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12024Choroidal Changes in Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy: A Retrospective StudyPeng, Shu-Yu; TA-CHING CHEN ; YI-TING HSIEH ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland)
22024Injectable, Antioxidative, and Tissue-Adhesive Nanocomposite Hydrogel as a Potential Treatment for Inner Retina InjuriesLiu, Yi Chen; Lin, Yi Ke; Lin, Yu Ting; Lin, Che Wei; Lan, Guan Yu; Su, Yu Chia; FUNG-RONG HU ; Chang, Kai Hsiang; Chen, Vincent; YI-CHEUN YEH ; TA-CHING CHEN ; JIASHING YU Advanced Science
32024Rationale and protocol paper for the Asia Pacific Network for inherited eye diseasesWong, Wendy M; Tham, Yih Chung; Simunovic, Matthew P; Chen, Fred Kuanfu; Luu, Chi D; Chen, Haoyu; Jin, Zi-Bing; Shen, Ren-Juan; Li, Shiying; Sui, Ruifang; Zhao, Chen; Yang, Liping; Bhende, Muna; Raman, Rajiv; Sen, Parveen; Ghosh, Arkasubhra; Poornachandra, B; Sasongko, Muhammad Bayu; Arianti, Alia; Chia, Valen; Mangunsong, Cosmos O; Manurung, Florence; Fujinami, Kaoru; Ikeda, Hanako; Woo, Se Joon; Kim, Sang Jin; Mohd Khialdin, Safinaz; Othman, Othmaliza; Bastion, Mae-Lynn Catherine; Kamalden, Ain Tengku; Lott, Pooi Wah Penny; Fong, Kenneth; Shunmugam, Manoharan; Lim, Amelia; Thapa, Raba; Pradhan, Eli; Rajkarnikar, Sthapit Purnima; Adhikari, Srijana; Ibañez, B Manuel Benjamin Iv; Koh, Adrian; Chan, Choi Mun M; Fenner, Beau J; Tan, Tien-En; Laude, Augustinus; Ngo, Wei Kiong; Holder, Graham E; Su, Xinyi; TA-CHING CHEN ; Wang, Nan-Kai; Kang, Eugene Yu-Chuan; Huang, Chu-Hsuan; Surawatsatien, Nuntachai; Pisuchpen, Phattrawan; Sujirakul, Tharikarn; Kumaramanickavel, Govindasamy; Singh, Mandeep; Leroy, Bart; Michaelides, Michel; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Chen, Li Jia; Chan, Hwei WuenAsia-Pacific journal of ophthalmology (Philadelphia, Pa.)
42023Long-Term Change in Renal Function After Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema: A 2-Year Retrospective Cohort StudyFang, Yi-Chung; Lai, Ivan Pochou; TSO-TING LAI ; TA-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; YI-TING HSIEH Ophthalmology and therapy2
52023Association between non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and development of age-related macular degeneration-A 10-year retrospective cohort studyYang, Tsung-Mu; Huang, Wei-Lun; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; TA-CHING CHEN ; TSO-TING LAI ; YI-TING HSIEH Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi1
62023Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (IBMSi027-A) from a patient with hearing loss carrying WFS1 c.2051C > T (p.Ala684Val) variantChan, Yen-Hui; Tsai, Cheng-Yu; Ho, Chang-Han; Lu, Ying-Chang; PEI-HSUAN LIN ; TA-CHING CHEN ; YOU-TZUNG CHEN ; Huang, Cheng-Yen; TIEN-CHEN LIU ; Hsu, Chuan-Jen; CHEN-CHI WU Stem Cell Research00
72023Choroidal changes in patients with diabetic retinopathyShu-Yu Peng; TA-CHING CHEN ; Yi-Ting Hsieh; TZYY-CHANG HO ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG Research Square0
82023Clinical characteristics and prognosis of optic neuritis in Taiwan - a hospital-based cohort studyCHAO-WEN LIN ; Chen, Wei-Tse; YEN-HENG LIN ; Hung, Kuang; TA-CHING CHEN Multiple sclerosis and related disorders10
102023Analysis on key parameters in subretinal injection facilitating a predictable and automated robot-assisted treatment in gene therapyHuang, Ching Wen; Yang, Hung Yu; TA-CHING CHEN ; CHENG-WEI CHEN International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery00
112023Biocompatible neuronal stimulant-embedded poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) peptide-based scaffolds promote differentiation, growth and functional maturation of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived retinal ganglion cellsTA-CHING CHEN ; Chou, Yu Ju Minnie; Wu, Yu Xuan; Lo, Jui En; Lin, Chia Yu; Tseng, Yun Hsiu; Chu, Ya Chun; WEI-LI CHEN ; FUNG-RONG HU ; WEI-FANG SU ; Kuo, Hung ChihJournal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
122022Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from a patient with hearing loss carrying OPA1 c.1468T>C (p.Cys490Arg) variantChan, Yen-Hui; Ho, Chang-Han; Tsai, Cheng-Yu; Lu, Ying-Chang; PEI-HSUAN LIN ; TA-CHING CHEN ; YOU-TZUNG CHEN ; Huang, Cheng-Yen; TIEN-CHEN LIU ; Hsu, Chuan-Jen; CHEN-CHI WU ; Hsu, Chuan-JenStem Cell Research11
142022Neuroprotective Effects of Novel Treatments on Acute Optic Neuritis—A Meta-AnalysisTsai, Tsung Hsien; CHAO-WEN LIN ; Chan, Li Wei; Tew, Teck Boon; TA-CHING CHEN Biomedicines00
162022Quantitative analysis of branching neovascular networks in polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy by optical coherence tomography angiography after photodynamic therapy and anti-vascular endothelial growth factor combination therapyWang W.-Y.; CHANG-HAO YANG ; TA-CHING CHEN ; YI-TING HSIEH ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; Liu F.-Y.; TSO-TING LAI Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology32
172022Treat-and-Extend vs. Pro Re Nata Regimen of Ranibizumab for Diabetic Macular Edema—A Two-Year Matched Comparative StudyTSO-TING LAI ; TA-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; YI-TING HSIEH Frontiers in Medicine55
182022Optimal approaches and criteria to treat-and-extend regimen implementation for Neovascular age-related macular degeneration: experts consensus in TaiwanCheng C.-K.; Chen S.-J.; Chen J.-T.; Chen L.-J.; Chen S.-N.; Chen W.-L.; Hsu S.-M.; Lai C.-H.; Sheu S.-J.; Wu P.-C.; Wu W.-C.; Wu W.-C.; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; Yeung L.; TA-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-HAO YANG BMC Ophthalmology54
192022Genotypes Influence Clinical Progression in EYS-Associated Retinitis PigmentosaLo, Jui-En; Cheng, Chia-Yi; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; Chen, Yi-Chieh; Huang, Yu-Shu; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; TA-CHING CHEN Translational Vision Science and Technology22
202022The impact of retinal fluid tolerance on the outcomes of neovascular age-related macular degeneration treated using aflibercept: A realworld studyJeng Y.-T.; TSO-TING LAI ; CHAO-WEN LIN ; TA-CHING CHEN ; YI-TING HSIEH ; CHANG-PING LIN ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG PLoS ONE31
212021Peripapillary Choroid Thickness as a Predisposing Factor for Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy: A Semiautomated OCT StudyHou, Yi Ting; TA-CHING CHEN ; Yeh, Chao Yuan; CHAO-WEN LIN Translational Vision Science and Technology11
222021Application of deep learning image assessment software VeriSee™ for diabetic retinopathy screeningYI-TING HSIEH ; LEE-MING CHUANG ; YI-DER JIANG ; TIEN-JYUN CHANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; Chan, Li-Wei; Kao, Tzu-Yun; TA-CHING CHEN ; HSUAN-CHIEH LIN ; Tsai, Chin-Han; Chen, MingkeJournal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi2923
232021Anti-IFN-γ Immunodeficiency Syndrome Presenting as Blurred Vision and SalmonellosisPeng, Shu-Yu; TA-CHING CHEN ; UN-IN WU ; Huang, Chien-Jung; TZYY-CHANG HO Journal of clinical immunology11
242021Genetic characteristics and epidemiology of inherited retinal degeneration in TaiwanTA-CHING CHEN ; Huang D.-S.; CHAO-WEN LIN ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; Wang V.Y.; JOU-WEI LIN ; Luo A.C.; FUNG-RONG HU ; PEI-LUNG CHEN npj Genomic Medicine3029
252021The clinical contribution of full-field electroretinography and 8-year experiences of application in a tertiary medical centerYang J.-J.; Huang C.-H.; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHAO-WEN LIN ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; CHANG-PING LIN ; YI-TING HSIEH ; PO-TING YEH ; TSO-TING LAI ; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; TA-CHING CHEN Journal of Personalized Medicine22
262021Metabolic syndromes as important comorbidities in patients of inherited retinal degenerations: Experiences from the nationwide health database and a large hospital-based cohortChiou G.-J.; Huang D.-S.; FUNG-RONG HU ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; Huang C.-W.; JOU-WEI LIN ; CHAO-WEN LIN ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; YI-TING HSIEH ; TSO-TING LAI ; Chen H.-M.; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO ; TA-CHING CHEN International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health10
272021Leber’s congenital amaurosis: Current concepts of genotype-phenotype correlationsHuang C.-H.; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; YU-CHIH HOU ; TA-CHING CHEN Genes2214
282021Flap technique-assisted surgeries for advanced retinitis pigmentosa complicated with macular hole: a case report and literature reviewLee C.-Y.; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; FUNG-RONG HU ; TA-CHING CHEN BMC Ophthalmology32
292021The structure–function correlation analysed by OCT and full field ERG in typical and pericentral subtypes of retinitis pigmentosaHuang C.-W.; Yang J.-J.; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; FUNG-RONG HU ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; TA-CHING CHEN Scientific Reports22
302021Genetic spectrum and characteristics of hereditary optic neuropathy in TaiwanCHAO-WEN LIN ; Huang C.-W.; Luo A.C.; Chou Y.-T.; Huang Y.-S.; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; TA-CHING CHEN Genes33
312021Artificial Intelligence–Assisted Early Detection of Retinitis Pigmentosa — the Most Common Inherited Retinal DegenerationTA-CHING CHEN ; Lim W.S.; Wang V.Y.; MEI-LAN KO ; Chiu S.-I.; Huang Y.-S.; FEI-PEI LAI ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; FUNG-RONG HU ; JYH-SHING JANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG Journal of Digital Imaging74
322021Data Homogeneity Effect in Deep Learning-Based Prediction of Type 1 Diabetic RetinopathyLo J.-E; TA-CHING CHEN ; YUN-NUNG CHEN ; YI-TING HSIEH Journal of Diabetes Research30
332021Inhibition of retinal ganglion cell loss by a novel rock inhibitor (e212) in ischemic optic nerve injury via antioxidative and anti-inflammatory actionsWen Y.-T.; Huang C.-W.; Liu C.-P.; Chen C.-H.; Tu C.-M.; Hwang C.-S.; Chen Y.-H.; Chen W.-R.; Lin K.-L.; Ho Y.-C.; TA-CHING CHEN ; Tsai R.-K.Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science85
342020Connectivity between nidopallium caudolateral and visual pathways in color perception of zebra finchesHsiao, Y.-T.; TA-CHING CHEN ; Yu, P.-H.; Huang, D.-S.; FUNG-RONG HU ; Chuong, C.-M.; FANG-CHIA CHANG ; YI-TSE HSIAO ; PIN-HUAN YU Scientific Reports43
352020Multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica after optic neuritis: A nationwide cohort study in TaiwanLin W.-S.; Chen H.-M.; Yang C.-C.; TA-CHING CHEN ; JOU-WEI LIN ; WANG-TSO LEE Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders21
362020Genotypes predispose phenotypes—clinical features and genetic spectrum of abca4-associated retinal dystrophiesSung Y.-C.; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHAO-WEN LIN ; Huang D.-S.; Huang Y.-S.; FUNG-RONG HU ; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; TA-CHING CHEN Genes86
372019Polybenzyl glutamate biocompatible scaffold promotes the efficiency of retinal differentiation toward retinal ganglion cell lineage from human-induced pluripotent stem cellsTA-CHING CHEN ; She P.-Y.; Chen D.F.; Lu J.-H.; CHANG-HAO YANG ; Huang D.-S.; Chen P.-Y.; Lu C.-Y.; Cho K.-S.; Chen H.-F.; Su W.-F.International Journal of Molecular Sciences1915
382019Clinical course and treatment response of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disease: An 8-year experienceCHAO-WEN LIN ; Lin I.-H.; TA-CHING CHEN ; Jou J.-R.; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology1411
392019Peptide-Based Polyelectrolyte Promotes Directional and Long Neurite OutgrowthSHYH-CHYANG LUO ; JIASHING YU ; WEI-FANG SU ; TA-CHING CHEN ; TA-CHING CHENACS Applied Bio Materials1111
402018Update on ocular myasthenia gravis in TaiwanCHAO-WEN LIN ; TA-CHING CHEN ; Jou J.-R.; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG Taiwan Journal of Ophthalmology32
412017Vitreomacular Changes after Intravitreal Gas Injection for Idiopathic Impending or Early Macular Hole: An Optical Coherence Tomography StudyTew T.-B.; TA-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG Ophthalmologica33
422017Vascular hypoperfusion in acute optic neuritis is a potentially new neurovascular model for demyelinating diseasesTA-CHING CHEN ; Yeh C.-Y.; CHAO-WEN LIN ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; Lin I.-H.; Chen P.-Y.; Cheng J.-Y.; FUNG-RONG HU PLoS ONE1110
432017Surgical result of pterygium extended removal followed by fibrin glue-assisted amniotic membrane transplantationLiu H.-Y.; Chen Y.-F.; TA-CHING CHEN ; PO-TING YEH ; FUNG-RONG HU ; WEI-LI CHEN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association54
442015Macular retinal detachment associated with intrachoroidal cavitation in myopic patientsTA-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; Sun J.-P.; MUH-SHY CHEN ; CHUNG-MAY YANG Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology32
452015The effect of resveratrol on protecting corneal epithelial cells from cytotoxicity caused by moxifloxacin and benzalkonium chlorideTsai T.-Y.; TA-CHING CHEN ; I-JONG WANG ; Yeh C.-Y.; MING-JAI SU ; Chen R.-H.; Tsai T.-H. ; FUNG-RONG HU Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science3027
462014Long-term outcome of foveolar internal limiting membrane nonpeeling for myopic traction maculopathyTZYY-CHANG HO ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; Huang, Jen-Shang; CHANG-HAO YANG ; PO-TING YEH ; TA-CHING CHEN ; Ho, Allen; MUH-SHY CHEN Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.)54
472014In vivo thermal evaluation of a subretinal prosthesis using an integrated resistance temperature detectorLiu C.-Y.; Yang F.; Chung C.-H.; Yang Z.-H.; TA-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG ; Fan L.-S.Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS32
482013Recurrence of corneal neovascularization associated with lipid deposition after subconjunctival injection of bevacizumabHSIAO-SANG CHU ; TA-CHING CHEN ; FUNG-RONG HU ; WEI-LI CHEN Cornea1211
492012Intravitreal expansile gas in the treatment of early macular hole: ReappraisalTA-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; CHUNG-MAY YANG Ophthalmologica139
502011Changes of Anterior Segment During Childhood: A Biometric StudyShih Y.-F.; TA-CHING CHEN ; Chiang T.-H.; Lin L.L.K.; Hung P.-T.Journal of Medical Ultrasound40
512010Long-term evaluation of refractive status and optical components in eyes of children born prematurelyTA-CHING CHEN ; Tsai T.-H. ; Shih Y.-F.; PO-TING YEH ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; Hu F.-C.; Lin L.-K.L.; CHUNG-MAY YANG Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science9990
522010Formation of idiopathic macular hole-reappraisalPO-TING YEH ; TA-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; TZYY-CHANG HO ; MUH-SHY CHEN ; Huang J.-S.; CHUNG-MAY YANG Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology2019