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12019Development of a novel transmission engaging model for characterizing the friction behavior of a feed drive systemLiu C.-C.; Tsai M.-S. ; Cheng C.-C.journal article54
22019Novel dynamic modeling of feed drive system using subspace methodHuang T.-Y.; Tsai M.-S. ; Lin M.-T.; Cheng C.-C.journal article00
32018Novel Interpolation Design using Corner Smoothing Technique for Five-Axis Tool Center Point Path GenerationWu, Y. C; M. S. Tsai ; P. Y. Tang; C. K. Hoconference paper
42018Novel interpolation design for five-axis tool center point path generationTsai M.-S. ; Tang P.-Y.; Wu Y.-C.; Ho C.-K.conference paper00
52018Robust feedrate control for high-efficiency machining using quantitative feedback theoryHuang H.-W.; Tsai M.-S. journal article11
62018Development of Novel Tool Center Point Velocity Planning Algorithm for Five Axis Machine ToolWu S.-K.; Tsai M.-S. ; Lin M.-T.; Huang H.-W.journal article43
72018Modeling and elastic deformation compensation of flexural feed drive systemHuang H.-W.; Tsai M.-S. ; Huang Y.-C.journal article88
82018建構智慧機械聯網平台技術劉德葳; 蔡孟勳 ; 張宜彬; 王仁傑journal article
92017Robust feedrate control for high efficiency milling processHuang H.-W.; Tsai M.-S. ; Lin M.-T.; Hong M.-Q.; Huang T.-Y.; Yang S.-S.conference paper10
102017Integration of input shaping technique with interpolation for vibration suppression of servo-feed drive systemTsai M.-S. ; Huang Y.-C.; Lin M.-T.; Wu S.-K.journal article64
112017Virtual simulation of five-axis machine tool with consideration of CNC interpolation, servo dynamics, friction, and geometric errorsLin M.-T.; Huang T.-Y.; Tsai M.-S. ; Wu S.-K.journal article00
122017應用強健性進給率控制於高效率加工蔡孟勳 ; 黃泓緯; 麥朝創journal article
132016Networking with CNC Machine Tools Based on Open Platform Communications Unified ArchitectureHsiang-Chun Tseng; Yung-Chou Kao; Meng-Shiun Tsai ; Yi-Hung; Lu; Chi-Wei; Huangconference paper
142016Integrating input shaping technique with interpolator for vibration suppressionTsai M.-S. ; Huang H.-W.; Yang S.-S.; Chou C.-L.conference paper10
152016Integrated Input Shaping with Interpolator for CNC Machine ToolsMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Hong-Wei Huangconference paper
162016A novel integrated dynamic acceleration/deceleration interpolation algorithm for a CNC controllerTsai M.-S. ; Huang Y.-C.journal article1817
172016Vibration suppression of feed drive system for machine tool using shaping techniqueTsai M.-S. ; Huang Y.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Liu C.-S.conference paper0
182016控制器在工業4.0扮演的角色蔡孟勳 journal article
192016CNC智能化人機介面開發蔡孟勳 ; 曾翔駿; 洪茂棋journal article
202015Robust Control of Pendulum-typed Micro-Vibration Isolation SystemMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Yann-Shuoh Sunconference paper
212015Application of Spline Fitting Techniqueon Interpolation Design for Corner RoundingTsai, M. S. ; P. Y. Tang; C. Y. Leeconference paper
222015Analysis of Dynamic and Suppression of Vibrations for the Feed Drive SystemTsai, M. S. ; Shu-Jui Chiu; Chung-Ching Liu; Pu-Yang Tangconference paper
232015Robust control of pendulum-type micro-vibration isolation systemMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Yann-Shuoh Sunjournal article
242015Robust control of pendulum-type micro-vibration isolation systemTsai M.-S. ; Sun Y.-S.journal article1
252015Application of spline fitting technique on interpolation design for corner roundingTsai M.-S. ; Tang P.-Y.; Lee C.-Y.conference paper00
262015Development of advanced cnc interpolation algorithm with consideration of command and dynamic errorsTsai M.-S. ; Huang Y.-C.conference paper00
272015Dynamic modeling and vibration suppression of the feed drive systemTsai M.-S. ; Chiu S.-J.; Liu C.-C.; Tang P.-Y.conference paper10
282014An integrated acceleration/deceleration interpolation algorithm for high speed machiningMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Y. C. Huang; C. Y. Leeconference paper
292014A novel approach for forward dynamic analysis of 3-PRS parallel manipulator with consideration of friction effectYuan W.-H.; Tsai M.-S. journal article1716
302014Study on acceleration/deceleration feedrate planning for multi-block line segments using estimated contour error formulationTsai M.-S. ; Wu S.-K.; Huang H.-W.conference paper60
312014A novel approach for forward dynamic analysis of 3-PRS parallel manipulator with consideration of frictioneffectWei-Hsiang Yuan; Meng-Shiun Tsai journal article
322014應用曲線擬合技術於轉角線段之插補器設計唐溥陽; 蔡孟勳 ; 李建毅journal article
332013Implementation of Maximum Torque per Amperage Control using Estimation Technique of Rotor Time ConstantMeng-Shiun Tsai ; M. J. Wu; T. C. Tu; B. Y. Chouconference paper
342013Integration of Empirical Mode Decomposition Algorithm with Iterative Learning Control for High Precision MachiningMeng-Shiun Tsai ; C. L. Yen; H. T. Yaujournal article
352013Monitoring of Friction Condition Using a System Odentification TechniqueMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Wei-Hsiang Yuan; Hong- Wei Huang; Chung-Ching Liu; Fu-Ching Wangconference paper
362013Monitoring of friction condition using a system identification techniqueTsai M.-S. ; Yuan W.-H.; Huang H.-W.; Liu C.-C.; Wang F.C.conference paper0
372013Integration of an empirical mode decomposition algorithm with iterative learning control for high-precision machiningTsai M.-S. ; Yen C.-L.; Yau H.-T.journal article2724
382013工業用串列通訊介紹-以EtherCAT協定為例蔡孟勳 ; 羅任添; 粘濠偉; 李建毅journal article
392013智慧感應馬達驅動與控制技術研究蔡孟勳 ; 吳明政; 涂堂釗journal article
402013泛用運動控制平台開發與應用蔡孟勳 ; 陳慶儒journal article
412013Development and Control of NovelVibration Isolation PlatformMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Y. S. Sun; Z. S. Wujournal article20
422013工具機控制器原理與實務蔡孟勳 ; 林明宗Book
432013Application of robust iterative learning algorithm in motion control systemLin M.-T.; Yen C.-L.; Tsai M.-S. ; Yau H.-T.journal article2220
442013Development and control of novel vibration isolation platformTsai M.-S. ; Sun Y.-S.; Wu Z.-S.journal article20
452012Robust control of adaptive cutting for high efficiency machineryMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Hung-Wei Huangconference paper
462012傳動系統動態模型之建立與分析蔡孟勳 ; 袁偉翔; 顏仲良journal article
472012Developmemt of Robust Learning Control and Application to Motion ControlMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Chung-Liang Yen; Hong-Tzong Yauconference paper
482012五軸工具機靜動態誤差分析與路徑規劃演算法之實現蔡孟勳 ; 林明宗; 吳仕凱journal article
492012Development of robust learning control and application to motion controlTsai M.-S. ; Yen C.-L.; Yau H.-T.conference paper1
502011Development of A Hybird Iterative Learning Control for Contouring NURBS CurvesMeng-Shiun Tsai ; C. L. Yen; H. T. Yaujournal article
512011結合EtherCAT工業網路界面與DSP控制器之系統研發吳翔有; 蔡孟勳 journal article
522011TFT-LCD真空壓合精密對位系統潘文?; 蔡孟勳 ; 陳贊宇journal article
532011Development of integrated acceleration/deceleration look-ahead interpolation technique for multi-blocks NURBS curves”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing TechnologyMeng-Shiun Tsai ; H. W. Nien; H. T. Yaujournal article
542011Dynamic modeling and decentralized control of a 3 PRS parallel mechanism based on constrained robotic analysisTsai M.-S. ; Yuan W.-H.journal article1610
552011Development of a generalized model to analyze time and frequency responses for SAW sensorsTsai M.-S. ; Jeng J.-T.journal article11
562011Robust control of novel pendulum-type vibration isolation systemTsai M.-S. ; Sun Y.-S.; Liu C.-H.journal article42
572011Development of a hybrid iterative learning control for contouring NURBS curvesTsai M.-S. ; Yen C.L.; Yau H.T.journal article1614
582011Development of integrated acceleration/deceleration look-ahead interpolation technique for multi-blocks NURBS curvesTsai M.-S. ; Nien H.-W.; Yau H.-T.journal article2923
592011Development of a novel iterative learning control algorithm using empirical mode decomposition techniqueTsai M.-S. ; Yen C.-L.; Yau H.-T.conference paper20
602011Development of the generalized model to analyze time and frequency responses for SAW sensorsMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Jie-Ting Jengjournal article
612011Robust Control of a High-precision Positioning Stage Using an Integrated H[inf] and QFT ControllerMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Sheng-Hong You; Jie-Teng Jengjournal article
622011Analysis of high-speed railway vehicle trucks with worn and eccentric wheelset moving on curved tracksTsai M.-S. ; Chen S.-K.journal article0
632011Decentralized control of a 3-PRS parallel manipulator using a decoupled modelTsai M.-S. ; Yuan W.-H.conference paper00
642011Robust control of a high-precision positioning stage using an integrated H∞ and QFT controllerTsai M.-S. ; You S.-H.; Jeng J.-T.conference paper32
652011Robust decentralized joint control of a 3-PRS parallel mechanism based on a simplified modelTsai M.-S. ; Yuan W.-H.conference paper00
662010發展強健式反覆學習法則於運動控制之研究蔡孟勳 ; 顏仲良conference paper
672010Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics for SAW Pressure SensorMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Jie-Ting Jengconference paper
682010Development of a generalized model for analyzing phase characteristics of SAW devices under mass and fluid loadingTsai M.-S. ; Jeng J.-T.journal article11
692010Dynamic modeling and analysis of a 3 PRS parallel mechanism using constrained robotic approachTsai M.-S. ; Yuan W.-H.conference paper10
702010應用滑動模式估測器於永磁同步馬達之無感測器向量控制蔡孟勳 journal article
712010Joint Space Formulation of a Novel Decoupled Dynamic Model for 3-PRS mechanismMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Wei-Hsiangjournal article
722010Development of a Real-time Look-ahead Interpolation Methodology with Spline Fitting Technique for High-speed MachiningMeng-Shiun Tsai ; H. W. Nien; H. T. Yaujournal article
732010Inverse dynamics analysis for a 3-PRS parallel mechanism based on a special decomposition of the reaction forcesTsai M.-S. ; Yuan W.-H.journal article4535
742010Development of a real-time look-ahead interpolation methodology with spline-fitting technique for high-speed machiningTsai M.-S. ; Nien H.-W.; Yau H.-T.journal article5138
752009Iterative learning control based on a hybrid tracking and contour error algorithmTsai M.S. ; Yen C.L.; Yau H.T.conference paper40
762008Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a parallel mechanismTing-Nung Shiau; Yi-Jeng Tsai; Meng-Shiun Tsai journal article
772008Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a parallel mechanism with consideration of joint effectsShiau T.-N.; Tsai Y.-J.; Tsai M.-S. journal article6543
782008Optimal and robust control of enhanced active constrained layer treatment with passive shunt circuit under consideration of temperature effectTsai M.-S. ; Hwang T.-Y.; Nien H.-W.conference paper00
792008Development of an integrated look-ahead dynamics-based NURBS interpolator for high precision machineryTsai M.-S. ; Nien H.-W.; Yau H.-T.journal article8783
802008Robust QFT control of a three-axis nano-positioning stageTsai M.-S. ; Luo Q.-R.conference paper00
812008FPGA-based motion controller with real-time look-ahead functionLin M.-T.; Yau H.-T.; Nien H.-W.; Tsai M.-S. conference paper50
822008Structural analysis of the 3-PRS mechanism of a serial-parallel machine toolShiau T.-N.; Tsai Y.-J.; Yan T.-C.; Tsai M.-S. journal article1
832008On acceleration/deceleration hybrid interpolation for multi-blocks of NURBS curvesNien H.-W.; Yau H.-T.; Su H.-C.; Tsai M.-S. ; Sun C.-C.conference paper10
842007Active vibration control of hard-disk drives using piezoelectric actuatorsMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Wei-Hsiung Yuan; Jia-Ming Changconference paper
852007Optimal and robust control of enhanced active constrained layer damping treatment and shunt circuit with consideration of temperature effectMeng-Shiun Tsai ; Tai-Yen Hwang; Hao-Wei Nienconference paper
862007Active vibration control of hard-disk drives using pzt actuated suspension systemsTsai M.-S. ; Yuan W.-H.; Chang J.-M.conference paper2
872007Development of real-time look-ahead algorithm for NURBS interpolator with consideration of servo dynamicsLin M.-T.; Tsai M.-S. ; Yau H.-T.conference paper130
882007An integrated look-ahead dynamic interpolator for NURBS curveTsai M.-S. ; Nien H.-W.; Yau H.-T.conference paper50
892007Development of a dynamics-based NURBS interpolator with real-timeMing-Tzong Lin; Meng-Shiun Tsai ; Hong-Tzong Yaujournal article
902007Application of singular value decomposition technique to system identification by doping an optimum signalShiau T.-N.; Cheng C.-H.; Tsai M.-S. journal article5
912007Development of a dynamics-based NURBS interpolator with real-time look-ahead algorithmLin M.-T.; Tsai M.-S. ; Yau H.-T.journal article183135
922006Analysis of a hybrid control algorithm for disturbance rejection and its application on an active isolation systemTsai M.-S. ; Huang C.-T.; Chang C.-H.conference paper0
932006Dynamic analysis of contact mechanism for a piezoelectric ultrasonic motorTsai M.S. ; Huang C.T.; Yao S.H.conference paper0
942006Development of a robust two-stage system identification method for a rotor-bearing systemShiau T.N.; Cheng C.H.; Tsai M.S. journal article1
952006Quantitative feedback control of a novel vibration isolation system using piezoelectric actuatorTsai M.-S. ; Yeh C.-H.; Sun Y.-S.; Wu J.-H.conference paper0
962006Real-time NURBS interpolation using FPGA for high speed motion controlYau H.-T.; Lin M.-T.; Tsai M.-S. journal article6658
972006System identification of a rotor system with hydrodynamic bearing by Eigensystem Realization Algorithm (ERA) with an optimum doping signalShiau T.N.; Cheng G.H.; Tsai M.S. conference paper00
982006Development of command-based iterative learning control algorithm with consideration of friction, disturbance, and noise effectsTsai M.-S. ; Lin M.-T.; Yau H.-T.journal article4027
992005Command-based iterative learning control for compensation of servo lag and friction effectsTsai M.-S. ; Lin M.-T.; Yau H.-T.conference paper2
1002004Robust QFT control of a piezo-based vibration isolation system with consideration of hysteresis effectTsai M.-S. ; Chiang F.-C.; Sun Y.-S.; Wu J.-H.conference paper1
1012003Robust Tracking Control of a Piezoactuator Based on an Approximate Hysteresis Model蔡孟勳 ; 陳俊生journal article
1022003State space identification of nonlinear hydro dynamic bearing by eigensystem realization algorithm (ERA)Shiau T.N.; Tsai M.S. ; Cheng C.H.conference paper10
1032003Direct kinematic analysis of a 3-PRS parallel mechanismTsai M.-S. ; Shiau T.-N.; Tsai Y.-J.; Chang T.-H.journal article150119
1042003Robust tracking control of a piezoactuator using a new approximate hysteresis modelTsai M.-S. ; Chen J.-S.journal article9271
1052003Dynamic modeling and analysis of a bimodal ultrasonic motorTsai M.-S. ; Lee C.-H.; Hwang S.-H.journal article6854
1062002A coupled robust control/optimization approach for active-passive hybrid piezoelectric networksTsai M.S. ; Wang K.W.journal article1712
1072002Robust control of enhanced active constrained layer treatment with passive shunt circuitTsai M.-S. ; Hwang T.-Y.journal article1
1082002A Coupled Robust Control Optimization Approach for Active-Passive Hybrid Adaptive StructuresM.S. Tsai ; K.W. Wangjournal article
1091999On the structural damping characteristics of active piezoelectric actuators with passive shuntTsai M.S. ; Wang K.W.journal article130
1101997Integrating active-passive hybrid piezoelectric networks with active constrained layer treatments for structural dampingTsai M.S. ; Wang K.W.conference paper5
1111997Integrating active-passive hybrid piezoelectric networks with active constrained layer treatments for structural dampingTsai M.S. ; Wang K.W.journal article3
1121997Some insights on active-passive hybrid piezoelectric networks for structural controlsTsai Meng-Shiun ; Wang Kon-Wellconference paper10
1131996Control of a ring structure with multiple hybrid piezoelectrical networksTsai M.S. ; Wang Kon-Wellconference paper0
1141996Control of a ring structure with multiple active - Passive hybrid piezoelectrical networksTsai M.S. ; Wang K.W.journal article5333