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12024Enhancing predictions of remedial reagent transport via a vertical groundwater circulation well with high-resolution aquifer characterizationZhang, Zaiyong; Yang, Jingbo; Gong, Chengcheng; Wang, Wenke; Ran, Bin; Wang, Guangqi; Zhang, Qian; YU-LI WANG Science of the Total Environment
22023Characterizing basin-scale subsurface hydraulic heterogeneity with multiscale geological and hydrological measurementsLin, Hong Ru; Wen, Jet Chau; Zhang, Zaiyong; YU-LI WANG Journal of Hydrology00
32023Application of FBG Multilevel Well on Hydraulic Tomography for a Contaminated Site in TaiwanJUI-PIN TSAI ; Ho, Yenteh; Chang, Liangcheng; YU-LI WANG ; J. Yeh, T.5th Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and Engineering, NSGE 202300
42022Characterize Basin-Scale Subsurface Using Rocket-Triggered LightningYU-LI WANG ; Yeh, Tian Chyi Jim; Liu, Fei; Wen, Jet Chau; Wang, Wenke; Hao, YonghongGeophysical Research Letters11
52022Application of Novel Fiber Bragg Grating Multilevel Monitoring System on Characterizing Hydrogeological Heterogeneity for a Contaminated SiteYeh, Sin Wei; Ho, Yen Te; Wang, Tzu Bin; Chang, Liang Cheng; Tung, Tien Hsing; YU-LI WANG ; JUI-PIN TSAI Taiwan Water Conservancy00
62022Aquifer Characterization Using Fiber Bragg Grating Multi-Level Monitoring SystemYU-LI WANG ; Chang, Liang-Cheng; Liu, Fei; Ho, Yen-Te; Wang, Tzu Bin; Yeh, Tian-Chyi Jim; JUI-PIN TSAI Groundwater44
72021Optical system for monitoring groundwater pressure and temperature using fiber Bragg gratingsHo Y.-T; Wang Y.-L; Chang L.-C; Wang T.-P; JUI-PIN TSAI ; YU-LI WANG Optics Express1410
82021Conditional mean, effective, and realizations of hydraulic conductivity fieldsGao X.; Jim Yeh T.-C.; Yan E.-C.; YU-LI WANG ; Hao Y.Journal of Hydrology
92021Temporal sampling and role of flux measurements for subsurface heterogeneous characterization in groundwater basins using hydraulic tomographyLiu F.; Yeh T.-C.J.; Song X.; YU-LI WANG ; Wen J.-C.; Hao Y.; Wang W.Hydrological Processes
102021Multiscale Hydraulic Conductivity Characterization in a Fractured Granitic Aquifer: The Evaluation of Scale EffectRen S.; Zhang Y.; Jim Yeh T.-C.; YU-LI WANG ; Carr B.J.Water Resources Research
112021Stochastic analysis of oscillatory hydraulic tomographyYU-LI WANG ; Yeh T.-C.J.; Xu D.; Li K.; Wen J.-C.; Huang S.-Y.; Wang W.; Hao Y.Journal of Hydrology
122020Potential of Hydraulic Tomography in Identifying Boundary Conditions of Groundwater BasinsLiu F.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Song X.; Lei X.; Wen J.-C.; Wang W.; Hao Y.Water Resources Research
132020Characterization of basin-scale aquifer heterogeneity using transient hydraulic tomography with aquifer responses induced by groundwater exploitation reductionLiu F.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Hao Y.; Wen J.-C.; Wang W.Journal of Hydrology
142020Redundant and Nonredundant Information for Model Calibration or Hydraulic TomographyWen J.-C.; Chen J.-L.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Huang S.-Y.; Tian Z.; Yu C.-Y.Groundwater22
152019Mapping soil layers using electrical resistivity tomography and validation: Sandbox experimentsXu D.; Sun R.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Momayez M.; Hao Y.; Lee C.-H.; Hu X.Journal of Hydrology
162019Resolution and Ergodicity Issues of River Stage Tomography With Different ExcitationsYU-LI WANG ; Yeh T.-C.J.; Wen J.-C.; Gao X.; Zhang Z.; Huang S.-Y.Water Resources Research
172019Exploitation of pump-and-treat remediation systems for characterization of hydraulic heterogeneityZha Y.; Yeh T.-C.J.; Illman W.A.; Mok C.M.W.; Tso C.-H.M.; Carrera B.A.; YU-LI WANG Journal of Hydrology
182019An iterative scheme to map and incorporate geologic information of discontinuous heterogeneity in hydraulic tomographyLi K.; Zhang Y.; Yeh T.-C.J.; Zhao L.; Su X.; YU-LI WANG ; Qi Y.Journal of Hydrology
192019Reproducibility of hydraulic tomography estimates and their predictions: A two-year case study in TaiwanChen J.-L.; Wen J.-C.; Jim Yeh T.-C.; Andrew Lin K.-Y.; YU-LI WANG ; Huang S.-Y.; Ma Y.; Yu C.-Y.; Lee C.-H.Journal of Hydrology
202019Equivalence of Discrete Fracture Network and Porous Media Models by Hydraulic TomographyDong Y.; Fu Y.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Zha Y.; Wang L.; Hao Y.Water Resources Research
212018Finite analytic method for modeling variably saturated flowsZhang Z.; Wang W.; Gong C.; Yeh T.-C.J.; Wang Z.; YU-LI WANG ; Chen L.Science of the Total Environment7
222018Reliability analysis of hydrologic containment of underground storage of liquefied petroleum gasGao X.; Yan E.-C.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Liang Y.; Hao Y.Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology
232018Sequential back analysis of spatial distribution of geomechanical properties around an unlined rock cavernGao X.; Yan E.-C.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Cai J.-S.; Hao Y.-H.Computers and Geotechnics
242018Hydraulic Tomography for Estimating the Diffusivity of Heterogeneous Aquifers Based on Groundwater Response to Tidal Fluctuation in an Artificial Island in TaiwanWen J.-C.; Lin H.-R.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Lin K.-L.; Huang S.-Y.Geofluids
252017Fusion of Time-Lapse Gravity Survey and Hydraulic Tomography for Estimating Spatially Varying Hydraulic Conductivity and Specific Yield FieldsJUI-PIN TSAI ; Tsai J.-P.; Yeh T.-C.J.; Cheng C.-C.; Zha Y.; Chang L.-C.; Hwang C.; Wang Y.-L.; YU-LI WANG Water Resources Research1210
262017Characterizing subsurface hydraulic heterogeneity of alluvial fan using riverstage fluctuationsJUI-PIN TSAI ; Wang Y.-L.; Yeh T.-C.J.; Wen J.-C.; Huang S.-Y.; Zha Y.; Tsai J.-P.; Hao Y.; YU-LI WANG Journal of Hydrology2525
272017Numerical simulation of backward erosion piping in heterogeneous fieldsLiang Y.; Yeh T.-C.J.; YU-LI WANG ; Liu M.; Wang J.; Hao Y.Water Resources Research