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12021The feasibility of field collected pig oronasal secretions as specimens for the virologic surveillance of Japanese encephalitis virusChiou, Shyan-Song; Chen, Jo-Mei; Chen, Yi-Ying; Chia, Min-Yuan; YI-CHIN FAN PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases0
22019NS2B/NS3 mutations enhance the infectivity of genotype I Japanese encephalitis virus in amplifying hostsYI-CHIN FAN ; Jian-Jong Liang; Jo-Mei Chen; Jen-Wei Lin; Yi-Ying Chen; Kuan-Hsuan Su; Chang-Chi Lin; Wu-Chun Tu; Ming-Tang Chiou; Shan-Chia Ou; Gwong-Jen J. Chang; Yi-Ling Lin; Shyan-Song ChiouPLOS Pathogens17
32018Genotype I of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Virus-like Particles Elicit Sterilizing Immunity against Genotype I and III Viral Challenge in SwineYI-CHIN FAN ; Chen, JM; Lin, JW; Chen, YY; Wu, GH; Su, K.-H.; Chiou, MT; Wu, S.R.; Yin, JH; Liao, JW; Chang, GJJ; Chiou, SSSCIENTIFIC REPORTS 813
42017Bovine Lactoferrin Inhibits Dengue Virus Infectivity by Interacting with Heparan Sulfate, Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor, and DC-SIGNChen, JM; YI-CHIN FAN ; Lin, JW; Chen, YY; Hsu, WL; Chiou, SSINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 614
52017Virulence of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotypes I and III, TaiwanYI-CHIN FAN ; Lin, JW; Liao, SY; Chen, JM; Chen, YY; Chiu, HC; Shih, CC; Chen, CM; Chang, RY; King, CC; Chen, WJ; Ko, Yiting; Chang, C.-C.; Chiou, SSEMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES 76
62015Formalin Inactivation of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Vaccine Alters the Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of a Neutralization Epitope in Envelope Protein Domain IIIYI-CHIN FAN ; Chiu, HC; Chen, LK; Chang, GJJ; Chiou, SSPLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2532
72014Detection and Differentiation of Genotype I and III Japanese Encephalitis Virus in Mosquitoes by Multiplex Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain ReactionChen, YY; Lin, JW; YI-CHIN FAN ; Chiou, SSTRANSBOUNDARY AND EMERGING DISEASES 55
82013First detection of the Africa/Caribbean/Latin American subtype of Culex flavivirus in Asian country, TaiwanChen, YY; Lin, JW; YI-CHIN FAN, 范怡琴 ; Tu, WC; Chang, GJJ; Chiou, SSCOMPARATIVE IMMUNOLOGY MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES 1113
92013Reduced neutralizing antibody titer against genotype I virus in swine immunized with a live-attenuated genotype III Japanese encephalitis virus vaccineYI-CHIN FAN ; Chen, JM; Chen, YY; Lin, JW; Chiou, SSVETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY 917
102012Mutation analysis of the cross-reactive epitopes of Japanese encephalitis virus envelope glycoproteinChiou, SS; YI-CHIN FAN ; Crill, WD; Chang, RY; Chang, GJJJOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY 1625
112012Partially Neutralizing Potency against Emerging Genotype I Virus among Children Received Formalin-Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Virus VaccineYI-CHIN FAN ; Chen, JM; Chiu, HC; Chen, YY; Lin, JW; Shih, CC; Chen, CM; Chang, C.-C.; Chang, GJJ; Chiou, SSPLOS NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES 2729
122011Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotype Replacement, Taiwan, 2009-2010Chen, YY; YI-CHIN FAN, 范怡琴 ; Tu, WC; Chang, RY; Shih, CC; Lu, IH; Chien, MS; Lee, WC; Chen, TH; Chang, GJ; Chiou, SSEMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES 3940