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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022The smallest parts function associated with omega(q)Wang, LQ; YI-FAN YANG INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NUMBER THEORY12
22022Ramanujan-type 1/pi-series from bimodular formsWang, LQ; YI-FAN YANG RAMANUJAN JOURNAL11
32022Modular Ordinary Differential Equations on ${\rm SL}(2,\mathbb{Z})$ of Third Order and ApplicationsZhijie Chen; CHANG-SHOU LIN ; YI-FAN YANG SIGMA 18 (2022), 013, 50 pages00
42021Marine mussel-based biomarkers as risk indicators to assess oceanic region-specific microplastics impact potentialChen, C.-Y.; Lu, T.-H.; YI-FAN YANG ; CHUNG-MIN LIAO Ecological Indicators129
52020Modelling the effect of vaccination on transmission dynamics of nervous necrosis virus in grouper larvae Epinephelus coioidesLu, T.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; Yang, Y.-F.; YI-FAN YANG ; CHUNG-MIN LIAO Journal of Fish Diseases11
62020Quantifying the impact of temperature variation on birnavirus transmission dynamics in hard clams Meretrix lusoriaLu, T.-H.; Yang, Y.-F.; Chen, C.-Y.; Wang, W.-M.; YI-FAN YANG ; CHUNG-MIN LIAO Journal of Fish Diseases22
72020Impact of consumer–resource dynamics on C. elegans–E. coli system exposed to nano zero-valent iron (nZVI)YI-FAN YANG ; Chen, C.-Y.; Lu, T.-H.; CHUNG-MIN LIAO Environmental Science and Pollution Research22
82020Shorter antibiotic regimens impact the control efforts in high tuberculosis burden regions of TaiwanLin, Y.-J.; Lin, H.-C.; Yang, Y.-F. ; Chen, C.-Y.; Lu, T.-H.; CHUNG-MIN LIAO International Journal of Infectious Diseases21
92020Assessing dietary exposure risk to neonicotinoid residues among preschool children in regions of TaiwanLing, M.-P.; Hsiao, H.-A.; Chen, S.-C.; Chen, W.-Y.; Chou, W.-C.; Lin, Y.-J.; You, S.-H.; YI-FAN YANG ; Lin, H.-C.; Chen, C.-Y.; Lu, T.-H.; CHUNG-MIN LIAO Environmental Science and Pollution Research76
102019MODULAR FORMS AND k-COLORED GENERALIZED FROBENIUS PARTITIONSChan, Heng Huat; Wang, Liuquan; Yang, Yifan ; 楊一帆 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society1111
112019Assessing human exposure risk and lung disease burden posed by airborne silver nanoparticles emitted by consumer spray productsYang Y.-F.; Wang W.-M.; Chen C.-Y.; Lu T.-H.; CHUNG-MIN LIAO ; YI-FAN YANG International Journal of Nanomedicine1412
122019Toxicity-based toxicokinetic/toxicodynamic assessment for bioaccumulation of polystyrene microplastics in miceYang Y.-F.; Chen C.-Y.; Lu T.-H.; CHUNG-MIN LIAO ; YI-FAN YANG Journal of Hazardous Materials151136
132019Association between ambient air pollution and elevated risk of tuberculosis developmentLin, Y.-J.; Lin, H.-C.; Yang, Y.-F.; Chen, C.-Y.; Ling, M.-P.; Chen, S.-C.; Chen, W.-Y.; You, S.-H.; Lu, T.-H.; YI-FAN YANG ; CHUNG-MIN LIAO Infection and Drug Resistance2220
142018Evaluation of Certain Hypergeometric Functions over Finite FieldsTu, Fang-Ting; Yang, Yifan ; 楊一帆 Symmetry Integrability and Geometry-Methods and Applications22
152018Special Values of Hypergeometric Functions and Periods of Cm Elliptic CurvesYang, Yifan ; 楊一帆 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society21
162018A multi-locus genetic association test for a dichotomous trait and its secondary phenotypeZhang, Han; Wu, Colin O.; Yang, Yifan; Berndt, Sonja I.; Chanock, Stephen J.; YI-FAN YANG Statistical Methods in Medical Research00
172017An ALE approach to mechano-chemical processes in fluid-structure interactionsYang, Yifan; Richter, Thomas; Jaeger, Willi; YI-FAN YANG International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids119
182017Equations of hyperelliptic Shimura curvesGuo, J.-W.; YI-FAN YANG Compositio Mathematica43
192017Constrained Kaplan-Meier curve and empirical likelihoodZhou, Mai; Yang, Yifan; YI-FAN YANG Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-Computational Statistics10
202017PhenoCurve: capturing dynamic phenotype-environment relationships using phenomics dataYang, Yifan; Xu, Lei; Feng, Zheyun; Cruz, Jeffrey A.; Savage, Linda J.; Kramer, David M.; YI-FAN YANG Bioinformatics55
212017CONGRUENCES MODULO 5 and 7 for 4-COLORED GENERALIZED FROBENIUS PARTITIONSChan, H.H.; Wang, L.; YI-FAN YANG Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society32
222016IsomiR Bank: a research resource for tracking IsomiRsZhang, Yuanwei; Zang, Qiguang; Xu, Bo; Zheng, Wei; Ban, Rongjun; Zhang, Huan; Yang, Yifan; Hao, Qiaomei; Iqbal, Furhan; Li, Ao; YI-FAN YANG Bioinformatics5040
232016Ramanujan-type identities for Shimura curvesYI-FAN YANG Israel Journal of Mathematics33
242016Mathematical modeling and simulation of the evolution of plaques in blood vesselsJäger, Willi; Neuss-Radu, Maria; Richter, Thomas; YI-FAN YANG Journal of Mathematical Biology3125
252015A recursive formula for the Kaplan-Meier estimator with mean constraints and its application to empirical likelihoodZhou, Mai; YI-FAN YANG Computational Statistics55
262014Modular forms of half-integral weights on SL(2,?)YI-FAN YANG Nagoya Mathematical Journal64
272013Bases for S <inf>k</inf> (? <inf>1</inf> (4)) and formulas for even powers of the jacobi theta functionFukuhara, S.; YI-FAN YANG International Journal of Number Theory00
282013Algebraic transformations of hypergeometric functions and automorphic forms on Shimura curvesTu, F.-T.; YI-FAN YANG Transactions of the American Mathematical Society60
292013Schwarzian differential equations and Hecke eigenforms on Shimura curvesYI-FAN YANG Compositio Mathematica1011
302012CPSS: a computational platform for the analysis of small RNA deep sequencing dataZhang, Yuanwei; Xu, Bo; Yang, Yifan; Ban, Rongjun; Zhang, Huan; Jiang, Xiaohua; Cooke, Howard J.; Xue, Yu; YI-FAN YANG Bioinformatics4938
312012A basis for S <inf>k</inf>(? <inf>0</inf>(4)) and representations of integers as sums of squaresFukuhara, S.; YI-FAN YANG Ramanujan Journal22
322012Jacobsthal identity for Q(??- 2)Hashimoto, K.-I.; Long, L.; YI-FAN YANG Forum Mathematicum21
332012An improved Web search engine for visually impaired usersYang, Yi-Fan ; Hwang, Sheue-Ling; Schenkman, BoUniversal Access in the Information Society98
342011Prediction of novel pre-microRNAs with high accuracy through boosting and SVMZhang, Yuanwei; Yang, Yifan; Zhang, Huan; Jiang, Xiaohua; Xu, Bo; Xue, Yu; Cao, Yunxia; Zhai, Qian; Zhai, Yong; Xu, Mingqing; Cooke, Howard J.; YI-FAN YANG Bioinformatics2524
352011A cubic analogue of the jacobsthal identityChan, H.H.; Long, L.; YI-FAN YANG American Mathematical Monthly22
362011Congruences of the partition functionYI-FAN YANG International Mathematics Research Notices88
372010Structure of the cuspidal rational torsion subgroup of J<inf>1</inf>(p n)Yang, Y.; JENG-DAW YU ; YI-FAN YANG Journal of the London Mathematical Society22
382010Automorphisms of hyperelliptic modular curves X-0(N) in positive characteristicKontogeorgis, Aristides; YI-FAN YANG Lms Journal of Computation and Mathematics02
392010Twisted Hecke L-values and period polynomialsFukuhara, S.; YI-FAN YANG Journal of Number Theory00
402009Defining equations of X<inf>0</inf>(22n)Tu, F.-T.; Yang, Y.; YI-FAN YANG Osaka Journal of Mathematics2
412009Modular units and cuspidal divisor class groups of X<inf>1</inf> (N)YI-FAN YANG Journal of Algebra1111
422009Defining equations of X<inf>0</inf>(22n)Tu, F.-T.; Yang, Y.; YI-FAN YANG Osaka Journal of Mathematics2
432009Period polynomials and explicit formulas for Hecke operators on ?0 (2)Fukuhara, S.; YI-FAN YANG Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society1110
442008ProTISA: a comprehensive resource for translation initiation site annotation in prokaryotic genomesHu, Gang-Qing; Zheng, Xiaobin; Yang, Yi-Fan; Ortet, Philippe; She, Zhen-Su; YI-FAN YANG Nucleic Acids Research2321
452008Ap?ry limits and special values of L-functionsYI-FAN YANG Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications1110
462008Monodromy of Picard-Fuchs differential equations for Calabi-Yau threefoldsChen, Y.-H.; Yang, Y.; Yui, N.; YI-FAN YANG Journal fur die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik3334
472008On the mean square of the Riemann zeta function and the divisor problemYI-FAN YANG Publications de l'Institut Mathematique00
482007Determination of Hauptmoduls and construction of abelian extensions of quadratic number fieldsChiang-Hsieh, H.-J.; YI-FAN YANG Canadian Mathematical Bulletin00
492007MED: a new non-supervised gene prediction algorithm for bacterial and archaeal genomesZhu, Huaiqiu; Hu, Gang-Qing; Yang, Yi-Fan; Wang, Jin; YI-FAN YANG Bmc Bioinformatics4139
502006Defining equations of modular curvesYI-FAN YANG Advances in Mathematics3738
512005A Short Proof of Milne's Formulas for Sums of Integer SquaresLong, Ling; YI-FAN YANG International Journal of Number Theory06
522004On Rademacher's conjecture: Congruence subgroups of genus zero of the modular groupChua, K.S.; Lang, M.L.; YI-FAN YANG Journal of Algebra77
532004Transformation formulas for generalized Dedekind eta functionsYI-FAN YANG Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society2929
542004On differential equations satisfied by modular formsYI-FAN YANG Mathematische Zeitschrift2228
552001Inverse problems for partition functionsYI-FAN YANG Canadian Journal of Mathematics11