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12019Machine Learning Based Early Detection System of Cardiac ArrestLiu J.-H.; Chang H.-K.; Wu C.-T.; Lim W.S.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Jang J.-S.R.Conference Paper00
22019Public knowledge, attitudes and willingness regarding bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A nationwide survey in TaiwanPei-Chuan Huang E.; Chiang W.-C.; Hsieh M.-J.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Yang C.-W.; Lu T.-C.; Wang C.-H.; Chong K.-M.; Lin C.-H.; Kuo C.-W.; Sun J.-T.; Lin J.-J.; Yang M.-C.; Huei-Ming Ma M.Journal Article20
32019Early detecting in-hospital cardiac arrest based on machine learning on imbalanced dataChang H.-K.; Wu C.-T.; Liu J.-H.; Lim W.S.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Chiu S.-I.; Jang J.-S.R.Conference Paper10
42018Associations between body size and outcomes of adult in-hospital cardiac arrest: A retrospective cohort studyWang C.-H.; Huang C.-H.; Chang W.-T.; Fu C.-M.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Tsai M.-S.; Yu P.-H.; Wu Y.-W.; Ma M.H.-M.; Chen W.-J.Journal Article54
52017Performance of a simplified termination of resuscitation rule for adult traumatic cardiopulmonary arrest in the prehospital settingChiang W.-C.; Huang Y.-S.; Hsu S.-H.; Chang A.M.; Ko P.C.-I.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Yang C.-W.; Hsieh M.-J.; Huang E.P.-C.; Chong K.-M.; Sun J.-T.; Chen S.-Y.; Ma M.H.-M.Journal Article43
62015Prehospital intravenous epinephrine may boost survival of patients with traumatic cardiac arrest: A retrospective cohort studyChiang W.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Ko P.C.-I.; Hsieh M.-J.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Huang E.P.-C.; Yang C.-W.; Chong K.-M.; Chen W.-T.; Chen S.-Y.; Ma M.H.-M.Journal Article109
72015Predictive performance of universal termination of resuscitation rules in an Asian community: Are they accurate enough?Chiang W.-C.; Ko P.C.-I.; Chang A.M.; Liu S.S.-H.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Yang C.-W.; Hsieh M.-J.; Chen S.-Y.; Lai M.-S.; Ma M.H.-M.Journal Article2322
82014Bystander-initiated CPR in an Asian metropolitan: Does the socioeconomic status matter?Chiang W.-C.; Ko P.C.I.; Chang A.M.; Chen W.-T.; Liu S.S.H.; Huang Y.-S.; Chen S.-Y.; Lin C.-H.; Cheng M.-T.; Chong K.-M.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Yang C.-W.; Liao M.-W.; Wang C.-H.; Chien Y.-C.; Lin C.-H.; Liu Y.-P.; Lee B.-C.; Chien K.-L.; Lai M.-S.; Ma M.H.M.Journal Article2827
92013Obstacles delaying the prompt deployment of piston-type mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices during emergency department resuscitation: A video-recording and time-motion studyHuang E.P.C.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Ko P.C.I.; Chang A.M.; Fu C.-M.; Chen J.-W.; Liao Y.-C.; Liu H.-C.; Fang Y.-D.; Yang C.-W.; Chiang W.-C.; Ma M.H.M.; Chen S.-C.Journal Article86
102010Invasive Infections of Aggregatibacter (Actinobacillus) ActinomycetemcomitansWang C.-Y.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Li J.-M.; Wang J.-Y.; Yang K.-C.; Ho Y.-K.; Lin P.-Y.; Lee L.-N.; Yu C.-J.; Yang P.-C.; Hsueh P.-R.Journal Article2418
112009Interactive video instruction improves the quality of dispatcher-assisted chest compression-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation in simulated cardiac arrestsYang C.-W.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Chiang W.-C.; Hsu C.-W.; Chang W.-T.; Yen Z.-S.; Ko P.C.-I.; Ma M.H.-M.; Chen S.-C.; Chang S.-C.Journal Article4143
122009EMS in Taiwan: Past, present, and futureChiang W.-C.; Ko P.C.-I.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Yang C.-W.; Shih F.-Y.; Hsiung K.-H.; Ma M.H.-M.Journal Article3229
132008Lack of compliance with basic infection control measures during cardiopulmonary resuscitation-Are we ready for another epidemic?Chiang W.-C.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Chen S.-Y.; Chen L.-M.; Yao Y.-C.; Wu G.H.-M.; Ko P.C.-I.; Yang C.-W.; Tsai M.-T.; Hsai C.-C.; Su C.-P.; Chen S.-C.; Ma M.H.-M.Journal Article97
142008Impact of adding video communication to dispatch instructions on the quality of rescue breathing in simulated cardiac arrests-A randomized controlled studyYang C.-W.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Chiang W.-C.; Chang W.-T.; Yen Z.-S.; Chen S.-Y.; Ko P.C.-I.; Ma M.H.-M.; Chen S.-C.; Chang S.-C.; Lin F.-Y.Journal Article3131
152008Comprehensive evaluation for quality of prehospital CPRKo P.C.-I.; HUI-CHIH WANG ; Chiang W.-C.; Yang C.-W.; Ma M.H.-M.Letter22
162007Video-recording and time-motion analyses of manual versus mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation during ambulance transportHUI-CHIH WANG ; Chiang W.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Ke Y.-L.; Chi C.-L.; Yang C.-W.; Lin P.-C.; Ko P.C.-I.; Wang Y.-C.; Tsai T.-C.; Huang C.-H.; Hsiung K.-H.; Ma M.H.-M.; Chen S.-C.; Chen W.-J.; Lin F.-Y.Journal Article5554