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12012A comparative study of interdisciplinary changes between information science and library scienceMU-HSUAN HUANG ; YU-WEI CHANG journal article1818
22014A comparative study of patent counts by the inventor country and the assignee countryMU-HSUAN HUANG ; CHUN-CHIEH WANG journal article33
32015A comparative study on detecting research fronts in the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) field using bibliographic coupling and co-citationMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article73
42013A comparison of citation contexts between natural sciences and social sciences and humanitiesYU-WEI CHANG journal article115
52016Analysis of coactivity in the field of fuel cells at institutional and individual levelsYU-WEI CHANG ; MU-HSUAN HUANG ; Yang, Hsiao Wenjournal article00
62016Analysis of coactivity in the field of fuel cells at institutional and individual levelsChang, Y.-W. ; Huang, M.-H. ; Yang, H.-W.Journal Article00
72018An analysis of global research funding from subject field and funding agencies perspectives in the G9 countriesHuang, M.-H. ; Huang, M.-J.Journal Article31
82011Bibliometric analysis of complementary and alternative medicine research over three decadesFu, Jun-Ying; Zhang, Xu; Zhao, Yun-Hua; Huang, Mu-Hsuan ; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article1113
92014Cohesive subgroups in the international collaboration network in astronomy and astrophysicsMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article24
102016A comparative study on three citation windows for detecting research fronts.Huang, M. H ; Chang, C. P.journal article20
112012A comparative study on world university rankings: a bibliometric surveyK. H. Chen ; P. Y. Liaojournal article2520
122009Constructing a new patent bibliometric performance measure by using modified citation rate analyses with dynamic backward citation windowsChen, Dar-Zen ; Lin, Chang-Pin; Huang, Mu-Hsuan ; Huang, Chen-Yujournal article99
132003Constructing a patent citation map using bibliographic coupling: a study of Taiwan's high-tech companiesHuang, M.H.; Chiang, L.Y.; Chen, D.Z.journal article
142003Constructing a Patent Citation Map Using Bibliographic Coupling: A Study of Taiwan's High-Tech CompaniesHuang, Mu-Hsaun; Chiang, Li-Yun; Chen, Dar-Zen journal article
152003Constructing a patent citation map using bibliographic coupling: A study of Taiwan's high-tech companiesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article4941
162005Core technologies and key industries in Taiwan from 1978 to 2002: A perspective from patent analysisMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article3331
172005Core technologies and key industries in Taiwan from 1978 to 2002: A prespective from patent analysisChen, D. Z.; Chang, H. W.; Huang, M. H.; Fu, F. C.journal article
182019Definition of authorship in social science journalsCHANG, YU-WEI journal article00
192014Detecting research fronts in OLED field using bibliographic coupling with sliding windowMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article1511
202013Driving factors of external funding and funding effects on academic innovation performance in university-industry-government linkagesMU-HSUAN HUANG journal article48