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12023Different immune contextures underlie tumor site-specific responses to immune checkpoint blockade in esophageal cancerJHE-CYUAN GUO ; Hsu, Chia-Lang; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; CHIA-CHI LIN ; TA-CHEN HUANG ; HUNG-YANG KUO ; YU-YUN SHAO ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Thoracic cancer00
22023Embracing anti-PD-1 immunotherapy in the treatment of esophageal cancer: Implications of positive phase III trials in advanced and resected esophageal cancerHUNG-YANG KUO ; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi22
32022A Single-Arm Phase Ib/II Study of Lenvatinib plus Eribulin in Advanced Liposarcoma and LeiomyosarcomaWEI-WU CHEN ; CHIA-LANG HSU ; RUEY-LONG HONG ; JEN-CHIEH LEE ; Chang, Koping; CHIH-WEI YU ; Chen, San-Chi; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; Chen, Mei-Lu; Hsu, Meng-Chi; Kung, Ting-Fang; ANN-LII CHENG ; Yen, Chueh-ChuanClinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research66
42022Prognostic value of PD-L1 expression on immune cells or tumor cells for locally advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in patients treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapyTA-CHEN HUANG ; Liang C.-W.; Li Y.-I.; GUO, JHE-CYUAN ; CHIA-CHI LIN ; Chen Y.-J.; ANN-LII CHENG ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology22
52022B Cells in Tumor Microenvironment Associated With The Clinical Benefit to Programmed Cell Death Protein-1 Blockade Therapy in Patients With Advanced Esophageal Squamous Cell CarcinomaJHE-CYUAN GUO ; Hsu, Chia-Lang; YEN-LIN HUANG ; CHIA-CHI LIN ; TA-CHEN HUANG ; Wu, I-Chen; Lin, Chen-Yuan; Lien, Ming-Yu; HUNG-YANG KUO ; ANN-LII CHENG ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Frontiers in oncology21
62022Deleterious alterations of DNA damage response and repair genes and clinical benefit to anti-PD-1 therapy in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaJHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIA-CHI LIN ; Hsu, Chia-Lang; TA-CHEN HUANG ; HUNG-YANG KUO ; Lin, Chen-Yuan; Lien, Ming-Yu; ANN-LII CHENG ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Esophagus : official journal of the Japan Esophageal Society00
72021Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Recurrent or Metastatic Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma May Be Affected by Tumor SitesGUO, JHE-CYUAN ; Lin, Chen Yuan; CHIA-CHI LIN ; TA-CHEN HUANG ; Lien, Ming Yu; LI-CHUN LU ; HUNG-YANG KUO ; CHIH-HUNG HSU ONCOLOGY (United States)11
82020Rational combination with an immunotherapy backbone in genitourinary cancersJHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIA-CHI LIN Urological Science33
92020Low-dose nab-paclitaxel-based combination chemotherapy in heavily pretreated pancreatic cancer patientsSHIH-HUNG YANG ; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIUN HSU ; SUNG-HSIN KUO ; YU-WEN TIEN ; ANN-LII CHENG ; KUN-HUEI YEH Journal of the Formosan Medical Association33
102020Anti-PD-1 immunotherapy in advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: A long-awaited breakthrough finally arrivesHUNG-YANG KUO ; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1415
112019Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte Ratio and Use of Antibiotics Associated With Prognosis in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients Receiving Immune Checkpoint InhibitorsJHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIA-CHI LIN ; Lin, Chen Yuan; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; HUNG-YANG KUO ; Lien, Ming Yu; YU-YUN SHAO ; Ta-Chen Huang ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Anticancer research2829
122019Postoperative Imaging and Tumor Marker Surveillance in Resected Pancreatic CancerWu, Hsu; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; SHIH-HUNG YANG ; YU-WEN TIEN ; SUNG-HSIN KUO Journal of clinical medicine66
132019Programmed death-1 and programmed death ligand-1 blockade for advanced urothelial carcinomaJHE-CYUAN GUO ; YU-CHIEH TSAI ; YEONG-SHIAU PU Urological Science11
142019Differential Organ-Specific Tumor Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Hepatocellular CarcinomaLI-CHUN LU ; CHIUN HSU ; YU-YUN SHAO ; Chao Y.; Yen C.-J.; I-LUN SHIH ; Hung Y.-P.; Chang C.-J.; Ying-Chun Shen ; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; TSUNG-HAO LIU ; CHIH-HUNG HSU ; ANN-LII CHENG Liver Cancer4644
152018Response to Nivolumab as Salvage Therapy in a Patient with Thymic CarcinomaYang P.-C.; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; CHIA-CHI LIN ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Journal of Thoracic Oncology64
162018Number of resected lymph nodes and survival of patients with locally advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma receiving preoperative chemoradiotherapyJHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIA-CHI LIN ; Ta-Chen Huang ; PEI-MING HUANG ; HUNG-YANG KUO ; Chang C.-H.; CHIA-CHUN WANG ; CHIA-HSIEN CHENG ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; CHIH-HUNG HSU ; JANG-MING LEE Anticancer Research1211
172017Computed tomographic characteristics for patients with unresectable gastric cancer harboring low-volume peritoneal carcinomatosisJHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIN-CHEN CHANG ; Yang C.-Y.; BIN-CHI LIAO ; JAU-YU LIAU ; Chang C.-H.; KUN-HUEI YEH Medical Oncology53
182017Association of MDM2 expression with shorter progression-free survival and overall survival in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer treated with gemcitabine-based chemotherapySHIH-HUNG YANG ; JEN-CHIEH LEE ; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; SUNG-HSIN KUO ; YU-WEN TIEN ; TING-CHUN KUO ; ANN-LII CHENG ; KUN-HUEI YEH PLoS ONE63
192016Perspectives on the combination of radiotherapy and targeted therapy with DNA repair inhibitors in the treatment of pancreatic cancerSHIH-HUNG YANG ; TING-CHUN KUO ; Wu H.; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; CHIUN HSU ; CHIH-HUNG HSU ; YU-WEN TIEN ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; ANN-LII CHENG ; SUNG-HSIN KUO World Journal of Gastroenterology2425
202016Association of radiotherapy with favorable prognosis in daily clinical practice for treatment of locally advanced and metastatic pancreatic cancerSHIH-HUNG YANG ; JHE-CYUAN GUO ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; YU-WEN TIEN ; ANN-LII CHENG ; SUNG-HSIN KUO Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia)77
212015Postchemoradiotherapy pathologic stage classified by the American joint committee on the cancer staging system predicts prognosis of patients with locally advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinomaJHE-CYUAN GUO ; Ta-Chen Huang ; CHIA-CHI LIN ; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chang C.-H.; PEI-MING HUANG ; JANG-MING LEE ; Feng-Ming Hsu ; CHIA-HSIEN CHENG ; HSIU-PO WANG ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; ANN-LII CHENG ; CHIH-HUNG HSU Journal of Thoracic Oncology1516
222014Sequential gemcitabine and platinum versus first-line combination of gemcitabine and platinum for advanced pancreatic cancer treatment: A retrospective studyJHE-CYUAN GUO ; SHIH-HUNG YANG International Journal of Clinical Oncology22
232013Durable Response of Metastatic Tumor to Erlotinib and Capecitabine in a Patient with Pancreatic AdenocarcinomaJHE-CYUAN GUO ; Jo-Pai Chen台灣癌症醫學雜誌0