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119981893?香港〈保?局?案法團條?〉與何?張秀蓉; Chang, H.J.journal article
21990The Antislavery Thought of LincolnSun, T.H.journal article
31998The Conference Of Berlin And British "New" Imperialism, 1884-85王世宗 journal article00
41991An Examination of Manchu Sinification as Reflected in the Central Government of the Early Ch'ing PeriodChen, C.H.journal article
52008Lequeo Pequeno與Formosa──十六世紀歐洲繪製地圖對臺灣海域的描繪及其轉變陳宗仁; Chen, T.J.journal article
61980Notes on Manchu Text Version of Ch'ing Emperors' Shih-lu (Veritable Records)Chen, C.H.journal article
71982Old Faiths and New Doubts: Sung Perspectives on Mencian MoralityHuang, C.C.journal article
82011The Script of Imagination: The Album Etchings to Rexroth by Brice MardenCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article
91988A Study of the Transformation from T'u Ching to Fang ChihChen, C.H.journal article
101996The Cosmo-Ontological View of Becoming in Ancient Chinese Taoism吳展良; CHAN-LIANG WU journal article
112004The Dilemma of Recruiting Military Talent through Literary Approaches:the Military Examination and Military Academy in Song China方震華 journal article
122007Writing on the Wall: Brice Marden’s Chinese Work and ModernismCHIAO-MEI LIU journal article00
131981一八九五年「台灣民主國」的成立經過吳密察; Wu, M.C.journal article
142005一六二二年前後荷蘭東印度公司有關東亞貿易策略的轉變──兼論荷蘭文獻中的Lamang傳聞陳宗仁; Chen, T.J.journal article
151996三司馬與漢武帝封禪阮芝生journal article
161982三國史事試析?瑞翰; Lin, J.H.journal article
171981中共對「辛亥革命」的研究逯耀東; Lu, Y.T.journal article
181976中原文獻與台灣研究方豪; Fong, H.journal article
191998中國?令與日本?令高明士; Kao, M.S.journal article
201998中國中古時期君臣關係初探甘懷?; Kan, H.C.journal article