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12023How COVID-19 Displaced Climate Change: Mediated Climate Change Activism and Issue Attention in the Swiss Media and Online SphereADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Siegen, Dario; Vogler, DanielEnvironmental Communication97
22023Mobile News Consumption and Its Relation to Young Adults’ Knowledge About and Participation in ReferendumsDaniel Vogler; Morley Weston; Quirin Ryffel; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Pascal Jürgens; Mark Eisenegger; Lisa Schwaiger; Urs ChristenMedia and Communication22
32023Bayesian Multilevel Modeling and Its Application in Comparative Journalism StudiesChan, Chung-Hong; Rauchfleisch Adrian International Journal of Communication 0
42022Mindsets of conspiracy: A typology of affinities towards conspiracy myths in digital environmentsSchwaiger, Lisa; Schneider, Jörg; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Eisenegger, MarkConvergence32
52022Taiwan’s Public Discourse About Disinformation: The Role of Journalism, Academia, and PoliticsADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Tzu-Hsuan Tseng; Jo-Ju Kao; Yi-Ting LiuJournalism Practice42
62022How China Divides the Left: Competing Transnational Left-Wing Alternative Media on TwitterLev Nachman; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Brian HioeMedia and Communication2
72021Fighting Zika With Honey: An Analysis of YouTube’s Video Recommendations on Brazilian YouTubeKaiser, Jonas; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Córdova, YasodaraInternational Journal of Communication44
82021Close to Beijing: Geographic Biases in People’s DailyMorley J. Weston; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Media and Communication11
92021Beyond the ivory tower: Measuring and explaining academic engagement with journalists, politicians and industry representatives among Swiss professorssADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Mike S. Schäfer; Dario SiegenPLOS ONE21
102021Public Sphere in Crisis Mode: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Influenced Public Discourse and User Behaviour in the Swiss Twitter-sphereADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Daniel Vogler; Mark EiseneggerJavnost - The Public77
112020The German Far-right on YouTube: An Analysis of User Overlap and User CommentsADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Kaiser, JonasJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media3031
122020Transnational News Sharing on Social Media: Measuring and Analysing Twitter News Media Repertoires of Domestic and Foreign Audience CommunitiesADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Daniel Vogler; Mark EiseneggerDigital Journalism77
132020Connecting the (Far-)Right Dots: A Topic Modeling and Hyperlink Analysis of (Far-)Right Media Coverage during the US Elections 2016Kaiser, J; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Bourassa, NDIGITAL JOURNALISM3028
142020Beyond normalization and equalization on Twitter: Politicians' Twitter use during non-election times and influences of media attentionADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Metag, JJOURNAL OF APPLIED JOURNALISM & MEDIA STUDIES119
152020Untangling Taiwan’s Hybridity With Structural DysfunctionsADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Chi, Jo-yaoSocial Media + Society22
162020The False positive problem of automatic bot detection in social science researchADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Jonas KaiserPLOS ONE7465
172020Birds of a Feather Get Recommended Together: Algorithmic Homophily in YouTube’s Channel Recommendations in the United States and GermanyJonas Kaiser; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Social Media + Society2516
182019Integrating Concepts of Counterpublics into Generalised Public Sphere Frameworks: Contemporary Transformations in Radical FormsKaiser, J; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH JAVNOST-THE PUBLIC2726
192019Between Fragmentation and Dialogue. Twitter Communities and Political Debate About the Swiss "Nuclear Withdrawal Initiative"Arlt, Dorothee; Rauchfleisch, Adrian; Schaefer, Mike S.; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Environmental Communication 3022
202019State-aligned trolling in Iran and the double-edged affordances of InstagramKargar, S; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH NEW MEDIA & SOCIETY2423
212018Climate change politics and the role of China: a window of opportunity to gain soft power?ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH International Communication of Chinese Culture 00
222018Digital astroturfing in politics: Definition, typology, and countermeasuresKovic, Marko; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Sele, Marc; Caspar, Christian; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Studies in Communication Sciences350
232018The different audiences of science communication: A segmentation analysis of the Swiss population's perceptions of science and their information and media use patternsSchafer, Mike S.; Fuchslin, Tobias; Metag, Julia; Kristiansen, Silje; Rauchfleisch, Adrian; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Public Understanding of Science 7157
242018Structure and development of science communication research: co-citation analysis of a developing fieldADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Mike S. Schäfer; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Journal of Science Communication2017
252018Wird die “Science of Science Communication” eine Disziplin? Bibliometrische Analyse des Status Quo und der Entwicklung eines wachsenden ForschungsfeldesADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Mike S. SchäferWissenschaftskommunikation0
262018Structure and development of science communication research: co-citation analysis of a developing fieldADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Schafer, MSJCOM-JOURNAL OF SCIENCE COMMUNICATION2017
272017Brute force effects of mass media presence and social media activity on electoral outcomeADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Journal of Information Technology & Politics 1512
282017How journalists verify user-generated content during terrorist crises. Analyzing Twitter communication during the Brussels attacksADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Social Media + Society 3124
292017The public sphere as an essentially contested concept: A co-citation analysis of the last 20 years of public sphere researchADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Communication and the Public 210
302017Zitationsanalysen in der Kommunikationswissenschaft: Ein Vergleich zwischen der Öffentlichkeits- und der Agenda-Setting-TheorieADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft. 100 Jahre Kommunikationswissenschaft in Deutschland. Von einem Spezialfach zur Integrationsdisziplin
312016The special case of Switzerland: Swiss politicians on TwitterMetag, Julia; Rauchfleisch, Adrian; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH New Media & Society 4641
322016The Internet and Generalized Functions of the Public Sphere: Transformative Potentials From a Comparative PerspectiveADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Social Media + Society 2317
332016Journalists’ Use of Political TweetsJulia Metag; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Digital Journalism3429
342016Agenda-Building durch Twitter? Eine Analyse der Nutzung politischer Tweets durch Schweizer Journalistinnen und JournalistenADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH 00
352015Multiple public spheres of Weibo: a typology of forms and potentials of online public spheres in ChinaADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Schäfer, Mike S.Information Communication and Society144135
362015Multiple public spheres of Weibo: a typology of forms and potentials of online public spheres in ChinaADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; Schafer, MSINFORMATION COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY139137
372015Deutschsprachige Kommunikationswissenschaftler auf Twitter: Reputationsnetzwerke der WissenschaftskommunikationADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Wissenschaftskommunikation im Wandel00
382015Neue Öffentlichkeiten in autoritären Gesellschaften?ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Empirische Kultursoziologie 00
392013The Swiss “Tina Fey Effect”: The Content of Late-Night Political Humor and the Negative Effects of Political Parody on the Evaluation of PoliticiansADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH ; ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH Communication Quarterly 190