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12020Excess mortality and shortened life expectancy in people with major mental illnesses in TaiwanPan, Yi-Ju; Yeh, Ling-Ling; Chan, Hung-Yu; CHIN-KUO CHANG Epidemiology and psychiatric sciences01
22020Utilization of healthcare and psychotropic medication in elderly and non-elderly people with first self-poisoning episodes: A nationwide population-based cohort studyWu C.-Y.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hsiao F.-Y.; Lin Y.-W.; Wu S.-I.; Kao K.-L.European Journal of Psychiatry00
32020Excess mortality and risk factors for mortality among patients with severe mental disorders receiving home care case managementChen W.-Y.; Huang S.-J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Pan C.-H.; Su S.-S.; Yang T.-W.; Kuo C.-J.Nordic Journal of Psychiatry01
42020How do ethnicity and deprivation impact on life expectancy at birth in people with serious mental illness? Observational study in the UKDas-Munshi J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Dregan A.; Hatch S.L.; Morgan C.; Thornicroft G.; Stewart R.; Hotopf M.Psychological Medicine00
52020Risk of acute pancreatitis among people with severe mental illnessVithayathil M.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Shetty H.; Stewart R.Journal of Affective Disorders00
62019Use of Natural Language Processing to identify Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms in patients with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorderChandran D.; Robbins D.A.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Shetty H.; Sanyal J.; Downs J.; Fok M.; Ball M.; Jackson R.; Stewart R.; Cohen H.; Vermeulen J.M.; Schirmbeck F.; de Haan L.; Hayes R.Scientific Reports00
72019Psychiatric comorbidity as a risk factor for the mortality of people with bulimia nervosaHimmerich H.; Hotopf M.; Shetty H.; Schmidt U.; Treasure J.; Hayes R.D.; Stewart R.; CHIN-KUO CHANG Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology22
82019Depression and cause-specific mortality in an ethnically diverse cohort from the UK: 8-year prospective studyDas-Munshi J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Schofield P.; Stewart R.; Prince M.J.Psychological Medicine22
92019Ethnic density and other neighbourhood associations for mortality in severe mental illness: a retrospective cohort study with multi-level analysis from an urbanised and ethnically diverse location in the UKDas-Munshi J.; Schofield P.; Bhavsar V.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Dewey M.E.; Morgan C.; Stewart R.; Thornicroft G.; Prince M.J.The Lancet Psychiatry55
102019Risk of readmission in patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder newly prescribed clozapineKesserwani J.; Kadra G.; Downs J.; Shetty H.; MacCabe J.H.; Taylor D.; Stewart R.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.Journal of Psychopharmacology44
112019Psychiatric comorbidity as a risk factor for mortality in people with anorexia nervosaHimmerich H.; Hotopf M.; Shetty H.; Schmidt U.; Treasure J.; Hayes R.D.; Stewart R.; CHIN-KUO CHANG European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience67
122019General hospital admission rates in people diagnosed with personality disorderFok M.L.Y.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Broadbent M.; Stewart R.; Moran P.Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica44
132018Cortisol levels in fingernails, neurocognitive performance and clinical variables in euthymic bipolar I disorderHerane-Vives A.; Cleare A.J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; de Angel V.; Papadopoulos A.; Fischer S.; Halari R.; Cheung E.Y.W.; Young A.H.World Journal of Biological Psychiatry42
142018Orexin-A Levels in Relation to the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Schizophrenia Taking AntipsychoticsChen P.-Y.; Chen C.-H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Kao C.-F.; Lu M.-L.; Lin S.-K.; Huang M.-C.; Hwang L.-L.; Mondelli V.International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology23
152018Excess overdose mortality immediately following transfer of patients and their care as well as after cessation of opioid substitution therapyBogdanowicz K.M.; Stewart R.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Shetty H.; Khondoker M.; Day E.; Hayes R.D.; Strang J.Addiction21
162018Long-term antipsychotic polypharmacy prescribing in secondary mental health care and the risk of mortalityKadra G.; Stewart R.; Shetty H.; MacCabe J.H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Taylor D.; Hayes R.D.Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica24
172018Acute general hospital admissions in people with serious mental illnessJayatilleke N.; Hayes R.D.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Stewart R.Psychological Medicine78
182018Antipsychotic polypharmacy prescribing and risk of hospital readmissionKadra G.; Stewart R.; Shetty H.; MacCabe J.H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Kesserwani J.; Taylor D.; Hayes R.D.Psychopharmacology69
192017Admission to acute mental health services after contact with crisis resolution and home treatment teams: an investigation in two large mental health-care providersWerbeloff N.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Broadbent M.; Hayes J.F.; Stewart R.; Osborn D.P.J.The Lancet Psychiatry89
202017Hospital admissions for respiratory system diseases in adults with intellectual disabilities in Southeast London: A register-based cohort studyCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Chen C.-Y.; Broadbent M.; Stewart R.; O'Hara J.BMJ Open23
212017Contributions of specific causes of death to lost life expectancy in severe mental illnessJayatilleke N.; Hayes R.D.; Dutta R.; Shetty H.; Hotopf M.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Stewart R.European Psychiatry2128
222017Ethnicity and excess mortality in severe mental illness: a cohort studyDas-Munshi J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Dutta R.; Morgan C.; Nazroo J.; Stewart R.; Prince M.J.The Lancet Psychiatry3131
232017Ethnicity, mortality, and severe mental illness – Authors' replyDas-Munshi J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Dutta R.; Morgan C.; Nazroo J.; Stewart R.; Prince M.J.The Lancet Psychiatry00
242017Transformation of excess mortality in people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in TaiwanPan Y.-J.; Yeh L.-L.; Chan H.-Y.; CHIN-KUO CHANG Psychological Medicine77
252017Alcohol-Related Dementia: A Systemic Review of Epidemiological StudiesCheng C.; Huang C.-L.; Tsai C.-J.; Chou P.-H.; Lin C.-C.; CHIN-KUO CHANG Psychosomatics1616
262016Predictors of care home and hospital admissions and their costs for older people with Alzheimer's disease: Findings from a large London case registerKnapp M.; Chua K.-C.; Broadbent M.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Fernandez J.-L.; Milea D.; Romeo R.; Lovestone S.; Spencer M.; Thompson G.; Stewart R.; Hayes R.D.BMJ Open2029
272016Cohort profile of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre (SLaM BRC) Case Register: Current status and recent enhancement of an Electronic Mental Health Record-derived data resourcePerera G.; Broadbent M.; Callard F.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Downs J.; Dutta R.; Fernandes A.; Hayes R.D.; Henderson M.; Jackson R.; Jewell A.; Kadra G.; Little R.; Pritchard M.; Shetty H.; Tulloch A.; Stewart R.BMJ Open147159
282016Mortality of people with chronic fatigue syndrome: A retrospective cohort study in England and Wales from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre (SLaM BRC) Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) RegisterRoberts E.; Wessely S.; Chalder T.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hotopf M.The Lancet2426
292016Identifying mortality risks in patients with opioid use disorder using brief screening assessment: Secondary mental health clinical records analysisBogdanowicz K.M.; Stewart R.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Downs J.; Khondoker M.; Shetty H.; Strang J.; Hayes R.D.Drug and Alcohol Dependence35
302016Patients with primary open-angle glaucoma may develop ischemic heart disease more often than those without glaucoma: An 11-year population-based cohort studyChen Y.-Y.; Hu H.-Y.; Chu D.; Chen H.-H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Chou P.PLoS ONE98
312016Hospital treatment, mortality and healthcare costs in relation to socioeconomic status among people with bipolar affective disorderPan Y.-J.; Yeh L.-L.; Chen Y.-C.; Kuo K.-H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG BJPsych Open88
322016Impact of additive alcohol and substance use disorders on the mortality of people with schizophrenia and mood disordersCHIN-KUO CHANG Evidence-Based Mental Health22
332015Extracting antipsychotic polypharmacy data from electronic health records: Developing and evaluating a novel processKadra G.; Stewart R.; Shetty H.; Jackson R.G.; Greenwood M.A.; Roberts A.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; MacCabe J.H.; Hayes R.D.BMC Psychiatry2528
342015Associations between the schizophrenia susceptibility gene ZNF804A and clinical outcomes in psychosisWickramasinghe A.; Tulloch A.D.; Hayes R.D.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Broadbent M.; Di Forti M.; Murray R.M.; Iyegbe C.; Stewart R.Translational Psychiatry109
352015The effect of clozapine on premature mortality: An assessment of clinical monitoring and other potential confoundersHayes R.D.; Downs J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Jackson R.G.; Shetty H.; Broadbent M.; Hotopf M.; Stewart R.Schizophrenia Bulletin6557
362015Negative symptoms in schizophrenia: A study in a large clinical sample of patients using a novel automated methodPatel R.; Jayatilleke N.; Broadbent M.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Foskett N.; Gorrell G.; Hayes R.D.; Jackson R.; Johnston C.; Shetty H.; Roberts A.; McGuire P.; Stewart R.BMJ Open3250
372015Prenatal exposure to phthalate ester and pubertal development in a birth cohort in central Taiwan: A 12-year follow-up studySu P.-H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Lin C.-Y.; Chen H.-Y.; Liao P.-C.; Hsiung C.A.; Chiang H.-C.; Wang S.-L.Environmental Research2122
382014Suicide completion in secondary mental healthcare: A comparison study between schizophrenia spectrum disorders and all other diagnosesLopez-Morinigo J.-D.; Fernandes A.C.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.; Broadbent M.; Stewart R.; David A.S.; Dutta R.BMC Psychiatry1414
392014Retrospective chart review on exposure to psychotropic medications associated with neuroleptic malignant syndromeSu Y.-P.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.; Harrison S.; Lee W.; Broadbent M.; Taylor D.; Stewart R.Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica3436
402014Mini-mental state examination as a predictor of mortality among older people referred to secondary mental healthcareSu Y.-P.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.; Perera G.; Broadbent M.; To D.; Hotopf M.; Stewart R.PLoS ONE1518
412014Associations between risk of mortality and atypical antipsychotic use in vascular dementia: A clinical cohort studySultana J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.; Broadbent M.; Stewart R.; Corbett A.; Ballard C.International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry1917
422014A cohort study on mental disorders, stage of cancer at diagnosis and subsequent survivalCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.; Broadbent M.T.M.; Hotopf M.; Davies E.; M?ller H.; Stewart R.BMJ Open6367
432013Evaluation of Smoking Status Identification Using Electronic Health Records and Open-Text Information in a Large Mental Health Case RegisterWu C.-Y.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Robson D.; Jackson R.; Chen S.-J.; Hayes R.D.; Stewart R.PLoS ONE3825
442013Acute and prolonged adverse effects of temperature on mortality from cardiovascular diseasesLin Y.-K.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Wang Y.-C.; Ho T.-J.PLoS ONE2926
452013Low colonocyte folate is associated with uracil misincorporation and global DNA hypomethylation in human colorectumMcGlynn A.P.; Wasson G.R.; O'Reilly S.L.; McNulty H.; Downes C.S.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hoey L.; Molloy A.M.; Ward M.; Strain J.J.; McKerr G.; Weir D.G.; Scott J.M.Journal of Nutrition2115
462013Development and evaluation of a de-identification procedure for a case register sourced from mental health electronic recordsFernandes A.C.; Cloete D.; Broadbent M.T.M.; Hayes R.D.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Jackson R.G.; Roberts A.; Tsang J.; Soncul M.; Liebscher J.; Stewart R.; Callard F.BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making7884
472013Temperature, nitrogen dioxide, circulating respiratory viruses and acute upper respiratory infections among children in Taipei, Taiwan: A population-based studyLin Y.-K.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Chang S.-C.; Chen P.-S.; Lin C.; Wang Y.-C.Environmental Research2222
482013Effect of human leukocyte antigen class I and II alleles on hepatitis C viral load among chronic hepatitis C patients in Southern TaiwanTseng K.-C.; Tseng C.-W.; Hsieh Y.-H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Lai N.-S.; Hung T.-H.; Chang T.-T.Human Immunology22
492013Socioeconomic disadvantage, mental disorders and risk of 12-month suicide ideation and attempt in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R) in USPan Y.-J.; Stewart R.; CHIN-KUO CHANG Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology1417
502013The association between social relationships and self-harm: A case-control study in TaiwanWu C.-Y.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Huang H.-C.; Liu S.-I.; Stewart R.BMC Psychiatry119
512012Vitamin D receptor gene variants and esophageal adenocarcinoma risk: A population-based case-control studyCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Mulholland H.G.; Cantwell M.M.; Anderson L.A.; Johnston B.T.; McKnight A.J.; Thompson P.D.; Watson R.G.P.; Murray L.J.Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer180
522012HLA-B*15:02 is associated with anemia in patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with pegylated interferon-α and ribavirinTseng C.-W.; Hsieh Y.-H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Lai N.-S.; Hung T.-H.; Wu S.-F.; Tseng K.-C.Tissue Antigens21
532012Functional Status and All-Cause Mortality in Serious Mental IllnessHayes R.D.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Fernandes A.C.; Begum A.; To D.; Broadbent M.; Hotopf M.; Stewart R.PLoS ONE2830
542012Clinical risk assessment rating and all-cause mortality in secondary mental healthcare: The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre (SLAM BRC) Case RegisterWu C.-Y.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.; Broadbent M.; Hotopf M.; Stewart R.Psychological Medicine1921
552012Ascertaining instances of neuroleptic malignant syndrome in a secondary mental healthcare electronic medical records database: The SLAM BRC Case RegisterCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Harrison S.; Lee W.; Taylor D.; Stewart R.Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology70
562012High-temperature indices associated with mortality and outpatient visits: Characterizing the association with elevated temperatureLin Y.-K.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Li M.-H.; Wu Y.-C.; Wang Y.-C.Science of the Total Environment2420
572012Associations between symptoms and all-cause mortality in individuals with serious mental illnessHayes R.D.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Fernandes A.; Begum A.; To D.; Broadbent M.; Hotopf M.; Stewart R.Journal of Psychosomatic Research1616
582012Life expectancy at birth and all-cause mortality among people with personality disorderFok M.L.Y.; Hayes R.D.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Stewart R.; Callard F.J.; Moran P.Journal of Psychosomatic Research8599
592012Improving the life expectancy of people with serious mental illnessCHIN-KUO CHANG British Journal of Hospital Medicine32
602011Life expectancy at birth for people with serious mental illness and other major disorders from a secondary mental health care case register in LondonCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.; Perera G.; Broadbent M.T.M.; Fernandes A.C.; Lee W.E.; Hotopf M.; Stewart R.PLoS ONE334300
612011Associations between substance use disorder sub-groups, life expectancy and all-cause mortality in a large British specialist mental healthcare serviceHayes R.D.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Fernandes A.; Broadbent M.; Lee W.; Hotopf M.; Stewart R.Drug and Alcohol Dependence4242
622010All-cause mortality among people with serious mental illness (SMI), substance use disorders, and depressive disorders in southeast London: A cohort studyCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Hayes R.D.; Broadbent M.; Fernandes A.C.; Lee W.; Hotopf M.; Stewart R.BMC Psychiatry157155
632010Prognostic effect of human leukocyte antigen class I and II alleles on chronic hepatitis C patients treated by pegylated interferon-alfa plus ribavirin in TaiwanTseng K.-C.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Chou A.-L.; Hsieh Y.-H.; Tseng C.-A.; Lai N.-S.Hepato-Gastroenterology107
642010Iron status in pregnant women in the Republic of SeychellesDuffy E.M.; Bonham M.P.; Wallace J.M.W.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Robson P.J.; Myers G.J.; Davidson P.W.; Clarkson T.W.; Shamlaye C.F.; Strain J.J.Public Health Nutrition46
652009HBV DNA level as an important determinant of E antigen seroconversion of chronic hepatitis B during Adefovir dipivoxil therapyTseng K.-C.; Cheng P.-N.; Wu I.-C.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Chou A.-L.; Liu W.-C.; Chang T.-T.Hepato-Gastroenterology55
662009Prevalence and risk factors of noise-induced hearing loss among liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder infusion workers in TaiwanChang S.-J.; CHIN-KUO CHANG Industrial Health1113
672008How does the short-wavelength-sensitive contrast sensitivity function for detection and resolution change with age in the periphery?Beirne R.O.; Zlatkova M.B.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Chakravarthy U.; Anderson R.S.Vision Research88
682006Risks of biliary tract cancer and occupational exposures among Shanghai women textile workers: A case-cohort studyCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Astrakianakis G.; Thomas D.B.; Seixas N.S.; Camp J.E.; Ray R.M.; Gao D.L.; Wernli K.J.; Li W.; Fitzgibbons E.D.; Vaughan T.L.; Checkoway H.American Journal of Industrial Medicine53
692006Occupational exposures and risks of liver cancer among Shanghai female textile workers - A case-cohort studyCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Astrakianakis G.; Thomas D.B.; Seixas N.S.; Ray R.M.; Gao D.L.; Wernli K.J.; Fitzgibbons E.D.; Vaughan T.L.; Checkoway H.International Journal of Epidemiology2522
702006Development of a job exposure matrix (JEM) for the textile industry in Shanghai, ChinaWernli K.J.; Astrakianakis G.; Camp J.E.; Ray R.M.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Li G.D.; Thomas D.B.; Checkoway H.; Seixas N.S.Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene2724
712005Dynamics of nutritional health in a community sample of American elders: A multidimensional approach using Roy Adaptation ModelChen C.C.-H.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Chyun D.A.; McCorkle R.Advances in Nursing Science2321
722004Risk factors relating blood markers of inflammation and nutritional status to survival in cachectic geriatric patients in a randomized clinical trialYeh S.-S.; Hafner A.; CHIN-KUO CHANG ; Levine D.M.; Parker T.S.; Schuster M.W.Journal of the American Geriatrics Society2323
731998Factors related to delayed treatment and posttreatment symptom severity in Taiwanese patients with benign prostatic hyperplasiaCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Yu H.-J.; Chan K.-W.A.; Chie W.-C.; Chen J.; Chen Y.-T.; Lai M.-K.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association00
741997Secular trend and age-period-cohort analysis of prostate cancer mortality in TaiwanCHIN-KUO CHANG ; Yu H.-J.; Chan K.-W.A.; Lai M.-K.Journal of Urology1614