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12024Intersubject representational similarity analysis uncovers the impact of state anxiety on brain activation patterns in the human extrastriate cortexHsiao, Po Yuan A.; Kim, M. Justin; Chou, Feng Chun B.; PIN-HAO CHEN Brain Imaging and Behavior
22021Endogenous variation in ventromedial prefrontal cortex state dynamics during naturalistic viewing reflects affective experienceChang L.J; Jolly E; Cheong J.H; Rapuano K.M; Greenstein N; Chen P.-H.A; PIN-HAO CHEN Science Advances5232
32021Taking a Computational Cultural Neuroscience Approach to Study Parent-Child Similarities in Diverse Cultural ContextsChen P.-H.A; PIN-HAO CHEN Frontiers in Human Neuroscience32
42020Intersubject representational similarity analysis reveals individual variations in affective experience when watching erotic moviesPIN-HAO CHEN ; Jolly, E.; Cheong, J. H.; Chang, L. J.NeuroImage4540
52019Reducing reward responsivity and daily food desires in female dieters through domain-specific trainingPIN-HAO CHEN ; Kelley, W. M.; Lopez, R. B.; Heatherton, T. F.Social Neuroscience88
62019Socially transmitted placebo effectsPIN-HAO CHEN ; Cheong, J.H.; Jolly, E.; Elhence, H.; Wager, T.D.; Chang, L.J.Nature Human Behaviour5351
72017A balance of activity in brain control and reward systems predicts self-regulatory outcomesLopez, R. B.; PIN-HAO CHEN ; Huckins, J. F.; Hofmann, W.; Kelley, W. M.; Heatherton, T. F.Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience2928
82017Structural integrity between executive control and reward regions of the brain predicts body fat percentage in chronic dietersPIN-HAO CHEN ; Chavez, R. S.; Heatherton, T. F.Cognitive Neuroscience98
92015Brain Reward Activity to Masked In-Group Smiling Faces Predicts Friendship DevelopmentPIN-HAO CHEN ; Whalen, P. J.; Freeman, J. B.; Taylor, J. M.; Heatherton, T. F.Social Psychological and Personality Science98
102015Activity in the cortical midline structures is modulated by self-construal changes during acculturationPIN-HAO CHEN ; Wagner, D. D.; Kelley, W. M.; Heatherton, T. F.Culture and Brain
112015Brain-as-predictor approach: an alternative way to explore acculturation processesPIN-HAO CHEN ; Heatherton, T. F.; Freeman, J. B.Neuroscience in intercultural contexts
122013Medial prefrontal cortex differentiates self from mother in Chinese: evidence from self-motivated immigrantsPIN-HAO CHEN ; Wagner D. D.; Kelley, W. M.; Powers, K. E.; Heatherton, T. F.Culture and Brain
132012Chronic schizophrenia comorbid with neuropsychiatric system lupus erythematosusKuo, C. Y.; Tseng, H. H.; Wu, Y. W.; Cheng, M. F.; PIN-HAO CHEN ; Hsieh, S. C.; Liu, C. M.Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry