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12024The Remote Response in the Northern Pacific Climate During Winter to Deforestation in the Maritime ContinentXiao, He Ming; Hsu, Huang Hsiung; Lee, Ting Hui; Jong, Bor Ting; Yu, Jin Yi; YU-CHIAO LIANG ; MIN-HUI LO Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
22024Observed winter Barents Kara Sea ice variations induce prominent sub-decadal variability and a multi-decadal trend in the Warm Arctic Cold Eurasia patternGhosh, Rohit; Manzini, Elisa; Gao, Yongqi; Gastineau, Guillaume; Cherchi, Annalisa; Frankignoul, Claude; YU-CHIAO LIANG ; Kwon, Young Oh; Suo, Lingling; Tyrlis, Evangelos; Mecking, Jennifer V.; Tian, Tian; Zhang, Ying; Matei, DanielaEnvironmental Research Letters
32024The Weakening of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex and the Subsequent Surface Impacts as Consequences to Arctic Sea Ice LossYU-CHIAO LIANG ; Kwon, Young Oh; Frankignoul, Claude; Gastineau, Guillaume; Smith, Karen L.; Polvani, Lorenzo M.; Sun, Lantao; Peings, Yannick; Deser, Clara; Zhang, Ruonan; Screen, JamesJournal of Climate
42023Forcing and impact of the Northern Hemisphere continental snow cover in 1979-2014Gastineau, Guillaume; Frankignoul, Claude; Gao, Yongqi; YU-CHIAO LIANG ; Kwon, Young Oh; Cherchi, Annalisa; Ghosh, Rohit; Manzini, Elisa; Matei, Daniela; Mecking, Jennifer; Suo, Lingling; Tian, Tian; Yang, Shuting; Zhang, YingCryosphere00
52023Exploiting SMILEs and the CMIP5 Archive to Understand Arctic Climate Change Seasonality and UncertaintyWu, You Ting; YU-CHIAO LIANG ; Kuo, Yan Ning; Lehner, Flavio; Previdi, Michael; Polvani, Lorenzo M.; MIN-HUI LO ; Lan, Chia WeiGeophysical Research Letters33
62022Arctic amplification, and its seasonal migration, over a wide range of abrupt CO2 forcingYU-CHIAO LIANG ; Polvani, LM; Mitevski, INPJ CLIMATE AND ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE910
72022Simulated contribution of the interdecadal Pacific oscillation to the west Eurasia cooling in 1998-2013Suo, LL; Gastineau, G; Gao, YQ; YU-CHIAO LIANG ; Ghosh, R; Tian, T; Zhang, Y; Kwon, YO; Ottera, OH; Yang, ST; Matei, DENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS11
82022Stronger Arctic amplification from ozone-depleting substances than from carbon dioxideYU-CHIAO LIANG ; Polvani, LM; Previdi, M; Smith, KL; England, MR; Chiodo, GENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS1010
92021Terrestrial Water Storage Anomalies Emphasize Interannual Variations in Global Mean Sea Level During 1997–1998 and 2015–2016 El Ni?o EventsKuo Y.-N; Lo M.-H; Liang Y.-C; Tseng Y.-H; MIN-HUI LO ; YU-CHIAO LIANG ; YU-HENG TSENG Geophysical Research Letters66
102021Autumn arctic pacific sea ice dipole as a source of predictability for subsequent spring barents sea ice conditionLiang Y.-C; Kwon Y.-O; YU-CHIAO LIANG Journal of Climate10
112021Impacts of Arctic Sea ice on cold season atmospheric variability and trends estimated from observations and a multimodel large ensembleYU-CHIAO LIANG et al. Journal of Climate130
122020Could the North Pacific oscillation be modified by the initiation of the East Asian winter monsoon?Tseng, Y.-H.; Ding, R.; Zhao, S.; Kuo, Y.-C.; YU-HENG TSENG ; YU-CHIAO LIANG Journal of Climate55
132019Thermodynamic and dynamic responses to deforestation in the Maritime Continent: A modeling studyChen, C.-C.; Lo, M.-H.; Im, E.-S.; Yu, J.-Y.; YU-CHIAO LIANG ; Chen, W.-T.; Tang, I.; Lan, C.-W.; Wu, R.-J.; MIN-HUI LO ; WEI-TING CHEN Journal of Climate2319
142016Mapping the locations of asymmetric and symmetric discharge responses in global rivers to the two types of El NiñoYU-CHIAO LIANG ; Chou, C.-C.; Yu, J.-Y.; MIN-HUI LO Environmental Research Letters
152014Asymmetric responses of land hydroclimatology to two types of El Niño in the Mississippi River BasinYU-CHIAO LIANG ; Lo M.-H; MIN-HUI LO Geophysical Research Letters2319