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12019Carbon storage potential in a recently created brackish marsh in eastern North Carolina, USAShiau, Y.-J.; Burchell, M.R.; Krauss, K.W.; Broome, S.W.; Birgand, F.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article21
22019Influence of thorny bamboo plantations on soil microbial biomass and community structure in subtropical badland soilsChang, E.-H.; Tian, G.; Shiau, Y.-J.; Chen, T.-H.; Chiu, C.-Y.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article11
32019Data of the soil C composition after 40 and 80 years of reforestation in subtropical low mountain forestsYO-JIN SHIAU dataset
42018Characterization of phosphorus in a toposequence of subtropical perhumid forest soils facing a subalpine lakeShiau, Y.-J.; Pai, C.-W.; Tsai, J.-W.; Liu, W.-C.; Yam, R.S.W.; Chang, S.-C.; Tang, S.-L.; Chiu, C.-Y.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article33
52018The influences of thorny bamboo growth on the bacterial community in badland soils of southwestern TaiwanLin, Y.-T.; Whitman, W.B.; Coleman, D.C.; Shiau, Y.-J.; Jien, S.-H.; Chiu, C.-Y.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article11
62018Phylogenetically distinct methanotrophs modulate methane oxidation in rice paddies across TaiwanShiau, Y.-J.; Cai, Y.; Jia, Z.; Chen, C.-L.; Chiu, C.-Y.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article1513
72017Improvement in the biochemical and chemical properties of badland soils by thorny bambooShiau, Y.-J.; Wang, H.-C.; Chen, T.-H.; Jien, S.-H.; Tian, G.; Chiu, C.-Y.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article96
82017Community Structure of Active Aerobic Methanotrophs in Red Mangrove (Kandelia obovata) Soils Under Different Frequency of TidesYO-JIN SHIAU ; Yuanfeng Cai; Yu-Te Lin; Zhongjun Jia; Chih-Yu Chiujournal article66
92017Assessing N2 fixation in estuarine mangrove soilsYO-JIN SHIAU ; Ming-Fen Lin; Chen-Chung Tan; Guanglong Tian; Chih-Yu Chiu54
10201713C NMR spectroscopy characterization of particle-size fractionated soil organic carbon in subalpine forest and grassland ecosystemsShiau, Y.-J.; Chen, J.-S.; Chung, T.-L.; Tian, G.; Chiu, C.-Y.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article44
112017Changes in soil biochemical properties in a cedar plantation invaded by moso bambooShiau, Y.-J.; Chiu, C.-Y.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article54
122016Water salinity effects on growth and nitrogen assimilation rate of mangrove (Kandelia candel) seedlingsYO-JIN SHIAU journal article76
132016Factors Influencing Removal of Sewage Nitrogen Through Denitrification in Mangrove SoilsShiau, Y.-J.; Dham, V.; Tian, G.; Chiu, C.-Y.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article610
142016Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Created Brackish Marsh in Eastern North CarolinaShiau, Y.-J.; Burchell, M.R.; Krauss, K.W.; Birgand, F.; Broome, S.W.; YO-JIN SHIAU journal article60