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12021Independent dose–response associations between fetuin-a and lean nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseCHIA-WEN LU; Lee, Yi Chen; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG; KUO-CHIN HUANGNutrients
22021Sweet Potato Leaf Feeding Decreases Cholesterol, Oxidative Stress and Thrombosis Formation in Syrian Hamsters with a High-Cholesterol DietHAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lan, Yi-Chan; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Chien, Chiang-TingLife (Basel, Switzerland)
32021Association of serum levels of zinc, copper, and iron with risk of metabolic syndromeLu C.-W.; Lee Y.-C.; Kuo C.-S.; Chiang C.-H.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Huang K.-C.Nutrients
42020Intensive care utilization in patients with end-stage liver disease: A population-based comparative study of cohorts with and without comorbid hepatocellular carcinoma in taiwanPeng J.-K.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Higginson I.J.; Gao W.EClinicalMedicine
52020Intrarenal transplantation of hypoxic preconditioned mesenchymal stem cells improves glomerulonephritis through anti-oxidation, anti-ER stress, anti-inflammation, anti-apoptosis, and antiautophagyHAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Hsu S.-P.; Chien C.-T.Antioxidants
62020Randomized study of benidipine versus lercanidipine therapy in patients with mild to moderate hypertensionWu C.-K.; Chan D.-C.; Wang K.-L.; Yu W.-C.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Shyu K.-G.; Chen Y.-H.; Tzeng B.-H.; Cheng S.-M.; Hwang J.-J.Journal of Internal Medicine of Taiwan
72019Gender differences with dose-response relationship between serum selenium levels and metabolic syndrome-a case-control studyLu C.-W.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Yang K.-C.; Chiang C.-H.; Yao C.-A.; Huang K.-C.Nutrients
82019Blood sugar control among type 2 diabetic patients who travel abroad: A cross sectional studyLin I.-W.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lee Y.-H.; Wu Y.-C.; Lu C.-W.; Huang K.-C.Medicine
92019Aromatherapy: Activating olfactory calcium-sensing receptors impairs renal hemodynamics via sympathetic nerve-mediated vasoconstrictionLee S.-P.; Wu W.-Y.; Hsiao J.-K.; Zhou J.-H.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Chien C.-T.Acta Physiologica
102019Impact of a home health care program for disabled patients in Taiwan: A nationwide population-based cohort studyLee Y.-H.; Lu C.-W.; Huang C.-T.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Yang K.-C.; Kuo C.-S.; Chang Y.-K.; Hsu C.-C.; Huang K.-C.Medicine (United States)
112019Tuberculosis among migrant workers in TaiwanLu C.-W.; Lee Y.-H.; Pan Y.-H.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Wu Y.-C.; Sheng W.-H.; Huang K.-C.Globalization and Health
122018Catechins blunt the effects of oxldl and its primary metabolite phosphatidylcholine hydroperoxide on endothelial dysfunction through inhibition of oxidative stress and restoration of eNOS in ratsHAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Chien C.-Y.; Chen K.-H.; Huang S.-C.; Chien C.-T.Kidney and Blood Pressure Research
132018Increased risk for major depressive disorder in severely obese patients after bariatric surgery — a 12-year nationwide cohort studyLu C.-W.; Chang Y.-K.; Lee Y.-H.; Kuo C.-S.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Huang C.-T.; Hsu C.-C.; Huang K.-C.Annals of Medicine
142018Addition of one session with a specialist counselor did not increase efficacy of a family physician-led smoking cessation programChung Y.-H.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lu C.-W.; Huang K.-C.; Guo F.-R.Journal of International Medical Research
152016The association between total protein and vegetable protein intake and low muscle mass among the community-dwelling elderly population in Northern TaiwanHuang R.-Y.; Yang K.-C.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lee L.-T.; Lu C.-W.; Huang K.-C.Nutrients
162016Effectiveness of 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine on diabetic elderlyKuo C.-S.; Lu C.-W.; Chang Y.-K.; Yang K.-C.; Hung S.-H.; Yang M.-C.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Huang C.-T.; Hsu C.-C.; Huang K.-C.Medicine (United States)
172016High serum selenium levels are associated with increased risk for diabetes mellitus independent of central obesity and insulin resistanceLu C.-W.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Yang K.-C.; Kuo C.-S.; Lee L.-T.; Huang K.-C.BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care
182016Association of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Metabolic Syndrome Independently of Central Obesity and Insulin ResistanceYang K.C.; Hung H.-F.; Lu C.-W.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lee L.-T.; Huang K.-C.Scientific Reports
192016Statins Improve Long Term Patency of Arteriovenous Fistula for HemodialysisHAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Chang Y.-K.; Lu C.-W.; Huang C.-T.; Chien C.-T.; Hung K.-Y.; Huang K.-C.; Hsu C.-C.Scientific Reports
202015Vitamin D status and risk of metabolic syndrome among non-diabetic young adultsHuang C.-Y.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lu C.-W.; Tseng F.-Y.; Lee L.-T.; Huang K.-C.Clinical Nutrition
212015Fracture risk after Bariatric surgery: A 12-year nationwide cohort studyLu C.-W.; Chang Y.-K.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Kuo C.-S.; Huang C.-T.; Hsu C.-C.; Huang K.-C.Medicine (United States)
222014Low Serum Selenium Level Is Associated With Low Muscle Mass inthe Community-Dwelling ElderlyChen Y.-L.; Yang K.-C.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lee L.-T.; Lu C.-W.; Huang K.-C.Journal of the American Medical Directors Association
232013Lists of geriatric syndromes in the Asian-Pacific geriatric societiesWon C.W.; Yoo H.J.; Yu S.H.; Kim C.O.; Dumlao L.C.I.; Dewiasty E.; Rowland J.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Wang J.; Akishita M.; Tan T.-L.; Lum C.; Prakash O.European Geriatric Medicine
242013Sarcopenic obesity is closely associated with metabolic syndromeLu C.-W.; Yang K.-C.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lee L.-T.; Chen C.-Y.; Huang K.-C.Obesity Research and Clinical Practice
252013Sarcopenia is Related to Increased Risk for Low Bone Mineral DensityWu C.-H.; Yang K.-C.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Yen J.-F.; Tsai K.-S.; Huang K.-C.Journal of Clinical Densitometry
262011Serum myostatin levels and grip strength in normal subjects and patients on maintenance haemodialysisHan D.-S.; Chen Y.-M.; Lin S.-Y.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Huang T.-M.; Chi Y.-C.; Yang W.-S.Clinical Endocrinology
272010Elevated serum dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate level correlates with increased risk for metabolic syndrome in the elderly menChen Y.C.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Wen C.J.; Lin W.Y.; Chen C.Y.; Hong B.S.; Huang K.C.European Journal of Clinical Investigation
282010Outcomes of hospitalized elderly patients with geriatric syndrome: report of a community hospital reform plan in TaiwanHAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Tsai S.-L.; Chen C.-Y.; Liu W.-J.Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics
292009Reflections on an End-of-life Care Course for Preclinical Medical StudentsHAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Hu W.-Y.; Tsai S.S.L.; Yao C.-A.; Chen C.-Y.; Chiu T.-Y.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
302008Effects of a multimodule curriculum of palliative care on medical studentsTsai S.S.L.; Hu W.-Y.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Chang S.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Chiu T.-Y.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association