang, S.-Y.; Yang, D.-J.; Chang, M.-H.; Chen, Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; YI-CHEN CHEN Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 1717
202015Effects of a novel encapsulating technique on the temperature tolerance and anti-colitis activity of the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens M1Wang, S.-Y.; Ho, Y.-F.; Chen, Y.-P.; Chen, M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; MING-JU CHEN Food Microbiology 1218
212015Effect of yeast with bacteriocin from rumen bacteria on laying performance, blood biochemistry, faecal microbiota and egg quality of laying hensWang, H. T.; Shih, W. Y.; Chen, S. W.; Wang, S. Y.; SHENG-YAO WANG Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition68
222015ViiliChen M.-J.; Wang S.-Y.; SHENG-YAO WANG Fermented Milk and Dairy Products00
232014Asian ProductsChen, M.-J.; Tu, R.-J.; Wang, S.-Y.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; MING-JU CHEN Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry: Second Edition 30
242014Antioxidant activities of chicken liver hydrolysates by pepsin treatmentChou, C.-H.; Wang, S.-Y.; Lin, Y.-T.; Chen, Y.-C.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; CHUNG-HSI CHOU ; YI-CHEN CHEN International Journal of Food Science and Technology 2725
252012Investigation of microorganisms involved in biosynthesis of the kefir grainWang, S.-Y.; Chen, K.-N.; Lo, Y.-M.; Chiang, M.-L.; Chen, H.-C.; Liu, J.-R.; Chen, M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; JE-RUEI LIU ; MING-JU CHEN Food Microbiology 4457
262012Effects of cow's and goat's milk as fermentation media on the microbial ecology of sugary kefir grainsHsieh, H.-H.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chen, T.-L.; Huang, Y.-L.; Chen, M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; MING-JU CHEN International Journal of Food Microbiology 3650
272011Use of Taiwanese Ropy Fermented Milk (TRFM) andLactococcus lactissubsp.cremorisIsolated from TRFM in Manufacturing of Functional Low-Fat CheesesChiang, M.-L.; Chen, H.-C.; Wang, S.-Y.; Hsieh, Y.-L.; Chen, M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; MING-JU CHEN Journal of Food Science 21
282011探討克弗爾粒與viili菌元之菌群分布並研究其分離菌株之生物膜形成機制王聖耀; SHENG-YAO WANG 臺灣大學動物科學技術學研究所學位論文 
292011The antiinfective effects of velvet antler of Formosan sambar deer (Cervus unicolor swinhoei) on staphylococcus aureus -infected miceKuo, C.-Y.; Dai, T.-Y.; Wang, C.-H.; Chen, K.-N.; Huang, I.-N.; Hong, W.-S.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-P.; Chen, M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; MING-JU CHEN Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2422
302011Identification of lactic acid bacteria in Taiwanese ropy fermented milk and evaluation of their microbial ecology in bovine and caprine milkWang, S.-Y.; Chen, H.-C.; Dai, T.-Y.; Huang, I.-N.; Liu, J.-R.; Chen, M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; JE-RUEI LIU ; MING-JU CHEN Journal of Dairy Science 78
312009Microbiological and chemical properties of kefir manufactured by entrapped microorganisms isolated from kefir grainsChen, T.-H.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chen, K.-N.; Liu, J.-R.; Chen, M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; JE-RUEI LIU ; MING-JU CHEN Journal of Dairy Science 2733
322008Identification of yeasts and evaluation of their distribution in Taiwanese kefir and viili startersWang, S.Y.; Chen, H.C.; Liu, J.R.; Lin, Y.C.; Chen, M.J.; Wang, S. W.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; JE-RUEI LIU ; MING-JU CHEN Journal of Dairy Science 5154
332008Microbiological study of lactic acid bacteria in kefir grains by culture-dependent and culture-independent methodsChen, H.-C.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chen, M.-J.; SHENG-YAO WANG ; MING-JU CHEN Food Microbiology 127139
342006Identification and characterization of lactic acid bacteria isolated from kefir grains in Taiwan by using molecularWang, Sheng-Yao ; Chen, His-Chia; Chen, Ming-Ju 台灣乳酸菌學會2006年會 
352006Hypocholesterolemic effects of milk-kefir and soymilk-kefir in cholesterol-fed hamstersLiu, Je Ruei ; Wang, Sheng Yao ; Chen, Ming Ju ; Chen, Hsiao Ling; Yueh, Pei YingBritish Journal of Nutrition 7176
362006The anti-allergenic properties of milk kefir and soymilk kefir and their beneficial effects on the intestinal microfloraLiu, J.-R.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chen, M.-J.; Yueh, P.-Y.; Lin, C.-W.; Je Ruei Liu ; SHENG-YAO WANG ; Ming Ju Chen Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 4142
372002Antitumor activity of milk kefir and soy milk kefir in tumor-bearing miceSHENG-YAO WANG Nutrition and Cancer 70
382000利用根黴菌株凝乳?試製扣碗酪陳小玲; 陳明汝 ; 王聖耀 ; 林慶文中華農學會報