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12021Comparison of Estimated Effectiveness of Case-Based and Population-Based Interventions on COVID-19 Containment in TaiwanNg T.-C.; Cheng H.-Y.; Chang H.-H.; Liu C.-C.; Yang C.-C.; Jian S.-W.; DING-PING LIU ; Cohen T.; Lin H.-H.JAMA Internal Medicine6
22021Taiwan's COVID-19 response: Timely case detection and quarantine, January to June 2020Cheng H.-Y.; Chueh Y.-N.; Chen C.-M.; Jian S.-W.; Lai S.-K.; DING-PING LIU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association5
32021Risk assessment for COVID-19 pandemic in TaiwanJian S.-W.; Kao C.-T.; Chang Y.-C.; Chen P.-F.; DING-PING LIU International Journal of Infectious Diseases3
42020High transmissibility of COVID-19 near symptom onsetCheng, Hao-Yuan; Jian, Shu-Wan; DING-PING LIU ; Ng, Ta-Chou; Huang, Wan-Ting; Lin, Hsien-HomedRxiv0
52020Contact Tracing Assessment of COVID-19 Transmission Dynamics in Taiwan and Risk at Different Exposure Periods before and after Symptom OnsetCheng H.-Y.; Jian S.-W.; DING-PING LIU ; Ng T.-C.; Huang W.-T.; Lin H.-H.JAMA Internal Medicine336
62020Contact tracing with digital assistance in Taiwan's COVID-19 outbreak responseJian S.-W.; Cheng H.-Y.; Huang X.-T.; DING-PING LIU International Journal of Infectious Diseases17
72020Applying machine learning models with an ensemble approach for accurate real-time influenza forecasting in Taiwan: Development and validation studyCheng H.-Y.; Wu Y.-C.; Lin M.-H.; Liu Y.-L.; Tsai Y.-Y.; Wu J.-H.; Pan K.-H.; Ke C.-J.; Chen C.-M.; DING-PING LIU ; Lin I.-F.; Chuang J.-H.Journal of Medical Internet Research5
82020Assessment of Expert-Level Automated Detection of Plasmodium falciparum in Digitized Thin Blood Smear ImagesKuo P.-C.; Cheng H.-Y.; Chen P.-F.; Liu Y.-L.; Kang M.; Kuo M.-C.; Hsu S.-F.; Lu H.-J.; Hong S.; Su C.-H.; DING-PING LIU ; Tu Y.-C.; Chuang J.-H.JAMA network open2
92020GBD 2017 and HIV estimates for TaiwanLo Y.-C.; Chuang J.-H.; Huang Y.-F.; DING-PING LIU ; Chou J.-H.The Lancet HIV1
102020Effects of case- And population-based COVID-19 interventions in TaiwanNg, Ta-Chou; Cheng, Hao-Yuan; Chang, Hsiao-Han; Liu, Cheng-Chieh; Yang, Chih-Chi; Jian, Shu-Wan; DING-PING LIU ; Cohen, Ted; Lin, Hsien-HomedRxiv0
112019Enterovirus 71 seroepidemiology in Taiwan in 2017 and comparison of those rates in 1997, 1999 and 2007Lee J.-T.; Yen T.-Y.; Shih W.-L.; Lu C.-Y.; DING-PING LIU ; Huang Y.-C.; Chang L.-Y.; Huang L.-M.; Lin T.-Y.PLoS ONE7
122018Challenges of measuring the Healthcare Access and Quality IndexLee C.-Y.; Wu J.-S.; DING-PING LIU The Lancet1
132017Real-Time Surveillance of Infectious Diseases: Taiwan's ExperienceJian S.-W.; Chen C.-M.; Lee C.-Y.; DING-PING LIU Health Security20
142017Toward automatic reporting of infectious diseasesTsao H.-M.; Chang C.-M.; Chuang J.-H.; DING-PING LIU ; Pan M.-L.; Wang D.-W.Studies in Health Technology and Informatics0
152016Disease burden of enterovirus infection in Taiwan: Implications for vaccination policyDING-PING LIU ; Wang T.-A.; Huang W.-T.; Chang L.-Y.; Wang E.-T.; Cheng S.-H.; Yang M.-C.Vaccine17
162016Ambient air pollution and risk of tuberculosis: A cohort studyLai T.-C.; Chiang C.-Y.; Wu C.-F.; Yang S.-L.; DING-PING LIU ; Chan C.-C.; Lin H.-H.Occupational and Environmental Medicine54
172015Public health responses to reemergence of animal rabies, Taiwan, July 16-December 28, 2013Huang A.S.-E.; Chen W.-C.; Huang W.-T.; Huang S.-T.; Lo Y.-C.; Wei S.-H.; Kuo H.-W.; Chan P.-C.; Hung M.-N.; Liu Y.-L.; Mu J.-J.; Yang J.-Y.; DING-PING LIU ; Chou J.-H.; Chuang J.-H.; Chang F.-Y.PLoS ONE12
182014National surveillance of invasive pneumococcal diseases in Taiwan, 2008-2012: Differential temporal emergence of serotype 19AChiang C.-S.; Chen Y.-Y.; Jiang S.-F.; DING-PING LIU ; Kao P.-H.; Teng H.-J.; Kuo T.-L.; Yao S.-M.; Tseng L.-R.; Wang Y.-L.; Wu H.-S.; Chang F.-Y.; Lin T.-Y.Vaccine28
192014Innovative applications of immunisation registration information systems: Example of improved measles control in TaiwanDING-PING LIU ; Wang E.T.; Pan Y.H.; Cheng S.H.Eurosurveillance12
202014Risk assessment of human infection with avian influenza A (H7N9) virus in TaiwanJian S.-W.; DING-PING LIU ; Chang F.-Y.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2
212013A dengue vector surveillance by humrn population-stratified ovitrap survey for aedes (Diptera: Culicidae) adult and egollections in high dengue-risk areas of TaiwanWu H.-H.; Wang C.-Y.; Teng H.-J.; Lin C.; Lu L.-C.; Jian S.-W.; Chang N.-T.; Wen T.-H.; Wu J.-W.; DING-PING LIU ; Lin L.-J.; Norris D.E.; Wu H.-S.Journal of Medical Entomology27
222013Is a monovalent vaccine against enterovirus 71 sufficient? A review of enterovirus 71 vaccine development based on enterovirus surveillance in TaiwanChu S.-C.; Wang E.-T.; DING-PING LIU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association7
232012Effect of age on the incidence of acute hepatitis b after 25 years of a universal newborn hepatitis B immunization program in TaiwanSu W.-J.; Liu C.-C.; DING-PING LIU ; Chen S.-F.; Huang J.-J.; Chan T.-C.; Chang M.-H.Journal of Infectious Diseases33
242012Waning population immunity to measles in TaiwanChen C.-J.; Lee P.-I.; Hsieh Y.-C.; Chen P.-Y.; Ho Y.-H.; Chang C.-J.; DING-PING LIU ; Chang F.-Y.; Chiu C.-H.; Huang Y.-C.; Lee C.-Y.; Lin T.-Y.Vaccine49
252010Low seroprotection against preseasonal influenza local strains in children might predict the upcoming epidemic influenza strainsSu W.-J.; Shao P.-L.; Liu M.-T.; DING-PING LIU ; Huang K.-C.; Chang L.-Y.; Lu C.-Y.; Wang J.-R.; Shih S.-R.; Huang D.T.-N.; Chi H.; Huang L.-M.Clinical Infectious Diseases2
262010Low seroprevalence of parvovirus B19 in Taiwanese children and young adultsSu W.-J.; Ni Y.-H.; DING-PING LIU ; Chiou L.-S.; Cheng W.-Y.; Wu J.-S.J.; Lu C.-Y.Pediatrics and Neonatology3
272009Investigations of clinical isolations of oral poliovirus vaccine strains between 2000 and 2005 in southern TaiwanChi C.-Y.; Tseng F.-C.; DING-PING LIU ; Chang Y.-W.; Wu H.-C.; Huang Y.-F.; Hwang K.-P.; Hsu Y.-W.; Wang S.-M.; Liu C.-C.; Wu H.-S.; Yang J.-Y.; Yang C.-F.; Wang J.-R.; Su I.-J.Journal of Clinical Virology3
282009Measles resurgence in Taiwan - Lessons learnedChen J.-H.; Tsou T.-P.; DING-PING LIU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association6
292006Influenza pandemics: Past, present and futureHsieh Y.-C.; Wu T.-Z.; DING-PING LIU ; Shao P.-L.; Chang L.-Y.; Lu C.-Y.; Lee C.-Y.; Huang F.-Y.; Huang L.-M.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association96
302006Clinical features and outcome of sporadic serogroup W135 disease TaiwanWang J.-L.; DING-PING LIU ; Yen J.-J.; Yu C.-J.; Liu H.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Chang S.-C.BMC Infectious Diseases28
312005Laboratory-based surveillance and molecular epidemiology of influenza virus in TaiwanShih S.-R.; Chen G.-W.; Yang C.-C.; Yang W.-Z.; DING-PING LIU ; Lin J.-H.; Chiu S.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; Tsao K.-C.; Huang C.-G.; Huang Y.-L.; Mok C.-K.; Chen C.-J.; Lin T.-Y.; Wang J.-R.; Kao C.-L.; Lin K.-H.; Chen L.-K.; Eng H.-L.; Liu Y.-C.; Chen P.-Y.; Lin J.-S.; Wang J.-H.; Lin C.-W.; Chan Y.-J.; Lu J.-J.; Hsiung C.A.; Chen P.-J.; Su I.-J.Journal of Clinical Microbiology59
322005Influenza in Taiwan: Seasonality and vaccine strain matchHsieh Y.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; Yen J.-J.; DING-PING LIU ; Chang L.-Y.; Lu C.-Y.; Shao P.-L.; Lee C.-Y.; Huang L.-M.Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection0
332004A Two Decade Survey of Respiratory Adenovirus in Taiwan: The Reemergence of Adenovirus Types 7 and 4Lin K.-H.; Lin Y.-C.; Chen H.-L.; Ke G.-M.; Chiang C.-J.; Hwang K.-P.; Chu P.-Y.; Lin J.-H.; DING-PING LIU ; Chen H.-Y.Journal of Medical Virology51
342002Characterization of Vibrio cholerae O139 isolated in TaiwanWong H.-C.; DING-PING LIU ; Liu S.-H.; Chung Y.-C.; Shimada T.Food Microbiology3
352001Seven integrated influenza surveillance systems in TaiwanKing C.-C.; Kao C.-L.; DING-PING LIU ; Cheng M.-C.; Yen H.-L.; Lee M.-S.; Tsai C.-P.; Shih S.-R.; Shieh H.K.; Hsiu J.-P.; Li S.-F.; Chen H.-Y.; Hsu H.-M.; Twu S.-J.; Cox N.J.; Webster R.G.International Congress Series0
361999Incidence of highly genetically diversified Vibrio parahaemolyticus in seafood imported from Asian countriesWong H.-C.; Chen M.-C.; Liu S.-H.; DING-PING LIU International Journal of Food Microbiology67
371998Mother-to-infant transmission of GB virus C/hepatitis G virus: The role of high-titered maternal viremia and mode of deliveryLin H.-H.; Kao J.-H.; Yeh K.-Y.; DING-PING LIU ; Chang M.-H.; Chen P.-J.; Chen D.-S.Journal of Infectious Diseases40
381998Prevalence and infectivity of hepatitis G virus and its strain variant, the GB agent, in volunteer blood donors in TaiwanWang J.-T.; Chen P.-J.; DING-PING LIU ; Sheu J.-C.; Wang T.-H.; Chen D.-S.Transfusion18
391997GB virus-C/hepatitis G virus infection in an area endemic for viral hepatitis, chronic liver disease, and liver cancerKao J.-H.; Chen P.-J.; Lai M.-Y.; Chen W.; DING-PING LIU ; Wang J.-T.; Shen M.- C.; Chen D.-S.Gastroenterology73
401996Survey on the distribution of Vibrionaceae at the seaport areas in Taiwan, 1991-1994.Wu H.S.; DING-PING LIU ; Hwang C.H.; Chen M.J.; Hwang J.L.; Liu Y.; Shankuan L.C.; Lin C.S.; Wu T.N.Zhonghua Minguo wei sheng wu ji mian yi xue za zhi = Chinese journal of microbiology and immunology0
411995Molecular epidemiological studies of Vibrio cholerae in Taiwan: genotyping by polymerase chain reaction and DNA sequencing.DING-PING LIU ; Chen P.J.; Lin C.S.; Wu T.N.Zhonghua Minguo wei sheng wu ji mian yi xue za zhi = Chinese journal of microbiology and immunology0