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12021Multicenter evaluation of four immunoassays for the performance of early diagnosis of COVID-19 and assessment of antibody responses of patients with pneumonia in TaiwanLin Y.-C.; Lee Y.-L.; Cheng C.-Y.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Wu J.-L.; Lin C.-H.; Chung M.-Y.; Kang C.-M.; Lee Y.-F.; Chen C.-P.; Huang C.-H.; Liu C.-E.; Cheng S.-H.; Chen S.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Hsueh P.-R.Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection0
22021Resuscitation teamwork during the COVID-19 pandemic in the emergency department: Challenges and solutionsLin C.-H.; Lin H.-Y.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Ma M.H.-M.; Tsai M.-S.; Chen S.-Y.; Huang C.-H.Resuscitation2
32021Seroprevalence Surveys for Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibody in Different Populations in Taiwan With Low Incidence of COVID-19 in 2020 and Severe Outbreaks of SARS in 2003WEN-PIN TSENG ; Wu, Jhong-Lin; Wu, Chen-Chi; Kuo, Kuan-Ting; CHIEN-HAO LIN; Chung, Ming-Yi; Lee, Ya-Fan; Yang, Bey-Jing; Huang, Chien-Hua; Chen, Shey-Ying; Yu, Chong-Jen; Chen, Shyr-Chyr; Hsueh, Po-RenFrontiers in immunology1
42020Multicenter evaluation of two chemiluminescence and three lateral flow immunoassays for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and assessment of antibody dynamic responses to SARS-CoV-2 in TaiwanChen S.-Y.; Lee Y.-L.; Lin Y.-C.; Lee N.-Y.; Liao C.-H.; Hung Y.-P.; Lu M.-C.; Wu J.-L.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Lin C.-H.; Chung M.-Y.; Kang C.-M.; Lee Y.-F.; Lee T.-F.; Cheng C.-Y.; Chen C.-P.; Huang C.-H.; Liu C.-E.; Cheng S.-H.; Ko W.-C.; Hsueh P.-R.; Chen S.-C.Emerging Microbes and Infections16
52020Four point-of-care lateral flow immunoassays for diagnosis of COVID-19 and for assessing dynamics of antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2Wu J.-L.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Lin C.-H.; Lee T.-F.; Chung M.-Y.; Huang C.-H.; Chen S.-Y.; Hsueh P.-R.; Chen S.-C.Journal of Infection74
62020A double triage and telemedicine protocol to optimize infection control in an emergency department in Taiwan during the COVID-19 pandemic: Retrospective feasibility studyLin C.-H.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Wu J.-L.; Tay J.; Cheng M.-T.; Ong H.-N.; Lin H.-Y.; Chen Y.-Y.; Wu C.-H.; Chen J.-W.; Chen S.-Y.; Chan C.-C.; Huang C.-H.; Chen S.-C.Journal of Medical Internet Research14
72020Fight COVID-19 Beyond the Borders: Emergency Department Patient Diversion in TaiwanLien W.-C.; Wu J.-L.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Chow-In Ko P.; Chen S.-Y.; Tsai M.-S.; Chang W.-T.; Huang C.-H.; Chen S.-C.Annals of Emergency Medicine5
82018Utility of a blood culture time to positivity-incorporated scoring model in predicting vascular infections in adults with nontyphoid Salmonella bacteremiaLin J.-J.; Weng T.-H.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Chen S.-Y.; Fu C.-M.; Lin H.-W.; Liao C.-H.; Lee T.-F.; Hsueh P.-R.; Chen S.-Y.Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection4
92018Value of blood culture time to positivity in identifying complicated nontyphoidal Salmonella bacteremiaChen S.-Y.; Weng T.-H.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Fu C.-M.; Lin H.-W.; Liao C.-H.; Lee T.-F.; Hsueh P.-R.; Fang C.-C.; Chen S.-Y.Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease5
102018Risk for subsequent infection and mortality after hospitalization among patients with multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria colonization or infectionWEN-PIN TSENG ; Chen Y.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Chen S.-Y.; Chang S.-C.Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control23
112018Spontaneous rupture of urinary bladder diverticulum with pseudo-acute renal failureSung C.-W.; Chang C.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; WEN-PIN TSENG Internal and Emergency Medicine6
122017Predicting multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacterial colonization and associated infection on hospital admissionWEN-PIN TSENG ; Chen Y.-C.; Yang B.-J.; Chen S.-Y.; Lin J.-J.; Huang Y.-H.; Fu C.-M.; Chang S.-C.; Chen S.-Y.Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology17
132013Changing epidemiology of community-onset Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia over nine years in an emergency department in TaiwanPan S.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Wang J.-T.; Chiang W.-C.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Fu C.-M.; Lai M.-S.; Chie W.-C.; Chang S.-C.Journal of Infection2
142013Reply to nannini and ariasWEN-PIN TSENG ; Chiang W.-C.; Fu C.-M.; Chen S.-Y.Clinical Infectious Diseases0
152012Occult staphylococcus aureus bacteremia in adult emergency department patients: Rare but importantFu C.-M.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Chiang W.-C.; Lai M.-S.; Chie W.-C.; Chou H.-C.; Hsueh P.-R.; Huei-Ming Ma M.; Fang C.-C.; Chen S.-C.; Chen W.-J.; Chen S.-Y.Clinical Infectious Diseases8
162011Tracheal rapid ultrasound exam (T.R.U.E.) for confirming endotracheal tube placement during emergency intubationChou H.-C.; WEN-PIN TSENG ; Wang C.-H.; Ma M.H.M.; Wang H.-P.; Huang P.-C.; Sim S.-S.; Liao Y.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Hsu C.-Y.; Yen Z.-S.; Chang W.-T.; Huang C.-H.; Lien W.-C.; Chen S.-C.Resuscitation124