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12001Is the Mind in Mencius' Philosophy Self-sufficient for Moral Cultivation?陳榮華 journal article
21985The Justification of William James's " Religious Experience"傅佩榮 ; Fu, P'ei-Jungjournal article
31983The Problem of Unity in the Philosophy of PlatoChang, Ko-Chuanjournal article
41971R.M.Martin's Truth and Denotation林正弘; Lin, C.H.journal article
51986Regasus, Monkey King and Existential Sentences in ChineseLiu, Fu-Tsengjournal article
61990�º��״��M�ƭ�h�L���� journal article
71992���Ҫ��D�w�۹���L���� journal article
81987一個還是兩個維根斯坦?劉福增; Liu, F.T.journal article
91999上與造物者遊──莊子對談神秘主義關永中; Kwan, W.C.journal article
102006「不二中道」學說相關導航概念的詮釋進路──以佛法解開生命世界的全面實相在思惟的導引為詮釋線索蔡耀明 journal article
111991中國哲學中的共相問題吳光明; Wu, K.M.journal article
121991中國思想理論面不足所生的影響謝啟武; Hsieh, K.M.journal article
131985中文和英文「是」和「不」的邏輯地位劉福增journal article
141982二程先生「闢佛說」合議張永?; Chang, J.C.journal article
151998亞洲馬克斯主義—暴力辯證法陳文團; Cheng, W.T.journal article
161997人格同一與存活黃懿梅; Huang, Y.M.journal article
172007人類胚胎之形上與道德地位孫效智 journal article00
182007人類胚胎之形上與道德地位孫效智 journal article00
191985何必要有道德?蔡信安journal article
201982佛概念之研究與深思張瑞良; Chang, J.L.journal article