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12019Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Framework Nanocarrier for the Controlled Release of IbuprofenWang, H.-L.; Yeh, H.; Li, B.-H.; Lin, C.-H.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article54
22019Modeling of the transitional pressure drop of fibrous filter media loaded with oil-coated particlesHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article11
32019Effect of flow rate on detection limit of particle size for a steam-based aerosol collectorHsiao, T.-C.; Engling, G.; Chang, P.-Y.; Chang, P.-K.; Chuang, M.-T.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article11
42019Traffic-related particulate matter exposure induces nephrotoxicity in vitro and in vivoHsu, Y.-H.; Chuang, H.-C.; Lee, Y.-H.; Lin, Y.-F.; Chen, Y.-J.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Wu, M.-Y.; Chiu, H.-W.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article76
52019Analyzing major renewable energy sources and power stability in Taiwan by 2030Chuang, M.-T.; Chang, S.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lu, Y.-R.; Yang, T.-Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article96
62019Contributions of local pollution emissions to particle bioreactivity in downwind cities in China during Asian dust periodsHo, K.-F.; Wu, K.-C.; Niu, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhu, C.-S.; Wu, F.; Cao, J.-J.; Shen, Z.-X.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article33
72019Microglial activation and inflammation caused by traffic-related particulate matterBai, K.-J.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chen, C.-L.; Jhan, M.-K.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Cheng, T.-J.; Chang, L.-T.; Chang, T.-Y.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article63
82019Computational fluid dynamics study of the effects of flow and geometry parameters on a linear-slit virtual impactor for sampling and concentrating aerosolsChang, P.-K.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Engling, G.; Chen, J.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article22
92018Chronic pulmonary exposure to traffic-related fine particulate matter causes brain impairment in adult ratsShih, Chi-Hsiang; Chen, Jen-Kun; Kuo, Li-Wei; Cho, Kuan-Hung; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Lin, Zhe-Wei; Lin, Yi-Syuan; Kang, Jiunn-Horng; Lo, Yu-Chun; Chuang, Kai-Jen; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; Chuang, Hsiao-Chijournal article55
102018Association of ultrafine particles with cardiopulmonary health among adult subjects in the urban areas of northern TaiwanLiu, J.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lee, K.-Y.; Chuang, H.-C.; Cheng, T.-J.; Chuang, K.-J.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article98
112018Investigation into the pulmonary inflammopathology of exposure to nickel oxide nanoparticles in miceBai, K.-J.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chen, J.-K.; Hua, H.-E.; Shen, Y.-L.; Liao, W.-N.; Lee, C.-H.; Chen, K.-Y.; Lee, K.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Pan, C.-H.; Ho, K.-F.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article66
122018Effects of temperature, dust concentration, and filtration superficial velocity on the loading behavior and dust cakes of ceramic candle filters during hot gas filtrationLin, J.C.-T.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Hsiau, S.-S.; Chen, D.-R.; Chen, Y.-K.; Huang, S.-H.; Chen, C.-C.; Chang, M.-B.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article139
132018Small cyclones with conical contraction bodiesLiu, D.; Wang, P.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article22
142018Pulmonary exposure to metal fume particulate matter cause sleep disturbances in shipyard weldersChuang, H.-C.; Su, T.-Y.; Chuang, K.-J.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lin, H.-L.; Hsu, Y.-T.; Pan, C.-H.; Lee, K.-Y.; Ho, S.-C.; Lai, C.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1010
152018Exposure assessment of particulate and gaseous pollutants emitted during surgery in operating rooms of different specialtiesYang, T.-T.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chang, N.-Y.; Pan, C.-H.; Liao, W.-H.; Liao, C.-C.; Tsuang, Y.-H.; Wen, H.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article11
162018Effects of physical characteristics of carbon black on metabolic regulation in miceChuang, H.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lee, C.-H.; Chun-Te Lin, J.; Chuang, K.-J.; Feng, P.-H.; Cheng, T.-J.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article77
172018Effects of temperature, pressure, and carrier gases on the performance of an aerosol particle mass analyserHsiao, T.-C.; Young, L.-H.; Tai, Y.-C.; Chang, P.-K.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article22
182017Pulmonary pathobiology induced by zinc oxide nanoparticles in mice: A 24-hour and 28-day follow-up studyChuang, H.-C.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chen, J.-K.; Hua, H.-E.; Shen, Y.-L.; Liao, W.-N.; Lee, C.-H.; Pan, C.-H.; Chen, K.-Y.; Lee, K.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Cheng, T.-J.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article99
192017SUV39H1 reduction is implicated in abnormal inflammation in COPDChen, T.-T.; Wu, S.-M.; Ho, S.-C.; Chuang, H.-C.; Liu, C.-Y.; Chan, Y.-F.; Kuo, L.-W.; Feng, P.-H.; Liu, W.-T.; Chen, K.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Juang, J.-N.; Lee, K.-Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article34
202017Long-range transported air pollutants in East Asia ? Observation, measurements, and model analysisHatakeyama, S.; Kim, Y.P.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Matsuda, K.; Jaffe, D.A.; TA-CHIH HSIAO other01
212017A simulation study on PM<inf>2.5</inf> sources and meteorological characteristics at the northern tip of Taiwan in the early stage of the Asian haze periodChuang, M.-T.; Chou, C.C.-K.; Lin, N.-H.; Takami, A.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lin, T.-H.; Fu, J.S.; Pani, S.K.; Lu, Y.-R.; Yang, T.-Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1411
222017Development and collection efficiency of an electrostatic precipitator for in-vitro toxicity studies of nano- and submicron-sized aerosolsTA-CHIH HSIAO ; Chuang, HC; Chen, CW; Cheng, TJ; Chien, YCCjournal article44
232017Aerosol optical properties at the Lulin Atmospheric Background Station in Taiwan and the influences of long-range transport of air pollutantsHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, W.-N.; Ye, W.-C.; Lin, N.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; Lin, T.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Chuang, M.-T.; Pantina, P.; Wang, S.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article75
242017Quantitative characterization of colloidal assembly of graphene oxide-silver nanoparticle hybrids using aerosol differential mobility-coupled mass analysesNguyen, T.P.; Chang, W.-C.; Lai, Y.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article55
252017Quantifying Surface Area of Nanosheet Graphene Oxide Colloid Using a Gas-Phase Electrostatic ApproachChang, W.-C.; Cheng, S.-C.; Chiang, W.-H.; Liao, J.-L.; Ho, R.-M.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article44
262017Long-range transported air pollutants in East Asia - Observation, measurements, and model analysis PrefaceHatakeyama, Shiro; Kim, Yong Pyo; Hsiao, Ta-Chih; Matsuda, Kazuhide; Jaffe, Daniel A.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article01
272016Radiative effect of springtime biomass-burning aerosols over northern indochina during 7-SEAS/BASELInE 2013 campaignPani, S.K.; Wang, S.-H.; Lin, N.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Tsay, S.-C.; Holben, B.N.; Janjai, S.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chuang, M.-T.; Chantara, S.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article2322
282016Comprehensive PM<inf>2.5</inf> organic molecular composition and stable carbon isotope ratios at Sonla, Vietnam: Fingerprint of biomass burning componentsNguyen, D.L.; Kawamura, K.; Ono, K.; Ram, S.S.; Engling, G.; Lee, C.-T.; Lin, N.-H.; Chang, S.-C.; Chuang, M.-T.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Sheu, G.-R.; Yang, C.-F.O.; Chi, K.H.; Sun, S.-A.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1414
292016Investigation of the CCN activity, BC and UVBC mass concentrations of biomass burning aerosols during the 2013 BASELInE campaignHsiao, T.-C.; Ye, W.-C.; Wang, S.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; Chen, W.-N.; Lin, N.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Hung, H.-M.; Chuang, M.-T.; Chantara, S.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1111
302016Mixing weight determination for retrieving optical properties of polluted dust with MODIS and AERONET dataChang, K.-E.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Hsu, N.C.; Lin, N.-H.; Wang, S.-H.; Liu, G.-R.; Liu, C.-Y.; Lin, T.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article00
312016The simulation of long-range transport of biomass burning plume and short-range transport of anthropogenic pollutants to a mountain observatory in east Asia during the 7-SEAS/2010 Dongsha experimentChuang, M.-T.; Fu, J.S.; Lee, C.-T.; Lin, N.-H.; Gao, Y.; Wang, S.-H.; Sheu, G.-R.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Wang, J.-L.; Yen, M.-C.; Lin, T.-H.; Thongboonchoo, N.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1110
322016Aerosol chemical profile of near-source biomass burning smoke in sonla, vietnam during 7-SEAS campaigns in 2012 and 2013Lee, C.-T.; Ram, S.S.; Nguyen, D.L.; Chou, C.C.K.; Chang, S.-Y.; Lin, N.-H.; Chang, S.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Sheu, G.-R.; Ou-Yang, C.-F.; Chi, K.H.; Wang, S.-H.; Wu, X.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article2422
332016Surface PEGylation of silver nanoparticles: Kinetics of simultaneous surface dissolution and molecular desorptionChang, W.-C.; Tai, J.-T.; Wang, H.-F.; Ho, R.-M.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1213
342016Visible light active photocatalyst from recycled disposable heating padsLee, M.-C.; Wang, C.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; Wang, C.-M.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.P.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article00
352016COMMIT in 7-SEAS/BASELINE: Operation of and observations from a novel, mobile laboratory for measuring in-situ properties of aerosols and gasesPantina, P.; Tsay, S.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Loftus, A.M.; Kuo, F.; Ou-Yang, C.-F.; Sayer, A.M.; Wang, S.-H.; Lin, N.-H.; Christina Hsu, N.; Janjai, S.; Chantara, S.; Nguyen, A.X.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article77
362016Aqueous film formation on irregularly shaped inorganic nanoparticles before deliquescence, as revealed by a hygroscopic differential mobility analyzer–Aerosol particle mass systemHsiao, T.-C.; Young, L.-H.; Tai, Y.-C.; Chen, K.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article98
372016In-situ and remotely-sensed observations of biomass burning aerosols at Doi Ang Khang, Thailand during 7-SEAS/BASELInE 2015Sayer, A.M.; Christina Hsu, N.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Pantina, P.; Kuo, F.; Ou-Yang, C.-F.; Holben, B.N.; Janjai, S.; Chantara, S.; Wang, S.-H.; Loftus, A.M.; Lin, N.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1616
382016Characterization of particulate matter profiling and alveolar deposition from biomass burning in Northern Thailand: The 7-SEAS studyChuang, H.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Wang, S.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; Lin, N.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1210
392016Experimental comparison of two portable and real-time size distribution analyzers for nano/submicron aerosol measurementsHsiao, T.-C.; Lee, Y.-C.; Chen, K.-C.; Ye, W.-C.; Sopajaree, K.; Tsai, Y.I.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article77
402016Satellite-surface perspectives of air quality and aerosol-cloud effects on the environment: An overview of 7-SEAS/BASELInETsay, S.-C.; Maring, H.B.; Lin, N.-H.; Buntoung, S.; Chantara, S.; Chuang, H.-C.; Gabriel, P.M.; Goodloe, C.S.; Holben, B.N.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Christina Hsu, N.; Janjai, S.; Lau, W.K.M.; Lee, C.-T.; Lee, J.; Loftus, A.M.; Nguyen, A.X.; Nguyen, C.M.; Pani, S.K.; Pantina, P.; Sayer, A.M.; Tao, W.-K.; Wang, S.-H.; Welton, E.J.; Wiriya, W.; Yen, M.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article3936
412015Characterization of pulmonary protein profiles in response to zinc oxide nanoparticles in mice: A 24-hour and 28-day follow-up studyPan, C.-H.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chen, J.-K.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lai, C.-H.; Jones, T.P.; B?ruB?, K.A.; Hong, G.-B.; Ho, K.-F.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article57
422015Performance study of a miniature quadru-inlet cycloneLiu, D.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article97
432015Experimental observations of the transition pressure drop characteristics of fibrous filters loaded with oil-coated particlesHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1716
442015Inhibition of the WNT/β-catenin pathway by fine particulate matter in haze: Roles of metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsLee, K.-Y.; Cao, J.-J.; Lee, C.-H.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Yeh, C.-T.; Huynh, T.-T.; Han, Y.-M.; Li, X.-D.; Chuang, K.-J.; Tian, L.; Ho, K.-F.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article55
452015Vertical distribution and columnar optical properties of springtime biomass- burning aerosols over Northern Indochina during 2014 7-SEAS CampaignWang, S.-H.; Welton, E.J.; Holben, B.N.; Tsay, S.-C.; Lin, N.-H.; Giles, D.; Stewart, S.A.; Janjai, S.; Nguyen, X.A.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chen, W.-N.; Lin, T.-H.; Buntoung, S.; Chantara, S.; Wiriya, W.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article2927
462015Effects of the geometric configuration on cyclone performanceHsiao, T.-C.; Huang, S.-H.; Hsu, C.-W.; Chen, C.-C.; Chang, P.-K.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article2926
472015Simulating the transport and chemical evolution of biomass burning pollutants originating from Southeast Asia during 7-SEAS/2010 Dongsha experimentChuang, M.-T.; Fu, J.S.; Lin, N.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Gao, Y.; Wang, S.-H.; Sheu, G.-R.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Wang, J.-L.; Yen, M.-C.; Lin, T.-H.; Thongboonchoo, N.; Chen, W.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1311
482014Effect of dynamic shape factor on particle decay rate in test chamberHsiao, T.-C.; Lin, Z.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO conference paper0
492014Interactions between biomass-burning aerosols and clouds over Southeast Asia: Current status, challenges, and perspectivesLin, N.-H.; Sayer, A.M.; Wang, S.-H.; Loftus, A.M.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Sheu, G.-R.; Hsu, N.C.; Tsay, S.-C.; Chantara, S.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article4743
502014An experimental study on performance improvement of the stairmand cyclone designHsu, C.-W.; Huang, S.-H.; Lin, C.-W.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lin, W.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1010
512014Effects of size and surface of zinc oxide and aluminum-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles on cell viability inferred by proteomic analysesHsiao, Ta-Chih journal article00
522013New particle growth and shrinkage observed in subtropical environmentsYoung, L.-H.; Lee, S.-H.; Kanawade, V.P.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lee, Y.L.; Hwang, B.-F.; Liou, Y.-J.; Hsu, H.-T.; Tsai, P.-J.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article3332
532013Atmospheric observations of new particle growth and shrinkageYoung, L.-H.; Lee, S.-H.; Kanawade, V.P.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lee, Y.L.; Hwang, B.-F.; Liou, Y.-J.; Hsu, H.-T.; Tsai, P.-J.; TA-CHIH HSIAO conference paper10
542013Development of a Compact Electrostatic Nanoparticle Sampler for Offline Aerosol CharacterizationTA-CHIH HSIAO journal article00
552013Allergenicity and toxicology of inhaled silver nanoparticles in allergen-provocation mice modelsTA-CHIH HSIAO 00
562013A Multidomain Magnetic Passive Aerosol Sampler: Development and Experimental EvaluationTA-CHIH HSIAO 00
572011Evaluation of nano- and submicron particle penetration through ten nonwoven fabrics using a wind-driven approachGao, P.; Jaques, P.A.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Shepherd, A.; Eimer, B.C.; Yang, M.; Miller, A.; Gupta, B.; Shaffer, R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article2418
582011Effect of geometric configuration on the collection efficiency of axial flow cyclonesHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.; Greenberg, P.S.; Street, K.W.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article2522
592011A recirculation aerosol wind tunnel for evaluating aerosol samplers and measuring particle penetration through protective clothing materialsJaques, P.A.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Gao, P.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article76
602011Transition behaviour of filter loading characteristics for supermicrometre oil-coated particlesHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article0
612010Development of a multi-stage axial flow cycloneHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; Li, L.; Greenberg, P.; Street, K.W.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article119
622009Development of mini-cyclones as the size-selective inlet of miniature particle detectorsHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; Son, S.Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article1513
632008Filter quality of pleated filter cartridgesChen, C.-W.; Huang, S.-H.; Chiang, C.-M.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article77
642003Hygroscopic behavior of atmospheric aerosol in TaipeiChen, L.-Y.; Jeng, F.-T.; Chen, C.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO journal article3430