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12022Functional Investigation of Meningeal Lymphatic System in Experimental Intracerebral HemorrhageTsai H.-H.; Hsieh Y.-C.; Lin J.S.; Kuo Z.-T.; Ho C.-Y.; Chen C.-H.; CHE-FENG CHANG Stroke1
22021Plasma soluble TREM2 is associated with white matter lesions independent of amyloid and tauTsai H.-H.; Chen Y.-F.; Yen R.-F.; Lo Y.-L.; Yang K.-C.; Jeng J.-S.; Tsai L.-K.; CHE-FENG CHANG Brain22
32021Erratum: Mouse Models of Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Ventricle, Cortex, and Hippocampus by Injections of Autologous Blood or Collagenase (PLoS ONE (2014) 9:5 (e97423) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097423)Zhu W.; Gao Y.; CHE-FENG CHANG ; Wan J.-R.; Zhu S.-S.; Wang J.PLoS ONE
42021Identification of the minimal active soluble TREM2 sequence for modulating microglial phenotypes and amyloid pathologySheng X.; Yao Y.; Huang R.; Xu Y.; Zhu Y.; Chen L.; Zhang L.; Wang W.; Zhuo R.; Can D.; CHE-FENG CHANG ; Zhang Y.-W.; Xu H.; Bu G.; Zhong L.; Chen X.-F.Journal of Neuroinflammation22
52021Divergent Functions of Tissue-Resident and Blood-Derived Macrophages in the Hemorrhagic BrainCHE-FENG CHANG ; Goods, Brittany A; Askenase, Michael H; Beatty, Hannah E; Osherov, Artem; DeLong, Jonathan H; Hammond, Matthew D; Massey, Jordan; Landreneau, Margaret; Love, J Christopher; Sansing, Lauren HStroke44
62020Response by Chang and Sansing to Letter Regarding Article, "bexarotene Enhances Macrophage Erythrophagocytosis and Hematoma Clearance in Experimental Intracerebral Hemorrhage"CHE-FENG CHANG ; Sansing L.H.Stroke00
72020Bexarotene Enhances Macrophage Erythrophagocytosis and Hematoma Clearance in Experimental Intracerebral HemorrhageCHE-FENG CHANG ; Massey J.; Osherov A.; Angenendt Da Costa L.H.; Sansing L.H.Stroke2928
82020A Preclinical Controlled Cortical Impact Model for Traumatic Hemorrhage Contusion and NeuroinflammationLee, Hung-Fu; CHIH-HUNG CHEN; CHE-FENG CHANG Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE10
92019Acute kahweol treatment attenuates traumatic brain injury neuroinflammation and functional deficitsLee H.-F.; Lin J.S.; CHE-FENG CHANG Nutrients44
102018Erythrocyte efferocytosis modulates macrophages towards recovery after intracerebral hemorrhageChe-Feng Chang ; Goods, B.A.; Askenase, M.H.; Hammond, M.D.; Renfroe, S.C.; Steinschneider, A.F.; Landreneau, M.J.; Ai, Y.; Beatty, H.E.; Da Costa, L.H.A.; Mack, M.; Sheth, K.N.; Greer, D.M.; Huttner, A.; Coman, D.; Hyder, F.; Ghosh, S.; Rothlin, C.V.; Christopher Love, J.; Sansing, L.H.Journal of Clinical Investigation7372
112017Alternative activation-skewed microglia/macrophages promote hematoma resolution in experimental intracerebral hemorrhageChe-Feng Chang ; Wan, J.; Li, Q.; Renfroe, S.C.; Heller, N.M.; Wang, J.Neurobiology of Disease7271
122017TGF-β1 modulates microglial phenotype and promotes recovery after intracerebral hemorrhageTaylor, R.A.; Che-Feng Chang ; Goods, B.A.; Hammond, M.D.; Grory, B.M.; Ai, Y.; Steinschneider, A.F.; Renfroe, S.C.; Askenase, M.H.; Mccullough, L.D.; Kasner, S.E.; Mullen, M.T.; Hafler, D.A.; Love, J.C.; Sansing, L.H.Journal of Clinical Investigation137134
132017Deletion or inhibition of soluble epoxide hydrolase protects against brain damage and reduces microglia-mediated neuroinflammation in traumatic brain injuryTING-HSUAN HUNG; Shyue, S.-K.; Wu, C.-H.; Chen, C.-C.; Lin, C.-C.; Che-Feng Chang ; SHIH-FANG CHENOncotarget2626
142017Genetic deletion or pharmacological inhibition of soluble epoxide hydrolase reduces brain damage and attenuates neuroinflammation after intracerebral hemorrhageWu, C.-H.; Shyue, S.-K.; TING-HSUAN HUNG; Wen, S.; Lin, C.-C.; Che-Feng Chang ; SHIH-FANG CHENJournal of Neuroinflammation4241
152015Simultaneous detection and separation of hyperacute intracerebral hemorrhage and cerebral ischemia using amide proton transfer MRIWang, M.; Hong, X.; Che-Feng Chang ; Li, Q.; Ma, B.; Zhang, H.; Xiang, S.; Heo, H.-Y.; Zhang, Y.; Lee, D.-H.; Jiang, S.; Leigh, R.; Koehler, R.C.; Van Zijl, P.C.M.; Wang, J.; Zhou, J.Magnetic Resonance in Medicine5450
162015Translational Intracerebral Hemorrhage: a Need for Transparent Descriptions of Fresh Tissue Sampling and Preclinical Model QualityChe-Feng Chang ; Cai, L.; Wang, J.Translational Stroke Research1616
172015Toxic role of prostaglandin E 2 receptor EP1 after intracerebral hemorrhage in miceZhao, X.; Wu, T.; Che-Feng Chang ; Wu, H.; Han, X.; Li, Q.; Gao, Y.; Li, Q.; Hou, Z.; Maruyama, T.; Zhang, J.; Wang, J.Brain, Behavior, and Immunity6767
182014Mouse models of intracerebral hemorrhage in ventricle, cortex, and hippocampus by injections of autologous blood or collagenaseZhu, W.; Gao, Y.; Che-Feng Chang ; Wan, J.-R.; Zhu, S.-S.; Wang, J.PLoS ONE6964
192014(-)-Epicatechin protects hemorrhagic brain via synergistic Nrf2 pathwaysChe-Feng Chang ; Cho, S.; Wang, J.Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology9693
202011Caveolin-1 deletion reduces early brain injury after experimental intracerebral hemorrhageCHE-FENG CHANG ; Chen, Shu-Fen; Lee, Tzong-Shyuan; Lee, Hung-Fu; Chen, Szu-Fu; Shyue, Song-KunThe American journal of pathology5759