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11989The Chinese Collection in the Library of Congress, 1869-1912Hu, Shu-Chaojournal article
21989Do Value Terms Have Two Kinds of Meaning?HUO-WANG LIN journal article00
31993���G�פΨ��P�L���� journal article
41994Hierarchy of Immanence: Chu Hsi's Pattern of ThoughtKIRILL OLE THOMPSON journal article00
51989Industry, Culture, Politics:The Taiwan TransformationHuang, Chun-Chiehjournal article
61988On Frege's Sense and MeaningLiu, Fu-Tsengjournal article
71987Some Evidences for the Annoyance of the Occurrence of Tense in VerbsLiu, Fu-Tsengconference paper
81988Spinoza and Lao Tzu傅佩榮 ; Fu, P'ei-Jungjournal article
91995Textualized Reading, Reading Texts: Hopkins's Natural and Theological HermeneuticsLI-LING TSENG journal article00
101994The Political Participation of the Chinese in French PolynesiaYUAN-CHAO TUNG journal article00
111994Verb + Noun Function-Describing CompoundsChung, Karen Steffen journal article
131973亞里士多德尼可馬赫倫理學的基本線索張柯圳journal article
141995傳統中國教育的發展與特質-兼論與通識教育的關係高明士journal article
151998十九世紀越南國都(順化)的城市規畫初探LAN-SHIANG HUANG journal article00
161990古埃及的社會倫理蒲慕州journal article
171991古書中的避諱問題王叔岷journal article
182000嚴遵、河上公、王弼三家《老子》注的詮釋方法及其對道的理解CHEN-FENG TSAI ; 蔡振豐 journal article00
191998失落與重建-試論龍瑛宗《紅塵》的歷史記憶CHUI-YING CHEN journal article00
201990孟子王霸三章集釋新詮黃俊傑journal article