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12003The Death World of Luo Ying’s Poetry洪淑苓 journal article
22016The Eye for Selection and the Strategies of Translation: A Preliminary Study on John Francis Davis’s List of Chinese Play-Books汪詩珮 journal article; journal article00
32005Female Space in the Yushan Garden曹淑娟 journal article; journal article
42016The Formation of the Pre-Qin Text of the Doctrine of the Mean and Its Interpretation Problems: From the Perspective of the “Heir” Text伍振勳 journal article; journal article00
52013Hong Liang-Pin’s Theory of Authenticating Old Text Shang Shu曹美秀 ; Tsao, M.H.journal article; journal article00
62014Knowing Heaven: The Purpose of the “Discussion of Heaven” of the Xunzi伍振勳 ; Wu, Z.X.journal article; journal article00
72012Literary Genealogy and Cultural Adaptations of the Victorian Dream of the Red Chamber: Late Qing Translated Novel Hongleiying潘少瑜 journal article; journal article
82001Married Women’s Birth Family Visit in Traditional Chinese Society--A Study of the Tradition and Its Social Meanings彭美玲 ; Peng, M.L.journal article; journal article
92011The Orthodox Transmission and the Moral Capacity: Reassessing Xunzi’s Refutation against Zisi and Mencius伍振勳 journal article; journal article00
102015The Reconstruction of Du Fu’s World of Ethics in Wan Hua Thatched Cottage曹淑娟 journal article; journal article00
112013The Rendition of the Duke of Zhou in “Odes of Bin”彭美玲 journal article; journal article
122014Sentimental Power: The Canonization and Socio-Cultural Significances of Lin Juemin’s “Farewell Letter to My Wife”潘少瑜 journal article; journal article
131999A Study of the Origins and Causes of “The Ritual for Sixteen” in Taiwanese Custom彭美玲 ; Peng, M.L.journal article; journal article
141996「三言」中婦女的情欲世界及其意蘊康韻梅 journal article
152004〈上博一‧孔子詩論〉對〈關雎〉之詮釋論考張寶三journal article
162004《上博一‧孔子詩論》對〈關睢〉之詮釋論考張寶三; Chang, P.S.journal article
172008上博五〈競建內之〉、〈鮑叔牙與隰朋之諫〉補釋周鳳五journal article
182002上博楚竹書《孔子詩論》劄記六則葉國良 journal article
192002上博楚竹書《孔子詩論》劄記六則--四、「」字的音義問題李存智 ; CHUN-CHIH LEE journal article
202014上古至中古「當」之情態語義與未來時發展重探HSUEH-JU WU journal article00